What Happens After Death?

Did you know that 155,000 people die every single day? Today might be the day of your death, so the important question is: Where will you go after you die? [Read more]

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19 Feb 2017 Wellington Point Team -God gave us a steady flow of people to converse with including: Joel & Jonah, later Zaab, all needi... [Read more]

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Free Audios to Equip You

On our free audios page, we have two landmark sermons that have assisted many (including us) in learning how to evangelise Biblically.

They are called "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True and False Conversion" by Ray Comfort.

If you have never heard them before or if it has been a while, I encourage you to set aside some time this week to listen to them.

New Team - Redcliffe

Did you know that since last month, we now have a team that meets each fortnight in Redcliffe (Queensland, Australia)?

The outreach begins at 11am until 1pm Saturdays each fortnight at the Redcliffe Pier. Contact us if you would like more information.

Please pray for more labourers for this new team and that many will hear the gospel.
Redcliffe Evangelism Reports

Most Stolen Book Tract

This tract asks an intriguing question on the front and an answer on the back that will surprise many.

It can be used as a good conversation starter to talk about the Bible. It looks good and on the back provides a very clear gospel presentation.

This tract is business card size so it fits easily in people's pockets and is only $5 for a pack of 100
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District Court Update

In the video from last week, we mentioned that there was an important appeal happening on the Monday just gone in the District Court of Queensland in regards to the some $10,000 worth of fines that the Brisbane City Council have been issuing to members of our mid-week Brisbane evangelism team, despite the team having permission to be there under State law.

We had the District Court judge hand down his decision this week and although he corrected most of the errors of the magistrate's decision, he ruled against us on one point at the end, that he considers that the local law still applies even though we have state law authorisation.

We believe that this is an error of law and so we are going to be seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Queensland. We know God has a purpose in all of this and we know ultimately He is in control. 

Please continue to be praying for this matter. We praise the Lord that even in this newspaper article published in the Courier Mail today they published a verse from the Bible.


Million Dollar Note Gospel Tracts

"This tract really catches people's attention."

It looks great and undoubtedly you'll have people coming back for more for their friends.

The tracts are the same size as the real Australian $100 note and very similar in colour too. A solid gospel presentation is also on the back.

What's best of all is that they are only $5 per pack of 100 tracts!
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The 10 Commandments in Evangelism

Alistair Begg, in this 4 minute clip, shows us the importance of the 10 Commandments and how it relates to evangelism. This is not a clip to miss!


Re-Engage Conference 2017

25th November 2017 - Brisbane, Australia

As Re-Engage 2016 is now over, we are excited to announce that preparation is already under way for Re-Engage 2017.

We are pleased to announce that our speaker for next year will be Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Check out Ken Ham's announcement video below.
We are expecting our venue to fill fast, so make sure you register asap.
Early-Bird Tickets are available now for $15 per person
Register at reengage.org.au
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Re-Engage 2016 DVD Pre-Order

Would you like a copy of the full Re-Engage 2016 conference on DVD? You can pre-order your copy now for only $20


Session 1 – Understanding Islam [Part 1]     Dr. James R. White

Session 2 - Understanding Islam [Part 2]     Dr. James R. White

Session 3 - Why Apologetics?         Ps. Jeff Durbin

Session 4 - What About Evolution   Dr. Ron Neller

Session 5 - Dealing with the Cults   Ps. Jeff Durbin

Session 6 - Creation Evangelism     Dr. David Catchpoole

Session 7 - Abortion Ministry            Ps. Jeff Durbin

Session 8 - Q and A with Ps. Jeff Durbin and Dr. David Catchpoole


Jesus Shows Us God Tract

This beautifully illustrated and in-depth brochure style tract begins with who God is, who we are as sinners, the fall and God's law, our need of a perfect Saviour, the revealing of Jesus as our substitute in His death, burial and resurrection and the call to repentance and faith.

In addition to the great message this tract has vivid pictures for each page helping the reader to understand the text through artistic visuals.

We want to say a huge thank to Chris Powers from Full of Eyes in the creative work he did to help us put together this tract, which we pray will make people see the greatness of God and their desperate need of Jesus as their Saviour.