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Friday, 11 July, 2008

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Leicester Square and Tooting Broadway (11th-12th July)

Friday night began at Leicester Square with Carl, Philip and I. Carl had brought his friend Duncan along to listen to me preach. Duncan is yet to become a believer and Carl, who has know him for some time now, is of course eager to see him saved. The weather was simply awful so we were a bit low on numbers. Our hope was that the Lord would hold back the rain long enough that we could have a good night of ministry. And that He did! After handing out tracts and talking with people one-to-one for a short while I stood up to preach. The rain had dissipated and I could see we had a window of opportunity.

Standing up to preach I drew in a small crowd. About five minutes into my message I began to be heckled by two young gentlemen whose names were David and John. It was interesting to note the difference between them. John genuinely wanted to ask questions whereas David simply wanted to be argumentative and disruptive. There were times when John asked David to be quiet so that he could ask his question!! When it comes to God, the Bible, Christianity, etc, England's society is largely ignorant. They no longer have much of a foundation at all. This was apparent with the questions that John was asking me. He wanted to know when man first started to believe in God, as if God was some "invented" concept. I explained to him that man has always believed in God and there has always been a remnant that has remained faithful to Him. It is because we are born at enmity with God that we wilfully choose to forget Him. It is purely down to the grace of God that we are called out of our rebellion to serve Him with our lives.

As I continued to preach a number of people stopped to listen. You can never underestimate the power of a good heckler and David and John were certainly a great help in drawing in the crowd. It would have been nice to speak with the both of them one-on-one, unfortunately they left before I finished preaching. I continued to speak with the people of the area in one-to-one conversations after I had finished preaching. Carl and Phil were doing the same. We left a little after 11:00pm thanking the Lord that we had been able to minister on a night with such poor weather.

The following morning at Tooting Broadway we arrived to see Christians from another church that had come to do a series of dramas. They were using sound systems and varying equipment as well. It was a little strange as there were so many Christians from their church in the small square outside the tube station. It was not possible for me to preach open air so we spent the rest of the time handing out tracts and speaking to people one-to-one. 

We'd had a fruitful weekend of ministry. A bit wet and a bit different but still used by our Lord for His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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