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Saturday, 19 June, 2010

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Andrew handing out tractsThis saturday I was reluctant to go up the street and witness.  I was tired and I had things to do, the weather was patchy rain and I figured I was the only person going up the high st to evangelize.  Well, I was the only person on the high st evangelizing but I had one of the best afternoons sharing the gospel yet...

I began with handing tracts out and eventually two young teenagers both called Tom stopped and chatted.  They really seemed to be listening to my words and clearly perceive the weightiness of the matter.  They both took more tracts and I encouraged them to read their Bibles and seriously consider the problem of sin and eternal punishment vs repentance and faith. 

I next encountered a young man named Mark who was hanging with his emo friends.  He got a concise Gospel message and when his friends came over to see what I was talking to him about, they all got tracts and a brief Gospel message too.  Next a young man named Adam stopped to see if He was a "Good Person".

It turns out he use to go to church but since moving out of his parents house, he seemed to have fallen away from fellowship.  (I am guessing he may have been a false convert or just never submitted to Christ in the first place) The Law and the Gospel was discussed and he had much to think about afterwards. 

I also met another local pastor who was very keen to hook up and chat regarding evangelism.  I am always keen to see local churches unite to continue the Great Commission of our Lord.

Before I went to leave, I saw a lady from my church that I had recently met.  Her is Jane Robb and she is 62.  She suffers from arthritis but still spends 3 days a week evangelizing the people who sit on the benches in the high st.  A further 3 days in the week she stays at home and studies the Bible and Sundays are for Church!  She has been doing this bench evangelism for 10 years. I felt very humbled and encouraged to see someone so passionate to share Christ in their later years.

Even though I was sharing Christ solo, I was blessed by having some of the best and most enjoyable conversations with many locals in my town.  May God grant repentance, Amen.

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