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Saturday, 20 December, 2014

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Christmas evangelism in Brisbane cityThe city was absolutely packed tonight in Brisbane as we arrived. Thousands of people had gathered to watch the Christmas light presentation on City Hall. 

The Christmas gospel tract that we have was flying out of our hands. I really do praise God for this time of year.

Later on in the night we had several team members open air preach. When Ryan was preaching he was interacting with a man named Dom. He thought he was a good person.

After going through the law of God (to bring the knowledge of sin), he understood he deserved Hell, and so Ryan had the privilege of declaring the gospel to him.

The man then asked, "But is Jesus the only way to Heaven?" Ryan responded with a clear yes, for Jesus is the only person who has lived perfectly and therefore is the only possible substitute for us.

After stepping down from the box, Ryan was able to continue the conversation with him and give him a gospel of John to start reading. Please pray that God would save Dom.

We had a few new team members tonight, which we praise God for. A very successful night indeed, in total we handed out over 4,000 gospel tracts.

Glory to God!


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