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Friday, 22 April, 2016

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On Friday night at the Gold Coast we had a great night of evangelism. It was busy and after setting up and praying together as a team, we started handing out tracts. It wasn't long before most of the team were in gospel conversations.

Evangelistic conversation 

A few times throughout the night, we used the sketchboard while preaching and God drew in people to listen. In fact, one man was asking the preacher a number of questions that he had, which drew in more people to listen. After a good while of discussion and being challenged to repent and trust in Christ, he left, counting the cost.


We also brought a flipchart down that goes through the message of sin, judgement, heaven and hell, and the cross. It was great to see many people stop to have a look at it as one of our team explained the message.

Please pray for those who heard the gospel on Friday.


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