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Brisbane Team

Monday, 5 October, 2015

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On Monday afternoon due to the public Holiday, though the mall wasn't overly busy there were many people who stopped as they had no where to be.

Many of the shops were closed, few people had to work and the majority were just casually strolling through. This was a wonderful blessing from God.

We had a decent sized team out and there were moments when you could look around and see almost everyone in a conversation. Praise God that the Gospel was proclaimed!

We talked with Dugal a young man who hadn't heard the Gospel before but when we started talking he very quickly seemed to admit the reality of it. We discussed what sin was and he admitted to having sinned many times, we discussed the way of salvation, he at first offered a few different suggestions about how to get to Heaven.

But we reminded him that God is perfect and just meaning to get to Heaven someone has to pay for our sin debt. We used a few analogies to explain why sin isn't paid for by works, by prayer, by fasting, by baptism or anything like that but that sin can be paid for by one thing alone, a sacrifice of life, either ours (in Hell) or Christ's on the cross.

He continued asking questions for a little while and seemed interested, it was a very exciting start to the afternoon.

We talked with a young lady Hannah, whom said she had grown up in a Christian family and actually professed to be a Christian, she said she believed in God and Jesus and things like that.

When we challenged her a bit on who would pay for her sin, she hadn't really considered it, she professed that there were probably multiple ways to God and she was just on a different one to us.

We briefly discussed who the person of Jesus Christ was and that if He is God (Which He proved) then when He said, "I am the Way, The truth and The life", He couldn't have been lying.

It is often that we talk to people who profess to know the way to Heaven but don't agree with what God Himself said.

we talked with a young couple, Ella and Ollie, we talked with Ella first, she admitted to her sin and she admitted to the reality of needing a saviour if God exists. We challenged her briefly about the things of eternity and she said she would consider it.

Then we talked with Ollie, he was angry and frustrated, he was very against God and claimed to be all about evidence. He said that the Historical person of Jesus Christ might have existed but that He wasn't God but just a magician.

We looked at him and asked him, what evidence convinced him of that? He said because magicians exist and the can deceive people with marvelous tricks. We continued to press him, what evidence convinced him about this man Jesus Christ being a magician. He had none.

There were numerous occasions in our discussion where he would make a claim to logic, reason, evidence or the like and then make a claim about Christ or Historical Christianity that had no support. He had a hole in his worldview, that he allowed things to be illogical just so he could not submit to the authority of God (for this lifetime).

Please be praying for Dugal, Hannah, Ella and Ollie, please keep them on your prayer list this week, maybe make a point to pray for them every Monday, pray that the Gospel that was preached to them may take root by the power of God and that they individually may heed the warning message and surrender to the truth of God and recieve the salvation offered in Christ Jesus.

Please pray for all those who interacted with the team, took tracts, read the signs, listened to the preaching, took literature, conversed with a team member or anything else. Pray that the truth of the Gospel will deeply penetrated their hearts that they would be given spiritual sight and that their lives would be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Please thank God that we are still about to publically assemble and preach the Gospel, that we have the options to go out in the Mall and other locations to share the Gospel.

Please pray for the team that we are able to flee sin, in conversations may we be reminded of the truth of from where we came and by whose power alone we were saved, may our sinful roots and the power of God humble us that we might be able to preach the truth in love, with gentleness and respect.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 3 October, 2015

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Saturday Night in Queen St Mall was a very quiet night, the usual attendance was no where to be seen, the mall was almost empty, we still had a decent amount of labourers and praise God that most people had no where to be and therefore were casually strolling around.

I talked to two young men who asked many questions and bought up many reasons they don't want to believe in God.

The bought up the problem of Evil, the problem of 'science', they also said God wasn't very moral.

I answered their questions, explaining that Evil only exists because it is a denial of God and His standards, that God who has all knowledge and is absolutely Good does not do evil but reveals to us His standards which are an outworking of His perfection.

And I also asked them to name a single science experiment that wasn't intelligently designed.

We kept talking till the point where they said maybe God exists but then we came across the real problem, they, like the rest of us, left to our own desires don't want to follow God.

They admitted their sin, they heard the way of salvation by they also wanted to continue living for themselves.

Then towards the end of the night I spoke with two young ladies, who were professing lesbians.

Throughout the whole conversation there was a recurring theme, continually denying God in that they didn't want to follow a God who didn't want them to be Happy.

They denied multiple times that homosexuality was wrong, they would agree about lying, stealing, cheating, lusting, hating and many other things were wrong but when it came to homosexuality they were adamant there was no problem.

They appealled to some morality but the problem was, it was what they wanted it to be, not what God's standard is.

We talked about the use of the Old Testament, the application of the Law, the way of salvation, why certain things are wrong and others aren't, we talked about many things the Bible says but after it all, after hearing the way of salvation, after hearing about the guilt of all men, they still were adamant that there was no way they'd follow a God who didn't do what they wanted.

Please keep all these people in prayer, all those who interacted with us, took tracts, listened to preaching, conversed or anything. Pray that God may use the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we preached to change the hearts of the Lost. May many come to salvation because of what we preached.

Please pray for the team as we continue to evangelise, may we be faithful servants, desiring to Serve God in all we do, preaching the truth in love and fleeing from Sin.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015

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At Queen St Mall (Brisbane) on Wednesday afternoon the mall was very busy, many were on holidays doing a bit of shopping.

The afternoon started off fairly normal, we discussed a range of things with a range of people, many briefly.

I had a lot of short conversations with people who would either, say they were getting to heaven based on something and then not want to defend their position, as they just assumed they were right or people who didn't believe God exist, pull out their 'trump' card of a single argument and then when I answered it would deny that answer and walk off.

It was a very sad thing to see, people desiring to not know the truth, just being apathetic. Apathy is worse than holding a strong position. Why? Because atheists have to constantly fight against their knowledge of God.

Agnostics on the other hand, or even partial believers just don't really mind, they drift around saying, 'If God reveals Himself, in a way I consider good enough then I shall follow Him'.

They use it as a opt out clause. But the problem is: God will still judge us all according to our deeds and unless Christ has taken the punishment no one enters Heaven.

I talked to Jarvis and Coby for a little while, they readily admitted sin, had no problem admitting to their guilt but they had no real understanding of its sinfulness.

They didn't think it was that bad, they didn't think there were any real consequences and they didn't really consider it needed fixing.

I started going through the Holiness of God, talking about why sin is so bad because of our blasphemy and idolatry in every action.

They sort of hinted towards seeing its weight but they weren't overly moved.

I shared with them the way of salvation, the love of Christ Jesus that was shown in his work on the Earth and that we can trust in Him alone as the payment for our sin.

I also talked to Chloe and Grace two girls who identified as lesbians, sadly they also were basing their identity off it, it was what gave them meaning and a reason to live. It makes the conversation a minefield to try and walk through but at the same time they need the grace of God as much as I do so we can't try and avoid the tough conversations. Sadly, the conversation went around in a circle, I don't want to follow God and His laws.

Onto why don't you eat shellfish? Back to trying to argue the absurdity of God and His laws. Then finishing with a statement similar to, 'Even if God exists, I don't want to follow His laws, this is my life.'

A very sad conversation. Please be praying for all those that heard the Gospel, please pray for those who caught a snippet, read a sign, took a tract or things like that.

Please pray that God uses the message, plants it in their heart and allows them spiritual sight to be able to see the truth of the Gospel! Therefore coming to repentance and belief!

Please praise God that we were able to outreach in the mall, thank Him for His sovereignty and pray that the team may continue to deny themselves and be able to serve God through evangelism.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Monday, 28 September, 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday, it was a relatively quiet afternoon, there weren't to many around but by God's grace there were quite a range that engaged in conversations.

It is a very interesting location for evangelism as you have to approach people and ask them and talk to them on their terms, which makes for many people turning you down and also quite a few being pretty angry that you'd even ask them about what they believe.

I talked to a range of people, The first guy and listened and discussed the Gospel, he did admit to being a sinner but also said he didn't really worry about it all. I asked him about what he thought Hell was and he really didn't know, I explained to him what it is and he said it didn't really bother him because this world is pretty bad and so he said Hell couldn't be much worse.

We talked about the common Graces of God, things like rain, wind and sun, food, showers and beds and many more things that we take for granted and he still said it didn't bother him.

I asked him why and he said because of the things he gets to do now, it will be worth it. He wants to sin.

I then talked to a lady who pulled up lots of little problems, things like evil, and morality, like 'science' and other things. I answered her questions and she said she wasn't going to believe in God because she didn't want to.

I also talked to a young man (Jake), who I have spoken to a few times, he says he rarely goes to church, he was able to tell me the Gospel but he said he has plenty of time.

I challenged him by asking when he was going to die, and he admitted that he didn't know, so I asked him if he would consider eternity, there is no time like the present.

This week there was a previously angry older lady sitting next to a younger lady, I entered into a conversation with the younger lady and the older one actually joined in.

By God's grace they both engaged and were able to go through the he law, to hear the truth of the Gospel and said they would consider it.

I also talked to two young men, Jeru and Josh, they both admitted to being sinners but when asked about going to Heaven they both said they didn't want to go to Heaven on the blood of Jesus, they were either going to earn it or go to Hell they said.

It was quite sad but our pride is a big reason we don't want to go to Heaven. 

Please be praying for the hearts of those who heard the Gospel, may they hearts be softened and made good soil so that they will desire to trust in Christ alone for salvation and serve God.

Please pray for the team that they are able to surrender to Christ, denying themselves and taking up their cross to follow Him.

Please pray for more labourers at this outreaches, may there be many people desiring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the way of salvation with the lost.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Thursday, 24 September, 2015

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At Sunnybank yesterday the afternoon had a low but steady number of people, we engaged a few as they walked past.

It is a place that has many different people, from Buddhists, to Muslims, to Catholics, to the JW's and Mormons, as well as the skeptics and atheists.

Over all it is a 'spiritual' place, many people think they will be getting to heaven on their own achievement, many people are somehow 'earning' they way into the mercy of God.

Especially the Mormons we talked to, they use many single verses, pull them out of the Bible and use it for the defense of extra biblical doctrines, a previous spirit world, a chance for Heaven after death, baptism being apart of salvation and many other things.

They use the same words as Christians but define them to mean different things.

There are a range of groups of Mormons around and we have spent time talking to most of them on a range of issues but they still valiantly as ever deny Jesus Christ's complete work but have to also show their faithfulness to earn salvation.

I also talked with a young couple briefly about the way to Heaven, they were saying that any God who exists should see their true intentions and let them into Heaven.

I asked them what their true intentions were and they told me, to love and serve people. I looked at them and went through the Law. Then I said why would people who's intentions are good do these things?.

They had no answer, sadly they had to run off before we could finish but may they think about and dwell on that thought.

Please pray for those who heard the Gospel, for the tract takers and those who read the sign, may God use our witness to save lives.

Please pray for the labourers as we continue to evangelise that we will remember from where we came and who our God is that saved us, so that we many humbly preach the truth of God in love!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 23 September, 2015

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On Wednesday we went into Queen Street Mall.

Brisbane city is a place filled with people that need the Gospel! Of the people we talk to less than one in a hundred that profess to be Christians and can explain why they are going to Heaven.

This is an extremely sad thing, the vast majority believe they don't need God because they are pretty good, there are some that completely reject God and there are some who profess to be going to Heaven as "Christians" because they deserve it and have earned it through certain means.

There is a desperate need for LABOURERS! There are so many people in the mall, that even with a team of nine like we had yesterday there are still many people that walk past without being asked where they are spending eternity or without being offered a tract and a conversation.


Yesterday because of the Holidays there was a large amount of people in the mall and many were just wandering around, allowing for people being more open to conversations.

I talked to Ava, a lady who thought she would get into Heaven on the basis that pretty much everyone goes there. When I asked her what God's standard was she replied, "I am not really sure, I just think He is loving and forgiving."

I challenged her with the Law of God, for we know the law shows us our guilt, she admitted to being "probably guilty" before God and I asked her what she could do about it.

We considered her options, being good, doing good, stopping doing bad, being sorry for doing wrong and many things like these but as we tested in a 'Court of Law' scenario all of them fell down, someone had to pay the penalty for sin.

"Thankfully we have a loving and Gracious God who has offered a way for our sin debt to be paid," I told her. "God literally sent Himself, came as a man, lived the perfect life we couldn't live, died the death we deserve and rose again three days later, proving He was God, conquering sin and death and offering His death as a ransom for our sin."

She looked at me a little confused, asking, "Why would God do such a thing?" and I explained to her it definitely wasn't anything we did to earn it but purely because God is LOVE!

She said this sounded crazy but she would have to consider it. 

Soon afterwards I talked with a teenage couple, Hannah and Adam. Hannah professed that her Christianity would get her to Heaven and I questioned her a little and asked her what about it and if she deserved Heaven and a few things about the way of salvation.

Very sadly she, despite growing up in church did not know the Gospel, she just was a Christian because she grew up that way, she even professed to be living relatively guilt free in sin.

Then I asked her boyfriend some questions, he wasn't just a non-Christian but even an anti-theist, he was quite angry that I would ask him about such things and was adamant God didn't exist for reasons he didn't want to discuss but was very quick to leave after I started talking to him.

Another conversation I had was with Adam, a relatively young guy and a skeptic. He had many different theories about things and was a cool guy to talk to, he was interesting and was relatively knowledgeable. Sadly, personal conversation skills and knowledge save no one, only the blood of Christ.

I offered him the Gospel but he said there wasn't enough evidence for God, I offered him some, about the historical accuracy of the Bible and the complexity of our universe and the like but he said he wasn't convinced. Thankfully it is not my job to save people but just to faithfully preach the truth in Love.

Please pray for labourers, Operation 513 would love to have you along, no matter how scared you may be of sharing your faith, no matter how badly you think you will represent God, or how little compassion you think you have for the lost.

Let me assure you, we all start being scared of sharing. Why? Because it is hard to have compassion for the lost when you don't know them.

We all started being very unable to explain the Gospel or defend the faith but we can learn.

And we all fail God but Christ's Grace is enough to save anyone, even me!

Please pray for those that heard the Gospel, that God may use the seed to land in good soil, allowing it to grow into a mighty tree of faith.

Please pray for the perishing that they may come to know God as God and Jesus and Lord and Saviour!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Monday, 21 September, 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday there were not many around as the normal school traffic was gone, this meant there were less people to choose from but still, by God's grace we were not short of people to talk to, there were still many freely wanting to converse.

I first talked to a man named Brett, he had grown up in the Catholic church and told me that he was too sinful to get to Heaven, he said this had worried him and definitely made him sad.

I looked at him, smiled and asked if there was a way to heaven if he would be interested no matter the cost?

And he said definitely, I asked what he thought it might be and he said always being good and we discussed how Justice works that someone needs to pay for his sin and he got that I was meaning that there was someone but he didn't know who it was.

When I said the name of Jesus Christ he was a little surprised but I explained who Jesus was, God come as a man, perfect in every way without sin and who died the death we deserve.

He said he definitely wanted a saviour but just at this point his bus arrived, I offered him a Gospel of John and a tract and he headed off.

I then talked to a young lady, Dallas on her way to work, she said she never really believed in God, when I asked why she said 'science', we discussed briefly what science is and she said maybe God does exist.

I challenged her with God's law and whether or not He'd let her into Heaven and she admitted that she probably couldn't get in, but she also was still a bit skeptical of God.

I shared with her the Gospel and she said she would consider it but wasn't overly confident in it.

I then talked with a young man who pulled every single reason to not believe in God that he had, many of which contradicted each other.

He said, science has disproved God and we discussed that. Then he claimed that God couldn't exist because there is so much evil in the world, we discussed the problem with that claim.

Then he said God is immoral and hates people, and we discussed that. We continued in loops, me answering his questions and queries and problems until the point where he said, I can't believe in a God that won't let me do what I want.

And that was very sad he had the Gospel, the way of salvation explained to him numerous times throughout the conversation but he wanted his own way and to not be subject to God.

I also talked to two young men, Ryan and Kyle who both go to a Catholic school and I asked them what would get them to Heaven, they said their good works.

We discussed the law, and our guilt before God, then I asked them what could pay for that and they said works, which I then used the court room analogy, do good things pay for speeding fines?

And of course not, good works don't remove guilt. So then we discussed someone having to pay the fine and yeah they agreed, so I ask them who is paying your fine of sin before God?

They weren't sure, I said that the Bible says, the wages of sin is death, in the eternal lake that burns with fire and sulfur.

I said only two people can pay that, either ourselves or Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.

They said they want Jesus to pay for their sin! So I offered them the Gospel and we discussed the urgency of it and the importance of the surrendering to Christ as we don't know when we will have tomorrow.

Please pray for those whom we talked to, may God use the conversations we had about Him to His glory bringing many to salvation.

Please pray that the angry and closed off people who threaten violence or aggression will be convicted of their sin and turn and trust in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the team as we continue to head out!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Friday, 18 September, 2015

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On Friday at the Gold Coast we had an interesting night, praise the Lord that we had ten labourers out. The team is slowly sitting, more constantly, higher but there is always a need for more!

The mall was quieter than usual which was weird for a school holiday period but it may be that it will be very busy next Friday.

The team split up around the mall, preaching, handing out tracts and trying to start conversations. Praise the Lord many were able to hear the good news.

I talked to a man named Livio, he professed to be a Christian but also admitted to living in unrepentant sin, he said that God has saved him and now he is under Grace not Law.

It was very sad to hear, sure enough he was out for a night in the clubs. It is conversations like this that break my heart, I challenged him with Matthew 7:13-14 and 21-23 and he was relatively apathetic to it, he said he knew he was getting to heaven and that was all that mattered.

I soon after talked to Will, another young man out for a night and desiring to sin, he said that his parents were Christians but he didn't like the Law that came with God.

So he had tried to discard both but said he was still an agnostic.

I then talked to an older couple, who were both very certain that they were good enough to deserve Heaven, the problem was that they thought it was works based.

I challenged them on the Gospel, that which Christ proclaimed and they said they believed it but still said they were justified by works.

Interestingly after a small amount of conversation they were talking about how they were too old to change now, it was sad to hear, the pride had set in, change, that would require admitting being wrong for so long.

I talked to a young couple Ash and Mirin, they mentioned previously attending a Catholic school, I was able to discuss with them salvation, the Bible and the things of God.

They started off not really wanting to talk but by the end were asking questions and engaging.

They both said it was something that hadn't given much thought to but said they would have to now.

I also talked to a range of drunk guys, who in groups made different claims anywhere from having a day off from Christianity, or were Catholics or Jews.

It is awfully sad to see the state of this world, the desire to sin and the lack of consideration many have for their eternity.

Please keep the lost we talked to in prayer, please lift them up to God, the author of salvation, the loving and merciful God who allowed for us, wretched sinners to be saved.

Please pray that God's Gospel pierces their hearts and that God may use this encounter as a way to bring them to repentance and salvation.

Please also pray for the team that they are able to seek continually for God's glory and are able to remain humbled by the Grace of God and able to prayerfully consider His word.

Also pray for the team, that in coming evangelism hours they are able to remember from whence they came, to sanctify Christ as Lord and to be able to in Love, without sacrificing truth be able to present the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 16 September, 2015

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This afternoon in Queen St Mall (Brisbane) we had a very busy afternoon, there were many people around, the mall was a bit busier than usual and so we took the opportunity to do quite a range of open air preaching, from drawing a large crowd with the preaching alongside the sketchboard, to just reading a small passage of the Bible and talking about salvation, or just generally discussing our sinfulness before a Holy God.

One method that I have used often is that of leaping from Luke 13:1-5. In the passage the Pharisees ask Jesus if those that died in the tragic events (The collapsing of the tower at Siloam and the murdering of the Priests in the temple), if they are any worse than the rest of us.

And Jesus aptly responds, "No, but unless we repent, we will likewise perish."

Then it is easy to expand into human sinfulness and our need for a saviour.

I also talked with an older man, who had been listening to the preaching and I asked him what he thought, he said that he wasn't really sure, he thought he was pretty good, so I went through the law with him. He soon admitted he was not as good as he thought and that maybe he was bad.

But then he asked, "How could a good God let bad things happen to good people?" I looked at him and asked if there were any good people? Is there anyone in this world who is 'perfect' or 'good' in the sight of God?

And he said, "Nah". He recognised that everyone has broken God's law and just like him and I, we were sinful in the sight of God.

Then I explained to him that he was right, before a Holy God we are all sinners, except for one man, God himself come as a man. So then the answer to why do bad things happen to good people is simply, that it only happened once and He volunteered, Christ surrendered His life as a ransom for many.

Then the question turns around, why do good things happen to bad people? Why did Christ die for us sinners? Why does God allow if to rain on the sinners of this world, why does he allow us food, life, a place to sleep or people that care for us.

And that is a tough question because it can't be our merit but only God's goodness! I gave them man (Danny) a Gospel of John and a tract and he said he would have to consider it.

I also had a similar conversation with a young lady Ashley who also had that similar question about bad things happening to good people. I also had to do a little apologetics with her as she didn't really believe in God.

By the end of our conversation she said this was interesting, she wasn't entirely convinced but it had definitely rocked the boat of what she believed!

And at the end I talked to a young man and his girlfriend who were very slippery. They said there were no such thing as absolutes, to which I asked, including that statement 'there is no such thing as absolutes' and he said we all get to determine what is true for ourselves.

And he was winding himself into a knot, he made many different points but all of them when expanded made little to no sense compared to what we observe in this world and the whole time he made continual truth claims then had to back track and say they were only true for him.

The conversation went in many circles, every time I would talk about God's judgement and our sin he would deny the truth of it and say he just wanted to do what he wanted, didn't want to submit to anyone, especially not God and wanted to do whatever he liked.

Even though he had a gaping hole in his belief he was fervently arguing.

We discussed the believability of the Bible and he made some points about how no one believes eye witnesses yet earlier he had said that Julius Caesar existed based on eye witness account.

Then we discussed authorial intent, I was able to use a Don Carson analogy, where I asked him does authorial intent matter, he said no it doesn't for a range of reasons, then I replied so you're saying it is utterly important.

He then got frustrated and said no I said it doesn't matter, to which I replied again, so you're saying it has the highest importance.

I then said, see how you are getting frustrated with me 'misunderstanding' what you are saying, that proves to us both that what you mean when you say or write something matters.

But he did not want to submit to that and was adamant it didn't matter.

After talking about the salvation offered only in Jesus Christ three times he was fed up with the fact that I was so unintelligent that he told me he had to leave.

It was a sad conversation, even though I poked many holes in his worldview by the truth in the Bible and the truth only inherent from God, he did not want to submit to God's Lordship.

Please be praying for these three and all the others whom we interacted with, whether by our presence, the preaching of the Gospel, the tracts, the conversations or any reading of signs that all who had some influence will not be able to sleep tonight before they consider eternity, that they will not be able to rest before that are right with God.

Please pray for the softening of hearts of the many whom we have or will speak to and that the Gospel will penetrate deep and that God may be glorified through their salvation.

Please pray for the team as they go home that they will diligently seek God, committing the day to Him and further seeking Christ and knowledge of God, being more in love and better equipped for representing Christ tomorrow.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Friday, 11 September, 2015

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Friday night at Cavill Avenue (Gold Coast, Australia), the team was strong in numbers, in comparison to recent weeks (That doesn't mean we don't need more labourers!) but it was a blessing to have so many around to be able to engage the public as they spent some time with the family on the Coast or to talk with the locals who were out for the night.

I first talked with Brendan, a young man who professed to be perfect, he claimed to never have broken God's law and that, though it is a rare that response does come out from time to time.

It is a scary thought to think someone is so proud they can't admit they have sinned. Please pray that Brendan will come to understand sin and the offense it is to God and therefore repent and believe the Gospel.

I talked to another you man who said he had talked to the team a few times but said it didn't bother him much, that he would suffer in Hell.

I begged with him to consider it tonight because I don't want him in Hell and he definitely doesn't want to be there and God has offered salvation, that payment for sin.

I also talked with Matthew and Natalie a young couple, one whom had gone to a "Christian" school and the other who had grown up in a "Christian" home.

But they both didn't really want to consider it, they said they had heard it all before but it wanted to live how they wanted to. I challenged them with the Eternity they were accepting if they continued in sin.

Please keep these two in prayer, that God may bring them to repentance and saving faith.

I talked with and older couple Ray and Marlene. Ray said he disbelieved God but was to old to change now, despite the apologetics I offered him and despite all of the evidence. He said he was too far gone and too old to change his ways now.

And Marlene was convinced she was saved, even though she was professing to be saved by works. She said she had done the right thing her whole life (except for the occasional sin) and was definitely going to Heaven. She to said she was to old to change now.

Please pray for Ray and Marlene that they may come to saving faith! May God change their hardness of heart, soften it and allow for the seed of the Gospel to grow!

I talked to Hannah and Yasmin two young ladies who were out looking for boys, it is more of a rare thing for young women to admit that but these two had no shame in admitting their sinfulness.

In fact they seemed proud of being deniers of God, even though they professed to be Christians and said they attended a local church.

Please pray for these two, may God use the sermons they hear, or the Bible, or any means possible including the conversation to spark the start of a life change, including surrender to Christ as Lord.

I also talked to Jesse, he said that he had thought about Eternity a little bit the questions I posed where much more real, much deeper than what he had been asked before

He said that he would have to consider where he is going when he dies and he would have to do it tonight!

It was a blessing to hear a young man having to ponder the eternal things.

Please pray for each and every one of those that interacted with the team, please pray for them that the seed which was sown will fall on the cultivated field of good soil, prepared by God and that many may desire to lay aside the life they are living and surrender to Christ a Lord.

Please keep all of the team in prayer, praising God for the opportunities we had and thanking Him for protecting us in what we have done and allowing us the freedom to share the Gospel.

May it all be to the praise of His glorious Grace!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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