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Essex Team

Saturday, 6 August, 2016

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Romford was busy today with buskers and shoppers so Chuck and I (the only team members present) went to the "green door", as we can preach without hindering shop fronts or pedestrians.  After we prayed, I spoke from Mark 7 while Chuck handed out tracts, then we swapped.  

While Chuck spoke, I had a number of different people chat to me about the tracts I was handing out.  I asked a man who was a buddhist some tough questions about absolutes in morality and he really didn't want to engage the conversation or justify his position.  I met a pantheistic type of lady who told me I was wrong to make people fearful of hell and that god is in all of us etc.  Her self righteousness was couched deep in a quasi humility.  She did not like the idea of being branded a sinner in violation of 
Gods law and she also walked off, after not wishing to deal with tough questions on absolutes.  The last person I spoke to was a lady who had a tough upbringing, and while initially trying to deny breaking laws like lying and thieving, she succumbed to not honoring God with heart, soul and mind, as the first and greatest commandment.  She listened to the Gospel, thanked me and took tracts.  SDG!!

Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 24 July, 2016

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We were excited as we approached Wellington point Sunday arvo to see so many car’s parked for about a kilometer from where we meet for prayer before sharing the gospel with all these people enjoying another beautiful day our Lord has given us. After we prayed for our Lord to use us and give us boldness to speak the truth seasoned with grace, we started handing out our gospel tracts.

We shortly realised why so many people were down here for very one had their faces practically glued to their mobile phones chasing Pokemon!! Oh boy!! But we praised God for the opportunity for more tracts to go out and more conversations. I handed Steve a tract and started talking with him and found out that he grew up in a Christian home but has his own view of who God is.

I reasoned with him from scripture to give him a clearer and more fuller picture of God, not only His loving kindness, mercy, grace and patience but His perfect holiness and wrath upon sinful mankind who reject Him and one day will face His judgement if they die in their sin. I had to labour on sin for a while so hopefully Steve could understand God’s grace in a fuller way.The rest of the team had great chats with various people. Had a good day as usual.

May our God receive all the Glory.

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 29 July, 2016

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It was another great night at Cavill Avenue Gold Coast on Friday night. Our wonderful God has supplied the blessing of committed workers willing to come and share the glorious Gospel! What a privilege! And we praise His Holy Name for we know that He has prepared hearts of the people and does all the work in their lives and ours.  As we give ourselves to Him and share the message of Salvation in Jesus Name He is Glorified. 

Before we began we gathered for prayer, our prayer was that the Lord prepare our hearts and to give us more thankfulness for His Mercy and Grace, also to help us to know and love Him more and to give us the words to speak to the people with encounter.

First up to preach Trevor brought the message that God is good in contrast of us...we are not. The message of who God is and who we are was explained, the words were highlighted and the cross was the centre of the message and the love of Christ Jesus was clear for the people walking past or stopping to hear and see the solution to our sin problem.

One of our team members that preaches open air in Brisbane City came to the Gold Coast for the first time, he soon was in conversation with some young Muslims it wasn’t long after a older man joined in and he had a large group and was in conversation with them for some time. He then got up to preach and it was wonderful to hear him preaching scripture and declaring the fact that we must be born again.

This same team member had the group of Muslims gather very tight around him the group of young men grew more in numbers to the point of them taking the preacher and engaging again in a long discussion, we pray for all his efforts to explain the message of the only way to God through Jesus.

There were a lot of conversations with Muslims and Arabic Bibles and literature given out on the night. Lots of tracts and one on ones were happening and a good number of team members had opportunities to plant seeds of Gods Word to those who stopped and were asked the big questions of life...Why do we die?  What happens when we die? Are you a good person? Will you be good enough for heaven? Why would God let you in to Heaven? All have answers that  Jesus explains clearly through the instruction manual Gods Word the Bible. 

All Glory to God.

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 2 August, 2016

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It was great to see the gospel go out to many at Woodridge on Tuesday. We had good number of conversations about Christ, with even groups of people at a time.

Please pray for all those who heard the message or took a gospel tract, including a man named James. As one of the team began speaking to him, he said right from the start that he thought he would go to hell, because he gets drunk and does all sorts of bad things. He already knew he wasn't good enough to be let into heaven.

I asked James if that concerns him, and he said it didn't because "I've got 60 more years to mend my ways." So I gave him an analogy of a courtroom with a criminal standing before a judge and the criminal says, "Judge, I did that crime, but I'm going to start mending my ways, so please let me go." I asked him whether that would work. He said, "Of course not." I said, "Same thing in the sight of God. Even if we mend our ways, it does not erase the history of our sins, since God is a just God."

This then led onto explaining the message of grace, which seemed to be such a foreign concept to him, and so it took quite a while before he understood it. I explained how our forgiveness is only by Jesus taking the punishment for our sins, thereby satisfying God's justice on our behalf, and how we need to repent and believe that Jesus has done that for us.

James said he's not prepared to turn from his sins because he loves them. I asked, "What good is enjoying the momentary pleasures of sin if you end up in a place of pain and suffering forever afterwards? It's like choosing to have a cup of pleasure in exchange for an ocean of pain. Is that worth it?" He said, "When you put it that way, no it doesn't. I am going to have to really think about this."

To God be the glory!

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 28 July, 2016

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It was a wonderful afternoon of outreach at Sunnybank. The weather was perfect, so there were quite a number of people walking around.

As I was handing out tracts, an elderly man with Parkinson's disease stopped. He said he was given a tract last week, and that he'd like to talk about it. He told me he attends a local church (which is known for being extremely liberal), and he trusts that he'll go to Heaven because God is all-loving.

I asked the man to imagine a scenario, I said, "Imagine that locally there is a good judge who is known as being loving. When a criminal comes before the court, do you think that the judge's love would cause him to let the criminal go, or would it force him to give justice?"

The man said, "Well, if he is loving, he would have to see that justice is done." I agreed, and pointed out that God is a just judge, and that because He is loving, He won't allow sin to go unpunished. The penny dropped for this elderly gentleman. He understood that the love of God was the guarantee that justice would occur. He then said to me, "But, isn't there something about a cross forgiving us?" With that opening I was able to share the message of Jesus with him. The man, even though he was well advanced in years, seemed to be shocked at this message. He told me that he would start reading his Bible so that he could know more about God.

Please pray for that man, and also for the many other people we spoke today.


Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

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Thank-you to all those who prayed for Tuesday afternoon's outreach in Woodridge. A group of five of us were able to hand out many tracts and engage in some wonderful gospel conversations.

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed that there has been an increase of people making their way to the Free Bible and Literature table. Today, a number of booklets and many New Testaments were taken. We pray that the Lord would use this simple form of witness to reach the community for Jesus.


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 23 July, 2016

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Thank-you to all those who prayed for the outreach Saturday night in Brisbane. The night for some reason was extremely busy. Normally, in winter the Queen Street Mall is quieter, but tonight there were people everywhere. As a result many people were spoken to about Christ.

I had the honour of preaching in the open-air using the sketchboard and chemical cross. I spoke on the "Way to Heaven" and looked at three wrong ways that people trust in, and then I spoke about the one right way. The Lord was pleased to bring a good size crowd in to listen. I also noticed that the crowd was really engaging with what I was doing on the board, often they would call out and give the answer to what I was painting.

After my open-air, it was truly amazing to see people throughout our area of the mall being spoken to in one to one conversations. Every which way I looked, there were Christians sharing the love of Christ to people who may never come to church.

What was also a huge encouragement was seeing so many people making their way to the Free Bible and Literature Table. Quite a number of resources were given out.

We also had two other preachers share from God's Word tonight. The Lord seemed to be at work on the hearts of many people. Please pray for all those we encountered tonight. May the Lord bring them into the truth.


Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

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It was a beautiful sunny and warm winters day in Woodridge Tuesday as we made our way out to share the gospel. Some of our regular team members were away, so I wasn't quite sure how many people would come along to the outreach, but we prayed and asked the Lord to bring workers. He answered this prayer with five of us coming together for the gospel.

Upon arrival I set up the Free Bible and Literature Table and began to hand out tracts. There seemed to be a real openness amongst the people today. Many tracts were taken (in fact we ran out of tracts) and people were constantly requesting resources from the table.

During the outreach I was able to speak to a group of young people who showed some interest in the Christian faith. It turns out that all of them went to church, but sadly they had no concept of the gospel. They all believed that to go to Heaven you had to be perfect, and since they weren't, then they knew they wouldn't go there. It was wonderful to be able to explain to them that salvation is by grace alone.

Below is a link to the audio of that conversation. I hope it encourages you in your walk -

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 15 July, 2016

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On Friday evening together under the banner of Operation 513 members from local churches hit the Surfers Paradise Mall in the heart of Gold Coast. As usual the mall was fairly busy, there was a decent sized team out and the public had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

A few sketches were done which drew quite a crowd, which was exciting to see but as the evening progressed and temperatures dropped less people gathered around to see the preaching. Despite the dwindling numbers there were some absolute highlights in Gospel conversations during the night and a great one coming right at the end with a man named Michael.

Michael professed to start with of being a Catholic. He went to a catholic school, his family christened him catholic and similar ideas. Though that was a while in the past Michael said that he was fairly sure he'd get to Heaven because he was a decent guy. After seeing the core of his belief it was time to pose some questions, see where he really placed his trust and what he believed about God.

He acknowledged that God is good and loving and said that meant overall everyone should be able to get into Heaven. When challenged on whether or not a good God must judge, whether justice must be served Michael conceeded the point and said that God must have a standard. When taken a little further things started to get a little worrying for Michael. At first being quite sure that he was going to Heaven but after 15 minutes of conversation there was no assurance based on his works.

Michael admitted he was a lying, theif a blasphemer and adulterer at heart and on that judgement by God He said there was no way he was going to Heaven. As a late-twenty year old Michael started to get emotional and asked, "Does that mean I have no hope?"

When asked if he had any way of fixing it Michael was lost for answers and basically gave up defeated, not having an answer and being quite worried about it. Then asked, "Why are you hear then? Surely you have an answer?"

It was a great pleasure to be able to share the Good News of Salvation that despite our spiritual bankruptcy and despite our inability to save ourselves, God displayed His love, His mercy and grace in that whilst we were sinners, Christ died for us. Michael couldn't listen more intently and said he was interested and excited and took a bible. He said he would have to take a read and consider trust in Jesus Christ!

Please be keeping the teams in prayer as they head out, in their personal lives as well as on organised times. Please pray for Michael and many others who were faced with the Gospel and challenged by the call to surrender to Jesus Christ! Please thank God for bringing along people to hear His Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Hobart Team

Friday, 29 July, 2016

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It has been a mixed week this week in Hobart. Very cold but showers coming and going and even sleet and snow flurries. Likewise the responses from people has been mixed (as always). I was privileged to be able to preach the good news two days this week and give out many tracts and bibles. 

Tuesday was very cold but there was a short break in the showers during which I preached in the mall. Despite the cold a small number of people stopped to hear the word expounded and some faithful Christian friends stopped to pray for the preaching. The rest of the day I spent handing out tracts and speaking to people, though few wanted to stop due to the weather.

On Friday the weather was fine and there were many more people willing to stop and talk. We set up the table and within a couple of minutes some asian students from the university had come and taken bibles. A Christian couple came and spoke with us for a little and encouraged out work in the mall and took some literature on evolution.

Just before I was about to get up and preach God brought a man to speak to me who needed help. Little did I know how much help he needed when he first arrived! He had just spent the night in the police station cells for drug and alcohol offences and had a restraining order placed on him for family violence. With tears in his eyes he told me that he believed in God but had progressively walked into sin until his family call the police when the abuse became too much to bear. He had not been able to go to work that morning and was going to have to tell his boss about what had happened. The whole situation sounded like a complete train wreck.

We talked for a while and I contacted his boss for him and gave him an opportunity to talk. I spent a lot of time just listening but also urging him to get away from the drugs and alcohol as a matter of urgency. He stayed around for a period and listened to the preaching. Afterwards he came and spoke to me again. There were a few glimmers of hope in the situation. His wife is praying for him and has allowed him to use a flat their family has as a place to stay. He was also intending to go and spend time praying and reading the bible we had given him. I encouraged him to come to church, to dive into the word and seek out the support he will need over the coming months. I pray that God will bless this man with the strength and wisdom to walk away from these sins and follow Jesus. 

After I preached the gospel we also had another young man approach us to talk at the bible table. He was quite drunk and happily displaying the bottle of wine he was working through in his jacket pocket. Mr J. was hitting the drink because he had had a big fight with his girlfriend. His plan to deal with the fight was to get drunk and then go dancing that night and then sort things out in the morning. I could relate to where Mr J. was at, it is our human nature to resort to more sin (almost like a release valve) when we have messed up and sinned!

He claimed to know and love God and have seen Him in a near death experience when he was younger. In light of this I urged him to abandon both his drunkenness and reconcile to his girlfriend. God has made him for more than messing around with these things and God hates it when we sin. Unfortunately Mr J. loved a god that "was cool with all this", a god that was in complete agreement with him in all he did in fact. We urged him to see that this was not the God of the bible who had given him life but a false god, an idol. We urged him to repent and trust in Jesus but Mr J. walked away happy with both his sin and with his god. Please pray for Mr J. and many like him who live lives of happy rebellion, not knowing the wrath that is being stored up for them on judgment day. Pray that God will soften their hearts and bring them to humble repentant trust in Jesus Christ.

The team came together for a time of prayer after this and we held up the people we had encountered in the city to the Lord. It is such a wonderful thing to gather as God's people and speak to our loving heavenly father.

Praise God for a wonderful week.

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