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Gold Coast Team

Friday, 30 October, 2015

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On Friday evening the team made their way to the Gold Coast to the share the Good News. Since this is a 'party district' many people were out seeking the pleasures of sin for a season. 

Tonight, the team was able to engage many people who had different beliefs about God, salvation and life. Yet, even though we spoke to people from many backgrounds the message of the Gospel remained the same. 

It doesn't matter where someone is from, or what they believe. They all need to hear the truth that we have sinned against God, yet, God in mercy sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for His people; to take the punishment we deserve. Then, three days later, the Lord Jesus rose again from the dead, and now He commands us to repent and believe in Christ. 

From the start of the night things were rather interesting. Early on a man came up to Ryan and was complaining about hearing the preaching and seeing the Scripture signs. Please pray that the Lord would soften this man's heart and bring him to faith. 

Matt had oppurtunity to talk to a man named Frank who was very angry. Frank claimed to be a Christian, yet he was swearing and yelling. Then he would say that he loved what the team was doing. 

After awhile he left, but returned a few hours later, this time with a sign he had stolen from a cafe. He then placed the sign right in front of us and left. We were able to return the sign later on. 

We also talked with Rodger, a man who was a Jehovah's Witness. He made claims about the Jesus he believes in not being divine and being created. We were able to talk with him about what the Bible states in Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1-3, Philippians 2, Matthew 16, Revelation 1 and a range of other places about Jesus being God. Upon hearing these verses he started to get a bit squirmy; with no defense from the Bible for his position he said he had to leave.


We were also able to speak to a young man named Jayden who is a Maori who had never heard the Gospel before. He didn't know the way to Heaven but had just assumed it was a default position that all who die go to Heaven. We asked him about Hitler and Stalin and others like them, do they go to Heaven?

Upon hearing this his position changed. He realised that not everyone will go to Heaven. From this point we were able to talk about God's standards and how not everyone will be in Heaven. 

After covering a lot of the basis for the need of the Gospel and understanding our sin, he said he was concerned that he wouldn't be going to Heaven. 

We were then able to share with him the Good News. That the way to Heaven is only through trusting in Jesus Christ and what He has done. 

Jayden said that was the first time he had heard this message and would have to consider it. Please pray for Jayden that he will consider the truth and put his trust in Jesus Christ!



Please pray that all whom we talked to will heed the warning message and trust Christ alone for salvation. Please pray that those who took tracts will read and consider the importance of the Eternity.


Soli Deo Gloria!

Special Outreaches

Saturday, 31 October, 2015

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Today, people all-around the world celebrated Halloween. Many set aside the night to dress up in scary outfits; others just used it as an excuse to spend the night drinking and partying.

However, there is something much more important than lollies, scary costumes and alcohol. No one would buy a car and not insure it, yet, many people go through life not thinking about the most important of issues, namely, where will we spend eternity? 

Today, we headed out to a Halloween festival in Manly in order to hand out 'Trick or Treat' tracts and to talk to people about the issues of life, death and eternity. By God's grace over five thousand people took tracts!

During the course of the day, Ryan had the oppurtunity to share the Gospel with the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. Like most people, the Mayor said he was trusting in his own goodness as the way to Heaven. Please pray that the Lord Mayor will think about what he has heard, and that he would come to faith. 

Also, please pray for all those who received the Gospel in written form. Pray that the Lord would use these simple tracts to bring many people out of the darkness and into the light. 

Soli Deo Gloria!


Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 20 October, 2015

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Woodridge evangelismAt Woodridge on the 20th of October we had a rather eventful afternoon, before we had even started some young teens broke out into a fight with everything from hair pulling to punches. It was a sad display of the state of humanity but by God's grace it was broken up and dispersed and people were able to head off and calm down.

There was the normal busy rush of school children on the way home and around this time Josh started preaching out near the bus stop area; sadly there was some hostility from a few local drunks which got a few people stirred up, but amazingly it bought a massive crowd of school children who stood around and listened to the preaching, many of whom took literature or stayed around to talk afterwards.

There were also some other incidences where a late teens girl didn't want to hear the Gospel and yelled at Josh to stop and sadly she caused a big fuss, also getting her parents down who took a full fledged aggressive words war assault on the team members, making many false claims. 

Thankfully Queensland Police were diligent in sorting out the issues and the afternoon went on as normal, with many people hearing the Gospel.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pray for the woman, her daughter and husband who are hostile to the Gospel, pray that God will drastically and dramatically change their hearts and minds that they will by God's grace be changed, surrendering their lives to Christ and desiring to come out and preach the way of salvation alongside us!

During the business of the shenanigans many young men wanted to stop and talk, we were able to share the Gospel with, we talked with a young man named Hikim, he had a little bit of Catholic exposure and was the normal stereotype, he thought he was a decently good person and would most likely get to Heaven.

We were able to discuss what God's standard is and that in reality because God is perfect we all fall short. Hikim said that this was a bit worrying, what would he do. He asked if he work hard could he regain God's favour and we talked about the implications of that.  "Do good deeds pay for wrong deeds?" we asked him and he had to conclude that they couldn't. He then asked if we thought we were going to Heaven, to which we responded "Yeah but not based on our own goodness".

We were able to discuss that God came into this world to lay down His life for sinners, just like us so that we could be counted as righteous and go to Heaven. Hikim said this was encouraging, we talked a little more but he had to leave, we gave him a Gospel of John.

Please be praying that God will use the conversation and His word (The Bible) to transform Hikim's life!

There was another group of young men, Michael, Jermaine and, Twong who were there for the shenanigans and started talking with us but our conversation was interrupted by some loud accussations and threats of violence from the lady and so we stopped talking but amazingly, after it had all died down they returned to continue the conversation!

We discussed, the Law, Sin, God's perfection and what that means to us, that we had all fallen short. We discussed what we can do to be saved but after the conclusion of the conversation all three said it makes sense and that they would have to consider eternity and where they would go when they died.

We gave them each a Bible and they left. Please pray for these young men that the truth of the Gospel would penetrate their hearts and minds and they will turn and trust in Christ and Him alone for their salvation!

Others we talked to included a young man Marcy, who professed to be good and wouldn't back down on that claim, even after hearing God's standard, also Harrison who original admitted he wasn't sure He would make it to Heaven and heard the Gospel. Also another young man Olivia who goes to a local church but does really understand the salvation of Jesus Christ so we talked about how he would get to Heaven and we strongly encouraged him to read the Bible. 

Pray for these young men, may God open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel and that they will come and join us to share the Gospel with others, starting a Gospel based trend in Woodridge!

Please pray that through the "persecution" we are receiving that many will see the light of Christ in us and that those who are currently against God and the preaching of the Gospel will be changed to the Glory of God and trust alone in His son becoming slaves to Christ and desiring all that He desires!

Please pray for labourers as well, that many more people will desire to join us on the streets, that many will take the time God has given them and honour him with it by preaching Christ and Him crucified!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 14 October, 2015

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Queen St EvangelismOn Wednesday afternoon in Queen st Mall last week, the mall was unusually busy when we started, there were many people out in the mall but over the course of the afternoon things quietened down back to a normal level.

We had the opportunity to talk with and share the Gospel with a range of people, the first conversation which was had was with a lady named Vicki, she admitted to have told little white lies but said she had never, not one done anything else wrong, in fact she claimed she deserved to go to Heaven because she, (like Jesus) had been betrayed.

We challenged her on whether or not tragic or 'unfair' events happening to us remove the penalty for breaking the law? (God's law or Civil law). She said in society of course not but she said God was different. We asked why convinced her that was the case and she said she just believed it.

We tried to further expose the guilt of all mankind, us and her included but she denied it all and even said the times she lied weren't wrong as they were being kind to someone.

She then headed off as she did not want to talk about the 'negative' things in life anymore.

We also engaged Robert in a conversation, talking about the way to Heaven, when asked why he was going to Heaven he promptly responded with, "Because I deserve to go there". When asked why he gave the usual response that he thought he was pretty good.

When we started talking about sin, he very quickly wanted to leave, he said he didn't want to hear about God's judgement because he knew his god was a forgiving god.

Soon afterwards we talked with a young man named Vincent, he was one of those special conversations you have, when God has sovereignly bought someone along to speak with us, when their hearts are ready for the seed of the Gospel.

As I started talking with him we discussed sin, "Are we sinners?", "How bad is our sin?", "What are the consequences of sin?", "How do we have sin removed?"

We talked for quite a while, answering his questions with what God has said about sin, death, life and many more things. He heard the guilt of all men, he admitted that he thought he deserved Hell and it worried Him. He asked what he could do to get His sin paid for.

With the understanding that the penalty for sin is death, we briefly discussed that we are damned, on our own merits we cannot fix sin and there is no way BUT GOD LOVES US, IN THAT WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, CHRIST DIED FOR US!

We explained that God made a way, God made a way for His mercy and wrath to be fulfilled, allowing Him to be Just and Loving, God came as fully God and fully man, lived a perfect life without sin, died the sacrificial, wrath absorbing sacrifice for sin and then rose from the dead three days later conquering Death and Sin once and for all, that all who believe in Him shall not perish, but have their sins paid for that they can be counted as Righteous before God and inherit eternal life!

Vincent was excited by that and said he would be interested in counting the cost, sadly before we got much further he had to leave but God was able to use us, unworthy servants to allow Vincent to hear the amazing truth of the Gospel!

Please be praying for Vincent, Vicki and Robert, commit them to the Lord in prayer, praying that God may have mercy on their souls and bring them unto salvation! Please praise God that they were able to hear the Gospel, to hear the way of salvation and praise the Lord for being sovereign in Salvation, thanking Him that it is not up to us to save!

Please pray for the team, it is never easy to evangelise, no matter how many times we have done it before there is still a moment of vulnerability as we step out to offer a tract and start a conversation, please pray that we may be BOLD! Pray that we will deny ourselves, deny our desire to please the world, lay off the hindrances of pride and understand that if we do stand for the name of the Lord we will suffer 'persecution'.

Pray that we may be strengthened in the Lord, relying on Him alone and living for Christ.

Please pray that more Christians will consider counting the cost, making the time to join us on the streets, to share in their work places and their neighbourhoods being the light of Christ in the world.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 12 October, 2015

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On Monday afternoon the team headed out to Capalaba, with the normal business of the school term there was a decent amount of people around. Praise be to God for providing people to be able to hear the Gospel.

As always Capalaba is the most interesting place we share the Gospel as all conversations must be walk up. You see someone sitting down and you ask them a question, similar to, "Where do you think you are spending eternity?" Or "Do you know the way to Heaven". And with a high chance of rejection, you curiously wait for their response.

We talked to a young man Lachlan, we have talked to him many times and he says that he denies Christianity based on a lack of evidence.

We discussed with him a range of different things, from Historical evidence to observed scientific phenomena and many other things, he said he stilled denied based on a lack of evidence.

We challenged him on how we interpret facts based on our worldview and how there are things that point to a young earth. He also said some things about the Bible and attacked its validity, the problem is he had never read it.

We have talked with Lachlan over and over, please pray for him, may God convict his heart, bring about knowledge of sin and bring him to repentance and trust in Christ.

Over the course of the afternoon we talked with three different women, Sky, Jess and Jenny who all professed to be Christians, the problem was none of them knew the Gospel, in fact they were still very interested in earning their way to Heaven.

We talked with then each individually and shared the one way to Heaven with them, we encouraged them to consider it as Jesus said the only way of salvation was through Him.

They had different levels of rely on works and were from relatively isolated communities.

Please be pray for these women, that God may use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change their lives, to bring them to salvation and therefore allow them to preach the truth to those in their communities.

We talked with a lady named Hayley as well, she had a few different reasons to reject Christianity, she said she knows God exists but she decided to choose paganism because the Baptist Church she went to shunned her, rejected her and an deacon/elder abused her.

We were very careful in our addressing of the situation, taking with her that those things are horrible, they are wrong and the Church should not be doing such things but we also explained that we can't accurately represent God based on sinful man professing to represent Him.

We talked a little answering questions but in the end she had to leave, she heard the Gospel, the way of salvation, please pray that she will trust in Christ for salvation and be able to return to church.

We also talked with the usual apathetic people, who couldn't be bothered about Eternity, they were content living for now and whatever may come will come. Please pray that these men who don't care will be struck down with the fear of God in their hearts that their sin will be exposed as a disease and that they shall trust Christ.

Please pray for the team, that they will be able to continue to seek God and His Kingdom, being given the strength to deny themselves, take up their crosses for Him.

Pray that we have more labourers and that many are able to join the team preaching the Gospel, and that others who can't make it out will be preaching and the salt and light in their workplaces, their homes, neighbourhoods and at their sporting events.

Please pray that God may use the Gospel we preached to change lives for His glory and that many may be saved and therefore go out and also share the Glorious Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 8 October, 2015

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At Sunnybank there is always a range of people, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Atheists, Muslims and some 'Spiritualists' but a serious lack of Christians.

On Thursday we were able to head out and talk to some people waiting at the Bus stop, we had a few early conversations where they would answer the question about eternity, whether it be that they were going to Heaven, or they didn't care or something similar but would very quickly lose interest.

One pair of girls, said they were going to Heaven because doesn't everyone, then they added that they don't really think about it because why consider the future, aren't they still alive.

We asked them if they knew the moment of their death and they said of course not, no one does. Then we said, why does eternity not bother them? If they are living for the now but don't know when they will face eternity, why can they with such certainty ignore thinking about it to scroll down facebook?

Soon after we talked with Rebecca, a young lady who attends a local Catholic school, she said that she was pretty sure she was going to Heaven because she has done Holy Communion and been baptised.

We asked her if those things take away sin and she said she thought they did. We used some analogies, explaining how deeds don't pay for sin and that the penalty of sin must be paid. She said that bothered her because the penalty for sin is death.

We offered her the salvation of Jesus Christ, offered only in the repentance and belief in Him and she said she would consider it because she knew her own sin.

Then we talked with a young lady named Stephanie, a Mormon girl, who professed her works as the way to Heaven, she was adamant that as long as she kept being as good as she currently was, God would have no problem letting her into Heaven.

We asked her how good she was by God's standard and she said that she had never sinned, we tested her with God's law and she admitted to having broken the law and said she didn't know what it was.

She then seemed a little worried that she wasn't as good as she thought she was. We offered the salvation of Jesus Christ, that Christ came into the world to die for sin, that anyone who believes in Him may have everlasting life.

She said it sounded too good to be true but would have to think about it. We encouraged her to read her bible when she went home.

We briefly talked with a man named Shaun who was a practicing Muslim and said as long as his goodness outweights his badness he shall get to Heaven. Sadly he had to catch the bus before we could challenge him on the 'justice' of his god.

We also talked with Kyle, the atheist, who sort of didn't know what he believed but was sure that God didn't exist. We challenged some of his presuppositions but he too had to catch a bus.

Please pray for the local Mormon missionaries, that they will realise the weightiness of their sin, how wretched we are before God and therefore admit that Christ is the only way and therefore submit to Him alone as Lord and repent and believe the Gospel for salvation and as a product desire to share the true Gospel of Christ Jesus!

Please pray for those we interacted with that they will heed the warning on the Gospel, that they will understand their dire need of a savior and turn to Jesus Christ the only way to have sin paid for.

Please praise God that we were able to proclaim the Gospel and pray that many might decide to join us in the labourers of sharing the Gospel, may Christians hearts be stirred up with compassion, desiring to warn the perishing and desiring to share with them the way of salvation!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Friday, 9 October, 2015

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On Wednesday at Queen St Mall, Brisbane, it was another scorcher of an afternoon. Thankfully despite the weather many people still flocked to the mall, either leaving or heading to work, finishing uni or school or just generally visiting the mall.

It was quite busy, which was great for bringing a crowd for the sketch boarding and Praise God that we had a team of nine labourers allowing us to cover a good amount of the mall to share the Gospel.

Early on in the afternoon a rather tall man named Arthur came up to us and asked for a Bible, we gave him one and asked him what was getting him to Heaven, he said he himself was, that Jesus died and everyone just has to be true to themselves and they will get to Heaven.

His message was very twisted and skewed, later he said Jesus wasn't the way, that we had to do certain things, then he said Jesus was the only way. He wasn't letting us talk much but was just generally talking about things that didn't make much sense.

His mind must have been damaged by something, please pray for Arthur that he will be able to comprehend the truth of the Gospel, surrender his own attempt and goodness and follow Christ for salvation!

We also talked with Rumel, a young man who has recently stopped practicing Islam, he didn't really have a reason he just got bored with it he said.

We were able to ask him a few questions, firstly we addressed the truth of God, talking about His perfection, justice and holiness. We discussed to a point where he said he understood that God's justice and mercy must be compatible, that to show mercy His justice must be also paid.

We then asked him what could pay for our sin, if God is going to let us into Heaven and knowing that the penalty for sin is death. He said, "I suppose someone has to die". He was right, someone must die.

He talked about that meaning no one should go to Heaven because we all deserve the punishment for sin. I told him he was spot on, not one single person deserves to get to Heaven but thankfully God is loving.

God loved us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God came into this world as a man, and laid down His life so that we, guilty sinners may have a path to Heaven. He said that was great news.

He sadly had to leave but we gave him a bible and he said, he will have to read it!

Please pray for Arthur and Rumel, pray that the message of the Gospel, takes deep root, that their lives can be changed by the repentance and belief bought about by God's sovereign plan.

Please pray for all the others who took tracts, heard the preaching, read the signs, were asked a question and walked away laughing, for those whom we talked to or who too literature.

Pray that God uses this encounter, however small to change their hearts and minds and to allow them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by their surrender to Christ as Lord and Saviour!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 6 October, 2015

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Woodridge evangelismOn Tuesday afternoon it was still relatively quiet at Woodridge Train station, the area had the normal lingerers but there was still less people coming off the train.

The weather though made up for it, with a scorching 32degrees, God knows what heat it, praise God that we have been granted with the ability to have water, clothes, showers and the other wonderful blessings that make the heat bearable!

Woodridge is a very interesting place, one of the very few places where someone can say to you that they are a 'born again' Christian and have no idea of the Gospel, or who Jesus Christ is.

We talked with a young man named Junior, when we asked him if he deserved to go to Heaven he promptly replied that he did because he was a born again Christian. When we asked him what that meant, sure enough he had no idea.

He started to explain that he was pretty good and listing his good qualities and works, like a resume to allow him to enter Heaven. We tested him with the Law of God and sure enough, like the rest of us he had fallen miserably short, just like us his resume before God deserves nothing but condemnation.

Logan evangelismWe talked about what ways might get us to Heaven, he started talking about stopping sin, doing good things and helping people. We talked about how the debt of sin needs to be paid and how that might be paid, he offered a few suggestions that wouldn't get anyone of us closer to God then explained the Love of God to him.

The amazing love, that God loved us while we were yet sinners, Christ died of us! He said that sounded interesting, he had never heard of Jesus' sacrifice being to pay for sin and he was interested in it.

We left him with the encouragement to read his bible when he got home and to consider where he was spending eternity.

We also talked with Alex, a young man who attended a local Seventh Day Adventist Church. He professed to be also getting to Heaven by his goodness.

We looked at him and in all seriousness asked him, "What goodness?", he tried to give an account of his goodness but like us all before God had nothing to boast in, for our sin always outweighs our good works, infinity to one.

We discussed with him the ways that he might be made good or become perfect in the sight of God. He said he wasn't sure. We asked him if God had made a way did he think he'd want to respond to that?

He answered affirmatively, of course he wanted to go to Heaven, so we offered the message of the Gospel, the salvation of Jesus Christ.

He said he too would have to consider it.

Please praise God that we were able to share the Gospel, that us, lowly servants were given the great privilege of preaching the way of salvation.

Please thank God that there were people who heard the Good News, many who took tracts and others who heard snippets. Please pray for those who aren't yet saved that God shall bring them to salvation. May the Gospel of Jesus we preached on Tuesday be part in their salvation that they may dwell on the truth of it and desire to surrender to Christ!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Brisbane Team

Monday, 5 October, 2015

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On Monday afternoon due to the public Holiday, though the mall wasn't overly busy there were many people who stopped as they had no where to be.

Many of the shops were closed, few people had to work and the majority were just casually strolling through. This was a wonderful blessing from God.

We had a decent sized team out and there were moments when you could look around and see almost everyone in a conversation. Praise God that the Gospel was proclaimed!

We talked with Dugal a young man who hadn't heard the Gospel before but when we started talking he very quickly seemed to admit the reality of it. We discussed what sin was and he admitted to having sinned many times, we discussed the way of salvation, he at first offered a few different suggestions about how to get to Heaven.

But we reminded him that God is perfect and just meaning to get to Heaven someone has to pay for our sin debt. We used a few analogies to explain why sin isn't paid for by works, by prayer, by fasting, by baptism or anything like that but that sin can be paid for by one thing alone, a sacrifice of life, either ours (in Hell) or Christ's on the cross.

He continued asking questions for a little while and seemed interested, it was a very exciting start to the afternoon.

We talked with a young lady Hannah, whom said she had grown up in a Christian family and actually professed to be a Christian, she said she believed in God and Jesus and things like that.

When we challenged her a bit on who would pay for her sin, she hadn't really considered it, she professed that there were probably multiple ways to God and she was just on a different one to us.

We briefly discussed who the person of Jesus Christ was and that if He is God (Which He proved) then when He said, "I am the Way, The truth and The life", He couldn't have been lying.

It is often that we talk to people who profess to know the way to Heaven but don't agree with what God Himself said.

we talked with a young couple, Ella and Ollie, we talked with Ella first, she admitted to her sin and she admitted to the reality of needing a saviour if God exists. We challenged her briefly about the things of eternity and she said she would consider it.

Then we talked with Ollie, he was angry and frustrated, he was very against God and claimed to be all about evidence. He said that the Historical person of Jesus Christ might have existed but that He wasn't God but just a magician.

We looked at him and asked him, what evidence convinced him of that? He said because magicians exist and the can deceive people with marvelous tricks. We continued to press him, what evidence convinced him about this man Jesus Christ being a magician. He had none.

There were numerous occasions in our discussion where he would make a claim to logic, reason, evidence or the like and then make a claim about Christ or Historical Christianity that had no support. He had a hole in his worldview, that he allowed things to be illogical just so he could not submit to the authority of God (for this lifetime).

Please be praying for Dugal, Hannah, Ella and Ollie, please keep them on your prayer list this week, maybe make a point to pray for them every Monday, pray that the Gospel that was preached to them may take root by the power of God and that they individually may heed the warning message and surrender to the truth of God and recieve the salvation offered in Christ Jesus.

Please pray for all those who interacted with the team, took tracts, read the signs, listened to the preaching, took literature, conversed with a team member or anything else. Pray that the truth of the Gospel will deeply penetrated their hearts that they would be given spiritual sight and that their lives would be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Please thank God that we are still about to publically assemble and preach the Gospel, that we have the options to go out in the Mall and other locations to share the Gospel.

Please pray for the team that we are able to flee sin, in conversations may we be reminded of the truth of from where we came and by whose power alone we were saved, may our sinful roots and the power of God humble us that we might be able to preach the truth in love, with gentleness and respect.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 3 October, 2015

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Saturday Night in Queen St Mall was a very quiet night, the usual attendance was no where to be seen, the mall was almost empty, we still had a decent amount of labourers and praise God that most people had no where to be and therefore were casually strolling around.

I talked to two young men who asked many questions and bought up many reasons they don't want to believe in God.

The bought up the problem of Evil, the problem of 'science', they also said God wasn't very moral.

I answered their questions, explaining that Evil only exists because it is a denial of God and His standards, that God who has all knowledge and is absolutely Good does not do evil but reveals to us His standards which are an outworking of His perfection.

And I also asked them to name a single science experiment that wasn't intelligently designed.

We kept talking till the point where they said maybe God exists but then we came across the real problem, they, like the rest of us, left to our own desires don't want to follow God.

They admitted their sin, they heard the way of salvation by they also wanted to continue living for themselves.

Then towards the end of the night I spoke with two young ladies, who were professing lesbians.

Throughout the whole conversation there was a recurring theme, continually denying God in that they didn't want to follow a God who didn't want them to be Happy.

They denied multiple times that homosexuality was wrong, they would agree about lying, stealing, cheating, lusting, hating and many other things were wrong but when it came to homosexuality they were adamant there was no problem.

They appealled to some morality but the problem was, it was what they wanted it to be, not what God's standard is.

We talked about the use of the Old Testament, the application of the Law, the way of salvation, why certain things are wrong and others aren't, we talked about many things the Bible says but after it all, after hearing the way of salvation, after hearing about the guilt of all men, they still were adamant that there was no way they'd follow a God who didn't do what they wanted.

Please keep all these people in prayer, all those who interacted with us, took tracts, listened to preaching, conversed or anything. Pray that God may use the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we preached to change the hearts of the Lost. May many come to salvation because of what we preached.

Please pray for the team as we continue to evangelise, may we be faithful servants, desiring to Serve God in all we do, preaching the truth in love and fleeing from Sin.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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