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Capalaba Team

Monday, 7 September, 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday afternoon we had a team of four members for the first time and it was a blessing, not only were they many more people around catching busses but there were more of us to talk to them as well!

I talked to a young man called kyano and he thought he wasn't too bad. He even professed that God should let him into Heaven. After a run through the law he admitted and realised his sinfulness and that he couldn't get to Heaven.

But the Gospel, the Good news of Jesus Christ took much longer to sink in, he wanted to trust in works, or asking forgiveness or stopping sinning and things like that, he didn't want to have to trust in Jesus Christ.

But I explained why Jesus was thinking only way and after a few runs through of the repentance on belief and the life change that should bring about he was able to repeat back the way of salvation.

He has heard the Gospel and said he would consider it, please be praying that God uses this encounter to change His life that be may come to repentance!

I talked to Linda then, who said she wasn't sinful, deserved Heaven but decided she wanted to go to Hell. She professed Catholicism and was very muddled in what she was saying.

I talked to Ethan a young man who heard the law, heard the conviction of the fact that not one of us live up to God's perfect standard.

When then spent much time discussing why we believe the Bible, some apologetics, what reasons do we have to believe in God and the like and by the end he said he would have to consider it all. He admitted he sort of wanted to live for himself but we had put some thought in His mind.

We shared with Him the way of salvation and he left seemingly pondering the message he had heard.

Please keep these men and women on prayer and the others that we talked to, commuting them to God, for we know He is sovereign, we know all things work according to His will.

Please pray for the team as we continue to go out that we will be good ambassadors for Christ, doing well in defending the Gospel and preaching the truth.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 1 September, 2015

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A Woodridge station it was a different afternoon yesterday, a lot of the 'usual' people around weren't there, many were off somewhere else, allowing for some new and less known people to hang around.

We started off the afternoon with scattered conversations and few interactions, just with those who were around. 

We talked briefly to some young men sitting on chairs near us but the three of them even though the knew they deserved Hell, they didn't want Christ. Why? Because they wanted to live in sin, one of them literally said "I don't want it, I like what I do at the moment too much". Absolutely heart breaking, that though they have cognitive understanding of the Gospel, they still don't want Christ.

Soon the school children started pouring off the trains. It wasn't long before I was having a conversation with three young men, who professed to be Jehovah's Witnesses. As we talked two of them were bringing up every possible objection to Christ being God.

They bought up many verses and many times said that Jesus is God's son not God. Which got me thinking it was a misunderstanding of what Christians mean when we say Jesus is God. I explained to them I didn't mean they were the same person but Jesus is God the Son, God is God the Father and the Holy Spirit is God the Holy Spirit. Explaining the 3 but 1.

And we discussed things a little more but the two who were very quick to try and pull holes soon left. The middle young man continued to ask questions and continued to listen and at the end of the conversation he said, I understand the Jesus must be God.

We gave him a Gospel of John and encouraged him to read it as many times as he could before next Tuesday were we'd bring him a bible.

We also encountered a few men we occasionally talk to one who claims Christ returned in the first century and another who claims Jesus isn't God. We have talked to these guys many times, please pray that these two men consider Christ and His kingdom and that they may be saved before they have to stand before God.

A late conversation we had was with Krystal and Yasmin, who heard the Gospel but decided that they too wanted to live for themselves, it didn't matter what the consequences were they were just happy to live to gratify the desires of their flesh.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with Richard who I had talked to the week before, last week was the first time he had heard of Jesus Christ and he had started reading his bible, may God continue to change his heart!

Please thank God for those who heard the good news that their hearts may be pierced and their lives changed submitting to Christ as Lord and being Saved by His blood.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Capalaba Team

Monday, 31 August, 2015

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At Capalaba yesterday afternoon, it started off very tough, the first six attempts made toward a conversation were quite angrily rejected. It started off as what looked like a long afternoon. So we stopped, sat down and committed it to the Lord in prayer.

Then came many conversations, whether or not the people accepted the Gospel many engaged and had a conversation, leading to some discussions which seemed very fruitful but we shall leave the results up to the Lord!

A young man (David) I talked to very quickly admitted to his sinfulness, he admitted that he was worried about eternity but didn't really know what to do. The conversation though it was brief ended in him asking for details of a local church and asking for a bible!

Lloyd another man also very quickly submitted to the judgement of God and said that he knew he deserved punishment for his actions and had resigned to spending eternity in Hell. For sadly he had never heard of Jesus Christ before! When he heard the message of Love and salvation he was very happy to consider Jesus and said he would definitely read his bible that night.

Emily whom a few of us talked to was raised as a mormon but at a relatively young age had left the church. After a decent length conversation explaining God, His attributes and other things she started to agree. She seemed to understand Christianity in a new light and we strongly encouraged her to consider eternity and that salvation was through the work of Jesus Christ alone, not our deeds.

A young guy and girl Sharna and Jamal have heard the Gospel many weeks, probably 4/5 times but they don't really care, they know the Gospel, they know their sinfulness but they are convinced they have so much time they don't need to consider it now.

I also talked to Katelin, a young girl who professed Christianity but believed that she deserved Heaven. After challenging her and explaining to her the Gospel she quickly decided that she didn't like what I was saying as much, if she had to consider that before God she wasn't good, that might have been a game changer. I encouraged her to read her bible that night before she went to sleep that she may know God and His Holiness and her own sinfulness before Him!

I talked to a young man Trent, who seemed genuinely excited about the Gospel, after being disappointed in his own sinfulness, he was very glad to hear that Jesus had offered forgiveness! After a relatively brief conversation he said he would have to read his bible tonight!

I also talked to Amber, who at face value I completely expected to brush me off as I had just talked to a man next to her but she had intently listened to our conversation and started asking questions of her own. She too was very aware of her sinfulness and its consequences but also quickly decided that she wanted the forgiveness of sins offered in Christ Jesus!

Please be praying for all of these men and women, may God continue to work in those whom he has started to work in and may he use the conversations yesterday as a starting point for all those who had never heard the Gospel.

For we know salvation is by the Grace of Christ alone!

Please keep us in prayer as we continue to share the Good News to those we encounter!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Brisbane Team

Thursday, 27 August, 2015

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This afternoon at Queen St Mall, it was a generally busy afternoon, with the normal amount of students, workers and tourists around.

What really strikes hard is that most people aren't interested in God, in fact many believe that they don't need Him, that they instead are 'better than that', they have 'evolved' past that primitive thinking but are much more sophisticated in that they know they don't need anyone but themselves.

What makes it even worse is many of them know the lack of satisfaction found in the things of this world, many live purely for the weekend and by Monday of the next week are still craving the satisfaction the weekend can never offer.

But still blinded by their sin many will walk past and brush off any attempts for the Gospel as they have written off God, they can fix their life on their own.

This afternoon, we chatted to a range of different people, one young lady, we talked to had considered eternity a few times, she had considered what might happen but wasn't sure. She was then challenged by the law and realised that she had indeed broken God's law but didn't really want to admit that God must punish her. And because God wasn't going to punish her, she considered that she didn't need Christ and therefore didn't have to surrender to Him as Lord.

Another older woman, who was set in her ways said she knew what she believed and it didn't matter what the bible said, she claimed thay despite her sinfulness, that it didn't really bother her, heaven or hell didn't really matter and she'd find out on the flip side.

A young man, also professed to be not too bad, when challenged with the Law he admitted that his actions should make him guilty before God, sadly his friends pulled him away before he could hear the good news offered in Christ.

There were quite a range that stopped and listened to a whole manner of different preaching from the sketch board to just general Gospel presentations, many stayed and listened for a short while and others stayed for a conversation afterwards.

Please keep all that encountered us in prayer, no matter the depth of their interaction! Please pray that God shall cause a stir in their hearts, that they will be severely convicted even to the point of tears of their sinfulness before God and may this drive them to repentance!

May God be glorified through the salvation of many souls and may He raise up more labourers to help with the preaching of His Gospel, that power of God unto salvation!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Woodridge Team

Wednesday, 26 August, 2015

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On Tuesday afternoon we headed to Woodridge train station, where there are many people who hang around and many that flow through coming or going from the train.

This is one of the most heart breaking locations, firstly because many people have very little, many of the things we'd take for granted they don't have and many are slaves to trying for fulfilment in things that don't satisfy such as alcohol or drugs.

But even more heart breaking, something that brings me to tears is that even though they are in this state, stripped of many human 'dignities', most men and women here don't want Christ, apart from being drawn by God we in our sinful state will never bow to Christ as Lord.

Yesterday we had some conversations were a range of people, most know that they are in some form of the word, sinners, that they have broken God's law but many also think that it isn't overly serious, as long as they ask forgiveness and prove they really want it by doing good things that God will forgive them. Sadly many don't know the Love of God and the call to surrender to Christ as Lord and Saviour.

But it is a privilege for us to be able to go and share this truth with them, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners!

One conversation I had was with a young man whom for years attended a local church. When I asked him if he was going to heaven said he wasn't because he was a sinner. He said this thought worried him, that he has been scared about what will happen because he could never live up to God's standard. When he was offered the saving work of Jesus Christ as a payment for His sin, he said he had never heard of it before and was very glad to hear about it. He left with the challenge to read the bible, to consider the cost of being disicple and to submit to Christ as Lord, accepting His death as payment for sin.

Though there were many others who heard the Gospel and didn't really want to turn from Sin, it was a blessing to see some fruit from conversations.

We also were able to talk with some young men who had accepted the Gospel and were struggling with some truths and what the bible said on certain things, it was a privilege to be able to encourage them and teach them as they desired to learn about God more!

Please keep all those who have heard the Gospel, taken a tract or seen our presence in prayer, knowing that God is sovereign, please ask that He may call many of them to repentance and cause many of them to be saved!

Soli Deo Gloria!



Hobart Team

Saturday, 19 September, 2015

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Hobart is a city that has powerful people committed to the exclusion of the gospel. For the last couple of months there has been a string of incidents with shop owners, council officers and police officers. The team and I have been repeatedly threatened with arrest or ordered to leave areas that anyone should be able to use to speak or hand out literature.

The repeated claim of shop owners is that we are harassing people by politely handing literature out and offending people by preaching the gospel. Police and council officers have likewise reiterated our gospel activity as their motive for seeking to remove us from public streets. This ongoing harassment and discrimination has had a toll on both myself and the rest of the team.

We have been instructed by council that we are not to preach or hand out literature anywhere in the city other than the specific area assigned for speakers corner (where you are unable to hand out literature by the way). The Tasmanian Police have repeatedly voiced their unconditional support for the council regardless of our protests that council actions are illegal. Council bylaws do not support these instructions nor does any other legislation within Tasmania or Australia. If team members do not obey this illegal instruction we face loss of our permits to use the mall to evangelise and the police will be called to move us on or arrest us.

We are currently assessing what approach to take in this situation. Please be in prayer on our behalf; ask that we will continue to preach the gospel and that we would have wisdom, Godliness and boldness in how we behave.

God will be glorified in Hobart and the proud hearts and enemies of His way will fail. We pray they will fail as God draws them to repent of their sin and come to love and trust in Jesus.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Hobart Team

Tuesday, 15 September, 2015

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The gospel continues to be proclaimed in Hobart and praise God that He is at work in our city. There are many listeners that gather each week when we preach the word. We are reading sections of scripture and preaching from some of those scriptures each week. Many have come and encouraged us to continue after sitting to listen as the bible is read out chapter by chapter. Nathan and Taylor have begun preaching and so there is now three preachers in the team. It has been a great privilege to see them reading scripture and proclaiming the word of the Lord.

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a large number of people coming to speak to us in the mall seeking a church to attend or wanting to speak to someone about spiritual matters. Most of these conversations were directly related to scripture being read or preached. A few of the people we have encountered and would ask for your prayers for are:

Mr F. – a young atheist bloke who has spoken with me and others in the team before. He was quite abrupt in his approach to conversation at first but he was willing to interact and discuss. He believes there is no evidence to support the bible and that Christians consistently cherry pick from the bible, avoiding the bad parts deliberately. We spoke for some time and it became clear that Flynn was searching seriously for answers and had been doing research to find answers. I gave him some of the facts that support the truth of the bible and encouraged him to read the bible and come speak with us again. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would draw Flynn back to speak again and that the gospel message would dwell in his mind constantly.

Miss L. – a young lady who identifies as a homosexual and has a past that was very traumatic. We talked for quite some time and were able to discuss calmly and kindly what the bible says about the homosexual lifestyle and why. I was also able to clearly explain the gospel a couple of times over. She left still disagreeing but at the same time happy that we had spoken. Please pray that Lauren would heed the call of God to repent of all sin and trust in Jesus.

Mr E. – a friend of Mr S. (the regular heckler) who came to chat and spoke at length with the team and had a great chat with Mitch. I unfortunately was quite angst filled after an encounter with the Hobart City Council and was quite short with him. He was very gracious after I apologised to him and was keen to come back and chat with us again another day.

Miss M. – a young lady that spoke to me whilst I was preaching in Elizabeth lane some time ago. She came wanting to know where we went to church and if she could attend. Miss M. expressed a desire to know God and be doing something meaningful on Sunday. Please pray that she will attend church and draw near to God and that nothing would keep her away.

There have been many others who have come but space does not allow to mention them all. Please pray that God would work through the team and bless the many people that come and speak to us.

Essex Team

Saturday, 19 September, 2015

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After an extended hiatus, OP513 Essex went and evangelized Romford High St on Saturday September 19th.  The team consisted of Chuck, Jacob and Myself (Andrew).  We found a location to speak in front of a closed shop.  We prayed for God to bless our meager efforts and then proceeded to preach the Gospel and hand out tracts.  

While I was preaching the others handed out tracts and had one to one conversations.  There were no hecklers but quite a few pedestrians stopped and listened.  I spoke from Luke 16 about Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Specifically about how if people will not hear "Moses and the Prophets" (aka the Bible),  neither will they believe if one was to rise from the dead (aka see a miracle).  Peoples hearts need to changed by the Holy Spirit before they will believe and then I talked about sin, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.  

Chuck spoke after me and during this time, I was approached by a young Philippine man who asked about the ministry and my theology.  As the conversation developed he explained that the church he attends (not a jehovahs witness church) does not believe in the Triune nature of God.  I began to show him some salient verses where Jesus is explicitly named "theos" or God.  He listed intently and was very courteous.  We later exchanged numbers and he suggested we meet up for a bible study to discuss the the topic further.  

I later spoke a second time, and again expounded on the Luke 16 passage to which a number of pedestrians stopped and listened.  We wrapped up the event with prayer and asked for God to use the tracts and preaching to save his people!  SDG.

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 20 August, 2015

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Witnessing to Mormon eldersThis afternoon in Sunnybank we had the opportunity of having a some new team members who spoke a range of languages, which was a blessing and we had people engaging with Chinese, Thai and Korean people.

A lengthy conversation was had with a young man who we had talked with before, his name is Tom. He is a professional gamer and has quite a number of sponsors and as a highschool student is spending a large percentage of his time playing this game and is really enjoying the money it earns him. He was challenged whether he would count the cost of being a disciple of Christ and put Christ first ahead of his video gaming and he replied with 'But can't I just keep Jesus as second?'.

Please pray for this young man as he is challenged to consider what 'dying to self' truly means!

A conversation with some local mormons was had, it was quite a lengthy conversation where they were challenged on their view of the infallibilty of scripture, what it means to be 'saved by grace, through faith alone, not of works', as well as being challenged with the truth of the Gospel, with the fact that Christ's atoning sacrifice is the only 'work' needed for salvation. They were against the fact that salvation can't be with Faith + Works but were sure that salvation required works. After a long discussion these two young men left still denying the singularity of salvation by faith. One young man was hearing the points and seemed to be considering them.

This week consider 'Elder Wood' and 'Elder Zou' and may God convict their hearts of their twisting of scriptures.

Around Sunnybank there are many mormons that spend the time talking to the locals and sadly are preaching a man centred, Christ + works gospel. Please pray that these Mormons will read their bibles and come to know the power of the true Gospel!

There were some wonderful opportunities this afternoon and a decent amount of conversations were had, please keep in prayer all those that took a tract, heard a snippet of conversation, were talked to or even saw our presence, please bring these people before God in prayer that they might be convicted with their sinful lives and may surrender to Christ as Lord, through repentance and faith!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 19 August, 2015

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Free Bibles Table BrisbaneThis afternoon for our weekly evangelism in Brisbane city, though we only had a few labourers there were some great conversations had and God's Gospel was proclaimed!

The first young man I talked to whose name was Lachlan, first we discussed whether he'd be able to make it to heaven on his own merit and he thought he was pretty good and would most likely make it in but after presenting him with God's standard of perfection revealed in the law he very quickly realised that he definitely wouldn't.

I then offered him the cure, the Good News of Jesus Christ, that God loved us in that while were were still sinners, Christ died for us. He heard the Gospel and said he would consider it but seemed to think it wasn't that important as he had plenty of time. I challenged him that we don't know how long we have but he had to leave. Please pray for Lachlan.

Another conversation was with Robert, who was convinced that he was "a part of god" and that through a process of enlightenment he would one day join "the entity of consciousness" that is god. I challenged him for a long time on the problems with, the lack of our ability to become enlightened, that we as fallen humans could not reason ourselves to God but that God must reveal Himself to us and that if all humans and all their souls together made consciousness each individuals idea would always contradict someone else's, therefore this god would be always disagreeing with itself.

After a lengthy discussion on those things I challenged him on whether or not he would be guilty before a Holy God, the God of the bible and he was very quick to proclaim that he very rarely sinned and was actually in control over whether or not he wanted to sin. After discussing the law of God, he originally submitted to the realisation that by God's standard he was in the wrong but then denied God on the basis that his standard was too tough and god was mean, for Robert did not want to have to give up his sin.

I left Him with the good news that Christ has offered His life as a ransom for many and that salvation is offered but he declined that as illogical and foolishness. I finally challenged him to try his best to not sin for a week and come back to me next Wednesday and he left with a gospel of John. May God be gracious to Robert and may his eyes be opened!

Thank you to all those who were in prayer and it is a blessing that we are able to freely proclaim the name of Christ, the only name under heaven by which we must be saved.


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