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Gold Coast Team

Friday, 6 September, 2013

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One couple that we spoke to tonight were from the Revival Centres International and their beliefs were very contrary to Scripture. They thought that no one in the Old Testament was saved, they thought that baptism was a requirement for justification and that everyone must speak in tongues.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 31 August, 2013

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What an immense privilege we as Christians have to speak with people about something that is of eternal value.

Here's a 4 minute video report from the night:

To the praise of His name!

Essex Team

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

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The Operation 513 Team evangelized Basildon today and we were blessed with fabulous weather.  The team consisted of Rob, Chuck and Myself and a young man named Sasha who lived nearby and had contacted me through the website.  We set up and prayed.  This was Rob's first time in Basildon and it was his first outreach since coming back from Canada, therefore it was his job to start !!  Rob began to preach using his new amplifier which is very loud and clear; he was soon approached by a man who said "the ten commandments were great advice for life".  However, as Rob unpacked the commandments the Holiness of the Law began to expose the mans sin to which he began to get angry and walk away.  

As Rob continued more people gathered to listen and/or heckle.  A young couple came up and began to ask "why we were forcing our beliefs on people" etc.  Rob dealt with the arguments very succinctly and soon the girl confessed to being a pagan.  The conversation was cut short by a lesbian yelling that we were "judgmental", to which Rob turned the accusation against her and asked her not to judge us either.  Another lady asked about Bible translations and was thankful for the answers she received.  A girl named Sarah who grew up in a Christian home also had a number of good questions and the Gospel was preached to her.  Also a grandmother and her daughter and grandchildren came up and asked "the problem of evil question" relating it to specific events in their life.  Rob responded with empathy and decorum to which the grandmother kind of appreciated his response but her daughter was not interested.  

We eventually encountered a  "christian" lady who said we were not preaching the Gospel but preaching condemnation.  She was very frustrating and tried to stand infront of Rob and tell everyone that "God loves everybody and has wonderful plan for thier life".  It made me question if she had ever read Ps 5:5, 11:5, Mal 1:3, Rom 9:13 etc or the large number of passages that explain about Gods hatred and anger towards human wickedness and sin.  Anyways, Rob countered these foolish objections by reading John 3.16-20 which makes clear that God's love is for those who repent and those who do not repent are already condemed.

During the course of the afternoon many hecklers came and went but the content of the message had obviously offended the lesbian, because she called the police.  Soon enough the police arrived and questioned the crowd of angry bystanders who were telling all sorts of lies about us.  The police did not ask Rob to stop preaching but waited till he had finished before questioning him.  Eventually the police arrested Rob for breaching Section 5 of the Public Order Act claiming that he had used language that "caused harassment, alarm or distress".  Rob was taken to the Basildon Police Station and I called the Christian Legal Center for help.  Later that evening the CLC lawyer arrived and had an interview with Rob and the Police and all trumped up charges were dropped with no further action to be taken !!  

Rob was vindicated but felt vilified.  It does remind me of when Jesus tells His disciples "Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you" Matt 5:11-12.  By Gods grace we live to preach another day, Praise be to God!! SDG.

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 30 August, 2013

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We encountered a few very open people to the gospel on our outreach to the Gold Coast.

Watch the following two minute video battle log report from the night:

Praise be to the Lord of all!

Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, 3 September, 2013

Posted by Posted 3 September 2013, 10:28 PM by Kevin Red. Permalink


Ryan, Justin and I met this morning and after traveling to Nambour we set straight to prayer. 

During the week, since our last outreach, we all received $550 fines in the mail, for preaching with an amplifier.  Over the last few weeks we have been meeting in Nambour under the peaceful assembly act. This act allows anyone to hold a public meeting on public land. The act also provides provision for the use an amplifier, so we know we are acting lawfully. We of course have all opted to attend magistrates court instead of paying the fine. 

So we set to prayer and prayed particularly for the council officers. We prayed that the Lord would give them an understanding of the local laws, and also that He would open their ears and soften their hearts to the gospel of our Lord and Saviour. 

Following our time of prayer we took it in turns to  preach and gave out tracts. Many people stopped to listen to the preaching and also to engage us in conversations. We met many who openly rejected Christ, but a few people today embraced the gospel and gave professions of faith. It always is a great privilege to see someone convicted by the Holy Spirit, to be repentant and to put their trust in Christ. 

Ryan had an interesting conversation with a man claiming to be a Jehovah's witness. Ryan soon released that this man was not completely following the watchtowers teachings and set about answering his questions and exposing his lack of understanding with the bible, you could see the man was thinking and not just rejecting the scripture. He said he would read the Bible and think more about it. Please pray that he will come to realise the error of the false teaching he has received and come to repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as his only saviour.  

I  particularly was uplifted today by the amount of Christians that stopped to thank us for sharing the gospel and to encourage us to continue. We are often criticized for sharing our faith openly in public, so it’s always edifying to hear support from our brothers and sisters in Christ. May I encourage Christians everywhere to just give a simple word of encouragement to anyone who stands up to share their faith, as it does uplift spirits and lead us to praise God and thank Him for the privilege of sharing His glorious gospel. 

As we approached lunch, we were approached by our local “regular” representative of the council, Matthew Bell.  He started by quoting the bible, Romans 13:1-7, which we thought was an interesting approach and very unusual for him. We did explain we were happy to submit to the authorities as we were in fact acting lawfully and in compliance with the laws, however we could not submit to officers who were acting unlawfully by continually stopping a lawful public assembly.  He offered us some forms to apply for a public assembly and stated they had never received our application forms. We happily showed him our proof of postage and delivery notifications regarding the said paperwork. He had already been to see the local police Senior Sergeant who had kindly told us he had received our applications a couple weeks previously. It seems that the council had lost our application forms. Thankfully Matthew was able to obtain copies from the very helpful senior sergeant at Nambour Police station and we explained we were happy for him to use those as originals under the circumstances.  Many thanks to the senior officer at Nambour police station. 

It now appears that Matthew and the council are happy we are acting under the peaceful assembly act, however he stated that they are still unhappy with our use of amplification and also our handing out of Christian gospel tracts. So it seems they don’t understand the application of this law either which again is no surprise.  So we will continue to preach and hand out tracts and God willing we will see what happens next. 

I think its so important to thank God for our religious freedoms in Australia. I have been preaching the gospel on the Sunshine Coast for some time now with no objections from Police or council, however since we have been preaching in Nambour we have encountered weekly opposition particularly from the local council office. One thing we must bare in mind is that we are not trying to be obstructive or to waste anybody's time. It is still a legal right in Australia for us to meet in public and to practice our religious and political freedoms. I personally feel as Christians we must stand to protect these freedoms as we are called to do so.

We are all commanded to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and this is of utmost importance, but we must also protect our religious freedoms or we will lose them. May I please ask you to pray for the Sunshine Coast team particularly at this time, please pray that we receive the grace, strength and the wisdom we need to serve our Lord and to bring glory to Him.  


Plymouth Team

Saturday, 31 August, 2013

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We have been out in Plymouth city centre over the past few weeks, and had many eventful conversations, had run ins with security guards and the Police, handed out many tracts and Bibles, and were asked the same questions by atheists and unbelievers week in, week out.

I made a new cross/ sign to bring out, seeing the ones Tony Miano and others have out in the States, this is a great, bold and direct for people to see as they walk past and think about. Last week Alex and I prayed and handed out tracts, before a man and his son stopped to read the intelligence test. Upon talking to them, they said the were Christians, and he was actually a Priest and his son was called Eden who attended a local Anglican church. After talking to them for a bit, It appeared all was not right with their beliefs, as they did not believe in hell, his evangelism was giving people the Lord's prayer on cards and not talking about people needing to repent and get right with God, and the they both did not understand the true meaning of being born again. His son believed in liberal views too, and I left the conversation giving them some tracts and to read John chapter 3 again and see what Jesus had to say.

We also had a complaint made by someone to the Police, after a man walked past while I was preaching who had his shirt open showing a predominant Satan's star tattoo on his chest. As I preached, I stated that everyone needed to be saved, regardless of colour, wealth or status, even if we had a Satan's star tattoo on our chest. I then moved on in the preaching, I didn't point at the man, look at him directly, was just that one comment, but as he walked past he stuck his finger up at me and then later on a Policeman came along saying someone had complained about my preaching, that I had made someone feel 'threatened, distressed and harassed' under section 5. I conversed with the Policeman, who said I had the right to speak, but was not allowed to single people out individually. We chatted for a while, making my thoughts known to him about what happened, and continued preaching that day.

Today I went into town with Charles and the Ian the Pastor from our church (, and again we prayed before handing out tracts etc. A few people stopped to do the intelligence test, Charles preached, and then I preached about our origins, showing a big secular book I bought about the history of man which starts, surprisingly from Adam and Eve and maps out the progression of Noah's Ark, the spread of mankind and right in the centre of our history, the birth, Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how Christians know our past and where we came from and where were going. However Atheists and evolutionists have no reason for existing, no purpose and no hope for the future.

A Sikh man came along and asked for Bible which was great and he took a tract and showed him the book of John to start reading.  Chris the local 'friendly' atheist walked past again, and when I asked if he had seen the latest video by Ray Comfort 'Evolution vs God', his unsavoury views and swearing showed his distaste, again like so many saying that Ray should show people the edited footage which he claimed would prove evolution was true, though like so many he had no new proof of evolution being true apart from scientists had proved it.

Later on while preaching, a woman came along and started shouting out that God didn't exist, that as an atheist she wasn't trying to fore her views onto others, so why should I shove my views onto others, as well as saying that science had proved the big bang, that fossils showed how old the earth was and that I believed in Noah's Ark, when allegedly the millions of animals on Noah's ark could not have fitted and so it was unbelievable. She was a great heckler, and I told her she was an answer to prayer as she caused quite a large crowd of listeners, she said she didn't believe in God but yet she used his name as a curse word a number of times, and as I showed the crowd her views of the Ark and how many animals had to fit was wrong, she just kept shouting out that the Big bang showed God didn't exist, and yet when I asked her for her scientific proof, she had none.

It was a good 15 minutes good conversations after with people after her outbursts, including Cecelia coming to get bible and wanting to go to a church, a Roman catholic man listening and coming to talk to Ian our pastor, who believed good works would get him to heaven. It was a great sunny day with lots of tracts and Bibles going out, and Ian said he enjoyed the experience and would hope to come again to support.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 24 August, 2013

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Despite the responses that we get from people, God's word never returns void, and the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

Watch the following 4 minute video Battle Log report from this Saturday night's outreach:

To God be the glory!


Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

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Today I met with Ryan, Justin and Bek at Aussie World and then travelled on to Nambour to share the Gospel. When we arrived we spent time in prayer, thanking God especially for the privilege to be able to preach His glorious gospel to the people of Nambour on such a beautiful day. We prayed especially for wisdom and strength and that the Lord would lead us into many conversations. 

I started preaching as soon as we arrived. I could not wait to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone. I read from Acts 17; 22,31. I talked about how God had created our world and everything in it, I told the people God was not unknown but know to all of us, I told them that it was God that had given us the very breath in our lungs and the blood in our veins and our skin which felt the warmth of His sun and eyes that saw His handiwork in the glory of creation. I went on to explain that because we knew God but did not honor Him, we had made idols of ourselves, we put ourselves before our very creator, the living God.

I went on to tell the people that the times of ignorance God had overlooked but now he commanded  all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness, by a man who He appointed, and to give His assurance of this He raised him from the dead. I explained that we had all fallen short of the glory of God, we all deserved Gods wrath and just punishment.

I begged with the people to put their trust in Jesus Christ and to repent. I told them the only way we could stand before a righteous and holy God on Judgement day was to repent and to believe Jesus Christ, to put our trust in Him and Him alone. Only Jesus Christ offers us the free gift of Salvation.  I felt so emotional and I thanked God as I finished sharing His Gospel. 

I then joined Justin passing out tracts and getting involved in conversations with passers by while Ryan preached. I soon got involved in a conversation with an elderly lady who was lovely to talk to, she seemed a bit shocked as I explained the law, but soon after, made a profession of faith and promised to repent and to live a life pleasing to God. Please pray for Silvia. 

Justin was engaged in a marathon conversation with a young lady, they both were sitting on a bench talking as a council officer arrived.  

Ryan continued to preach, not at all put off by his presence. It seems the council are still upset that we are using amplification during our authorized public assembly, although it is lawful for us to do so. They are also upset that we are handing out tracts which they believe to be "touting for business". The officer gave me a compliance notice for using an amplifier while I was preaching earlier and one to stop me from handing out Christian tracts. Ryan continued to preach. The officer wanted to stop the preaching and talk to Ryan, the officer really doesn't understand that he is acting unlawfully whist trying to do this, so  Ryan continued to preach as under our public assembly he is entitled to do so with out interruption. Because the council officer did not know this law and just thought Ryan was being difficult, he decided to waste the local Police forces resources again.

The police arrived. They talked to me and then stopped Ryan preaching. Ryan also was then given compliance orders by the council officer to stop using amplification and handing out tracts.  Justin also received a notice to stop passing out tracts. The compliance orders told us if we continued our activities we will be issued with $550 fines for each individual matter. We again continued for the rest of the afternoon preaching and passing out Christian gospel tracts with no fines being issued or any more visits from police or council.

We did fully expect to be given fines as the council are clearly unfamiliar with our rights to meet under the peaceful assemblies act, to use amplification and to practice our religious and political freedoms in Australia, so it seems we will be accepting fines and going to court if that is their wish. Please pray for the council that they will come to know the truth and also for the rights of Christians to legally share the gospel freely in Australia.

After lunch Justin preached “on the box” or stoop as it was today, followed by myself again. Many people stopped to listen, some would comment positively and some would vocally reject the message. We were greatly encouraged also as several Christians stopped to tell us to keep it up!  We all gave out many tracts and got into many conversations, some fruitful and some not.

A few people over the course of the day gave professions of faith and said they would repent and pray for forgiveness. Please pray for them especially, but please also pray for those today that received tracts and heard the gospel, may they come to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and put their trust in Him and Him alone.  

We really could do with more laborers in Nambour so please consider joining the team, If you could help us we would love to hear from you.  Please may I also ask that you pray earnestly that the Lord will provide laborers for the harvest.

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 23 August, 2013

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There are always interesting characters that you meet out on the street when evangelising, but tonight we had one individual who thought he was an angel.

Take a look at the following 3 minute video from the night:

For our Lord's glory!

Sunshine Coast

Friday, 23 August, 2013

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Had a good day and early evening out and about in Mooloolaba sharing the gospel. It was very busy today with many people  enjoying the fantastic weather.  Brad and I met up and following a time of prayer, we set ourselves up on a street corner and started to pass out tracts. I opted firstly for the Stop tracts. I think they are great because many people just automatically stop    as they see the stop sign picture. They make getting into conversations very easy.

The first conversation of the day was with a couple of older ladies. One lady was quite bossy and very unreceptive to the gospel, and she seemed very keen to not let me speak and to stop her friend listenening to anything I had to say, when I did have a chance. She believed their was no God and anyone who did believe had been brainwashed. I felt sorry for her friend because every time she tried to ask a question her friend cut her off. I pray someone gets to talk with the questioning lady soon. I didn't get chance to get her name as her friend dragged her off. 

The second conversation of the day was with Christine. She was a ex-catholic, and had given up on church long ago. She was convinced she was a good person and was definately going to heaven. We had a great chat and it was my priviledge to share the gospel with her. She was convinced her works would get her to heaven, so using the law I showed her that she was in fact a sinner and had fallen short of the glory of God. She was concerned by this but told me God was all forgiving, but I continued and showed her that a just judge would have to find her guilty and judge her accordingly, a just judge could not just let her go. She was visibly disturbed by this, so I went on to share the good news with her. She seemed relieved and was happy to hear the name of Jesus. I asked her when she would repent and put her trust in Jesus and not in her works. She promised me she would think about it.  Please pray for Christine. 

The next conversation was with Lloyd. He was older man in his 70's I would think. He said he was very closed to all religion and was happy to quote many atheists and scientists and generally he would close any avenue of conversation. He suggested I didn't use the bible to speak about God. The conversation was long, and in the end I asked him If I could physically prove the existance of God and that the Bible was his word would he believe then. He said no... I asked him if he would let me prove the reliability of the Bible, he again said no. I expressed for a man quoting so many atheits and claiming so called scientific proofs he was very closed to conversation about such things. I left him with the thought that it was in fact God who was in control and it didn't matter which atheist  had said what regarding God, the fact remained that we would all face judgement and on that day we would be judged by God's standards and not ours. I explained all liars would find themselves in the lake of fire and no thief would inherit the kingdom of God, but he rejected this. I decided not to give him the good news but to leave him with the fact that he faced Judegement by a God he knew in his heart existed. He suggested I read more scientific research... Please pray for Lloyd. 

Later on I met with some of the church I fellowship and evangelise with on Friday evenings. They were baptizing a new convert to the faith called Daniel in the sea.  Its was great to see Daniel baptized and hear his profession of faith.  Praise God indeed. 

We managed to pass out many many tracts and have several good conversations today as well as celebrate Daniels baptism. Many people were closed to the gospel today, but the Lord tells us his word never returns void. Please pray that all that recieved tracts today will read them and all those that heard the message will come to know our Lord and Saviour, and pray some will get baptised on Mooloolaba beach soon.... 

Daniels Baptism.

Daniel being Baptised in the Sea at Mooloolaba. 


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