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Saturday, 12 October, 2013

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

It has been a few weeks since I have been out on the street witnessing. The reason for this is quite simply fear. I have been afraid of hitting the streets again after two arrests. However, today, I headed over to Glasgow to meet up with a few guys for an afternoon of witnessing. 

When I arrived in Buchanan Street I was immediately struck with how noisy and busy it was. People were everywhere, and many of the best preaching spots were taken up with buskers. After walking the length of the street, Noman and I found a spot that would serve the preaching well.

Noman was the first preacher up. As he preached I handed out tracts and engaged a couple of people in discussion. During this time two police officers walked past, and my heart missed a beat. But, these officers clearly knew the law, as they allowed the preaching to continue. 

During this time a lady approached me to tell me her story. It turns out that four years ago she was on the streets, addicted to drugs and living rough. One day she heard an open-air preacher declare “Jesus gives freedom”. That is all she heard, and she actually scoffed at him. However, that was the seed which the Holy Spirit would use. The lady told me that she could not get those words out of her mind, and eventually it brought her to a place of repentance. She has now completed Bible College and is setting up a ministry to help homeless women. She thought she’d share this with us as an encouragement.

After this I was approached by a man that I had never met, but I knew who he was. His name is Tyler McNabb. Sadly, Tyler is now an apostate. He has forsaken the truth, and followed after Roman Catholicism (James White mentioned him here). 

Tyler wanted to know why we were preaching in a different location as he had been waiting for us elsewhere. I knew that Tyler was going to be out that day, but Noman and I decided that we would not fellowship with darkness. After speaking for a few moments, Tyler extended his hand to me. I replied that I would not be extending the right hand of fellowship to apostates. 

This set his wife off. She decided to come down and tell me that God is Love and I wasn’t very nice. I replied by pointing out what the Scripture says about apostasy, and how she needs to repent. Tyler interrupted at this point, and said, “I want to have a rational discussion.” My answer was, “I want to have a Biblical one.” With that they left. Please pray that the Lord converts them. 

After Noman finished preaching, I stood up to preach. I spoke about how Jesus needs to be lifted high as he alone is Saviour. I only spoke for about twenty-minutes, and then handed over to Craig to preach. 

Craig is from Glasgow, so he sounds like the people we are trying to reach. His accent actually drew the attention of the people. They stopped to listen, and some even began to heckle. Craig did a good job in answering their objections and pointing people to Jesus. 

Overall it was a good day in Glasgow. Quite a few conversations were had, and many heard the Gospel. Please pray the Lord softens hearts. 

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Essex Team

Saturday, 5 October, 2013

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Romford was teeming with people today we I approached the high St.  We were blessed with good weather this Saturday and prayed it would continue as such.  Todays team consisted of Chuck, Jacob, Jacob's Pastor named Joe, Mario who was a newbie and Myself.  We set up and prayed for the day and I began to speak.  I preached from Romans 1 about how all men know God exists and suppress this truth.  Eventually I had a gentleman heckle me who was wearing a nice suit.  I soon recognized that he knew the Bible fairly well but accused me of not telling the truth about Sabbath worship.  Eventually he confessed to being a Seventh Day Adventist who had recently been at church.  

His major argument rested on this type of statement -

If (P) Jesus said the Sabbath has changed, then (Q) it would have changed.  (~P) Jesus never said the day changed,

Ergo  (~Q) the day of worship must be Saturday.  

This is the fallacy of denying the antecedent - If P, then Q.   Not P.  Therefore, not Q.  (I have also heard JWs and Muslims use this line of reasoning in denying the Deity of Christ).  

Needless to say when this error was pointed out to the gentlemen he didn't like it and rather than concede that his reasoning may be at fault he just continued to talk over me and not engage in dialog.  Instead I decided to move on swiftly and continue preaching the Gospel and by that time my crowd had tripled in size, Praise God!  I concluded my message by explaining the need to repent and turn to Christ in faith as He is the only name by which we can be saved.  

Chuck preached too and I handed out tracts.  A number of Christians were very encouraged by the preaching.  The other team members were also busy chatting and handing out tracts to the public.  It was a good day of gospel proclamation and God showed us favor with the civil authorities and crowds.  SDG!! 

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 5 October, 2013

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On Saturday I went to Exeter for a change as it is the second biggest city this side of Bristol and always has lots of people to witness to. On the way up on the train, the cross was great to leave around the station and on the train for people to read while I walked around and gave out a few tracts to people.

When I arrived I met Shirley and her daughter, and set up the Intelligence test easil and bible/ tract box. A family started to talk to us and asked us if it was right for a Church to charge £6 a person to enter? (The local Cathedral) And while we said that although some of the finances maybe to help with repairs and restoration, Gods house was a place of worship and not a place of exploitation, as Jesus showed when turning the tables in the temple. The boy in the group was an agnostic atheist, interested in discussing religion, but holding no beliefs of his own, while the Gran was a JW, and so we had interesting chats with both of them, the Gran believing Babies who died not believing would go to hell as they were born in original sin, as so there were some interesting discussions put across, and tracts given to all.

A middle aged man walked past to look at the intelligence test, and after going through this with him, I started to ask his views on being a good person. He responded by saying he was a Christian, though hardly ever attended church, but brought his children up with christian values and morals. After explaining the law to him, and then the gospel and how I had been religious all my life until I was saved 6 years ago, I asked him if he had read John chapter 3 and if he was born again, or at least if he knew what it meant. I was gladly able to share with him what this meant using various scriptures, and afterwards he seemed very thankful and gave a firm handshake and took tracts which was great.

A few teenagers stopped to look at the intelligence test too, and after taking them through the good person test with the amp on, a few people stopped to listen and chat/ disagree! One of these was a lady who said she was a scientist, who went about trying to show the proof was on us that God existed, that science had proved evolution and that dating methods showed the fossil evidence to be true. After some debating over various evidences and proofs and their credubility, I asked the small crowd if they could provide one piece of scientific evidence for darwinian evolution of one kind of animal turning into another kind of animal. Her answer to this was MRSA bacteria, upon which I sated this was still Bacteria! (Very similar to Ray Comforts chat with lady on his film.) She quite shortly left after that, but we carried on talking to the onlookers, including an irishman called 'Paddy' and several others about why people didnt want to believe in God. 

The big piece of art work of a womans face on the side of the wall gave a very good visual analogy for people to see that proved time and chance and wind and rain could not have made that piece of art, and yet creation cried out that there was a creator. A man called Keith claimed he was a Christian, had been baptised when younger, but had backslid and wondered if God could help him stop smoking, in which he seemed quite distraught about, and that he couldnt find any other christians to help him. We shared with him for a while about how important it is to fellowship with other believers, and how God could work in his life if he surrendered to his will. Everyone took tracts and seemed very open to talk and think further about what had been said.

An elderly man also stopped to chat and said he was a convert to Catholic Church, and although I tried to keep reiterating that this couldnt help him, he kept stating this was all he needed, and a tract was popped in his bag to read.

We didnt get a chance to open air preach properly in the end as a couple of young boys were right next to us performing songs with loud music on, gathering quite a large crowd, but it was a great sunny day with many tracts given out and conversations had with a variety of different people, especially Peter the religious man who wasnt born again, and so we prayed he may respond to the true gospel and be saved. 


Tracts and Bibles for poeple to take

Lots of people out in Exeter city centre                        A good visual for people waiting for trains at the station to think about

A large face carved from the masonry on the side of the wall always gives a greta visual point for people to think about

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 28 September, 2013

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Another rainy and windy day in Plymouth hampered Charles and I somewhat in our outreach today, with wind blowing the cross and intelligence test board over, signs flapping everywhere and we had to run for shelter at one point, but it was still an eventful couple of hours. 

Charles was already witnessing to a young man when I arrived, and it turned out he had witnessed to him over a year ago. This man believed in reincarnation and the Hari Krishna movement (although he was in trouble as he didn't have a pony tail to be pulled up to heaven by, but a skin head!) 

The rain came down pretty soon after that, just after a man stopped to look at the intelligence test. He went with us underneath some shelter to continue the conversation, and when I offered him a tract, he read the first line and then offered to give it back to me, after stating he was a humanist. 

This led onto a very interesting conversation about morality and ethics, with "Dan" claiming he could be good without needing to acknowledge Gods existence, and trying to justify abortion by saying we had all come from animals anyway. I showed him he had no justification for knowing what the definition of "good" was unless God existed, and he stated he believed that absolutes existed, and yet could give no reason why. I tried the best I could to refute his claims and show him that his God given conscience and the creation around us was plenty of reason to know that God existed, especially as our conscience is objective, we still know rape is wrong, no matter what rules the government tries to change, and people in all countries and tribes and religions all know of the 10 commandments written in their hearts.

We sheltered under a shop roof outside the shopping mall for a few minutes, with several people walking past and stopping to ask for a bible, before the mall security guard moved us on as we were not allowed to give out tracts and bibles on their "private property". Just before we moved though, a young woman in her early twenties stopped to ask for a bible called sophie, and she said she had a church background as a child and that her boyfriend was a Muslim. I managed to lead her through the comic good person tract which was great, and she defiantly understood her sins in light of Gods holy standard! her sinfulness and the consequences of breaking. Gods laws after death, and the immense price that Jesus paid for sinners like her on the cross. She was quite tears eyed at the end of the conversation, and when taking a small white Gideon's New Testament and some tracts! she understood the day to get right with God was today as she had no reasons to know how long her life would last.

We managed to then move across to an abandoned hair salon and shelter again , with the bible stand and hand out some tracts to people. Charles preached with an ampa, and after receiving a complaint from a bakery about the noise, a Policeman came along a few minutes later and loitered, which was when Charles had finished preaching and so there was no reason to move us on or speak to us.

Our friendly local atheist called Christian King then walked past with his long black hair, black top, jeans and boots, and dismissed our conversations to a group of teenagers about. Gods existence, before coming back to me about the passage in Deuteronomy about a rapist marrying their victim, and how cruel God was on forcing the poor person to suffer even more under the hands of this evil. He berated me and would not listen to 2 things I had to say about it, from commentaries from Ray comfort and app about this verse (he asked me before so I found out the answers In case, like today, he used it again).

I got quite angry with him at he refused to listen to the responses, saying Ray Comfort was doing a dishonour to Christians by giving false information on the evolution vs God dvd, and so I had to walk away from him to calm down. He didn't really want the answers, but was just trying to use this excuse to justify his sin and unbelief. 

In the end he walked off and we managed to speak with a couple more Christians who encouraged us, took a bible and some tracts to give to others, and also a few students at the school I work at walked past againa, and so I hope the tracts I have them would be read any lead to conversations in the week when I bumped into them.

Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, 24 September, 2013

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Maroochydore and Mooloolaba 

It's been  hectic for several weeks now with the arrests and legal challenges we have been facing. We have all been arrested twice,  falsely imprisoned and had to make several difficult decisions regarding these things, however we as a team have decided to fight for our rights to political and religious freedom in Australia. I am going to avoid commenting on our current legal battle for the time being except to state that things are proceeding as expected and we are actively seeking to legally gain our civil liberties and freedoms on the Sunshine Coast. Please could I ask you to pray for our ministry and the government and it's representatives at this time. 

This morning Ryan, Justin and I met early as we had been invited to attend a meeting with council.  We met and prayed and then we travelled to Nambour to the meeting with the council. The meeting unfortunately was as we expected and was really a waste of time and an opportunity again for the council to tell us how wrong our interpretation of the law was. We left upbeat thanking God that he would use this meeting to further His purposes. 

Due to bail restrictions we we unable to preach in Nambour today so we headed to Maroochydore and met with a friend named Michael. Michael is a local Christian businessman and a keen evangelist. Apart from most graciously providing lunch for us he also told us the best spots to preach and give out tracts in the area. So having enjoyed a meal and some fellowship we headed to the Plaza. We set ourselves up outside the Plaza and passed out many tracts and we all got involved in conversations. Ryan spent some time with three young lads, one of the lads said he was a Christian but his brother had talked him out of it of late. He seemed keen on finding out more and all four  had a long conversation together. The young men all said they would think about things some more after Ryan explained the good news to them.  As we were leaving and heading back to the car, I was giving out tracts and then I met with another young man who said he wanted to find out more as he was unsure about the Christian Faith. We talked about the ten commandments, sin and the coming Judgement followed of course by the good news. He was happy to take a free bible and an invitation to a Christianity Explored course invitation from my local church. Please pray that he will repent and put his trust in Jesus Christ and that he will read the bible and attend the course to find out more. 

We then headed for the crowds at Mooloolaba beach.  I started the preaching off reading from Romans 1, and talking about how although people know the truth of God they suppress that knowledge in favour of living selfish sinful lives denying all knowledge of God. I was near a large coffee shop and many people turned to listen to the message. I was approached by three "lighthearted" hecklers, who I had a fruitful conversation with. I pray the Lord left them with something more serious to consider than they had expected I ended the preaching with a call to faith and repentance, and also a thank you for listening to the captive coffee shop audience.  

We moved along the sea front giving out tracts as we went and finally we found a suitable location for Ryan to preach. As Ryan preached several business owners appeared claiming we were breaking the law. One particularly said he was a Christian but didn't think that Christians should disrupt business. Ryan continued as Justin and I talked to the business owners and passed out many tracts.  

Further along the seafront again Justin got up and preached. I could see several people actively listening to his message. Justin is much more softly spoken than Ryan or I, but he used his tone and knowledge of the scripture to full effect as people had to turn an ear to listen. I really enjoy listening to a gospel presentation from Justin and wish I could sometimes just sit and listen, but quickly Ryan and I both got into separate conversation with professing Christians. Of course anyone who professes to be a Christian is asked questions so we can be sure if they understand the gospel.  The young man I got talking to was very excited to hear the preaching and his gospel knowledge was sound. He was on holiday from NSW and was enjoying some family time in Mooloolaba. We talked about preaching and evangelism and he considered it very important personally which was of course a pleasure to hear. I pray as he grows he keeps this conviction and learns to actively share his faith. I pointed him towards some good free resources to look at when he got home. 

For me today has been an absolute privilege, I have enjoyed serving my Lord and saviour and working with Ryan and Justin who I love as brothers in Him. I thank and praise God for giving us all a day without hassle from the police or council as we preach and also for the many encouraging words and conversations we have had.   











Brisbane Team

Saturday, 7 September, 2013

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Watch the video battle log report from the night as we see some people let go of their atheism:

To God be the glory!

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 6 September, 2013

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One couple that we spoke to tonight were from the Revival Centres International and their beliefs were very contrary to Scripture. They thought that no one in the Old Testament was saved, they thought that baptism was a requirement for justification and that everyone must speak in tongues.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 31 August, 2013

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What an immense privilege we as Christians have to speak with people about something that is of eternal value.

Here's a 4 minute video report from the night:

To the praise of His name!

Essex Team

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

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The Operation 513 Team evangelized Basildon today and we were blessed with fabulous weather.  The team consisted of Rob, Chuck and Myself and a young man named Sasha who lived nearby and had contacted me through the website.  We set up and prayed.  This was Rob's first time in Basildon and it was his first outreach since coming back from Canada, therefore it was his job to start !!  Rob began to preach using his new amplifier which is very loud and clear; he was soon approached by a man who said "the ten commandments were great advice for life".  However, as Rob unpacked the commandments the Holiness of the Law began to expose the mans sin to which he began to get angry and walk away.  

As Rob continued more people gathered to listen and/or heckle.  A young couple came up and began to ask "why we were forcing our beliefs on people" etc.  Rob dealt with the arguments very succinctly and soon the girl confessed to being a pagan.  The conversation was cut short by a lesbian yelling that we were "judgmental", to which Rob turned the accusation against her and asked her not to judge us either.  Another lady asked about Bible translations and was thankful for the answers she received.  A girl named Sarah who grew up in a Christian home also had a number of good questions and the Gospel was preached to her.  Also a grandmother and her daughter and grandchildren came up and asked "the problem of evil question" relating it to specific events in their life.  Rob responded with empathy and decorum to which the grandmother kind of appreciated his response but her daughter was not interested.  

We eventually encountered a  "christian" lady who said we were not preaching the Gospel but preaching condemnation.  She was very frustrating and tried to stand infront of Rob and tell everyone that "God loves everybody and has wonderful plan for thier life".  It made me question if she had ever read Ps 5:5, 11:5, Mal 1:3, Rom 9:13 etc or the large number of passages that explain about Gods hatred and anger towards human wickedness and sin.  Anyways, Rob countered these foolish objections by reading John 3.16-20 which makes clear that God's love is for those who repent and those who do not repent are already condemed.

During the course of the afternoon many hecklers came and went but the content of the message had obviously offended the lesbian, because she called the police.  Soon enough the police arrived and questioned the crowd of angry bystanders who were telling all sorts of lies about us.  The police did not ask Rob to stop preaching but waited till he had finished before questioning him.  Eventually the police arrested Rob for breaching Section 5 of the Public Order Act claiming that he had used language that "caused harassment, alarm or distress".  Rob was taken to the Basildon Police Station and I called the Christian Legal Center for help.  Later that evening the CLC lawyer arrived and had an interview with Rob and the Police and all trumped up charges were dropped with no further action to be taken !!  

Rob was vindicated but felt vilified.  It does remind me of when Jesus tells His disciples "Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you" Matt 5:11-12.  By Gods grace we live to preach another day, Praise be to God!! SDG.

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 30 August, 2013

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We encountered a few very open people to the gospel on our outreach to the Gold Coast.

Watch the following two minute video battle log report from the night:

Praise be to the Lord of all!

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