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Essex Team

Thursday, 8 August, 2013

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Today Essex OP513 team visited a town called Harlow.  Historically Harlow has had a rough reputation with approximate rates of 10% unemployment along with 30% of its dwellings being council housing.  I have often thought about preaching up there because low socio-economic communities can be impacted greatly by the Gospel.  We found the shopping precinct and was met by Chuck Bosio.  We prayed and I preached first.  People listened and tracks were taken.  

After my address a gentleman asked what my stance was on homosexuality.  So I read Him 1 Cor 6:9 and Rom 1, he then said it was a refreshing to hear a person stand up and endorse the Biblical view, because he was a Christian who has had to leave a church which has begun to embrace homosexual conduct as permissible.  Chuck preached while Josh and I handed out tracts.

 Then Josh preached and began to get into conversations with few different gentlemen.  Slowly the crowd built up until there were quite a number of people looking and listening.  The crowd did get a bit raucous at times with various individuals screaming or being unreasonable to chat with.  

Community Officers and Police arrived but none of them approached us or told us to stop.  In fact a young girl in the crowd screamed out "Jesus is a pedophile" and Josh replied with "that is racial and religious hate speech".  The Police in the crowd quickly pulled the girl aside and rebuked her for saying such blasphemy!  It brought to mind the words of Jesus in Mark 9.40 "For the one who is not against us is for us"  while perhaps my context is not accurate I was still praising God that the cops actually defended our cause!!  

The crowd eventually dissipated and we finished up only to be approached by two Harlow council officers which began to give us grief.  We debated with them about the right to preach whenever and wherever we wished on public land and they got very frustrated with us.  I think a further follow up by our lawyers may be required.  Over all the day was a success with the Gospel preached accurately and boldly.  SDG

Essex Team

Wednesday, 31 July, 2013

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Todays outreach in Romford high St consisted of Josh, Rob, Chuck and Myself.  We set up out of the way of pedestrians and prayed that our message would be accurate and God would save sinners for His Glory!!  I preached from Mark 7 on what defiles a person during which it rained a little on and off.  Thankfully Josh had his waterproof Bible so my paper Bible did not get wet!!  Josh proceeded to preach after me and as usual had much more of a reaction from the pedestrians with a "lady" screaming out that we needed to stop preaching etc. 

After this episode, two members of Barclays bank came out and abused Josh and told Him to stop.  Josh in turn proceeded to twitter on #barclays and commented on their staffs "christophobic" attitudes.  This got an immediate response from Barclays on twitter and said they would investigate.

Rob preached next, during which the police arrived and went and had a meeting with the Barclays staff regarding us.  The police chatted with the staff and promptly left the scene without even talking to us.  My best guess is that they have a "heads up" about the "Tony Miano Arrest"  and all the controversy it has started in the UK and are unwilling to stop Christian preachers till it has been resolved.

Chuck preached after Rob and I preached once more after him.  

Chuck preaches and Josh talks to two girls about Jesus.

During my second address an accident had occurred in the neighboring Primark store which caused the emergency rescue teams to arrive.  This in turn brought many hundreds more people into the area whilst I was preaching and a whole lot more people got to hear the Gospel!!  

During this time a number of people told me to "shut up" but I reminded them that I had freedom of speech in this great nation because of the liberties instilled by a Judeo Christian Ethic!  

There were also many tracts handed out when the crowds came for a gawk so we praise God that He can turn bad events into glorious opportunities to share His Gospel!!  SDG

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 26 July, 2013

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This Friday, during a conversation with two young adults, it appears God was working on their hearts convicting them of their sin, so one asked, "How can my sins be forgiven?"

Listen to how it went:

To the one who is able to keep you from stumbling!

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 20 July, 2013

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Very often on the streets we come across people who call themselves Christian, but in fact have no understanding of the gospel at all. Instead of holding to the essential doctrine of justification by faith alone, they hold to justification by being a good person.

This Saturday night we encountered people like that, and so we had the privilege of going through the law of God with them to bring the knowledge of sin, then warn them about the coming Judgement and about being under God's wrath. Then we were able to share the great news of the cross with them, and that if they trust in Christ's death alone for their forgiveness and repent, they will be forgiven.

Watch the following video from the night:

Please keep us in your prayers. And if you live nearby, please get in contact with us, we would love to have you join us on the streets.

To the one who saves to the uttermost!

Essex Team

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

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Todays outreach was held in Chelmsford town centre.  Myself, Josh, Rob and Chuck gathered at McDonalds and made our way up the high st.  We set up under a large tree that provided shade from the sun and prayed.  While this was happening Josh cornered some mormons and began to ask difficult questions about the veracity of the LDS church. 

Josh and the Mormons


I preached from Mark 7 about what defiles a person.  

Josh preached after me, then Rob and then Chuck.  

All of us were distributing tracts during the event as well.  Rob had a number of conversations with young people, as did I, plus I encountered two quite elderly people who listened to me about the Gospel.  I find older people are much more self righteous than the youth, but these two where quite willing to listen, Praise God!!


An Anglican priest came over to us and was not happy about us "condemning" people by preaching Gods Law prior to the Gospel.  Josh and Rob had a quite an in depth conversation with him which ended up with the priest explaining that he was gay and that his bishop had no problem with that orientation. Needless to say the man was not a Christian and this was explained in no uncertain terms.

An number of local Christians were greatly encouraged by our presence and one gentlemen generously went and purchased us a bottle of coke each.  This was well received since the temperature was about 28 degrees celsius (normal for Australia but not Britain!)  


After a few hours we had a small break for lunch, then we reconvened further down the high st and I preached again from Matt 19 in regards to how God designed marriage.  Not long after I had started, a homosexual man began to heckle.  Chuck and Josh began to talk with him only to find that he was not willing to have an honest dialogue.  The whole afternoon was a excellent and the Gospel was proclaimed! SDG.

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 29 June, 2013

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Today was a glorious sunny day in Plymouth, and even though I was out bymyself as others were unable to make it, God brought along many interesting characters to come and chat with.

Once I set up the table of free bibles and intelligence test, I handed out some tracts to people that came along and stood to look at the intelligence test. This is always great as enables you to speak to people who are interested and makes them relaxed and laughed, and provides an easy springboard into going through the good person test. Quite a few young people from various schools in the city stopped to look at the questions, which enabled them to have tracts afterwards to read and think about. It will never stop being funny when people proudly say they are intelligent and will know the questions, and then trip up on the first one, its a great way to humble people and show that we can all make mistakes.

A couple came along whom I think had consumed some alcohol or drugs, but were able to chat and asked fro a new testament. One guy called Dan said he was a Christian and went to church, but said he was not born again, and revealed he hadnt read his bible in a while, but his parents were always speaking to him about things. I tried to explain that our appetite shows us how healthy we are, and just as we ususlaly make time for breakfast to give us energy for the day, we too need to read Gods word daily to be spiritually fed. He took a tract and said he would read it. 

There were lots of people in town today, with buskers playing music, big issue sellars shouting out to sell their magasines, and a stall trying to get people to sign a petition to keep Plymouth airport open, all of which were about 10 metres from me, so was hard at times for people to see what was goin on, and even harder to preach. I prayed that other Christians or people I knew would come along to encourage me, and a couple from Church did, as well as an interested Christian man from another church who stayed to help support and listen while I tried to witness to others. 

An atheist who is well known to me walked past, and as usual, gave his excuses for not believing in Christianity and the Bible, as many other world religions talked of a young virgin, wise men, kings, and miracles etc way before Jesus, and so he claimed that Christianity had copied from other older religions before it. He also said the OT condoned killing homosexuals and forcing people to marry those who had raped them. I questioned where he got his morality from to judge these things as wrong, as according to his world view, there should be no conscience, but he arbitrarily claimed that our consciences had evolved over time, before walking off.

I had a great chat with about 6 teenagers who stopped by, who stopped to listen for around 15-20 minutes, and said that the gospel message made sense and they had understood it, and realised they needed to get right with God, and they took testaments and tracts and were very open to talking about spiritual things. The gravestone I bring along has questions on it stating people do not know the age of their death, cause of death nor date of death, and so it gave them something to reflect on.

The most surprising and encouraging conversation that day occurred when 2 men stopped to take the intelligence test, and as we went through, revealed they were both Christians. When questioning them further though, one revealed that I had witnessed to him previously, and that he was a JW, and the other man said he was a Christian, but was a Mormon! So for about 15 minutes, the three of us discussed the Bibles views on the trinity, Jesus' incarnation and when he started to exist- whether he was created or was eternal, salvation, and how the Bible says that if we dont have the right view and doctrine on who Jesus is- fully man and yet fully God, then we also dont have the Father also, and so are not saved. I appealed to them that they needed to make sure they knew who the right Jesus was, and that lovingly I had to tell them that we all believed in a different Jesus, and they should examine the Bible to see who Jesus really was. It was a fantastic conversation, and both men took tracts afterwards, so I pray that I meet them both again to speak with more thoroughly.

The Christian man helped me back to my car with the gear, and saw one of the answers in Genesis books I brought to read about the age of the earth. He said that he thinks people get too caught up in the age of the earth and in evolution, and thjat as long as people believed in Jesus then that was the most important thing. I tried to explain to him that differences on the age of the earth was not a salvation isue, but yet reflected on how much people believed Gids wrod to be true and accurate, for Jesus believed in the teachings of Moses and Genesis in the OT, and if Adam and Eve were not real people, then there was no reason for Jesus, the last Adam, to be real either, and so it wa simportant that Christians believe the Bible all the way through and not just from Genesis 11 as many do today.

It was a great day with a few New Testaments being taken along with many million pound note tracts, and pray that people with respond to Gods great love shown through the cross in repentance and faith. 

Essex Team

Saturday, 22 June, 2013

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Today the OP513 team met in Romford.  I was joined by Josh Williamson, Rob Hughes, James Ntensibe and Chuck Bosio.  Myself, Josh, Rob and Chuck preached at differing times, one of the wonderful things about preaching the Gospel here, is that we can use amplification!  Lots of tracts went out and we proclaimed Gods truths as bold and as accurately as we could.  Rob had a very good conversation with a young man who was sitting on a public bench.  I preached from Matthew 19 concerning the definition of marriage as it is undergoing a lot of revision in the House of Lords here in the UK.  Overall it was a great afternoon of preaching the Goodnews!! SDG.

Rob chatting with Romford kids.


Josh preaching

Josh Preaching

Chuck chatting with a Muslim


Rob having a great conversation with a young man


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 15 June, 2013

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On Saturday night, one person we chatted called himself a Satanist, and just believed in living his life the way he wanted.

See the following video battle log report from the night:

To God be the glory!

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 15 June, 2013

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Last Saturday Charles and I went out into Plymouth city centre to preach and hand out tracts for a short time. Weather had not been great so we just preached as supposed to bringing out the intelligence test and bible stand again as sometimes it's been know to fall over in windy weather, sometimes being a near miss to a passer by! We prayed, and then Charles preached first while I handed out tracts and tried to engage people in conversations.

Many people walked past the tracts, a few stopping to take them, but many thinking we were just leafleting like lots of other people to. Charles held tracts in his hand while he preached, and encouragingly a couple of people purposefully came up to him while he preached to take tracts which was good, as they obviously knew what they were about.

I then preached for a short while from Ephesians 2 v 1-10, trying to explain to people the reason why they had no interest in the gospel and would rather choose their sin and the consequences in Hell, rather than Heaven with God there, and this, as the text explains, was because people were dead in their sins, could not spiritually see or comprehend Eternal matters and were captivated by their own sins, just like Charles and I once were, purely from the fact that the scriptures say if we are not a Christian through spiritual adoption, then we are enemies of God in our minds and children of wrath, and we needed God to open up our spiritual sight to who Jesus is and why he came to suffer and die for our sins. I explained that works and religion and church attendance didn't make them right with God, but that salvation is a free gift, received by grace, through faith, a free gift from God.

This had to be appropriated humbly through repentance and faith, and that was the stumbling block for people, their pride and love of sin, but through acknowledging their sin in front of an all seeing God, he would have mercy on them when they came to God on his terms. We didn't have long, but 2 clear gospel messages went out and many tracts taken. Last Saturday, 3 of us went out into Plymouth city centre, but our usual spot outside the mall was taken by protestors and petitions to try and open Plymouth airport again, and so we had to move right down to the bottom of town past all the buskers to stand outside a closed store-T.J.Hughes.

We set up the intelligence test and it was a scorcher of a day, with loads of people out shopping in Plymouth city centre. Shirley preached, and an angry woman stopped and said she shouldn't be mentioning Peadophilia ( As it had come up on the news recently) as young people were present. We both said to her that we had just said the name, and many young people are exposed to these things like sex education from the age of 5 and hear and see much worse on TV even before the watershed and on magazines. Another man stopped and said that he was a born again Christian, but that each religion had their own way of doing things, as long as it didn't hurt anyone else. He said that people had a right to these things, and I mentioned that according to his opinion, Adolf hitler would have been right and entitled to his beliefs, which he couldn't answer.

Quite a few young people from the school I work at walked past that day and took tracts and chatted, some liking the yellow tracts from loving eaters that say " if you don't need a ticket to heaven, tear this up (if you can)", and of course all the boys liked trying to show their strength, but obviously failed in tearing it, and took the tracts to read. A group of girls did the intelligence test with me and were very convicted and took lots of tracts and a Gideon New Testament each which was encouraging, and other bibles and tracts were handed out too, and so was an enjoyable, very hot outreach, and we pray that the girls and others that day will come to saving faith.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 1 June, 2013

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On Saturday night, one lady raised the objection that God would be unjust to send people to Hell. But the problem with that objection is that, by what standard is it unjust? Your own personal opinion about what is just and unjust? How does that have any bearing upon God?

Watch the following video battle log from the night below:

To the One is who is like no other!

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