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Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015

Posted by Posted 21 January 2015, 1:09 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Logan EvangelismThe gospel went out at Woodridge again yesterday and there were some good conversations.

The man in this photo I offered a tract to, but he waved his hand indicating 'No I don't want it'. So I asked him a question and he waved his hand again. I thought, "Ok this person doesn't want to hear anything about God." But the man then said, "No English."

So I asked him, "What language do you speak?". He replied, "Persian, Farsi." I knew I had just recently packed some Farsi tracts in my bag, so I pulled one out and he gladly received it. He then began reading it all the way through. Please pray that God would save him.

Here are some more people to pray for from our outreach yesterday:

• Nukki - goes to a Catholic church. He said: "I don't follow the 10 commandments." So after talking about sin and how we deserve Hell, I explained the gospel. He said he would seriously think about the message.

• Sarah - had no assurance of salvation, knew the gospel, encouraged her to read bible and find a good local church.

• Leslie - receptive. After hearing the gospel, he said: "That makes sense" He had never read the Bible before. Gave him a New Testament.

• David - had just come from doctor where he found out he has cancer in his ear. He recognised that death could happen to him at any time, so he was very willing to listen to the message. He said he would think about it.

It is great seeing how God prepares people to hear the message. To God be the glory!


Gold Coast Team

Friday, 9 January, 2015

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Surfers Paradise during ChristmasDuring our Friday night outreach at the Gold Coast, there were a lot of people who were very receptive to the message.

Here are some people to pray for:

• Alexi - young man on holidays from Melbourne. Church goer, thought obeying commandments saved him. Came to understand gospel. Said he would repent and trust in Christ.

• Julel & Ebony - boyfriend & girlfriend. He goes to a Christian church, she goes to a Catholic Church. They thought being a good person saved them. Once they heard the law and the gospel, they came to profess faith in Christ. She was saying "oh wow you have completely changed my point of view".

• Liam & George - two teenagers, they said they grew up in an atheist family, so they didn't believe in God. After using the building builder analogy they came to believe that God exists, I went through law and gospel with them. They said, "this is a big thing, we are going to have to think about it." Gave them both a gospel of John.


Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 8 January, 2015

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Handing out gospel tracts AustraliaIt was a good afternoon of outreach at Sunnybank yesterday.

The Mormon missionaries were out in force in the area and they mentioned that they are about to be transferred to a different area. This means a new bunch will be coming to Sunnybank soon.

So I tried one last attempt of witnessing to one of them who I haven't spoken to much before. He was advocating that there are at least 3 different gods that exist - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I asked, why then in the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 does Jesus say "...baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" 

'Name' is singular, not plural. That means the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not 3 separate beings, but the one being, existing in 3 distinct persons.

The Mormon elder had no idea how to respond and went to their usual, 'But I have received a feeling that Mormonism is true'.

I explained that feelings are not the way we know that something is true, for the Bible says our heart is deceitfully wicked. Instead we should follow the example of the Bereans who searched in the Scriptures daily to see whether what was being said by Paul was true (Acts 17:11). 

Please pray for Elder Reading, that God would save him out of the Mormon church and bring him to saving faith.

Please also pray for a Buddhist man named Elvin. After hearing the message, he thought at first he could add Christianity on to his existing beliefs. When I quoted Jesus saying that He is the only way, Elvin knew he had to make a choice - Buddhism or Christianity.

He said he would seriously think about what he heard. I gave him a gospel of John to read.

The seeds have been sown, our job is done for now, the results are in God's hands. To God be the glory!


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 10 January, 2015

Posted by Posted 21 January 2015, 12:51 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Preaching in Brisbane CityWe had a good sized team last night in Brisbane city.

Something interesting happened. On Friday night at the Gold Coast, I spoke to group of 4 young men, probably in their early 20s, who were content living in their sin. 

Then last night Brisbane as I was beginning to hand out some tracts, who walked by? The very same four guys I spoke to the night before!

Open air preaching AustraliaThey said, "It's you again!" So I said, "Maybe God is trying get your attention. Two nights in a row in two different places. And even though God has allowed you to live another day since yesterday, his patience may run out at any moment. You need to get right with God."

One of the guys then said, "Now I have two of these", as he pulled out of his bag the tract he received the night before.

Please pray that God would save these young men.

A very good night overall. The gospel was preached. And a number of team members also reported that some people came to profess faith in Christ.

Watch the following video from the night:

To God be the glory!

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 6 January, 2015

Posted by Posted 8 January 2015, 12:58 PM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

It was good to return to Woodridge today after several weeks of Tuesday outreaches elsewhere.

It was a day of strange worldviews.

Handing out gospel tracts in Woodridge, QueenslandWe had a long chat with a young lady about 18 years old who was adamant that God does not exist. When asked why, she said because she sees things called 'entities' that live in her and communicate messages to her.

Supposedly these 'entities' created the universe. The entities came from two original entities that had no beginning. And apparently there are two classes of them, the politicians and the 'ancient ones' which are the common folk.

I raised the question with her about how she knows these entities are not lying to her. She admitted it was a possibility.

So I decided to go through God's law with her to see if she was a good person. And I must say it is amazing how addressing the conscience works no matter what beliefs a person has.

I then explained the gospel and she plainly said she likes being wicked because it is much easier. I think this is the crux of the issue with anyone who rejects the gospel, a love for sin.

I pleaded with her to consider the message she heard before it was too late, and then find a Bible to read (after she burned her last one). Her name is Jennifer. Please pray for her.

Pray also for Rony, a non-practicing Sikh from India. Didn't believe in God because God didn't answer his prayer of becoming an actor in Bollywood. He was asking me, "How do I know which religion is right?" Explained gospel. Gave him a NT.

Pray also for a 69 year old man we had a long conversation with today. He says he knows he once was a Christian because his pastor once asked him to drive the church bus. 

He acknowledges he is not a Christian now and in the conversation he was swearing like a trooper.

He knew he had to find forgiveness but he thought it was by faith and works, namely church going. He said he still had time though because he supposedly knows that Jesus will return in 3 years time and he knows he won't die in the meantime.

Near the end of the conversation he revealed what I think is the real reason why he doesn't want to trust in Christ alone. He said he is looking forward to a particular sin he wants to commit, something to do with a nudist colony.

Please pray that God will convert him soon, especially with his health not being very strong. 

But any day when the gospel is proclaimed is a good day. So to God be the glory!

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 31 December, 2014

Posted by Posted 7 January 2015, 12:28 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

It was a lively outreach in Brisbane city during New Year's Eve. Large crowds gathered to listen to the preaching, and there were quite a number of hecklers.

Ultimately the gospel was preached and so we rejoice!

Watch the following video from the night:

To God be the glory!

Special Outreaches

Monday, 22 December, 2014

Posted by Posted 26 December 2014, 12:32 AM by Josh Williamson. Permalink

Christmas Evangelism Extravaganza

22-24 December - Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Day 1

It was an eventful day in Brisbane. Before we had even commenced the outreach, as we were setting up, an irate Atheist approached the literature table. He proceeded to pick up all the Bibles and materials then try to throw them in the bin.

We were able to stop him doing this, but he continued to increase in hostility. Eventually, we had to physically restrain him in order to stop him destroying Bibles. 

A large crowd gathered to see what was happening, and it was encouraging to have businesses, and members of the public supporting us.

The Police were called and they issued the angry Atheist a move on order. 

Sketchboard Evangelism in Brisbane cityAfter that we were able to hand out over 1600 tracts, and numerous Bibles and books were taken by members of the public. We also were able to present the Gospel via the sketchboards in the open-air. 

Sadly, as the day was coming to a close, a Brisbane City Council local law officer approached us. Previously, he stated that he wanted us banned from the Queen Street Mall as he personally objected to the message we preached (even though we have permits and are legally allowed to preach).

Today, he tried to ban us handing out tracts and then tried to stop the preaching. These efforts of his failed. 

Please pray for all those who received the Gospel today, and also please pray that the Lord would thwart those who would seek to silence His Gospel.


Day 2

It was a 'lively' day in Brisbane for the second day of our Christmas Campaign. The violent Atheist returned again, this time he destroyed more material and made Christophobic comments, he then fled. Unfortunately, the Police were not able to catch him, however, they have assured us that they will be increasing patrols in our area for tomorrow. 

Once again we faced opposition from a Brisbane City Council local law officer. This officer has been engaging in religious vilification for many weeks now. Even though he has admitted (on audio) that we are not breaking the law, and that we have the legal right to preach in the Queen Street Mall, he keeps trying everything possible to shut us down.

Today, because some people objected to the Christmas message he threatened to fine us if we continued to share. He also called the Police who promptly told him that this is a civil matter and not a Police issue. We pointed out the law to the Council Officer, but he refused to submit to it, instead he declared himself to be the authority. As a result, we are now looking into what legal action we can take against him, as tyranny must be stopped. 

We ignored the unjust and unlawful order from Council and continued to share the Gospel. In the end he walked away without fining us. 

However, it must be said that with the increase of opposition more people are opening to the Gospel. Numerous tracts, and Bibles were given away today, and many great conversations were had. We even had a crowd gather for the open-air preaching. 

Brethren, pray for us. Please pray that Christ will stop the plans of wicked men in trying to silence the Gospel, and that many will be saved.

Day 3

We had an excellent day of outreach in Brisbane. Today, we had no opposition from the militant Atheist, nor from the Brisbane City Council Local Law Officer. Instead, we had a member of the Queensland Police affirm that we have the law on our side when it comes to the outreach.

We had a good problem today, in that we ran out of Gospel material. All the Bibles, books, tracts etc. that we had were snapped up by those in the Queen Street Mall. Over the past two weeks of Christmas outreach we have been able to distribute over 25,000 tracts, and over one hundred Bibles.

Please pray for all those who heard the Gospel via the preaching, and personal witness; also pray for those who received tracts. May Christ be exalted in the saving of souls.

One2One gospel conversation Evangelism with paint

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 20 December, 2014

Posted by Posted 26 December 2014, 12:18 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Christmas evangelism in Brisbane cityThe city was absolutely packed tonight in Brisbane as we arrived. Thousands of people had gathered to watch the Christmas light presentation on City Hall. 

The Christmas gospel tract that we have was flying out of our hands. I really do praise God for this time of year.

Later on in the night we had several team members open air preach. When Ryan was preaching he was interacting with a man named Dom. He thought he was a good person.

After going through the law of God (to bring the knowledge of sin), he understood he deserved Hell, and so Ryan had the privilege of declaring the gospel to him.

The man then asked, "But is Jesus the only way to Heaven?" Ryan responded with a clear yes, for Jesus is the only person who has lived perfectly and therefore is the only possible substitute for us.

After stepping down from the box, Ryan was able to continue the conversation with him and give him a gospel of John to start reading. Please pray that God would save Dom.

We had a few new team members tonight, which we praise God for. A very successful night indeed, in total we handed out over 4,000 gospel tracts.

Glory to God!


Gold Coast Team

Friday, 19 December, 2014

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A great night of outreach at the Gold Coast tonight. We handed out over 2,500 gospel tracts and quite a large number of people stopped to listen to the preaching.

One good conversation I had tonight was with a Muslim young man who was interested in finding out about what we believed. He came back later on with his cousin to talk further.

They were clearly presented with the gospel but I could tell pride was preventing them from leaving Islam and trusting in Christ. I explained that only through the cross can God show mercy while not compromising his justice.

These two men have now heard the truth. Please pray for their salvation.

Evangelism Gold Coast Witnessing at the Gold Coast


Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 18 December, 2014

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Sunnybank evangelismIt was a great afternoon of evangelism in Sunnybank today. Quite a number of tracts in Chinese and English were able to be handed out.

Please pray for a Mormon elder who we have been talking with occasionally at Sunnybank. We first met him at the Gold Coast in February. 

Today he said he has some big doubts about Mormonism, but said that his pride is stopping him from leaving the Mormon church. And also because he loves the LDS idea of eternal marriage so much that he wants to cling to the hope that that is true despite Jesus saying there is no marriage in Heaven.

You can tell he is thinking through the things we have been saying to him. Please pray for his salvation


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