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Gold Coast Team

Friday, 1 June, 2018

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Hear two team members share encouraging conversations they had with a man who seemed apathetic and a man who had some Christian background.

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 29 May, 2018

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This afternoon at the Woodridge outreach the team handed out many tracts and were able to engage with a range of different people from regarding God's offer of salvation for sinners.

One scary conversation was with a man named Jason. He readily admitted that sin deserves Hell. That we have all sinned. That no one deserves Heaven and that the only way to be saved is to trust that Jesus paid for our sin.

It isn't often that people know the Gospel but this was a specifically sadinstance as Jason then went on when asked to say that he hadn't trusted in Jesus.

When questioned as to why he simply stated, "I want to live my own way". It was stressed, to him, how utterly foolish it is, to know of ones own sin, it's consequences and what God has done to save sinners and then to reject it simply because, "I wanna do it my way".

Jason headed off to catch his train but please be praying that God uses this conversation and reminder of the Gospel to bring him out of darkness into light.

Another chat was had with Lionel, he had Christian parents but was the complete opposite to Jason. He had very little understanding of the Gospel.

Today he heard of God's Holiness and hatred for sin. He heard how deeply sin stains us all and heard of the depths of God's Love, that God has acted in history, taking the full fury and wrath for sin, so that those who turn in surrender to Him will have life.

Please keep Jason and Lionel in prayer that the Holy Spirit would change their hearts, that they may know God.

Please also be praying for the many other people who heard the Gospel or took tracts this afternoon, that God may use each one as He has planned.

Special Outreaches

Saturday, 9 June, 2018

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Last Saturday, 6 of us planned to go preach and hand out tracts in Exeter city centre, which is smaller than Plymouth in number. However, being more compact and very busy makes evangelism very amicable and we have always found people there very eager to stop and talk and listen to the preaching, compared to Plymouth where people seem more apathetic to the message.

George and Harry are brothers with Faith Mission based in Cornwall, and they brought two bible students who are just finishing a 6 week placement with them before finishing their studies, along with my friend Ed and myself met in Exeter around 12.30pm.

Amazed at how busy and upbeat it had been only a couple of weeks before when unbeknown to us a big LGBT parade had just finished and so we are inundated with rainbow flags, face painted teenagers and outburst of foul language, so we hoped today might still be as busy, and sunshine brought many unusual people out that day.

We prayed before we preached, again asking God to open people's blind eyes who were by nature against the things of God but that no one was beyond the reach of the gospel so as not for us to judge on outer appearances of reactions. 

George preached, and this brought along a man in his fifties dressed as a woman to wander around us and sit behind to listen, with people not batting an eyelid to his skirt or baking top that protruded over his hairy arms and chest! 

A university student stopped and spoke to me, and although at first she said she was a Christian, it soon appeared she was not, as she said she was studying Theology at Exeter University.  

She said Jesus never spoke about homosexual , but although I showed her passages like Roman's 1 or 1 Corinthians 6 v 9, she claimed that was Paul who wrote that, not God, and so was not inspired by God. She didn't agree with 2 Peter 1 v 20-21, or about Hell, and said I was assuming her gender as a woman just because she had long hair and breasts, she could be a man!

She was very antagonistic and argued that Adam and Eve were not real people and that a civilization existed before them, and that's where Cain got his wife from, as well as disagreeing about God's judgment in 2 Thessalonians 1 v 6-10. The conversation didn't go anywhere and she had already made her mind up that the Bible has lots of errors and so I didn't proceed in going further as she was very sure her theology professors could set me straight on many things and show what the bible REALLY meant!

The others continued to hand out tracts while I preached on the rich young ruler and Nahum, and how we need to be humble and admit our sin before we can be saved. Then continued to speak on how Christianity stood out from all other religions in that Jesus had fulfilled all righteousness for us and we no longer had to work to earn God's forgiveness, but that other religions, teaching that good works plus faith saved you, would actually bring you under a curse according to Galatians 3. However, having to admit we can not help ourselves and be totally dependent on Jesus for our salvation is why so many people stumble because they want to play a part in them being saved so they can get credit.

One of the bible students, Pres preached for the first time, recalling when he was saved from a skiing accident age 11 and dedicating his life to God when he was saved under difficult circumstances in the French Alps. Meanwhile, Harry witnessed to a Sikh gentleman about why we needn't sins forgiven.

My friend Ed continued to hand out tracts while the other student from Oreland preached on John 3 v 16, and we managed to take many people through the intelligence test who stopped out of curiosity, before going through the good person test with them. Some were Christians, who we encouraged to share the gospel tracts with friends and family they knew who were not saved, along with many bored teenagers who had not really heard this message before.

It was a lovely sunny day, with many tracts handed out and conversations had, and we ended the day with an all you can eat Chinese which made great fellowship and discussions about the day, and plans for future outreaches together before the two students went home.

Warwick Team

Tuesday, 12 June, 2018

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Praise God for every person that He brought to either stop and chat, or receive a bible and gospel tracts.

Some names to pray for:

This is a small town so I'm hoping to build repore and friendships with people and see them again, to be encouraging them in the Gospel and also to share with others.

It was a great day. Praise God for His work and protection as the Gospel goes forth! All glory to Jesus.

Warwick Team

Tuesday, 29 May, 2018

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Over the past 2 weeks 4 more Bibles have been handed out and lots of Gospel tracts.

God is stirring hearts in the  people to be wanting to read God’s Word. Having free Bibles is a beautiful opportunity to share the message of the free gift of Salvation through Jesus. 

Also, the tracts and resources provided by the ministry have a good clear message, as Gods Spirit convicts the heart of sin righteousness and judgment, His Spirit leads whom He wills to turn from sin and unbelief to a saving faith in Jesus. Becoming followers of Jesus we are filled with thankfulness and have a trust and desire to know Him through the Scriptures and obey His ways, we then want to share the good news of Jesus with others. There is no greater Love than the Love of God! His love is perfect love. the Bible says in Romans 5:8 but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. To know and have His love is the most beautiful treasure.

It is a joy to share the glorious Gospel. 

Please pray for these people:

Thank you for your prayers. Praise His Glorious Holy Name for the work He is doing!

Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 10 June, 2018

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Wellington Point weather is somewhat unusual. 3 of us went to the pier side and one needed his Sydney winter coat. Of those wiling to converse, there were a higher percentage than usual of those who called themselves Christian:

Andrew - actually is a Mormon. He was challenged to read the Bible as we worship different gods and we have different ways of becoming 'saved'.

2 Chinese ladies who were leaving after finishing their lunch handed back the tracts. When asked "If you were to die today and had to give a reason why God should let you into His heaven, what would you say?" had no idea. As they were walking away we said, "Is it because of what Jesus has done for you or what you have done?"  One said, with a huge smile, that it was the first. God knows the heart - 2 Tim. 2:19 - and it is obvious in any Christian's life.

A Baptist man who did good deeds. His girl friend was more interested in hearing the gospel than he was.

A young Chinese man, Brian, who had not been in Bible study for a few years had no answer After hearing God's good news, we gave him an illustration of what it means to 'count the cost' = when I became a Christian after 10 years of marriage, God became my first love and Railee my second. Brian was shocked at this. So I explained how God taught me how to love Railee - properly. Then Railee completed the illustration by relating the same shift in allegiance once she was converted. He understood the need for him to have God as his first love - in everything. We asked him to explain this to his girlfriend, who was in Australia on a visit , as they continued to walk around.

Meanwhile the other 2 had stayed on King Island side which was relatively balmy. They also met a 'Christian" who was getting into heaven because he was better than he used to be. After explaining the law and gospel to him, he was able to give the right answer to the checking questions Ryan put to him. Mr. Aseila, a former rugby 'great' from the 1970s Fiji team, now appears to be in the kingdom of God. Please pray that he will share the good news with others in the Methodist church he attends.  

Thanks the Lord that His name is near to His people, Ps. 75:1. To Him alone, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be all glory.

Special Outreaches

Saturday, 2 June, 2018

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Evangelism in Timaru went well. Even though it was Queen’s Birthday Weekend, the foot traffic was very low and although only a handful of tracts went out, it was good to be out. Unfortunately I was the only one out, but hopefully more people will join in future outreaches. Most people were open to receive tracts, with only a handful rejecting the tracts. 

Only had one conversation: with ‘Vic’, who first appeared to have all the “right” answers, but on further follow up questions, revealed himself to be a Mormon, who somehow trusts grace & good works. When I used Ray Comfort ‘s illustration of the man dying in 3 minutes, and what he would say, Vic said he would ‘release his priesthood’ on the man. Umm...? Image removed by sender.:) 

We had a brief, but good, friendly conversation (referred him to Scriptures like Romans 6 & Ephesians 2). He left with Operaton 513 ‘150 years from now’ & ‘Why Christianity?’ tracts. 

Sometime in the future, I would like to setup a Gospel literature table & flip chart at the intersection- please Pray God would make this possible. Above is the photo of the intersection I referred to - thank you for the prayers.

Hobart Team

Tuesday, 5 June, 2018

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This last month has been a wonderful time with visiting brethren in Christ and many opportunities to speak for Jesus. It has become quite cold and wet as it always does in winter in Hobart. This means that fewer people stop to listen and come to the Bible table, but also more people are gathered nearby under the rain shelter in the center of the mall. There have also been many opportunities to share the gospel with tracts, I have run out yet again!

It was wonderful to have the Hemelaar’s come and visit us and be part of our outreach on Tuesday and Friday. Ryan was kind enough to preach and they both gave generously of their holiday time to serve the Lord. I am always encouraged by Ryan’s work, his ability to start a gospel conversation just warms my heart. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and service together and I saw conversations happening that I had not been able to have, praise God!

Some of the other conversations that have happened this month include:

Another great opportunity that has arisen is outside the mall. Today I will be appearing with my Pastor Campbell Markham as witnesses for the government Inquiry into the Status of Freedom of Religion or Belief. Please be in prayer that we will provide a Godly witness and an impetus to place legal protections around religious freedom.

A small fly in the ointment was Mr S. attempting to get his 5 minutes of internet fame by creating yet another attack video. I suppose it is an attempt to prevent the mainland “celebrity” from influencing Hobart people too much. In addition to Mr S. there has also been the ongoing aggression of pro-death supporters. It is hard to see my friends and my work for God attacked but it is comforting to know that God is our judge and it is before Him that we receive our commendation, not from men. Likewise, it has been good to see just how thin the arguments have been from Mr S. and his friends, most of it as baseless as the recent anti-discrimination case.

We will rejoice in Christ and preach His word, even while others attempt to use Christians as props for their agenda of self-confessed hatred for Christ our Lord. We will rejoice as God uses even the painful and difficult to draw people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Praise our wonderful God!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 4 June, 2018

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It proved to be a coolish day but the conversations were warming to our hearts. Ryan started a chat with a young man and was still engaged after an hour. Lee-Anne had an open chat with Sarah and they had reached the gospel when her bus arrived. She left with John's gospel and Lee-Anne's phone number as she wanted to hear more. Please pray that she does. As Sarah got on her bus and it was departing, another young lady came running for the bus but missed it. Lee-Anne was able to console her and was chatting freely with her as I left. 

     I met a Philippine lady Muslim who was easy to speak to but not really taking what I said seriously. She freely admitted her sinfulness and need of forgiveness. She ignored the court analogy of simply asking the judge to have mercy on her and then expecting him to let her go free, and asking God for mercy with no satisfaction of His offended justice and expecting the Righteous Judge to let her go unpunished. She stuck to her 'we worship the same god but in different ways'. Her way was from the Koran.

   Next was Jordan who was wide open and seemed to understand the message of salvation. He has a Bible and was asked to read John's gospel humbly asking God to reveal Himself. Jordan was also made aware of his need to 'count the cost'.

We can thank God for the cool breeze that swept through the plaza from time to time. It seemed to keep many away but even our long-time 'knocker' passed by twice without interfering. Praise God and to Him be all the glory.

Auckland Team

Friday, 1 June, 2018

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Queen Street Outreach

Our gracious God had granted to us the joy of heralding the everlasting gospel on Queens street, our opening line in the open air was “Hear ye, Hear ye, we are here on Queen street, on Queen's birthday weekend but we come by decree of the King of Kings....”

We had a team of 5, many of our Op513 tracts were handed out along with a few gospel conversations, one of the brothers had bumped into an old friend whom he had not seen in over 15 years, it was a great opportunity for him to share how God had saved him from his life of sin. We were blessed to have good steady foot traffic during the open air preaching of the gospel.

Please pray for those whom we came into contact with either through one on one conversations or walking past while we preached, we pray that God would enable them to hear the call of the Kingdom.

Our team was: Pastor Alfie, 2 of our Deacons' Charles & Joe, our sister Eliza and myself.

May the Lord Jesus the King of Kings be glorified, rule and reign forever and ever.


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