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Saturday, 7 February, 2015

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Open air preaching in AustraliaWe were lighter on team numbers this Saturday night in Brisbane, but the gospel was proclaimed nevertheless. 

A number of people were asking good questions as I preached the gospel. There was one gentlemen I noticed was listening the whole time, but he was standing quite a distance away. So after I finished preaching, I went to talk to him. He was a lecturer at a Catholic theological college.

It was very hard to determine exactly what he believed as he wouldn't give straight forward answers. He didn't seem to align himself with the common erroneous beliefs of Catholicism. But eventually he said that he believes that showing love to people is what will save him. He said it is faith and works.

When I showed him parts of the Bible where it says we are saved by grace through faith, he kept dismissing it saying that that was just for that culture. And he didn't think there was any need for a person of another religion to leave their religion and come to faith in Christ, and he doubted the existence of Hell.

So I pointed him to some Scriptures and warned him that he is in a dangerous position, denying essential truths of Christianity. His name is Shane. Please pray for him.

Please also pray for a lady from Norway who has been employed as a youth worker in her Protestant church for 7 years, and still has that job. She had no idea of how to get to Heaven. When I went through the law of God, she said, "Only murderers won't go to Heaven. God doesn't mind the other things we do."

When I quoted Matthew 5:48 where Jesus says we must be perfect, she said that she doesn't believe the whole Bible. Then she asked whether I believed Jesus walked on water. I said "Of course". She said that she doesn't believe that - he was simply standing on ice. She held on to her pride and wouldn't let go of the fact that she is a good person and that's why God would let her into Heaven.

Please pray for a young guy named Case. He is a Muslim. I went through the commandments with him, he saw his sin, but then pointed to his good works. I made clear that justice doesn't work by a judge looking at a person's good deeds compared to their bad deeds. He seemed to understand that, and so I explained how the only way to Heaven is by having a perfect person who can take our Hell punishment for us on our behalf. 

He appeared to get it, but resorted to "We'll find out who is right one day". After reasoning with him further, he was clearly thinking about what he was hearing. And he was willing to take a Bible.

Praise be to God for another wonderful night!

Preaching in Queen Street Mall Gospel Conversation

Wednesday, 4 February, 2015

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We had a very productive afternoon in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. Both, Ryan Hemelaar and I used the sketchboard to present the Gospel, on both occasions a small crowd gathered.


Throughout the day we were able to share the Gospel with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We were also able to connect a couple of people to local churches, please pray that they'll start attending.


Also, please pray for all those who heard the Good News today. Many tracts, and Bibles were distributed.



Wednesday, 28 January, 2015

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It was another great outreach in Brisbane city on Wednesday. One thing I love about the city during the day is that there are lots of people about, which means lots of people to witness to.

We used the sketchboard to present the gospel in the open air and it was well received. After one of the presentations of the gospel, a number of people came up and took a gospel of John. For I encouraged anyone who was interested in finding out more to take one. And it resulted in some very good one to one conversations afterward.

Evangelism in Queen Street Mall Illustrating the Gospel

Here are a couple people to pray for from the outreach:

• Ben - from Nauru, will be studying in Brisbane for the next 4 years. He was very receptive. After initially thinking it was his own goodness that could save him, he came to understand the gospel. I gave him a full Bible and he said he would start reading it daily.

• Vishal, family is Buddhist, so that is why he is. He admitted he loves his sin, but he did have many good questions. He heard the whole message but said he knows his parents will disown him if he converts. To him, the cost was too high. Please pray God compels him to come to Christ.

 Queen Street Mall Witnessing

Open air preaching in Brisbane city Open Air Sketchboard

To the God who can convert even the hardest heart, to Him be the glory! 


Saturday, 24 January, 2015

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Queen Street Mall EvangelismIt was a good outreach in Brisbane city last night. We had about 15 people on the team and had quite a number of good conversations.

Please pray for the following people:

• Dimitri - he said he was a scientist from France and he didn't believe in God. So I thought that this would be a tough conversation, thinking he probably wouldn't budge from his atheistic position.

But after showing him that just by looking at a building we know it had a builder, even though we have never seen him, so we can look at this universe and since it had a beginning, it therefore must have had a creator, he though we can't see him, Dimitri came to acknowledge that God exists.

So I went through the law of God with him to bring the knowledge of sin, talked about the judgement to come, Heaven and Hell, and the cross. He was intently listening to what I was saying and seriously considering the message.

• Forest & Zeff - they said they were Christians because they attend a Church. They also thought that being a good person saved them. I explained the whole message and they came to understand the gospel. They said they would think about it.

• Robert - goes to Hillsong in the valley. Didn't know the gospel, but after hearing it explained to him, he said he would trust in Christ alone for his forgiveness.

There were many other conversations that were had also. Please pray for those who heard the message and those who received gospel tracts. To God be the glory!

Wednesday, 21 January, 2015

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Evangelism in Queen Street Mall, BrisbaneThere were lots of great conversations with people on our Brisbane city outreach this Wednesday.

Here are some names to pray for:

• Jordan, Luka and Gabby - thought good people, said they would think about the message they heard and start reading the Bible.

• John (secular) and Bashia (Muslim) - the Muslim had common objections, like "there were other perfect prophets besides Jesus", and "why go through someone else who is not God", not understanding that Jesus is God. 
The secular guy, John, said "I haven't found my purpose in life". Very willing to listen and said he would consider the message.

• Jimmy - Chinese guy lives in Canberra. Up in Brisbane for Soccer game Thursday night. He intellectually knew the gospel, but said he is living in sin. I encouraged him to trust in Christ alone and it will mean he will no longer want to live in sin.

• Aeora and Gemma - said would think about message.

• Cameron - young Christian goes to Hillsong. Michael encouraged him to read the Bible.

• Two Vietnamese boys (Tony and his friend) - listening intently, heard whole gospel.

• Dana & Josiah

• Maverick - appeared to be tearing up as he heard the gospel. Gave him NT. Said he would seriously think about message.

• Denis - spoke to Michael, was feeling guilty he had been with a prosititute, wanted a Bible.

• Matthew, Daniel, Frasier interacted with me while I was preaching. They attend a Christian school. They said to be saved one must "ask Jesus into their heart". But they had no understanding of grace. And they admitted they are living in sin. Was able to continue speaking with them after finishing up preaching. After using a few analogies, they came to understand grace, and said they would each trust in Christ alone for their forgiveness. They said they had counted the cost.

• Michael - orthodox, "I am not good enough", came to understand gospel.

We keep sowing the seed and God causes it to grow in His time. Glory to God!

Saturday, 10 January, 2015

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Preaching in Brisbane CityWe had a good sized team last night in Brisbane city.

Something interesting happened. On Friday night at the Gold Coast, I spoke to group of 4 young men, probably in their early 20s, who were content living in their sin. 

Then last night Brisbane as I was beginning to hand out some tracts, who walked by? The very same four guys I spoke to the night before!

Open air preaching AustraliaThey said, "It's you again!" So I said, "Maybe God is trying get your attention. Two nights in a row in two different places. And even though God has allowed you to live another day since yesterday, his patience may run out at any moment. You need to get right with God."

One of the guys then said, "Now I have two of these", as he pulled out of his bag the tract he received the night before.

Please pray that God would save these young men.

A very good night overall. The gospel was preached. And a number of team members also reported that some people came to profess faith in Christ.

Watch the following video from the night:

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, 31 December, 2014

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It was a lively outreach in Brisbane city during New Year's Eve. Large crowds gathered to listen to the preaching, and there were quite a number of hecklers.

Ultimately the gospel was preached and so we rejoice!

Watch the following video from the night:

To God be the glory!

Saturday, 20 December, 2014

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Christmas evangelism in Brisbane cityThe city was absolutely packed tonight in Brisbane as we arrived. Thousands of people had gathered to watch the Christmas light presentation on City Hall. 

The Christmas gospel tract that we have was flying out of our hands. I really do praise God for this time of year.

Later on in the night we had several team members open air preach. When Ryan was preaching he was interacting with a man named Dom. He thought he was a good person.

After going through the law of God (to bring the knowledge of sin), he understood he deserved Hell, and so Ryan had the privilege of declaring the gospel to him.

The man then asked, "But is Jesus the only way to Heaven?" Ryan responded with a clear yes, for Jesus is the only person who has lived perfectly and therefore is the only possible substitute for us.

After stepping down from the box, Ryan was able to continue the conversation with him and give him a gospel of John to start reading. Please pray that God would save Dom.

We had a few new team members tonight, which we praise God for. A very successful night indeed, in total we handed out over 4,000 gospel tracts.

Glory to God!


Saturday, 13 December, 2014

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Evangelising to an Anglican who doesn't know the gospelIt was a great night of evangelism in Brisbane. The team was able to hand out over 3000 gospel tracts, and also have many great conversations. The Gospel was also preached in the open-air. 

The saddest part of the night was speaking to a man named Will. Will is a seminary student studying to become an Anglican Priest.

Sadly, Will doesn't know the Gospel. When Josh asked him how someone can have their sins forgiven, he replied by saying he doesn't know, and he was still working out how he could be forgiven.

Josh shared the Gospel with him and stressed his need to have faith in Christ. He took a tract and was encouraged to study his Bible. Please pray for Will.


Wednesday, 10 December, 2014

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Ryan Hemelaar and Josh Williamson spent the afternoon in Brisbane sharing the Gospel. Today, we were able to have some great conversations and many tracts were distributed. Sadly, two Local Law officers from the Brisbane City Council tried to stop the outreach. Even though they admitted we weren't breaking the law, and that we had permits, they personally opposed our message and think that we shouldn't be allowed to preach. 

Please pray for those who heard the Good News today, and also pray for those two Local Law Officers. Pray that their attempts to silence the Gospel will fail.

 Evangelism in Brisbane city (Australia) Brisbane, QLD evangelism

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