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Saturday, 10 January, 2009

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Andrew Hsu was out of town over the weekend, so I knew it would just be me leading the team for this week. But thankfully we still had enough team members for the outreach. Witali and Jason were back again this week as well, and they were a blessing to the team.

Once we had set the Bible table up, David Strachan stood up to preach. He was heckled a bit by Alex, but stood faithful in preaching the gospel. A few people stopped to listen to what he was saying. After he got down, Kevin had a turn preaching. Kevin pointed out that the Bible says that the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing, so it is no wonder Alex does not like to hear it. Alex agreed it is utter foolishness.

After preaching the wonderful news of how one can be saved, Kevin tagged me in deal with Alex. From the start, Alex kept repeating his famous line, "There is no God!" But his arguments this week were once again very foolish. He kept trying to say that it is impossible to prove God, I would ask him to substantiate that statement, but each time he couldn't. Instead he would put the burden of proof onto me to prove God. While I agree the theist is under the burden of proof to provide evidence for God, but if Alex wants to make the absolute negative that it is impossible to prove God, he now has assumed a massive burden of proof that he must bear.

Alex heckling Ryan as he preachesIn response to my argument for God that I presented, Alex denied the second premise by saying that the universe is eternal. I showed him that both science and logic demands that the universe have a beginning. But his argument went on the lines of this: "Since the sum of all the matter and the anti-matter is zero, the universe is in exactly the same state as it was at the singularity. Thus the universe is eternal." This argument is clearly fallacious (even assuming the Big Bang theory is true), as there is a major distinction between what the universe was like at the singularity and is today. I pointed out that if matter and anti-matter come together, they cancel out; they both cease to exist. He agreed on this point. So on the Big Bang theory point of view, there was absolutely nothing at the singularity. But at t=1, there was now something. Nothing becoming something means that that something had a beginning. He kept trying to get around this by saying that the sum of the universe is still the same though. But I responded, "So what? The universe exists now, and did not exist at the singularity, so thus the universe must have had a beginning. An analogy paralleling this is if we imagine that we have a scale with two things balancing each other out exactly, so that they are the same weight. But on one side is a bar of gold, and on the other side is a pile of dirt. Even though the sum of the mass of the two items on the scale are exactly the same, there is a distinct difference between a gold bar and a pile of dirt.

So Alex then proceeded to say that he disagreed with the first premise of my argument - "Everything that has a beginning has a cause". So I asked him to give an example of something that goes against this premise. He said that fluctuations within the Quantum vacuum are examples of things that go in and out of being uncaused. At least the example he gave is better than what he used to say, that the universe is evidence of something that had a beginning without a cause. For that is clear circular reasoning. But even virtual particles in quantum mechanics do not provide an example of something that arises without a cause. For they rely on the quantum vacuum for their temporal existence. The quantum vacuum is actually a sea of fluctuating energy, and the virtual particles borrow the energy for their existence from that. So I pointed out that Alex still had not provided an example of anything that goes against my first premise.

Alex reading a BibleHowever, Alex didn't want to give up his argument. So I proceeded to talk about the judgment to come and the standard at which God will judge the world. Alex clearly did not like hearing about this, and would just keep repeating his line, "There is no God". It seems as though he thinks that the more times he says it, the more chance it will come true one day.

After presenting the law and the gospel to Alex and the crowd, who were still intently listening, I stepped down after almost an hour of preaching. Jason was the next preacher up, and being the first time he has preached with us, he apparently did very well.

I was unable to listen because I was having a dialogue with two Muslim fellows from Saudi Arabia who had been listening to my preaching. We chatted about the distinct differences between Islam and Christianity, and I was able to present the gospel to them. I pointed out that in the Qur'an, Allah is presented as a deceiver. "As in Surah 4:157, he made it appear as though Jesus died on the cross, when really he really didn't, according to the Qur'an. To make someone believe something that is not true, is deception. Moreover, these fellows agreed that Jesus' followers were called Muslims. And so, not only was Allah deceiving Jesus' enemies, He was also deceiving the Muslims at the time into thinking that Jesus did really die. So if Allah did that back then, how do you know that Allah has not deceived you in giving you the Qur'an?" They were unable to respond, but wanted to dialogue more about this, so we exchanged email addresses.

Dave finished off the preaching for the night, calling all people everywhere to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Below is some video footage of Alex heckling me while preaching on Saturday night:

Soli Deo Gloria.

Saturday, 3 January, 2009

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It was Saturday, and I knew that we once again had the wonderful privilege of preaching the gospel in the middle of Brisbane city. We had three new people join us for the outreach - Witali, Jason and Marcus. It was great to have them along with us as Josh and Peter were still away in the UK. After some prayer, Bible reading and fellowship, we made our way to Queen Street Mall at 9pm and starting setting up the Bible table.

Alex (our regular agnostic heckler) was in again tonight spreading his message of love and...err, I mean, hatred towards God. Alistair was the first preacher up and God drew in a small crowd to hear the preaching of the gospel. During this time, Alex was engaged in a conversation with someone so he did not heckle. However someone who heckled on the New Year's Eve outreach was in again, holding a Bible that he had received the previous week. Apparently, he had been doing some reading of it and wanted to ask Ali a few questions about it. Andrew suggested Ali just have a one2one conversation with him because he knew his questions would be complex and would steer the preaching off the gospel.

So David Strachan got up to preach and almost immediately Alex started heckling him. Since he is a newer preacher and doesn't know how to handle hecklers just yet, he tagged me in to deal with Alex. Alex seemed like he was a broken record, spouting the same line over and over again, "There is no God! There is no God!". So I provided some good proof for God, but like always, Alex just dismisses it offhand. If seems as though when anything that proves God is provided for him, he rejects it because it simply does not agree with his presuppositions. Paul was right when He said: "For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:21-22).

After discussing the existence of God for a little bit, I ran Alex through the good person test. By this time a rather large crowd had gathered who were interested in the discussion taking place. Alex knew that he had broken almost all the commandments of God and admitted that he loves to sin. But as soon as I explained the consequences of his actions, he would repeat his famous line, "There is no God! There is no God!" He didn't like the conviction of sin it seems. When I asked him what evidence he has that there is no afterlife, he said, "Have you ever had a thought outside your brain?" That was his whole argumentation. If you're like me, you would scratch your head and say, "That doesn't prove anything, Alex".

After this, I preached about how one can be saved from the wages of their sin, and that is through Jesus Christ alone. Through Jesus' death can we be forgiven because He can pay the fine that we deserve for our sins, but only for those that repent and trust that Christ's death is the only reason why they will be saved. During this time, Witali had a couple ask him what message was being preached, for they did not speak English well. Witali found out that they were German and Witali is from Germany, and so He was able to witness to them in their native language.

Once I had finished preaching, I tagged Ralph in who finished the preaching off for the night. At this stage there were also many one2ones happening with many people interested in learning more.

Praise God that the gospel message went out to many people and please pray that God will convert those that heard the gospel or received tracts. Also remember to keep Alex in your prayers that his hatred towards God will one day be transformed into a love for Him.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Wednesday, 31 December, 2008

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Charles Spurgeon said: "I can think of nothing better than for a Christian to celebrate the coming of the new year by preaching to the lost as they are rushing to see the fireworks at Southbank."

Nope, he didn't say that, but he really should have.

It has been a tradition of sorts for the team of Operation 513 to open air preach and celebrate the new years by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The team met up at 9:00 p.m. and were bracing for a long night ahead of us. A good number of people showed up for the special event, we have a rather sizable team of around 15. Everyone was all tracted up and ready to go. In short order the team were pass out tracts to the non-stop stream of people and there were quite a few one on one witnessing happening.

Being a night usually marked by drunkeness and lewdness, the Law was in full enforcement.The boys in blue were patrolling the street in large numbers, (and occasionally posing for photos for the tourists) and also were the council officers. A couple of officers from the city council approached us twenty minutes after our arrival, they were quite happy to see that we have obtained council permit for the night, has a few words about safety and carried on with their duties in Queen Street Mall.

David, Ryan and myself took terms open air, people were very distracted at this point, there were many passer-bys but not many stick around to listen. The people handing out tracts were a lot more fruitful as the constant streams of people meant a lot of tracts went out, and many conversations took place. All went very well without incident as the clock approaches midnight, people were increasing their pace as they make their way towards the river where the fireworks and the count-down takes place.

Ryan was the preacher who had the privilege of closing 2008 out by preaching the Gospel. The Queen street mall is almost empty as people rush to the celebration, almost all of them ignore the preaching as they rush by. However there were a few who aborted their original plans of attending festivity and stopped to listen to the Gospel. Ryan, for example, stepped down from the soap box to witness to someone as the count down was going on, to Ryan and his listener, something more important was taking place than the celebration. There were many more who received the Gospel as the Calendar flipped over to 2009, preaching or receiving the Gospel, I am sure there's no better way to start your year.

After the fireworks is over, we are now getting ready for the crowd to move back from Southbank into the city, only this time, instead of trikleing through the mall like the first half of the night, the crowd now arrive in droves. We had preachers ready again, and the Gospel went out as massive amount of people walk by.

Between Ryan and myself we managed to gather a rather large and hostile crowd. A young man who was a professing Muslim was extremely rude and loud, the crowd caught on his negative behavior and was becoming more and more hostile by the minute. While the young man carried on with much zeal for what he believed in, there were very little reasoning in his arguments. He asserted again and again that according to the Islam Jesus was only a prophet and not God as the Christian teaches, when I confronted his belief system with some very basic "Dr. James White" apologetics, he was unable to give anything that remotely resembles an answer. He just gets louder and ruder as it goes on and eventually the council officers who spoke to us earlier in the night stepped in as in their opinion the situation is our of control.

While I respectfully disagree with their assessment, I choose to take on their suggestion and have the preaching cease for the time being and just have one-on-one witnessing. Well, one-on-many on as most of the team finding themselves addressing multiple persons at a time. It was a very interesting time as I find myself speaking to a group of Muslims, and the young man who had cause much of the aggravation still yelling at the top of his voice when asserting his long defeated arguments. Dan were addressing a very self-righteous non-practicing Catholic and his friends right next to my little gathering with the Muslims men and from the corner of my eye I can see a few people gathered around Ryan, despite the absence of open air the Gospel was still being proclaimed to the crowd. By the end of the night (2:00 a.m.) there were many great witnessing encounters, Gospel tracts went out by the hundreds and it was indeed another great start of the year in Brisbane for Operation513.

I think when I finally got to bed, it was 4:00 a.m. This maybe a year without much sleep, but to God be the Glory.

S. D. G.

Saturday, 27 December, 2008

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Since Josh Williamson was away in the UK, Andrew Hsu and I led the Brisbane team. After some prayer and Bible reading, we started setting up in Queen Street Mall at 9pm. It was quiet night in the city, probably because everyone was at home resting after their Christmas celebrations. Although we did have about 10 people on our team, which was pretty good.

Dave Strachan, Andrew, and I took turns preaching and God saw fit to bring in a small crowd to listen at times. But no one heckled us, even when we preached about the atrocity of abortion. Although at about 11:30PM, I got up to preach again and almost immediately I was heckled by a young women who proclaimed that God did not exist. Her argument was that since the first law of thermodynamics states: "Matter cannot be created nor destroyed", therefore, the universe must have always existed. So I pointed out that the first law of thermodynamics does not disprove the possibility that the universe came into being. For when there was no universe, there were no physical laws (such as the laws of thermodynamics). So therefore, the first law of thermodynamics did not hold when the universe did not exist. Only once the universe came into being did it start holding. So therefore, God could create the universe and not break that physical law.

She then back-tracked and said that she never said that God does not exist. Although she did ask what evidence there was for God. So I briefly presented the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Right after this, it started pouring down rain. So we all ran undercover and Andrew and I continued to chat with her for another hour or so.

It was a good night, even though it was quiet, with the gospel going out in Brisbane city.

Saturday, 20 December, 2008

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Saturday, 20th December, 2008

Once again we returned to Brisbane city. There was a sense of festivity in the air as it was only a few days before Christmas. As I walked through the mall I handed out Christmas tracts. Every person took them and wished me a Merry Christmas. It is always good when people are happy about receiving tracts.

I met with Dave and Ryan, we then had a time of prayer and Bible reading. After that we headed up to the mall to begin the night of preaching. It was good to see other team members there ready to go out and make known the gospel.

With it being so close to Christmas I gave members of the team packs of Christmas tracts to hand out. These tracts came from a dear brother of mine named Tommy Bell. He is based in the US and is involved in a ministry known as Custom Tract Source, he was so kind to send me some tracts free of charge. I would encourage all our readers to order tracts from (of course you should order tracts from Operation 513 also!)

The night went well, with people preaching and making known the gospel of Christ.

Since it was Christmas, I decided to preach from Luke 2 and the birth of Jesus Christ, in fact it wasn’t just I who preached from this passage, but the Christmas theme was something that was in all the preachers messages tonight.

I focused heavily on the fact that Christ was born as Saviour, and this of course begged the question, “A saviour from what”. From this point I expounded the law of God and showed that we all needed Jesus to be our Saviour. A few hecklers yelled things, but there wasn’t much engaging. The crowds were smallish tonight, and I think it is due to it being the festive season.

Even though things were slow many great conversations occurred. For instance Nick was witnessing to this one young man who had stopped only to mock Christianity, Nic was so patient and kind to this man as he shared the gospel, but this man kept up his attack. Once Nick finished talking to him, I began a conversation with him. And for the next 40 minutes both Rick and I pleaded with him to be reconciled to God. This man left screaming abuse at Christ. Please pray for his conversion.

Tonight was a good night, albeit a little slow. This was my last night in Brisbane preaching for about 8 weeks, as I am heading to the United Kingdom for outreach. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to minister the gospel to those in Britain. The teams in Australia will operate as per usual so please pray for them also.

May all of you have a very safe and Christ centred Christmas!

Saturday, 13 December, 2008

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Saturday, 13th December, 2008

After a hard day on the Gold Coast, I made my way to Brisbane city. It looked like it was going to be a good night on the streets.

The team was few in number, but the passion to reach out the lost was evident. The regulars were their like Alex the Agnostic, and a few more people who seem to come out each week. It is always good to have the same people come back, it is our hope that God will save them.

Ryan was the first preacher up for the night, and he preached a bit different than he usual does. Normally Ryan has a lot of apologetics in his preaching, but this time he spent less time on apologetics and more time reasoning with people from the gospel. This was really encouraging to me, while I love to hear apologetics, I prefer to hear the gospel more. A couple of hecklers stopped and shouted a few things. Ryan engaged them and presented them with the claims of Jesus Christ.

After Ryan finished preaching, Michael got up and preached. It was his first time preaching with us. The first thing that struck me was his projection, he had great voice control and great voice projection, truly gifted in public speaking. As he preached a man approached, this man was scruffy looking and had most of his top teeth missing. He walked right up to the preacher and stopped about one foot away. With that the man began to rage in an unknown language. The man then began to rant on about people being preachers and him being a trained preacher. His heckling was vile, and his threats of physical violence were hard to ignore.

The heckler began to yell that he could defeat any preacher that we had as we couldn’t answer his questions. Michael was struggling a little so he tagged me in and I began to deal with the mans questions. His questions were very basic however this man I am convinced was full of demons, so his cursing and blasphemy came after every answer I gave.

His hatred for the gospel and for Jesus Christ was coming through loud and clear. He kept threatening physical violence, so I sent a team member off to get the police. The police officer told them it wasn’t illegal for the man to threaten us. Of course the police officer was wrong. So here we were in the middle of the Queen street mall with one of the most hostile hecklers I have ever seen. To make things more interesting another man claiming to be god began to work with demoniac one.

I pushed through their heckles and still presented the gospel, but these two hecklers were manifesting big time. So after preaching I stood down and they quickly surrounded me. The first heckler once again began to abuse me, and this time he put a lit cigarette onto my hand. I challenged him on that to which he just laughed. Again the police were sent for and again the members of the Police Beat near the Queen Street Mall failed to respond.

After awhile another preacher began, but once again the demoniac went after him, finally I had enough so I got on the phone and called the emergency number. I explained to the operator what was happening, and held the phone so she could hear the heckler. She agreed that it was a dangerous situation and the police needed to be there. While I was talking to her another heckler come running in and tried to kick Ryan. But, then help arrived finally two members of the Queensland Police showed up on scene and took away the demonic heckler.

The rest of the night was spent handing out tracts and talking to people. Even though things were hard, God still allowed His word to go forth.


Saturday, 6 December, 2008

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Saturday, 6 December, 2008

The word “tired” doesn’t do justice to how exhausted I felt today. All of last night was spent on the streets of the Gold Coast talking to many people about the gospel, and then my morning was spent at church doing my yearly CPR and First Aid training. Finally after all that I was able to fall into bed and get about three hours sleep in the stinking hot weather and high humidity.

  While I would have loved to sleep on, I knew I had to get up and prepare for tonight outreach in Brisbane city. I can’t think of a great privilege that we as Christians have, than that of sharing the gospel with someone else. And, for that honour I would gladly go without sleep as long as I can make known the grace of my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was good to meet up with the team and spend some time in prayer and Bible reading. It was also good to spend time as a group having fellowship.

Normally when we set up we see Alex the Agnostic walking around, however tonight he was missing. This concerned us and we hoped everything was well with our favourite agnostic heckler. (Alex if you are reading this: Repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you, He is the one who died in the place of sinners and was raised from the dead, so turn from your sins and trust in Christ)

Andrew Hsu was the first preacher up for the evening and he spoke about the good news of the gospel, and how God gave a gift to humanity, and that gift is Jesus Christ. He did a good job in making Christ known. A few people stopped to listen, but overall the mall was fairly empty.

After Andrew preached for some time then it was time for Ali to preach, I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not think I have heard a preacher fit so much theology into his preaching apart from Ali. He is awesome when he preaches, while he isn’t the loudest open air preacher, he does bring his message with a passion and once you have listened to him there is no room for confusion, he explains his points and builds his case to show that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, and is the only one who can forgive sin.

While Ali was preaching a guy that I witnessed to from the week before was standing behind the preaching talking to me. This week he was dressed up as Santa Clause, and he wanted to know what the preachers would like for Christmas, so in between him taking our orders and giving everyone he could see a hug, we were once again able to make known the gospel to him.

It then came my turn to preach the gospel, so I started off by talking about Christmas, and talking about how we celebrate the birth of Christ, but so many people fail to realize that the Christ of the cradle is also the Christ of the Cross. Within a short time of starting to preach a man began to heckle me saying that we should not say that Christmas is about the birth of Christ, as some people don’t believe in that. I challenged his thinking, and then tried to swing the gospel. But this man was not interested he wanted to argue politics, he wanted argue everything other than what I was talking about.

After awhile, I was able to move from him to another person, I did a call out on one man who was standing at the back of the crowd. It turns out he was an atheist from France, so I took him through the Good Person Test to see if where he would go when he died. This man went from “There is no God” to “I am going to hell!” I was able to explain to him the gospel of salvation and how he could receive forgiveness of sins. It was then that his new wife fired up and fired a few questions, and as soon as I answered them she ran off. It seems to me that those questions are the reason she refuses to believe, but the moment they were answered she had no defence and no excuse, that is why she ran.

The rest of the night was spent with preaching and handing out tracts. Many great conversation happened during this time. Overall it was a God glorifying night! May He receive all the praise!

Soli Deo Gloria!

For audio of the Josh Williamson preaching in Brisbane go to:

Saturday, 29 November, 2008

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Saturday, 29 November, 2008
I was feeling ill this morning from all my work and ministry duties, so I had to take the morning off from witnessing on the Gold Coast. But, as the evening rolled around I found that I was well enough to head into Brisbane for another night of outreach.

The city was surprisingly busy when we arrived, which was a good sign as it meant that more people will get the hear the gospel. As we made our way to King George Square we handed out a few tracts, then we met for a time   of prayer, bible reading and fellowship.

As we headed back up into the Queen Street mall at 9pm, we saw a strange thing, the mall was very quiet. Which is something I had not expected since the car park was full.

The team went about handing out tracts and talking to people as we set up the Bible table and the preaching point. I noticed as we set up that Ryan was already in a conversation with a  group of middle eastern looking men. He seems to have a real knack at getting into one to one conversations.

Andrew Hsu was the first preacher up for the night, as he began to preach Alex the Agnostic appeared on the scene, this week not dressed as a pirate but rather in fairly normal garb. While Andrew and Alex had an open air discussion a couple of police officers rode past on bike, and didn’t pay that much attention to what was happening.

Hsusy kept on preaching for awhile, and then after about thirty minutes I noticed the police officers were back, and by the mere fact that they were both sipping coffees you could tell it was a quiet night. Then the Sergeant got off his bicycle and approached Hsusy and Alex. His intent was quite clear he was there to stop the preaching. He stated that it was a “breach of the peace” to have a discussion like this, and because they were using their hands while speaking that could be viewed as threatening. Both Alex and Andrew seemed rather surprised at this. The police officer wasn’t open to reason, and we tried to show him that what he was doing was actually violating the freedom that we had as citizens of Australia, his reply was “Tough, do you want to take this to court?”

The outcome was that Andrew and Alex were both issued move on orders and told to leave the Queen Street Mall or be arrested. I quickly called our Barrister friend and he stated that it didn’t seem right, but there was nothing we could do. I spoke to the police officer afterwards and told him that we would be continuing to preach and we would be speaking loudly. The rest of the night went with no problems.

After Hsusy was moved on Ryan preached for a while and he did a good job of declaring the gospel. It was then decided to put David Strachan up, and before he started to preach he made the statement that he didn’t have much to say. Well, he preached for about fifty minutes, if that is what he considers “not much”, then I would love to hear him preach when he has plenty to say!

The rest of the night was spent handing out tracts and talking one to one to people. In general it was a decent night, and many got to hear the good news of salvation.

 Soli Deo Gloria!

Full report with pictures:

Do you live in Australia or the United Kingdom? Are you interested in street evangelism? If so then contact Operation 513 to find out how you can join our street teams in either, Brisbane, Gold Coast, London or Sheffield. Also, find out how you can be apart of special outreaches that are held throughout the year. Together we can reach this world for Christ.

Saturday, 22 November, 2008

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Saturday, 22 November, 2008

My body was aching as I made my way into Brisbane city, I had already preached twice today on the Gold Coast, and I wasn’t sure if my voice would last long with preaching in Brisbane. The team followed its normal routine of prayer and Bible reading, then we made our way into the Queen Street Mall.

Once in the mall we were met by “Long John” Alex the Pirate. For some strange reason this week he was dressed up as pirate and he was also handing out atheist “tracts” called “The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”. But Alex wasn’t just dressed like a pirate, he also spoke like a pirate. This turn of events made it hard for us to preach, as it is extremely difficult to proclaim the Word of God while laughing at a fully grown man running around dressed as a pirate.

Andrew Hsu preached first, and while he preached I spoke to Josh the Atheist who was apart of the “pirate crew”. We had a brief yarn about spiritual matters, and also about the atheist pirates.

During the preaching Alex would run around to different people saying “Argg!” then offer them an atheist tract, a few people took the tracts, but we made sure to be right behind offering a biblical tract. Some of the atheists found it funny and stated that Christianity couldn’t be taken seriously, but they stopped saying those things when we pointed out that Alex was dressed as a pirate.

After Andrew finished preaching Ralph had a go, and he presented a good apologetic, then Ryan took over and tried to engage Alex but much to everyone’s surprise Alex refused to engage in public discussion, so of the team suggested that the reason for this is that each week Alex’s arguments get smacked for six. So I guess if you can’t beat the preachers, then Alex has to become a pirate to look good.

Towards the end of the night, I began to preach but I soon found my voice was going quickly. I spent about 10 minutes expounding on the law, and pointing out our need of a Saviour, then before going into a grace message, I tagged Ralph in as my voice was nearly gone.

Ralph finished off the night by preaching a good gospel message. A few people stopped to talk, and a fair few took tracts. Overall it was a good night, even though it was a pirate night.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Saturday, 15 November, 2008

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Saturday, 15 November, 2008

Another day, and yet another chance to make known the glorious gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Many people look forward to the weekend, as it means time off work, and a chance to go out and party, whereas I spend all week looking forward to the weekend, as I get a chance to preach the gospel.

It was the same routine as normal tonight we met in King George Square, we had some time of fellowship, Bible reading and corporate team prayer. For those of you who read this who are currently serving in an evangelism team or lead an evangelism team, seek to make a time of team prayer, as it is vital to any evangelistic outreach.

The weather this week unlike last week was fine, and hot. The preaching started off with Ralph standing to declare the Scriptures, within seconds of him beginning a few regular hecklers started in. Alex was there shouting out as per usual “There is no god!” Riley was chipping in with his two cents worth. While this happened all around members of the team were engaged in one to one conversations and handing out tracts.

Ralph spoke for about thirty minutes, then it was my turn to preach. I started off by talking about the reality of death, and then spoke about how I as a preacher can often times talk about death, while not actually thinking about it, or believing that it will impact me. A few people began to listen, I stressed to them that no matter who you are, or where you are from, or even what you do for a living, death will one day impact each and everyone of us. Then I told the crowd about how only a few hours earlier I was informed of the death of a dear friend of mine, a fellow evangelist. At this stage even those who regularly heckle fell silent.
This then launched me into the Scripture, and I expounded how our life is so short, and how none of us knows the day nor the hour that we will die. But, when thinking about death we need to also think about another question, what happens after I die?

By now God was being good to us (as He always is) and a crowd was building, all we needed now was a good heckler. God also provided that. A young man at the back of the crowd stood out, he made a few comments so I called him out. This young man identified himself as Teddy, so I began to dialogue with him in regards to the gospel of Christ. He was a very open man, and he seemed to be interested in what I was saying. At times he would fire up and hurl abuse at me, but then he would calm down and listen. God used Teddy to draw in a fairly large crowd.

For about thirty minutes I dealt with Teddy and preached the gospel to the crowd. The awesome thing about this crowd is that it was stationary, that is, it didn’t move. Those who were there from the beginning were there at the end.

As I drew to the close of my message a flock of hecklers opened fire, one young man an Asian began to scream “I am a $#$# Christian! And what you are saying is wrong, GOD IS A BLACK WOMAN!” Immediately I recognized the teaching from the heretical book “The Shack” so I called him out on his heresy but he was raging to much to even talk.

At this stage the crowd was still there, so I tagged in Kevin Bessent to preach the gospel to them once again. During Kevin’s preaching many great conversations happened. After Kevin finished preaching Ryan got up and once again shared the good news of the gospel.

Overall it was a great night, and many people got to hear the Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Full report with pictures:

Do you live in Australia or the United Kingdom? Are you interested in street evangelism? If so then contact Operation 513 to find out how you can join our street teams in either, Brisbane, Gold Coast, London or Sheffield. Also, find out how you can be apart of special outreaches that are held throughout the year. Together we can reach this world for Christ.

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