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Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

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Woodridge WitnessingA good number of gospel tracts were handed out and many good gospel conversations were had at Woodridge yesterday.

We had one guy who was really confronted about the tract "You may not have tomorrow", and by making threats towards us he was hoping we would be intimidated by him. But he ended up softening majorly and we had a great long gospel conversation with him.

Please also pray for:

• Tour - gave gospel of John, knew already he wouldn't go to heaven because of how he has been living, heard gospel.

• Clay - Jordan had a good conversation with him, and gave him a gospel of John. He said he would count the cost.

We sow the seed, but God gives the increase. So to Him be all the glory!


Tuesday, 24 February, 2015

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Many gospel tracts were handed out today at Woodridge, and some good conversations were had.

The place where we evangelise is where lots of school students hang out after school. Today I had good chat with a large group of high school students, some who were Muslims, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses in the one conversation.

Please pray for all who heard the gospel including:

• Tadila - thought works saved. Heard gospel. Would consider message.

• Oscar - faith & works, came to understand gospel. Gave him gospel of John.

• Lelan - tradie, listening intently, gave him gospel of John.

Photo: Wilter is explaining the message of the cross to this gentleman.

To God be the glory!

- Ryan Hemelaar


Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

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Woodridge WitnessingIt was blowing a gale when I arrived for the Woodridge outreach on Tuesday. But it didn't really hinder people stopping and talking about eternal matters.

The first conversation I had was with one of the Mormon missionaries who I met several weeks ago. He had brought in assistance from someone outside their area. This missionary too however didn't really know what the Bible taught. 

They were arguing that the Bible has been changed, and the reason they gave to back this up was: "Because that is what Muslims say."

I was shocked to hear them rely on an argument like that. So I explained how we have thousands of manuscripts of Bible from all over the world in the original languages and so we can know for certain the Bible hasn't been corrupted. I then showed them in the Bible how salvation is by grace through faith, but they were very stubborn in holding on to their works. Please pray for them.

Please also pray for:

• Banjo & Beni - school kids, one thought his asking for forgiveness would save him....both came to understand the gospel and said they would repent and believe.

• Deanna - young lady, talked to her November last year after her dad passed away. Just this week, her mum had a heart attack, and was in hospital. 

She said she loved her sin and knew she would be going to Hell. But the recent events regarding her parents has been making her think about God a lot. Explained gospel, urged her to come to saving faith. She said she would seriously think about it.

Photo: Jordan is speaking to a young man who didn't mind if he ended up in Hell.


Tuesday, 10 February, 2015

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Woodridge EvangelismIt was another good afternoon of outreach at Woodridge on Tuesday.

There was a lady I spoke to named Jo. She said that she had just been 'prayed over' earlier in the day, and so she thought she was definitely going to Heaven. She thought that her goodness was good enough for God.

After talking about sin and the judgement to come, she saw her badness. But then I explained the message of the cross, and she came to understand the gospel. Please pray for her.

Also please pray for David. He thought it was his keeping of the commandments that would save him. But after going through some of them, he realised he hadn't actually kept them.

He too said he would repent and trust in Christ. We also recommended a good local church for him to start attending.

All glory to our marvelous God!

Photo: Stephen witnessing to a young man near the end of the outreach.


Tuesday, 3 February, 2015

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Gospel conversation

It was another interesting outreach at Woodridge on Tuesday.

Once the team arrived it was not long before we got into conversations. The first conversation I had was with a Jehovah Witness from Africa. She thought was going to paradise because she door knocks every Saturday. Her name is Telsee.

I showed her that no matter how many good things she could do, God could not overlook the history of her sin. This was very new to her. And she was listening intently as I explained the gospel. I encouraged her to check that what I was saying lined up with the Bible.

At this point a drunk aboriginal man interrupted our conversation saying to her that she doesn't need to worry about any of the things we talked about. He then said to me "Don't you try and convert any of us black fellas with your white fella religion." I pointed out that Christianity is for everyone, for Jesus wasn't even a white person but instead a Middle Eastern.

He walked off but it wouldn't be the last we would see of him that day. For later on there was a group of about 15 aborigines drinking nearby and this guy started a fight with someone else. They were throwing punches and kicks. We had to call the police who came and gave them Move On directions. It didn't stop them though, they continued the fight a little further down the street and more of them got involved. Even by the time we left they had started another fight and more police had to show up to sort it all out.

During this time, Luke and I had a great conversation with two Mormon missionaries who we have never met before. They were 21 months through their mission, one from Hawaii and the other from Tonga.

We asked them why they think they will go to Heaven, and their answer was their works.

We showed them some verses in the Bible about how it is only grace through faith that we are saved. We gave the example of the thief on the cross, did he do good works? Did he get baptised? How then was he saved. The Mormon from Hawaii said, "I guess it was by faith he was saved." They were beginning to understand it.

But the other Mormon was saying that he has a 'feeling' that the Book of Mormon is true because he prayed about it. I explained how that that is a circular argument. For the Book of Mormon itself is setting the 'test' of how you know the Book of Mormon is true. But how do we know that that is the right test?

For example, if I wrote a book and said in it that the test to know the book is true is whether the sky is blue. The sky is blue, therefore my book is true. That's circular because the very book I'm trying to say is true contains the test to know whether it is true. Same with the Book of Mormon. This shows that the test these Mormons are relying on is faulty.

Instead I showed them how the proper test is to compare the Book of Mormon with what came before, that is, with the Bible. And since it contradicts the Bible, it is clear the Book of Mormon is not true.

Please pray for these two Mormon missionaries and for all the other people who heard the gospel today.

To God be the glory!

Tuesday, 27 January, 2015

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Sharing the Gospel in Logan CityIt was an interesting day at Woodridge on Tuesday.

There was a lady who came up to me and grabbed the front of my shirt near my neck and said, "God loves me." She was drunk, and her friends had to pull her away.

Then right near the end of the outreach, after all the other team members had left, she returned and at the time I was witnessing to someone. She was yelling things like "Stop talking about God. No one likes God. Go away."

It looked like she wanted to get physically violent again, but her friends were holding her back. So she started pulling out things from a nearby bin and started throwing them at me. I am thankful that she didn't find any glass bottles in the bin.

After ducking for cover, she eventually left and the person I was witnessing to said, "I think I have to go..."

Things like that are to be expected for a Christian, because people hate God, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they will show that hatred towards his followers.

Nevertheless, it was another glorious day where the gospel was proclaimed. There were 4 of us on the team.

Please pray for the following people from the outreach:

• Everston, Ethan, Lethan and Sam. - thought good people, came to profess faith in Christ.

• Elaina - her mum's a Buddhist, initially very stand-offish. Didn't believe in God. After showing her why it makes sense God exists, she was a lot more willing to talk. After talking about sin and the judgement, she was concerned about ending up in Hell, so she wanted to know the way of forgiveness. I explained the gospel, and she was happy to take a gospel of John to read.

To God be the glory for another great outreach!


Tuesday, 20 January, 2015

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Evangelism at Woodridge train stationIt was another interesting outreach at Woodridge on Tuesday.

The aborigines were sitting near to where we were having our outreach drinking alcohol for most of the afternoon. At one point, one of them stole a team member's drink bottle, emptied the water from it and filled it with alcohol and proceeded to then drink from it.

After asking for it back, we were met with threats of our noses being broken. Thankfully the police were on the train station and they quickly sorted out the issue.

There were plenty of good conversations with people. Here are some people to pray for in particular:

• Mooki - I spoke to him at length last week, when he came up to me and said that the week before (that is, 2 weeks ago) he was rude to me when he just walked straight past saying that he followed Satan, but said that now he wants to hear what I have to say. So I explained the full message clearly to him last week. This week he came back again and he had been thinking about what I said, but admitted he loves his sin.

• Catherine - from NZ, been giving into sin a lot recently. Thought following God's will saved her.

• Ayuel - took a New Testament Bible. Seemed to realise that he was guilty before God.

• Julian - heard full presentation, he at least intellectually came to understand the gospel, please pray he is genuine.

God's word is so precious and all the people we encountered on the outreach this Tuesday will never be the same again in eternity because they have heard the truth.

All glory to God!

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015

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Logan EvangelismThe gospel went out at Woodridge again yesterday and there were some good conversations.

The man in this photo I offered a tract to, but he waved his hand indicating 'No I don't want it'. So I asked him a question and he waved his hand again. I thought, "Ok this person doesn't want to hear anything about God." But the man then said, "No English."

So I asked him, "What language do you speak?". He replied, "Persian, Farsi." I knew I had just recently packed some Farsi tracts in my bag, so I pulled one out and he gladly received it. He then began reading it all the way through. Please pray that God would save him.

Here are some more people to pray for from our outreach yesterday:

• Nukki - goes to a Catholic church. He said: "I don't follow the 10 commandments." So after talking about sin and how we deserve Hell, I explained the gospel. He said he would seriously think about the message.

• Sarah - had no assurance of salvation, knew the gospel, encouraged her to read bible and find a good local church.

• Leslie - receptive. After hearing the gospel, he said: "That makes sense" He had never read the Bible before. Gave him a New Testament.

• David - had just come from doctor where he found out he has cancer in his ear. He recognised that death could happen to him at any time, so he was very willing to listen to the message. He said he would think about it.

It is great seeing how God prepares people to hear the message. To God be the glory!


Tuesday, 6 January, 2015

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It was good to return to Woodridge today after several weeks of Tuesday outreaches elsewhere.

It was a day of strange worldviews.

Handing out gospel tracts in Woodridge, QueenslandWe had a long chat with a young lady about 18 years old who was adamant that God does not exist. When asked why, she said because she sees things called 'entities' that live in her and communicate messages to her.

Supposedly these 'entities' created the universe. The entities came from two original entities that had no beginning. And apparently there are two classes of them, the politicians and the 'ancient ones' which are the common folk.

I raised the question with her about how she knows these entities are not lying to her. She admitted it was a possibility.

So I decided to go through God's law with her to see if she was a good person. And I must say it is amazing how addressing the conscience works no matter what beliefs a person has.

I then explained the gospel and she plainly said she likes being wicked because it is much easier. I think this is the crux of the issue with anyone who rejects the gospel, a love for sin.

I pleaded with her to consider the message she heard before it was too late, and then find a Bible to read (after she burned her last one). Her name is Jennifer. Please pray for her.

Pray also for Rony, a non-practicing Sikh from India. Didn't believe in God because God didn't answer his prayer of becoming an actor in Bollywood. He was asking me, "How do I know which religion is right?" Explained gospel. Gave him a NT.

Pray also for a 69 year old man we had a long conversation with today. He says he knows he once was a Christian because his pastor once asked him to drive the church bus. 

He acknowledges he is not a Christian now and in the conversation he was swearing like a trooper.

He knew he had to find forgiveness but he thought it was by faith and works, namely church going. He said he still had time though because he supposedly knows that Jesus will return in 3 years time and he knows he won't die in the meantime.

Near the end of the conversation he revealed what I think is the real reason why he doesn't want to trust in Christ alone. He said he is looking forward to a particular sin he wants to commit, something to do with a nudist colony.

Please pray that God will convert him soon, especially with his health not being very strong. 

But any day when the gospel is proclaimed is a good day. So to God be the glory!

Tuesday, 21 October, 2014

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Woodridge OutreachIt was another great outreach at Woodridge today.

The person in this picture talking to Josh claimed to be God. He said he knew everything, has spoken with Jesus, and yet needed to walk with a walking stick. At the same time he claimed he was a demon and that he must be worshipped.

Near the end of the outreach we had a young man named Wayne, who we had a lengthy discussion with a couple weeks ago, come back. He said he is now trusting in Christ for his forgiveness. We gave him a Bible and have his contact details for further discipleship.

The fields are white for harvest. Praise be to God!


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