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Thursday, 8 January, 2015

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Handing out gospel tracts AustraliaIt was a good afternoon of outreach at Sunnybank yesterday.

The Mormon missionaries were out in force in the area and they mentioned that they are about to be transferred to a different area. This means a new bunch will be coming to Sunnybank soon.

So I tried one last attempt of witnessing to one of them who I haven't spoken to much before. He was advocating that there are at least 3 different gods that exist - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I asked, why then in the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 does Jesus say "...baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" 

'Name' is singular, not plural. That means the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not 3 separate beings, but the one being, existing in 3 distinct persons.

The Mormon elder had no idea how to respond and went to their usual, 'But I have received a feeling that Mormonism is true'.

I explained that feelings are not the way we know that something is true, for the Bible says our heart is deceitfully wicked. Instead we should follow the example of the Bereans who searched in the Scriptures daily to see whether what was being said by Paul was true (Acts 17:11). 

Please pray for Elder Reading, that God would save him out of the Mormon church and bring him to saving faith.

Please also pray for a Buddhist man named Elvin. After hearing the message, he thought at first he could add Christianity on to his existing beliefs. When I quoted Jesus saying that He is the only way, Elvin knew he had to make a choice - Buddhism or Christianity.

He said he would seriously think about what he heard. I gave him a gospel of John to read.

The seeds have been sown, our job is done for now, the results are in God's hands. To God be the glory!


Thursday, 18 December, 2014

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Sunnybank evangelismIt was a great afternoon of evangelism in Sunnybank today. Quite a number of tracts in Chinese and English were able to be handed out.

Please pray for a Mormon elder who we have been talking with occasionally at Sunnybank. We first met him at the Gold Coast in February. 

Today he said he has some big doubts about Mormonism, but said that his pride is stopping him from leaving the Mormon church. And also because he loves the LDS idea of eternal marriage so much that he wants to cling to the hope that that is true despite Jesus saying there is no marriage in Heaven.

You can tell he is thinking through the things we have been saying to him. Please pray for his salvation


Thursday, 11 December, 2014

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Evangelism in SunnybankThe rain was heavy and constant today during our Sunnybank outreach. But it meant people would congregate under the rain shelters, which provided a great opportunity to talk to many people.

Mostly the people we spoke to today were from overseas, from countries such as China, Vietnam, and Korea. They had never heard anything about Christianity before, and after hearing the gospel, they wanted to know more, so we gave each of them a Bible.

Eight Bibles and many gospel tracts were given out today.

To God be the glory!


Thursday, 13 November, 2014

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Praise God for another great outreach at Sunnybank today.

One of the good conversations we had was with a young man who is in high school named Aditya. He said he doesn't believe in God and never has. 

After a quick apologetic of pointing to the creation (which shows to us there is a creator), he realised that God does exist. And as we going through the law and speaking about the judgment to come, he thought that if he simply stops his sin that will get him into Heaven. I pointed out that stopping his sin won't get rid of the history of it. I then explained he needed a perfect substitute who could take his punishment for him, Jesus.

After explaining about faith in Christ and the subsequent desire to turn from sin and live for Jesus, he said "I want to do that now". I asked a few checking questions to make sure he understood grace - that there is no amount of works he could do to save himself. He did understand. He did not have a Bible so I gave him one and he said he would start reading it everyday.

He closed with "No one has ever explained it that way before. Thank you so much."

Please pray for him.


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