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Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 24 December, 2017

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As we approached Wellington Point, we saw multiple police and ambulance vehicles. Accidents happen quite often; some much more serious than others, cf. Lk. 13. There were relatively fewer people than usual but many took Christmas tracts. We noted these conversations for prayer and praise:

 - Tom had some Bible knowledge but had a distorted understanding of e.g. "if your eye offends you, pluck it out" = there must have been many blind people in Jesus time on earth. But self-blinding will not heal the sin-diseased heart. he accepted this correction.    A more grievous misunderstanding he had was that Jesus death was not sufficient for all sins.

Furthermore, he said that trusting in Jesus was too simple. Also he thought that we might have lost some books of the Bible. Answering according to his needs, about the manuscripts to verify we have all God revealed in the Bible, and explaining the law with God's standard of perfection, Jesus perfect life and death as the Righteous One, and the need to trust Him alone as the only way (Substitute) God has stipulated that one can be granted forgiveness of all his sins and receive the gift of everlasting life today, Jn. 3:36, then Tom was challenged to give serious consideration to the gospel claim: he could live in his make-believe world and enjoy his 'cup of pleasure' or repent today and know that there is a never-ending ocean of treasure awaiting him in glory (as he looked out over the bay to the horizon).

 - Mark, a South Korean S.D.A. who inspired us with some missionary techniques and we trust that we encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. He has a sound grasp of salvation. He also has a niece who goes to Handong (Christian) University where we have some missionary friends.

It was the day before Christmas and like every other day, we say "Thank you Lord for using us and we ascribe all glory, honour and praise to You alone". 

Sunday, 10 December, 2017

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Christmas tracts were generally well received. Here are a few people to pray for:

 - Chase had thought he would die and 'return to the land'. He has now heard God's good news.

 - Ashley, a Maltese lass who believed in many gods. She heard the Bible statement that there are indeed many gods, but none of them could save her. She has now heard of Jesus only and how delightful God is to those speaking with her. She was challenged to prayerfully seek God as she reads through John's gospel (in her Mum's Bible) and asks God to show her who Jesus is and what He has done.

 - Shaun, a J. W. who heard some Scriptures that he was not familiar with, e.g. He posed a philosophic question, "Wouldn't you expect some Scripture to tell of an afterlife if one is conscious after (physical) death?" 2 Cor. 12:2-4 tells us that someone who could have told much was not permitted to. Ecclesiastes is wisdom literature whereas we read a plain narrative when Jesus spoke to the thief who had turned to Him in faith. The Paradise that Jesus spoke of is a present reality cf. the parallelism in 2 Cor. 12:2,3 where the 'third heaven', = 'paradise'.     Challenged on Jn. 5:23, he threw up a few obscure points before we parted amiably.  May he indeed realize he has only heard a part of God's Word and follow this up. Pray the Lord stirs his spirit to seek the Truth.

We thank God for enabling us to serve Him and we ascribe all glory to Him, our great and glorious triune God. 

Sunday, 12 November, 2017

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Street evangelism photoSeveral baby plovers greeted us on our arrival at Wellington Point. We invited 2 passer-bys to view them and 2 tracts went out. Then Glenda, from the Warwick crew, joined with us to make a team of 7. Praying, we went forth and among the prayer points:

 - About 16 young Asians were in one rotunda and one had a t-shirt marked, 'anti-anti-social club'. Entering their midst and mentioning that shirt's message soon led to tracts being handed to each one. These were read and  they indicated that they wished to resume their social activities without the team. Asking for a little time to explain the message to one interested lady, they all ended up hearing the law and gospel. May our Lord be pleased to grant repentance and faith as He sovereignly has purposed.

 - Shaun's room-mate had recently encouraged him to read the O.T. After some apologetics and presenting the law and gospel, Shaun said that he needed to read the Bible before making any commitment.  Ryan suggested that his love for sin was his real reason to delay; to which Shaun agreed. Ryan urged him to read Genesis then the N. T. Pray that Shaun gets an urgency to respond to the gospel. As we all know, eternity may be the next breathe away!

 -- An Asian couple with a SDA friend who had been encouraging this couple to become Christians were still unconverted but had received a Bible. Taking them through the law and gospel, they indicated that they were living for now. They were warned that this is a most foolish attitude to have.

 - A mature age man who had been in the Presbyterian church in the 1970s but he said that they never majored on Jesus so he left. He was pleased to hear that that is not the case today. He was further impressed with the fact that a Presbyterian (within Operation 513) was on the 'street' witnessing for the glory of God. He reads his Bible daily but was encouraged to rejoin a fellowship. (Each Christian is united to Christ and to every other member of that body  = we need fellowship...)

As always, there was more so join with us in praising our Lord God Almighty for His work of saving His people and let us continue to give Him all glory. 

Sunday, 29 October, 2017

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The 2 teams today mainly operated from the shade of the trees on the east and west sides of the point. Amongst the visitors, we dealt with quite a few polite Maoris as they came up from the swimming zone on the western side. In one of the the eating areas, there were many Asians who were mainly using their phones instead of conversing with one another. Approaching the 'headman' one team was asked what they wanted. It was explained  that it was about being reconciled to God. He said that they were not religious. It was pointed out that if God's message  was true that eternal life was involved. They needed to consider the message. Many tracts were distributed before that team moved  on.

There is a prayer request for a Miss T who was raised in a Mormon household but was not committed herself. She was informed of the 'false jesus' of the Mormon cult and how the Bible alone was God's revelation. Now she has been shown/told the law and gospel. Pray that she seeks the true God and Saviour and God grants her the grace to repent and believe.

We give all glory to God that we were able to do what He enabled us to do: give out His Word without compromising His truth.

Sunday, 1 October, 2017

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The Lord had us operate in 3 pairs.

- The ladies encountered 2 young Indian men, Mr. Q & Mr. A. Mr. Q had to excusehimself as he received a phone call from India. Mr. A did not beleive there is a God. Eventually he disclosed that his whole family was under a 'black magic' curse (his description). He did not seem to be able to grasp the message of salvation. Mr. Q. returned and stated that he did not want to miss out on the fun of sin ( Oh, the deceitfulness of sin).  Another team member joined in the conversation and again went through the law and the gospel. By now, the agnostic seemed to be a theist and the funlover had some new thoughts to consider. Both men took John's gospel.  May our Lord speak to them 'wonderful words of life'.

- one pair had a long chat with 2 J.Ws. who appreciated being spoken to tactfully even though they were seriously challenged, including in 2 major areas:

     - Eph. 2:8,9 to which they commented, "There must be more to it than just this."

     - How can there be 2 sources of revelation that do not agree with one another, i.e. the Watchtower Society publications and the Bible?

Pray that they are stirred up in their spirits to seek the truth that will make them free.

- There seemed to be a larger proportion of Indians here today and they willingly took tracts. The witnessing concluded just as the rain came in. 

Thanks be to God for the indescribable riches of his grace to us and to Him be all the glory.




Sunday, 6 August, 2017

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Glory to God! He makes His work of telling forth His good news so interesting. The various chats today amply illustrate this fact. 

     - An Arabic family, Mark & Ruba (sp?) were wanting to teach their children the Truth. They were firm that only the Bible had this Truth. They are searching, e.g. Who is Dt. 18:18 referring to? (Answer in Acts 3:22 in context plus Mt. 17:5 + Jn. 8:31,32),   and at present have no religion. The girls had a long chat with them, including the law (he thought  that he was good enough) and the gospel.

The final words to them were encouraging them to read their Bible asking God to reveal Himself to them, and recommending that they attend a church near to them - a specific one was nominated. They had a question whether they would be welcomed since they are not Christians. They were assured them that they would be most welcome. Pray that the Lord brings them to saving faith in Christ Jesus.

     - Aileen and Izzy had been discussing eternal things and have now heard God's glorious plan of salvation. Receiving a gospel of John each, pray that they make a true commitment to follow Jesus, Lord and Saviour.

     - Anthony started out stating that he only believed in what he could see. Pointing to a building, Ryan stated that someone had built that building. Even though Anthony had never seen that builder, he still knew there was a builder. Anthony agreed. Going through the law and gospel, he reverted again to his 'no sight, I do not believe' position. He was challenged that his desire to live life the way he choose as being the reason he would not trust Christ alone. Pray he considers the horrors of eternity without any comfort as his outcome for living his life without Christ now.

   God uses us in our imperfections and so we freely give Him all the glory for whatever He does in each encounter; whether it is passing out tracts, having a brief or long conversation or whatever transpires. What a honour and privilege to serve Him who first loved us.


Sunday, 23 July, 2017

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The Lord gave us a pleasant winter's day and we were pleased to welcome a new worker )for the second time) in the Lord's (Mt. 9:38) harvest! Please pray for:

- Daniel, an Asian who had never heard  and said that he loved knowledge. Being introduced to God's moral standard for mankind, he admitted his lying. After going through the gospel message, he thought that maybe here was too much knowledge. However, praise God, when it was stressed to him that his future will be either eternal life with God or in God's eternal prison, he said that he will check it out. Pray that he does read the Bible and that God opens his mind to understand his great need for the Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ; to trust in Him alone.

- thank God for two different Christian couples who encouraged us in this aspect of God's work; one couple follows Operation 513 0n Facebook.

- a teenage lass, Frankie, who was very open and intends to respond now. Pray that she counts the cost and makes a serious commitment to follow Jesus.

- John, a supposed Christian, who had believed in Jesus for a long time; after all, wasn't He sent to save us?. However, John has remade in his own mind so that Jesus is fallible, a sinner. Now, as an aging man John neither fellowships nor changed his mind when shown Heb. 4:14,15 that our great High Priest never sinned. He was challenged to read and study Eph. 2. May God humble him and grant him the grace to repent and trust in the sinless Saviour. 

To God be the glory for He alone is worthy to be praised.

Sunday, 25 June, 2017

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Many people were out enjoying the beauty of the area, but not many were willing to stop and discuss spiritual matters. The ones whom God sent to us were of a different attitude, e.g.

- Lee-Anne had a long chat with a David who believed in God but was not a Christian. Getting to the reality of hell, he expressed a very deep concern that he might end up there. After hearing the good news, he stated that he was checking the message out.

- Railee had a long chat with a Daphne who had attended a U.C. but said she had never heard the gospel. She had no concept of eternal life/death. After being taken through the law and gospel and shown how the Bible is God's Word, she received a gospel of John and a few tracts to consider what she had heard.

- Ryan had an Aladdin who heard it all, said it made sense and needs to receive God's love gift in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and trust His work alone to qualify him for glory.

- A young man, Brendan, overtook me as we walked from where we were parked down to the Point. He had some head knowledge and now understands how the gospel flows. He is referred to Romans for studying the gospel and John's gospel for the deity of Jesus.

God encouraged us by making the beautiful day even more glorious for us and hopefully some of those He sent to us, "Today is the day of salvation". God is building His Church and His work is always perfect. Praise Him!


Sunday, 28 May, 2017

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A quieter day than most in trying to converse with people but the Lord provided  an interesting variety including:

- Yana, a German lass here for another 2 weeks who revealed that she was a Universalist. Ryan took her through some apologetics and the law and gospel patiently reworking those points that needed to be clarified in her understanding. At the conclusion, she took a gospel of John to check out what she had heard. [It was also unusual in that it is mainly families or couples that come here and Yana was by herself.]

-high school students, Blake had a R.C. education and a view that all religions are the same. The lass, McKenzie, listened as the Bible's unique message of salvation through repentance from dead works, Heb. 6:1 and trusting in Christ and His finished work of atonement for the sins of His people, Mt. 1:21  so that God's justice is fully satisfied and the sinner can now ask God to grant him forgiveness of all his sins and receive remission. They left with John's gospel and a statement that they would download a Bible. 

No effort that is fuelled by God's grace is wasted in God's sovereign economy. Let us work while it is day and keep giving.God all the glory.

Sunday, 30 April, 2017

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What awaits those who die unrepentant? A.A. Hodge had this chilling thought on hell: the sinner experiences an ever-increasing depravity of soul and self-accusing remorse!  Thankfully we serve a gracious God  who has provided the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to save completely all those who come to God through Him. Please pray for:

Our 2 lady coworkers in the gospel talked with Georgia and Jordan who seemed to understand the gospel and said that they had 'got into the wheelbarrow' as per the Blondin story, or more orthodoxly expressed as 'they had trusted Jesus to save them from their sins. Later, they walked around the point where Ryan started talking with them. When he asked them to explain "what  one had to do to get to heaven", they said, "Trust in God'. He found it useful to take them through the law and gospel again. Pray the sinfulness of sin is unveiled to them.

Abel and friend Ethan  heard the good news. Ethan had some casual objections that he stated. He is in no rush to deal with Jesus. They had the fact of eternal life or death emphasized to them. They also need to read God's Word and see how a holy God cannot allow any imperfections in His home. Now is the time to repent. Today is the day of salvation.

Other conversations challenged the inconsistencies of various people having false world views. Pray God  stirs them up to seek the Truth. 

Praise God. His glorious truth is once again gone forth - the power of God for salvation to those who believe. We acknowledge that we can do nothing but our duty and that by His gracious enabling and always through the Mediator, Jesus Christ. Maranatha!

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