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Sunday, 3 April, 2016

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....And so we return to our Sunday arvo fishing hole “Wellington point” to join together for a time of fellowship and sharing the glorious gospel. It’s such a wonderful blessing to share in the lives of fellow believers knowing that this message given to us by our Lord is His means to bring the lost to salvation.

We give thanks also for blessing us with answered prayer for more labourers for the harvest as Tai met with us for prayer. The team has grown from 5 to 7 who meet regularly in this vital work!!

The afternoon began slowly with only a few people coming past every few minutes so we took advantage of the time to encourage one another with stories of people we shared the gospel with at other outreaches during the week when two guys and some of their family approached, one elderly and one middle aged who received a tract said “What’s this?” I told them that it talks about what happens when you die. The younger one said that he was going into the ground. “Worm food?” I asked, and they agreed.

The older guy said he used to be an Anglican, but now he was an Atheist. He said that God has done nothing for him, and "Why can’t God stop all the wicked things happening around the world?" They said this while walking away, so I quickly added, "First of all God is doing something. He is giving you the air that you are breathing and that no one was getting away with anything, as God will bring everyone to give an account of their lives when they stand before Him in judgement, even you sir." I tried to explain but they just walked off. Hopefully a planted seed!

Ryan chatted to a young guy Nathan as he stopped to get a drink at the water fountain. While Ryan was talking, Nathan’s sister or girlfriend walked past, heard what they were talking about and laughed as she went passed Gordon and he said to her that he (Nathan) would tell her all about it, she agreed and continued on her way still chuckling with her hand over her mouth. About 5 minutes later his mum walked passed and said "Come on Nathan, we’re going." That ended the chat but Ryan said that Nathan seemed to grasp the whole massage, a fruitful conversation indeed. 

Please keep all the people who received tracts and who we shared with that our Lord would convict them of sin and draw them unto salvation.

All Glory to our God!

Sunday, 20 March, 2016

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We arrived at about the same time as Ryan did so we got to chat on the way down the hill to meet the others at our usual spot to pray. On our way Ryan told us about Barry who contacted him during the week and said that he had come over from Perth and was with us till the 31st of March to get some training out on the streets with us!!!

Praise our God for answered prayer, He sure is sending labourers our way so that the Gospel can be proclaimed around this beautiful country we have the privilege to live in!!! Thank you LORD. We met up with the team and introduced ourselves to Barry. We prayed together and split up into three groups and started to hand out tracts. 

Barry and I went to the shady tree spot and chatted as we handed out Easter tracts which are so easy to hand out by saying ‘Happy Easter’.

I handed Paul a tract as he approached with his wife and two small children. His wife and kids walked on as I engaged him with the Easter message, he was very open as I took him through the law to bring about the knowledge of sin, then the Gospel. I encouraged him to think seriously about what we had discussed for his sake and for that of his family. He said he would, thanked me, and joined his family. 

Tai arrived shortly after and we handed him some Easter tracts which he handed out gladly. As we chatted I was able to encourage both of them in their willingness to join in witnessing with us.

It is really amazing as both these guys have a similar story in that around 2 years ago they both received a Gospel tract from our team at the Gold Coast and although Barry was already a Christian, Tai was not at that time but both of them were impacted by God to do something about the message. Tai was challenged to get right with God and Barry was stirred in his heart to the point of coming all the way to Brisbane to meet up with Ryan so he can be trained to do the work of evangelism back in Perth. Please pray that our Lord would stir up some saints in Perth to join with Barry to share the Gospel there.

Then the girls came and joined us after they had a good number of one on ones and some names to pray for, praise God!!!  He always has someone to pass this great news to.

Ryan and Gordon joined back with us and told us about some of their conversations as they walked around the park area and we all shared in the joy of just being able to come together for this work. Another great day at Wellington Point. All praise be to our God!

Sunday, 6 March, 2016

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It was a rather hot day at Wellington Point on Sunday arvo so it was good to be under the shade of a tree. It’s always good to pray and fellowship with the team members as we hand out tracts and share the good news of the gospel with the people of the area out and about enjoying the day.

I had a talk with Ian, a middle aged aussie bloke and his asian partner and upon going through a few of the ten commandments I asked if they have ever told a lie. They agreed and the lady said that she lied to her mother and then pointed to Ian and said that he lied to her. Not wanting them to start an argument with each other, I quickly went on to another commandment to show them that they and all of us are guilty of breaking God’s laws. 

I explained that we will have to stand before the judgement seat of God one day and give an account of the way we lived while on our journey in this short thing called life! This couple had someone waiting for them but before they went I shared the Gospel and challenged them to investigate this message for they do not know if they will have tomorrow!!

When I had finished the chat with that couple, Ryan told us that a young man had contacted him during the week and said that he lived in Wellington Point and asked if it would it be alright if he could come and meet us and join us in sharing the gospel. Well of course we said no (only joking). 

Ryan told us that he was coming that arvo. He (Tai) arrived and we got acquainted with him, gave him some tracts and showed him tips on handing the tracts out. He also got to listen to Ryan witness to a couple of teenage boys. These two boys were cousins of two other teenagers Ryan had shared the gospel with only ten minutes before. They were of the Indian Sikh religion and had never heard this message before and told their two cousins to check out what Ryan was sharing!!! Wow praise God. Please pray for the young boys that our Lord would bring them to saving faith in Him.

The ladies joined us shortly after they had witnessed to a number of people at the jetty. We introduced them to Tai and they got to encouraged Tai in his decision to come out and share the gospel with us. We prayed and thanked our Lord for His abundant mercy and grace poured out upon us daily and that His word will not return void but will accomplish what He sent it to do.

Bless His Holy name.

Sunday, 7 February, 2016

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Sunday afternoon at Wellington point was overcast but quite warm so we were blessed to have a breeze and a shady tree to keep us cool. After committing the afternoon to the Lord in prayer we started to hand out our Gospel tracts, it’s good to have a variety of tracts to suit the different people groups and various ages of the people.

As a family walked passed, one of the teenage boys who was with them stopped to chat as he was asked the question on whether he followed Jesus. He said he was and is obeying the message of turning away from sin. It was during the chat that he told me that he remembered talking with me at the Halloween Festival in Wynnum last year, and so I encouraged him to continue to read the Bible.

Now at the same time, Gordon was talking with 3 young adults from Cleveland Baptist church. They were testing a homemade PVC spud gun and they said they were going to be coming back periodically in coming weeks to do more testing. The good thing about this was the spud gun sounded like a mini cannon every time they fired it and was attracting onlookers (more people for us to hand out tracts to). Gordon got to talk to an onlooker who was also a believer who was drawn by the noise - God uses everything.

The ladies came back with many good conversations, LeeAnne spoke with 3 teenagers even before we started, she had lots of people she engaged with while Railee and Glenda prayed and kept handing out tracts.

Glenda spoke with a Japanese lady, she said she would read the tract but was not interested in Jesus being the only way to heaven. The amazing thing was: While Glenda was working a few days later she was taking an elderly Client for a walk and she saw the Japanese lady from Sunday and got to say "Hello, remember me from the other day at Wello?" She looked and waved. We pray she will consider all that was said to her about Jesus and her salvation.

Another great afternoon of sharing the glorious Gospel. To God be the Glory.

Sunday, 24 January, 2016

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The afternoon at Wellington was a typical Sunday in summer with plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze. Two of the team members were still away on holidays, so there was just the four of us. As usual the ladies headed off to the jetty while Ryan and I went to our spot.

For a rather hot day there were not as many people out and about, as we would have expected. So we chatted while we handed out tracts and we were saying to each other how blessed we are to live in this part of the world, when a bloke approached and upon handing him a tract he said "What's this all about?" I said, "It asks you if you are good enough to get to Heaven."

His reply was that this was Heaven right here, just look around. He thought he was good enough, and as he was starting to walk off I challenged him on what the Bible says is 'good enough' - you must be perfect (Matthew 5:48). The guy had to go, but asked for another tract so he could read it, so I gave him a comic tract for a deeper understanding of how sinful we are.

He shook my hand and continued up the path, when another couple walked past saying the same thing that Heaven was right here. Ryan asked them to read the tract he handed them. 

Just before 3pm the ladies returned from the jetty and told us of a conversation with a young lad from up Ipswich way. He didn't think he was going to Heaven, but wasn't concerned about Hell. So they took him through the Law and explained how our sin separates us from God and, starting from Genesis, they were able to tell him of our history and fall of man by rebelling against God.

After a long chat with him, the ladies encouraged him to read the book of John and asked when was he going to get right with God, as none of us are assured of tomorrow.

Afterwards, we prayed together as a team and thanked our Lord for His mercy and grace upon us and for the privilege to proclaim His glorious gospel.

Sunday, 14 June, 2015

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Wellington Point Reserve OutreachThere were 4 of us on the team today for the outreach at Wellington Point. We split up in twos and positioned ourselves in two different parts of the point.

Rick got talking to an older lady who turned out to be Jehovah's Witness. She is very active in it, but didn't really know her Bible very well. She was advocating the idea that since the wages of sin is death, therefore no one will be judged on judgement day based on what they've done in this life, since they have already paid for their sin by dying.

So we shared with her some Scriptures like Romans 2:5-6, where it speaks about people storing up wrath for the day of wrath based on their actions now. She responded "You'll never change my mind!" So we encouraged her to be open-minded to what the Bible says and so she eventually agreed to write down these Scriptures we were mentioning to her to look them up later.

But she didn't have a pen. However, at that moment her teenage granddaughter turned up and said she would write them in her phone. She did this and then while Rick was talking with the grandmother, I started witnessing to the granddaughter who was an active Jehovah's Witness as well.

She had a lot of questions, like "How can there be a Hell if God is loving?", "What about the 140,000?", "What about the paradise Earth?" As I was answering her questions, I could tell she was listening intently.

At one stage, she mentioned how she believes the Holy Spirit is merely God's active force. I said, "Why then does it say in Ephesians 4:30 'Don't grieve the Holy Spirit?'" I asked her, "How can you grieve a force? Only persons can be grieved. That means the Holy Spirit is not a force but a person, one of the persons of the Godhead." She actually came to agree.

I then went on to explain how Jesus said in Matthew 5:48 we must be perfect for our whole life, but we are not and therefore deserve Hell. And simply trying to be perfect isn't good enough.

I went on to explain the gospel, and she was beginning to grasp it - that her witnessing, church going and praying couldn't save her, but only faith in what Jesus has done on the cross could.

I also warned her to not believe the Watchtower organisation, but only the Bible. For I pointed out that even the Watchtower themselves acknowledges that they have made false predictions in the past (like when Jesus would return), and so therefore they are a false prophet and shouldn't be believed. She thought that was a good point.

She said she would seriously think about what she heard and read those passages she wrote in her phone. 

Afterwards Rick told me that the grandmother wasn't open at all to hear what Rick was saying, but Rick continued the conversation with the lady long enough so that I could talk thoroughly with her granddaughter.

Please pray for both ladies.

To God be the glory!

Sunday, 31 May, 2015

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Wellington Point beach evangelismOn Sunday afternoon, we had our fortnightly outreach at Wellington Point (QLD). It was a overcast but there were still people around to witness to.

We had a few brief conversations before we had a close to two hour long conversation with a couple, Arthur and Lisa. It started off just talking to Lisa. She said that she would be going to Heaven because her soul is perfect. However, she did admit that she has sinned and she mentioned she believed in Jesus. I knew something wasn't right because of her answer about her soul being perfect.

After talking further with her, it turned out she didn't believe that God would punish anyone. She thought that two gods exist, one that is good and other not so good. She said that the Old Testament described one of the gods and the New Testament the other god.

So I asked her where she is getting her ideas from - she said from books that had supposedly been left out of the Bible. I knew straight away, she's into Gnosticism. It was an idea that was floating around soon after the time of Christ, claiming 'secret knowledge', and was responsible for a number of supposed 'other gospels' written (eg: Gospel of Thomas).

I pointed out to her that these 'gospels' were not written by the people they are ascribed to, but are later forgeries that came hundreds of years after the time of Christ. They are very different to the actual gospels, which were written not long after the time of Christ, by eyewitnesses of him.

Lisa wasn't comfortable with idea that Jesus bodily rose from the dead, for Gnostics say that matter is not good and ultimately our aim is to perfect our soul by ridding ourselves of anything physical. So we showed her Jesus' statement in Luke 24:39 where he says he has flesh and bones.

Soon after this, her husband Arthur came along and we continued to speak with both of them. We were showing them that there is a judgement Day to come and that God must punish sinners for their sin, unless they come faith in Christ - the only one who can take our punishment for us. We pleaded with them to leave their false beliefs and come to faith in Christ alone for their salvation.

I am very thankful that salvation is in God's hands and that even though they were very stubborn, they have heard the truth now and our prayer is that God would work on their hearts and draw them to Himself. Please pray for Arthur and Lisa.


Sunday, 8 February, 2015

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Wellington Point EvangelismDuring our fortnightly outreach at Wellington Point this last Sunday we had some good conversations with people.

The tide was up and so that meant less people were walking on the sand to King Island, which meant more people were walking past us.

We got to speak to a Hungarian man who spoke little English. But with the aid of Google Translate we could communicate with each other.  He believed that God is everything and that all the religions are the same. After much discussion, we left him with the truth that Jesus is the only way.

Photo: This young man didn't believe in God, even after giving him good reasons, he kept rejecting it off hand. I went through the law and gospel with him. Eventually I asked him what is the real cause of his rejection of God, and he admitted that it was his sin that he loved doing. Please pray for him, his name is Joel.


Sunday, 25 January, 2015

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Outreach at Wellington Point, QLDThe gospel went out again yesterday during our fortnightly outreach at Wellington Point (Australia).

I had a conversation with Maria, a mother who attends a Catholic Church with her family and has been doing so for 15 years. She thought had to be very lucky to get to Heaven.

I got to explain the gospel to her but I couldn't tell whether she properly understood it, and she said she had to go.

But the next chat I had was with her son (probably about 18 years old). His name was Isaac. He said that he wakes up each morning terrified that he knows he will go to Hell because he said he has sinned so many times.

He said that he knew that stopping his sins wouldn't get him to Heaven because he still has the history of them that God cannot overlook. He then said, "I need someone who is perfect who can take the punishment for me on my behalf". I asked, "And who is that?" "Jesus", he said.

He had managed to overhear the conversation that I was having with his mum earlier and that is why he understood he needed a substitute.

So I encouraged him to trust in Christ alone for his forgiveness. He said he would and he realised the catholic idea of works doesn't save and so he said he wants to find a good Christian church to join instead.

At the same time, Rick was able to share the gospel with Isaac's brother, Mickah, and he was quite receptive.

The people in this photo are:

Lachlan & Dilan - they attend a catholic school. Rick explained gospel. They were not sure of going to Heaven, one had a bible, other didn't. Listened intently. Encouraged them to read the gospel of John.

Please pray for all who heard the message. We have a great gospel!


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