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Sunday, 8 February, 2015

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Wellington Point EvangelismDuring our fortnightly outreach at Wellington Point this last Sunday we had some good conversations with people.

The tide was up and so that meant less people were walking on the sand to King Island, which meant more people were walking past us.

We got to speak to a Hungarian man who spoke little English. But with the aid of Google Translate we could communicate with each other.  He believed that God is everything and that all the religions are the same. After much discussion, we left him with the truth that Jesus is the only way.

Photo: This young man didn't believe in God, even after giving him good reasons, he kept rejecting it off hand. I went through the law and gospel with him. Eventually I asked him what is the real cause of his rejection of God, and he admitted that it was his sin that he loved doing. Please pray for him, his name is Joel.


Sunday, 25 January, 2015

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Outreach at Wellington Point, QLDThe gospel went out again yesterday during our fortnightly outreach at Wellington Point (Australia).

I had a conversation with Maria, a mother who attends a Catholic Church with her family and has been doing so for 15 years. She thought had to be very lucky to get to Heaven.

I got to explain the gospel to her but I couldn't tell whether she properly understood it, and she said she had to go.

But the next chat I had was with her son (probably about 18 years old). His name was Isaac. He said that he wakes up each morning terrified that he knows he will go to Hell because he said he has sinned so many times.

He said that he knew that stopping his sins wouldn't get him to Heaven because he still has the history of them that God cannot overlook. He then said, "I need someone who is perfect who can take the punishment for me on my behalf". I asked, "And who is that?" "Jesus", he said.

He had managed to overhear the conversation that I was having with his mum earlier and that is why he understood he needed a substitute.

So I encouraged him to trust in Christ alone for his forgiveness. He said he would and he realised the catholic idea of works doesn't save and so he said he wants to find a good Christian church to join instead.

At the same time, Rick was able to share the gospel with Isaac's brother, Mickah, and he was quite receptive.

The people in this photo are:

Lachlan & Dilan - they attend a catholic school. Rick explained gospel. They were not sure of going to Heaven, one had a bible, other didn't. Listened intently. Encouraged them to read the gospel of John.

Please pray for all who heard the message. We have a great gospel!


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