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Friday, 13 January, 2017

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It was another busy night on Friday night at the Gold Coast for our weekly outreach there. We had about 10 of us on the team.

As I was driving to the coast I remembered that I hadn't refilled the box of Bibles for our free Bibles table, and so I thought that there is not much point in setting the table if we don't have any Bibles. But I concluded that I'll bring it anyway.

After unloading the car with all our other equipment, I looked into the back seat and I saw a box on there. I looked inside and it was a box of Bibles. Praise the Lord how He provides what we need! For in fact, every single one of those Bibles went out that night.

Throughout the night some good gospel conversations were had, including with a young man named Tom. He used to be in the US army and while being posted overseas his friends died in combat, and he feels guilty about it. So he says now he just keeps getting drunk to numb the pain.

I explained that all that does is mask the problem, it doesn't actually bring us to any solution whatsoever. The solution is found in firstly recognising all the sins we have committed against God and how for them we deserve hell, but then to look to Jesus who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, dying in our place for our sins.

Once we repent and trust in Christ, only then can we have our conscience cleared knowing that Jesus has paid the penalty for us.

We thanked us for the chat and asked for a Bible since he didn't have one.

To God be the glory for another wonderful night!

Friday, 2 December, 2016

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On Friday night we had an outreach at the Gold Coast and it was great to see many people happy to talk with us about eternal things. There were still a lot of Schoolies around, celebrating their end of schooling.

In the second photo you'll notice a conversation is being had with a group of guys who chatted with us for quite a while. As they were leaving, one young man in the group said that he wanted to stay around and keep talking with us. And so he did, even though his friends all left. He was under great conviction of sin and was very open to hearing the news of Jesus' death and resurrection for our forgiveness.

Afterwards, we preached with the sketchboard and God saw fit to draw in people to listen to the message. During this, there were quite a few questions that people asked the preacher as well, such as "Why is there suffering?", and "How can Jesus pay for the sins of a really bad person?", and "What about homosexuality?" This drew in more and more of a crowd to listen to what was being said, with the preacher answering their questions and tying it in with the gospel.

To God be the glory that His word is going out!

Friday, 18 November, 2016

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During our Friday night outreach at the Gold Coast, we noticed that there were already some Schoolies who had arrived, and so we had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of them about Christ.

They are some of the most open people to talk to, because they have nothing to do down there, they're at a crossroads in their life, and they don't have their parents around - so they have to think about the issues for themselves.

We had two people on the team who preached with the sketchboard and God drew in a crowd to listen to the message. During this, the rest of the team were handing out gospel tracts and getting into conversations, including with a young lady named Melissa.

After hearing the bad news that we have sinned against God and deserve punishment, and also the good news that Jesus died for our sins if we repent and believe, you could tell she was clearly pondering the message. She said, "I am going to have to seriously think about this tonight."

God's word never returns void! To God be all the glory!

Friday, 11 November, 2016

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We had a great outreach at the Gold Coast Friday night last week. It was wonderful to see that all the gospels of John on our English free Bibles table ran out by the end of the night.

We also had an Arabic free Bibles table set up, and so people visiting from the Middle East were able to get a copy of the Bible in their own language.

One stand out conversation we had was with two men who approached the Arabic Bible table near the end of the night - one was from Saudi Arabia and the other from the USA. Martin was the second man's name.

He said he was an atheist until a few months ago when he became a Muslim. I asked what the reason was for changing his beliefs. He said he was worried about death and about what happens after, and he had some Muslim friends who told him what they think happens after death.

He asked us the question, "There are so many religions in the world, how can we know which one is right?" So we explained how there are only two kinds of religions in the world - one kind that says you need to earn your way to Heaven by doing more good deeds than bad, and this encompasses every religion besides Christianity. The other kind of religion, which is only Christianity, says the only way to Heaven is by having a perfect person who can take our punishment for us on our behalf.

We asked, "If a judge in a courtroom accepted a bribe and let the criminal go free on that basis, that would be corruption, right?" He agreed. "In the same way, if God just ignores our sin because of something we offer him (like a good deed), that would be him accepting a bribe and therefore would be corrupt." He said that makes sense, and that only that latter kind of religion would work.

He had never read the Bible before and so he was more than happy to take a New Testament. He had heard from his Muslim friends that the Bible has been corrupted, and so we addressed his concerns by explaining that we still manuscript copies of the Bible in the original languages today from thousands of years ago, and we can compare our Bible today to the ones from then and it says the same thing.

Please pray for Martin as he considers repenting and trusting in Jesus for his forgiveness.

To God be the glory!

Friday, 14 October, 2016

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Thank you for praying for our outreach last night at the Gold Coast. The Lord raised up about 14 labourers to be on the team, which was really encouraging to see.

The wind was blowing a gale at the beginning of the outreach, and so we were having trouble keeping the resources on the free Bibles table. But as the wind died down, it was great to see that the Bibles were still flying off the table, but this time because people were taking them.

One of the conversations we had last night was with a group of young men from Indonesia who said that they were Muslims. They didn't think that they were good people - they considered themselves to be 'bad boys'. But they thought they would go to heaven if they merely improved their lives, since God is most merciful.

So we got to share with them how since God is a just judge, He cannot simply overlook our sins. We said, "Imagine if an earthly judge had a murderer standing before him and he said to the murderer, 'I am a very merciful judge, so I am just going to let you go free without any punishment for the murder you've done.' That would be unjust of him, wouldn't it?" The men agreed.

We continued, "God is definitely not going to be like that. For God cannot show mercy at the expense of justice. That is why we need a perfect person who can pay the penalty for our sin, and as a result, God can show us mercy." These men were beginning to see how this made sense.

So it lead on to explaining about how Jesus is the one who has taken the punishment for our sin, if we trust only in what he has done for us, and as a result we will want to turn from our sin. These young men were clearly thinking it through, and also counting the cost, since all their family and friends are Muslims too.

They were happy to take a gospel of John each to start reading. Please pray for them. To God be the glory for a wonderful night!

Friday, 7 October, 2016

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It was a wonderfully busy night last night at the Gold Coast. We had 12 of us on the team.

How exciting it is to see plenty of gospel tracts go out and see the team in many gospel conversations. To God be the glory!





Friday, 2 September, 2016

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We had 12 of us on the team last night at the Gold Coast. It was a windy night and as the night went on, the wind got stronger and stronger. So much so that the resources we had on the free Bible tables, which we have in English and Arabic, repeatedly were flying away.

But that didn't stop the gospel going out at all. Three people on the team preached throughout the night, while God brought in people to listen to the message, some who were asking questions and interacting with the preacher.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team were handing out gospel tracts and getting into conversations with people. In fact, one conversation that the team had was with a Muslim couple who wanted to know more about Christianity and they continued talking for well over an hour! The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

We praise God that He is saving a people for Himself from all the nations! To God be the glory.

Friday, 19 August, 2016

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On Friday evening the team was small. There was only three that made it out! Thankfully God works through faithfulness rather than large numbers.

There were a range of good conversations had, many tracts were handed out and some preaching was done.

Encouragingly many people were interested in the arabic table, which lead to some lengthy and encouraging discussions!

Please be praying for more labourers, that each week new people will be interested in joining the team! Please pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He will bring along more people to talk with.

Ask God that he will prepare the hearts and minds of people, readying them for the Gospel and leading them to the different outreaches we have!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Friday, 12 August, 2016

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The gospel went out to many again last night at the Gold Coast. It was great seeing lots of the team in conversations throughout the night.

Now at this time of year there are a lot of Muslims from the Middle East who holiday at the Gold Coast. That is why we have a free Bible table set up in English and Arabic.

Near the end of the night, one person on the team was witnessing to a Muslim who was so surprised to see his own language in Australia, and he was especially surprised that it was about the Bible.

So he straight away called up a friend of his who is a senior Muslim cleric in Sydney and said, "You need to get here and explain this to me." This Muslim man then began reading out aloud to the cleric on the phone the content of the Arabic signs we had set up which had a verse of the Bible on it.

Praise the Lord!

Friday, 5 August, 2016

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It was another great night at Cavill Avenue Gold Coast last Friday night. Our wonderful God has supplied the blessing of committed workers willing to come and share the glorious Gospel! What a privilege! And we praise His Holy Name for we know that He has prepared hearts of the people and does all the work in their lives and ours. As we give ourselves to Him and share the message of Salvation in Jesus Name He is Glorified.

Before we began we gathered for prayer, our prayer was that the Lord prepare our hearts and to give us more thankfulness for His Mercy and Grace, also to help us to know and love Him more and to give us the words to speak to the people with encounter.

First up to preach Trevor brought the message that God is good in contrast of us...we are not. The message of who God is and who we are was explained, the words were highlighted and the cross was the centre of the message and the love of Christ Jesus was clear for the people walking past or stopping to hear and see the solution to our sin problem.

One of our team members that preaches open air in Brisbane City came to the Gold Coast for the first time, he soon was in conversation with some young Muslims it wasn’t long after a older man joined in and he had a large group and was in conversation with them for some time. He then got up to preach and it was wonderful to hear him preaching scripture and declaring the fact that we must be born again.

This same team member had the group of Muslims gather very tight around him the group of young men grew more in numbers to the point of them taking the preacher and engaging again in a long discussion, we pray for all his efforts to explain the message of the only way to God through Jesus.

There were a lot of conversations with Muslims and Arabic Bibles and literature given out on the night. Lots of tracts and one on ones were happening and a good number of team members had opportunities to plant seeds of Gods Word to those who stopped and were asked the big questions of life...Why do we die? What happens when we die? Are you a good person? Will you be good enough for heaven? Why would God let you in to Heaven? All have answers that Jesus explains clearly through the instruction manual Gods Word the Bible.

All Glory to God.

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