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Friday, 30 October, 2015

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On Friday evening the team made their way to the Gold Coast to the share the Good News. Since this is a 'party district' many people were out seeking the pleasures of sin for a season. 

Tonight, the team was able to engage many people who had different beliefs about God, salvation and life. Yet, even though we spoke to people from many backgrounds the message of the Gospel remained the same. 

It doesn't matter where someone is from, or what they believe. They all need to hear the truth that we have sinned against God, yet, God in mercy sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for His people; to take the punishment we deserve. Then, three days later, the Lord Jesus rose again from the dead, and now He commands us to repent and believe in Christ. 

From the start of the night things were rather interesting. Early on a man came up to Ryan and was complaining about hearing the preaching and seeing the Scripture signs. Please pray that the Lord would soften this man's heart and bring him to faith. 

Matt had oppurtunity to talk to a man named Frank who was very angry. Frank claimed to be a Christian, yet he was swearing and yelling. Then he would say that he loved what the team was doing. 

After awhile he left, but returned a few hours later, this time with a sign he had stolen from a cafe. He then placed the sign right in front of us and left. We were able to return the sign later on. 

We also talked with Rodger, a man who was a Jehovah's Witness. He made claims about the Jesus he believes in not being divine and being created. We were able to talk with him about what the Bible states in Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1-3, Philippians 2, Matthew 16, Revelation 1 and a range of other places about Jesus being God. Upon hearing these verses he started to get a bit squirmy; with no defense from the Bible for his position he said he had to leave.


We were also able to speak to a young man named Jayden who is a Maori who had never heard the Gospel before. He didn't know the way to Heaven but had just assumed it was a default position that all who die go to Heaven. We asked him about Hitler and Stalin and others like them, do they go to Heaven?

Upon hearing this his position changed. He realised that not everyone will go to Heaven. From this point we were able to talk about God's standards and how not everyone will be in Heaven. 

After covering a lot of the basis for the need of the Gospel and understanding our sin, he said he was concerned that he wouldn't be going to Heaven. 

We were then able to share with him the Good News. That the way to Heaven is only through trusting in Jesus Christ and what He has done. 

Jayden said that was the first time he had heard this message and would have to consider it. Please pray for Jayden that he will consider the truth and put his trust in Jesus Christ!



Please pray that all whom we talked to will heed the warning message and trust Christ alone for salvation. Please pray that those who took tracts will read and consider the importance of the Eternity.


Soli Deo Gloria!

Friday, 18 September, 2015

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On Friday at the Gold Coast we had an interesting night, praise the Lord that we had ten labourers out. The team is slowly sitting, more constantly, higher but there is always a need for more!

The mall was quieter than usual which was weird for a school holiday period but it may be that it will be very busy next Friday.

The team split up around the mall, preaching, handing out tracts and trying to start conversations. Praise the Lord many were able to hear the good news.

I talked to a man named Livio, he professed to be a Christian but also admitted to living in unrepentant sin, he said that God has saved him and now he is under Grace not Law.

It was very sad to hear, sure enough he was out for a night in the clubs. It is conversations like this that break my heart, I challenged him with Matthew 7:13-14 and 21-23 and he was relatively apathetic to it, he said he knew he was getting to heaven and that was all that mattered.

I soon after talked to Will, another young man out for a night and desiring to sin, he said that his parents were Christians but he didn't like the Law that came with God.

So he had tried to discard both but said he was still an agnostic.

I then talked to an older couple, who were both very certain that they were good enough to deserve Heaven, the problem was that they thought it was works based.

I challenged them on the Gospel, that which Christ proclaimed and they said they believed it but still said they were justified by works.

Interestingly after a small amount of conversation they were talking about how they were too old to change now, it was sad to hear, the pride had set in, change, that would require admitting being wrong for so long.

I talked to a young couple Ash and Mirin, they mentioned previously attending a Catholic school, I was able to discuss with them salvation, the Bible and the things of God.

They started off not really wanting to talk but by the end were asking questions and engaging.

They both said it was something that hadn't given much thought to but said they would have to now.

I also talked to a range of drunk guys, who in groups made different claims anywhere from having a day off from Christianity, or were Catholics or Jews.

It is awfully sad to see the state of this world, the desire to sin and the lack of consideration many have for their eternity.

Please keep the lost we talked to in prayer, please lift them up to God, the author of salvation, the loving and merciful God who allowed for us, wretched sinners to be saved.

Please pray that God's Gospel pierces their hearts and that God may use this encounter as a way to bring them to repentance and salvation.

Please also pray for the team that they are able to seek continually for God's glory and are able to remain humbled by the Grace of God and able to prayerfully consider His word.

Also pray for the team, that in coming evangelism hours they are able to remember from whence they came, to sanctify Christ as Lord and to be able to in Love, without sacrificing truth be able to present the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Friday, 11 September, 2015

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Friday night at Cavill Avenue (Gold Coast, Australia), the team was strong in numbers, in comparison to recent weeks (That doesn't mean we don't need more labourers!) but it was a blessing to have so many around to be able to engage the public as they spent some time with the family on the Coast or to talk with the locals who were out for the night.

I first talked with Brendan, a young man who professed to be perfect, he claimed to never have broken God's law and that, though it is a rare that response does come out from time to time.

It is a scary thought to think someone is so proud they can't admit they have sinned. Please pray that Brendan will come to understand sin and the offense it is to God and therefore repent and believe the Gospel.

I talked to another you man who said he had talked to the team a few times but said it didn't bother him much, that he would suffer in Hell.

I begged with him to consider it tonight because I don't want him in Hell and he definitely doesn't want to be there and God has offered salvation, that payment for sin.

I also talked with Matthew and Natalie a young couple, one whom had gone to a "Christian" school and the other who had grown up in a "Christian" home.

But they both didn't really want to consider it, they said they had heard it all before but it wanted to live how they wanted to. I challenged them with the Eternity they were accepting if they continued in sin.

Please keep these two in prayer, that God may bring them to repentance and saving faith.

I talked with and older couple Ray and Marlene. Ray said he disbelieved God but was to old to change now, despite the apologetics I offered him and despite all of the evidence. He said he was too far gone and too old to change his ways now.

And Marlene was convinced she was saved, even though she was professing to be saved by works. She said she had done the right thing her whole life (except for the occasional sin) and was definitely going to Heaven. She to said she was to old to change now.

Please pray for Ray and Marlene that they may come to saving faith! May God change their hardness of heart, soften it and allow for the seed of the Gospel to grow!

I talked to Hannah and Yasmin two young ladies who were out looking for boys, it is more of a rare thing for young women to admit that but these two had no shame in admitting their sinfulness.

In fact they seemed proud of being deniers of God, even though they professed to be Christians and said they attended a local church.

Please pray for these two, may God use the sermons they hear, or the Bible, or any means possible including the conversation to spark the start of a life change, including surrender to Christ as Lord.

I also talked to Jesse, he said that he had thought about Eternity a little bit the questions I posed where much more real, much deeper than what he had been asked before

He said that he would have to consider where he is going when he dies and he would have to do it tonight!

It was a blessing to hear a young man having to ponder the eternal things.

Please pray for each and every one of those that interacted with the team, please pray for them that the seed which was sown will fall on the cultivated field of good soil, prepared by God and that many may desire to lay aside the life they are living and surrender to Christ a Lord.

Please keep all of the team in prayer, praising God for the opportunities we had and thanking Him for protecting us in what we have done and allowing us the freedom to share the Gospel.

May it all be to the praise of His glorious Grace!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Friday, 14 August, 2015

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Sketchboard EvangelismLast night at the Gold Coast we got to speak to many Muslims about Christ. For it is the time of the year when they come from Middle Eastern countries to the Gold Coast for a holiday. It's great that even though most of them are from countries that are closed to Christian missionaries, they come to us and get to hear the gospel while on holiday!

I found that for most of the conversations last night with the Muslims, it started off with just a couple people in the conversation. But by the end of the conversation, it had grown to about 8, with the person's friends joining in to listen and ask questions.

In each of the conversations, they all seemed to present the same sort of faulty arguments - about the Bible being changed, about the Bible speaking of Muhammad coming, and about there being many different versions of the Bible.

The Muslims were fascinated to hear that I was 100% sure I was going to Heaven when I died. Not because of I'm good enough, but because Christ is perfect and has died for my sins. Grace appeared to be such a foreign concept to them, and so that is why I focused a lot of my time on that, as well as on the deity of Christ. The beauty of God's truth is that it never returns void!

I could tell that one of the Muslim men I spoke was intently listening, that even at the end of the conversation he said to me, "I am going to start reading the Bible."

Trevor and I also preached with the sketchboard last night and people stopped to listen to what was being said. Tom and George also took turns reading the Sermon on the Mount. Please pray for all those who heard the truth.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Friday, 24 July, 2015

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Evangelism to MuslimsIt is the time of year when thousands of people from the Middle East travel to the Gold Coast for a holiday. That is why last night for the first time, alongside our normal free Bibles table, we also set up a table for giving out Bibles in Arabic. It was great to see many Muslims coming up and taking a Bible in their own language.

Last night, the team took turns either reading the Bible out loud or preaching. I also preached using the sketchboard and God saw fit to bring in a crowd to listen for quite a long time. There were a few people heckling and asking questions, such as: "Is every other religion false?", "Why is Jesus true?", "What about those who have never heard?", "What about homosexuality?"

It was great being able to address their questions, knowing that I was not just speaking to the questioner, but also to everyone else who was listening. That meant I kept going back to the message of the gospel many times. During this time, the team was busy in conversations and handing out gospel tracts.

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel.

Glory to God!

Friday, 26 June, 2015

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Gold Coast open air preachingThank-you to all those who were praying for our outreach in Surfers Paradise tonight.

Over the past few weeks we have face opposition from the Gold Coast City Council in relation to our ministry. Even though we have permits to preach, some elements within the council has been seeking to silence the Gospel.

Tonight, we weren't sure what would happen so we had many people praying. By God's grace nothing happened. Council didn't come near us, and God blessed us with large crowds which gathered to listen to the preaching.

Throughout the night many Bibles, and tracts were distributed. Also, many one to one conversations were had. Please pray that the Lord would transform the lives of all those who shared with.


Street preaching Surfers Paradise Sketchboard evangelism Australia

Friday, 1 May, 2015

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On Friday night at the Gold Coast, we spoke to an Indian lady who over the past year or two has been working at McDonald's nearby where we preach.

Each Friday and Saturday night she would make sure to clean the outside dining tables as often as she could so that she could hear the preaching of the gospel.

She told us that God used that to save her and she is now part of a local church. Glory to God!

Friday, 3 April, 2015

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Surfers Paradise evangelismIt was very busy on Friday night at our weekly Gold Coast outreach. It was the start of the Easter weekend and clearly many people had flocked to Surfers Paradise for a holiday.

This provided a great opportunity for evangelism. We used the sketchboard to preach a couple messages explaining what Easter is all about, and handed out lots of our 'Happy Easter' gospel tract.

We also had a 77 year old man join us for the outreach and he loved it and is keen to return. So for those of you who may be thinking, 'I am too old to evangelise', you're not. I hope this is an encouragement to you to make the most of the time that you have left on this Earth.

After I finished preaching a message on 'The Way to Heaven' - how being good, simply stopping sin, or saying sorry won't save us, and how instead it is only by Jesus taking the punishment for our sin on our behalf that we can be saved - I had a conversation with two young people, Matt & Britney. They were just walking by and didn't hear my preaching, so I asked them whether they would go to Heaven.

They responded by saying "Yes, because we are good people". So I went through some of the commandments and they began to realise their sin, but said, "We will stop doing our sin." I explained how that wouldn't get rid of any of the history of their sin. 

They said, "Ok, but I will say sorry to God." I explained how in a court of law, if a criminal said sorry, we would still be guilty. Similarly, it doesn't matter how many times we say sorry to God, he wouldn't be able to simply overlook our sin.

It was really interesting to me that their ideas of how to get to Heaven were the very things I had just preached about not being the way. I find that those three things are what most people think will save them.

That is why these days before I explain the news of the cross, I will spend some time trying to dispel any false ideas out of their mind regarding the way to Heaven, so that once they've come to the point of, "Well there is nothing I can do then!" then I find they come to grasp the gospel better. For there really is nothing we can do to earn our way to Heaven, it is instead completely the work of Christ on the cross that saves us, which is received by repentance and faith.

Matt and Britney came to understand the gospel and said they were going to count the cost. They were happy to receive a gospel of John. Please pray for them.

Please also pray for Partarna who belongs to a Buddhist family. He heard the gospel and took a gospel of John. 

There were many other conversations had as well on Friday. To God alone be the glory!

Friday, 20 March, 2015

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It was a busy night at the Gold Coast on 20th March 2015. We used the sketchboard to present the gospel a couple of times, open air preached and handed out gospel tracts.

Here is a short video from the night:

Comic book gospel tracts are available here:

Glory to God!

Friday, 27 February, 2015

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Gold Coast EvangelismAs I was driving to the Gold Coast on Friday evening, I noticed dark rain clouds over the area. I suspected that it may be another rainy night. But I prayed that God would not allow it to rain until the outreach was over.

It was fine weather when I arrived and continued that way for the entire outreach! And as soon as 10pm rolled around (we had already packed up), then the rain started.

Praise be to God for answering that prayer. For the fine weather meant that there were lots of people around to witness to.

We used the sketchboards and good size crowds gathered to listen and observe as we preached while illustrating the message with paint.

While this was happening, the rest of the team were having conversations with people or handing out tracts. A few of the conversations that were had were with Muslims (such as the one on this photo). 

Most of the Muslims we talk to are tourists from Middle Eastern countries where it would be very hard for us to go and preach there (it would be illegal), but the good news is that they all come to us, in a country where we can preach to them. They then can take the message and tracts back to the countries where they come from. It is great how God works.

Please pray for all who heard the gospel. To God be the glory for a wonderful night!


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