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Friday, 13 February, 2015

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Sharing the Christian faith at the Gold CoastWhen we first arrived it poured down with rain, but praise be to God it was not long before the rain stopped and people started coming back out again.

I had an hour long conversation with three young people - Jeffrey & Lulela & Emma. Jeffrey initially said that all logic shows that God doesn't exist. So I was expecting to hear some arguments against God. I asked him give me one. He said that he doesn't have any and instead asked me for arguments for God's existence, saying that he doesn't know whether God exists or not. I pointed out to him that he really is simply an agnostic. He conceded the point.

After giving them the builder building analogy for God's existence two of them came to acknowledge God's existence. When we talked about sin, they kept trying to justify their sin, saying that God needs to get up with the times. 

They had many questions about the Bible and stated very confidently that the Bible has contradictions. I asked them to name one, but they said they've never actually read the Bible before.

After explaining the gospel and answering more of their questions, Jeffrey and Lulela were clearly thinking about the message and they were willing to take gospels of John.

Emma on the other hand, said after hearing everything, "I will never believe in God no matter what, because I want to live my life my way and not God's way. I just want to enjoy this life and make a difference."

I pointed that if there is no afterlife, she couldn't actually make any sort of eternal difference, but if she comes to saving faith she can actually do things of eternal value. I gave an analogy: Imagine if you are on a conveyor belt that is heading towards a furnace, you first jump off the conveyor belt and then you tell everyone else who is still on the conveyor belt to jump off as well. So that is the situation you are in, heading towards Hell, that is why you need to trust in Christ to be saved and then you'll want to tell others how to be saved as well. By doing that, you'll be making an eternal difference. Lulela said "That makes perfect sense."

Please also pray for:

• Xavier - the Chinese man Rick and Glenda was speaking with in the photo. Talked for over an hour, he was a Mormon. He didn't like the God of the Bible and said he would rather be in Hell than spend forever with Him. 

By the end, he came to realise it was his pride that was making him hold on to Mormonism and his self-righteousness. We encouraged him to read the book of Romans. He said he would go home and do that.

• Eugene - he thought he was a bad person, had religious background, willing to listen.

• Imagin & Emma - receptive, gave them gospels of John.

All glory to God!

Friday, 6 February, 2015

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Evangelism at Surfers ParadiseIt was raining on and off during our Gold Coast outreach on Friday night. When it stopped raining, we set up the sketchboard and while we were preparing a presentation it started raining again.

So we decided to find an uncover spot where we could move to and set up the sketchboard there. During this time, gospel tracts were still being handed out by the team.

Once we found an uncover spot, I used the sketchboard to preach a message on 'The Way to Heaven'. A small crowd gathered to listen. In particular there were three young ladies on holidays from overseas who listened to the whole message.

So I began interacting with them, asking whether they thought they would go to Heaven. They said, "Yes, because we are good people." By this time, I had already put on the board a few common false ideas of things people trust in to get themselves to Heaven, and trying to be good was one of them. I explained that in reality we are just not good enough.

I then pointed the ladies to the big red cross I had painted on the board and what word the cross was resting on. It seemed to click in their mind. They said that they need to trust in Jesus for their forgiveness. So I made sure they understood grace with the use of a few analogies to explain it, I then told them about repentance, and pleaded with them to come to Christ.

We left the sketchboard up with the message on it for the rest of the night so that people walking past could read it. The team had a few good conversations with people, proclaiming Christ and Him crucified. 

Whenever the gospel goes out, it is always a success! To God be the glory!

Photo: Loren is sharing the gospel with three young guys who were headed to some clubs.

Friday, 30 January, 2015

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Sketchboard Preaching in AustraliaThe gospel was proclaimed last night at the Gold Coast. We used the sketchboards as we preached, and crowds gathered to listen to the message. Even a police officer came up and said that we are doing a great job and that we should keep it up.

• Glenda was able to have a good chat with a Muslim lady from the University of Sydney named Amin. She met her last year at the Gold Coast, and they have been emailing back and forth about Bible and the Quran since then.

Amin was explaining five different works that a person has to do to get the chance of going to paradise. Glenda was able to show how Christianity is completely different. In Christianity someone has to come to the end of themselves, and recognise that there is nothing they can do in and of themselves to be saved. It is only by trusting in the work of Jesus on the cross that we can be saved.

Glenda really challenged Amin to humble herself, and come to trust in Christ alone.

Witnessing to Muslims Open air preaching in Australia

• Rick spoke to a young man named Brian and his friends. They attend Hillsong. Brian seemed to come to understood the Gospel, but he had to go to catch up with his family. 

• Near the end of the night after the last sketchboard presentation, a group of young people came right up to the board and were trying to figure out the message. Rick and Glenda went and engaged them in conversation and shared the Gospel using the visuals on the board. 

We encouraged them to trust in Jesus, just like one would trust in a parachute while jumping out of a plane, so we must trust that Jesus is the only one who can save us from the judgement to come. All three were very interested. Their names are Matt, Yarra & Aynita.

Matt even took a photo of the sketchboard (the one that said "Only 1 answer") so that he could remember the message.

Painting Street Evangelism Street Evangelism Gold Coast

Thanks so much for your prayers for these people. God bless and to God be the Glory!

Friday, 23 January, 2015

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Evangelism at the Gold CoastIt was raining the whole time we were out at Surfers Paradise last night. But even though it was much quieter than usual, some good one2ones could be had.

Initially quite a number of the conversations we were having were with people who were not at all concerned about where they would spend eternity and just wanted to keep living in their sin.

But then I had a conversation with a young man named Julius. He said he had been searching for the past hour for a homeless man he met the day before to give him some clothes to wear.

Julius said he believed in God, but didn't like church, and he thought that by doing the good deed to the homeless man, it would get him a bit closer to Heaven.

So I told him that since the standard of getting into Heaven is perfection, no amount of good deeds he could do could ever save him. God would never be able to overlook the history of his sin.

When he heard the message of the cross and that complete forgiveness of sins was only by trusting in what Jesus had done on the cross, he thought that he had always been trusting in that. But I explained that although he may have been believing the intellectual fact that Jesus died on the cross, that is very different to relying only on His death on the cross to save him.

He then appeared to come to understand the gospel, with the use of a few analogies, and so I encouraged him to count the cost of trusting in Christ. I warned him that the Bible says he will be persecuted, and that he will want to put Jesus first in his life.

He said he would seriously think about what was said. He was on holidays from Germany, he had been here for 4 months and was returning in a week and a half's time. It is great that came to Australia for a holiday, but while he was here he came to understand the best news one could ever hear. Please pray he will repent and place his faith in Christ.

Please also pray for Leo and Laneta who heard the gospel. I could tell Leo was really thinking about it.

To God be the glory!

Friday, 16 January, 2015

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Sketchboard evangelismIt was a busy night at the Gold Coast last night. 

Initially the Hare-Krishna's were hanging around right near us offering their books to people and then requiring payment from them. 

I think people could see the vast different between us and them - as we were offering gospel tracts and even Bibles completely free to people. Which is in line with the gospel's free offer of salvation in Christ.

When we set up the sketchboard, the Hare-Krishna's left in a hurry, and large crowds gathered to hear the preaching.

One great thing about the sketchboard is that kids also love to stop and watch what's happening, which causes the parents to stop too.

Usually when the markets close at 10pm, it quiets right down. But even after the markets had closed for the night, crowds of people gathered to continue listening to the preaching.

Please pray for all who heard the message, including the following names:

• Coby and Shinei - said they will think about message.

• Samuel & Carmen - thought good works saved them, seemed to come to understand gospel.

All praise belongs to God!

Evangelism photo Gold Coast witnessing

Friday, 9 January, 2015

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Surfers Paradise during ChristmasDuring our Friday night outreach at the Gold Coast, there were a lot of people who were very receptive to the message.

Here are some people to pray for:

• Alexi - young man on holidays from Melbourne. Church goer, thought obeying commandments saved him. Came to understand gospel. Said he would repent and trust in Christ.

• Julel & Ebony - boyfriend & girlfriend. He goes to a Christian church, she goes to a Catholic Church. They thought being a good person saved them. Once they heard the law and the gospel, they came to profess faith in Christ. She was saying "oh wow you have completely changed my point of view".

• Liam & George - two teenagers, they said they grew up in an atheist family, so they didn't believe in God. After using the building builder analogy they came to believe that God exists, I went through law and gospel with them. They said, "this is a big thing, we are going to have to think about it." Gave them both a gospel of John.


Friday, 19 December, 2014

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A great night of outreach at the Gold Coast tonight. We handed out over 2,500 gospel tracts and quite a large number of people stopped to listen to the preaching.

One good conversation I had tonight was with a Muslim young man who was interested in finding out about what we believed. He came back later on with his cousin to talk further.

They were clearly presented with the gospel but I could tell pride was preventing them from leaving Islam and trusting in Christ. I explained that only through the cross can God show mercy while not compromising his justice.

These two men have now heard the truth. Please pray for their salvation.

Evangelism Gold Coast Witnessing at the Gold Coast


Friday, 5 December, 2014

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Gold Coast evangelismThere were lots of young people about on Friday night at the Gold Coast. Many had gone to Catholic schools, thought being a 'good person' would save them. It was good being able to use the law to bring the knowledge of sin and then share the gospel with them.

One chat I had was with a man in his 50s who called himself a Christian, but had completely rejected all churches. He thought he doesn't need to be under any elders. I warned him that not being part of a local church can often make you go loopy theologically.

And this man was no exception. He hadn't been to church for 23 years, and he had all sorts of bad theology. He believed that Jesus was the Christ, but is no longer. He said that on judgement day we'll be standing before Satan and not God. He said that Jesus is the Father and is the Holy Spirit as well. 

I showed him verses in the Bible which counter his ideas, but he was very hard hearted. He didn't know the Bible very well, so I pleaded with him to start reading it and to come know who God really is, for his salvation depends on it. Please pray for David and his wife Carol.

We sow the seed, God gives the growth! To God alone be the glory!


Friday, 7 November, 2014

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Gold Coast Sketchboard PreachingWe used the sketchboard again last night at our outreach at the Gold Coast. It is a great visual way to help people understand the gospel.

After one of the presentations, a number of people took gospels of John because they wanted to learn more, including a teenager who seemed very open to the gospel. We talked with him further. His mum is a psychic and his dad is very opposed to the Christian message, and ended up dragging him away telling him not to listen to anything we were saying. But the son had heard the message and received a gospel of John. Please pray for this young man.

Salvation is in God's hands. To God be the glory!

Friday, 17 October, 2014

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Gold Coast EvangelismIt is always a joy and a privilege to share the gospel, and doing so at the Gold Coast last night was no exception.

As we were walking back to the car, a young guy who I handed a tract to said "You have spoken to me before." So I asked whether he has been thinking about what I said.

He responded by saying he is now converted, trusting only in Jesus for his forgiveness and is fighting against his sin. He has been praying daily and attending a local church. But he didn't have a Bible, so I was able to give him one and encouraged him to start reading it daily.

He was very thankful to receive one. His name is Liam. Please pray for him.

Praise God for saving a people for His name!

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