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Saturday, 10 January, 2015

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Last Saturday a gentleman called Alan from another church met at our house to chat and watch a Way of the Master DVD to just go through the basics of what we normally do for outreach. He and another gentleman had contacted me through facebook about wanting to come out and join in the outreach, and both had an affinity to Biblical evangelism of sharing Gods Law with a person so they understand the true nature of their sin, before sharing the good news of the gospel.

We managed to set up in town, (Adalene, Allan and myself) and again in typical Plymouth fashion, met some resistance with the wind and the rain, but we managed to put the intelligence test questions into the big stand up sign which made things much easier, instead of the easil constantly blowing over. Alans' Son and daughter in law also came along to watch and help. Adalene helped me set up the equipment while Allan gave out some tracts! andafter we had all prayed together, I had a great chat with 3 lads from Plymouth college, and one seemed to remember I had chatted with him a couple of years ago and had given him a million pound note which was good.

A couple of Jehovas witnesses were standing outside the Post Office when I walked past, and we had some dialogue, the gentleman was called Nigel, and when I asked if he was born again, he clearly said no, and so we had a conversation about John 3 v 3, and the belief they have that after death when Jesus has a literal 1000 year reign on earth, people will have another chance to hear the gospel he believes. This led to me asking why I should become a Jehovas witness in this life, if I can live how I want now and then just make a committment when I die in the next life? I believe this gave him something to think abaout, especially afetr reflecting on Revelation 20 and 1 Corinthians 6 v 9, as he said he was a sinner, but he failed to link why Jesus had to die for his sins, but he just hoped he was good enough and as God was Love he would forgive him.

2 young lads started to show interest in the intelligence test questions, and after some discussion and going through the good person test, it appeared they were both gay, and so this ld onto a discussion about Gods existence (or their lack of belief in) and I tried to show them the reason they didnt want to acknowledge Gods existence was becasue of their sin, whether homosexuality, lying, stealing or dishonouring God with their speech. They tried to use evolution as an excuse and trying to show how science proved we didnt need God to exist anymore, but one of the two was a lot more quiet and thoughtful.  Both took tracts to read, even if it was reluctantly.

A further group of lads took the intelligence test, as well as my wife Adalene chatting with several people, some who were already professing Christians, and others wanting to take a gospel of John. Alan also had some good conversations and we all enjoyed the day, especially when the sun came out and the weather calmed down. We packed up and prayed for the people we had witnessed to and those who took tracts, and prayed we would ahve the finances to get more Bibles for next time as we had ran out (Which is a good thing!)

Next saturday Mike and another young man called Chris should be joining us after contacting me, and so we will be praying for good weather and many people in the city centre to chat with.


Pic taken by Adalene of young lad going through the intelligence test


Saturday, 4 October, 2014

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Plymouth started very wet today and I was unsure if outreach would be able to go ahead, but after attending a Men's breakfast at a Church, it cleared up and enabled my friend Phil and I to head into the city centre of Plymouth for a couple of hours.

When we set up there a man almost imediately approached me and explained that he was a Scientologist and wanted my opinion if you could be a Scientologist and still belong to another religion, as he claimed there were Buddhists, Muslims and Christians in the Scientology faith who believed that both could work along side each other.


I asked him what he believed scientology taught about morality, and he said that man was basically good, needed to be rid of 'thetans' in us that made us bad, and that we were reincarnated and therefore could learn from our past mistakes in life.

He confirmed L.Ron Hubbards science fiction writing and belief in starting a religion to make money, but that the sale of the books to people was because of all the research and study he had done about the life of man.

He listened intently when I explained that we only had one life and chance on this earth to hear and respond to the gospel, as per Hebrews 9 v 27, and that Jesus said he was the only way we could be saved, that he was the only gate, door and Shepherd of the sheep, and if we tried to get to God any other way we were called a thief and a robber. I also tried to speak about original sin and how we all sinned because we were born sinners, and that we didnt have 'thetans' but needed forgiveness from God for our sins committed against him. 

He took a tract at the end but was an interesting first conversation for the day.


Another gentleman approached us later on who said he attended Church but was a backsliddeen Christian who was a heroine and alcohol addict, that he attended a Church group and that he had lived away from home since the age of 14 because of his substance abuse and distress caused to his family. We talked lots and Phil and I tried to listen to his story, and gently probed about how he says he became a Christian and if he thought he was Born again. I gave him a Gideons New Testament and some tracts to read, and pointed to the front pages about where to read when he was going through hard times.  He was a nice guy who obviously had a lot of issues to deal with and he wished us well.


After giving out tracts to the various people who stopped to take the intelligence test, a lady walked past and asked me to read some passages of scripture to her because she was unable to (either because of sight problems or I think because she had been drinking a little too much). So I chose John 3 to read to her about the need to be born again, and she listened, before taking a tract, which again she wanted me to read to her which was great. She took the tract and was seemingly happy we chatted. 

Some kids took some of the Bibles, and while I was wary as to why they wanted them, it led to a good chat about my appendix coming out last week, what vestigual organs were (or are not) and about why I had become a Christian and why we were out on the streets giving away tracts and Bibles. They put the testaments in their bags and said they would look at them.


Lastly for the day, 3 servicemen from the army stopped to take the intelligence test, which led on to them taking the good person test. Two of the guys were very open, whereas one guy said he didnt believe in Hell. I tried to show him that in the New Testament, the one who actually spoke most about Hell was in fact Jesus, because he didnt want anyone going there, but that because our sins were primarily against God and it was him we had firstly offended in our actions and thoughts, it was him we needed forgiveness from. They understood what was said and listened to the good news of the gospel and how someone could be forgiven, and two of the guys took the tracts at the end and shook hands, but the other guy walked off and refused to take a tract. Maybe he was convicted or had a loved one that had died suddenly, but either way all three of them listened to all that was said.

It was a great day and the sunshine came out which was great, Phil enjoyed learning more about evangelism and how to witness to people in taking someone through the Law before showing them the good news of the gospel, and we pray God would continue to work in those peoples lives that stopped to talk today.

Saturday, 20 September, 2014

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Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Plymouth, and my friend Phil and I managed to meet around 1pm and set up the outreach for the first time in quite a few weeks. There were hundreds of people in the city today, partly due to a big science fiction comic event that a former Dr Who actor was signing books for, and so there were plenty of people to witness to. My amp for preaching had died and so we were unable to preach, but managed to have many great conversations with people, largely due to the Intelligence test board again drawing peoples attention. I had also updated our scripture board with some website links etc which quite a few people stopped to read or glance at. The 'Are You Ready' cross with Hebrews 9 v 23 underneath was pushed over after someone read it, another person walking past sticking their middle finger up at it, so Gods word was doing its job, being an offence to those that are currently spiritually blind!


The first people to stop and do the intelligence test were two students studying biological science at Plymouth University, and were very amicable to stop and go through the good person test after they had gotten most of the questions wrong. They both seemed quite convicted and seemingly acknowledged they had broken the commandments, the 7th one pricking their conscience the most in how they reacted. They were very open and didn't once try and debate evolution or atheism, but just nodded when I tried to explain that it was peoples love of sin that pushed them away from acknowledging Gods existence, not for lack of knowledge or evidence, to which they both gave me full eye contact and were silent about, amazingly. They gratefully took a Gideon's new testament each and some tracts and after explaining the good news of the gospel to them and how someone could appropriate what Jesus had done to themselves, a firm handshake and thanks was great to hear for a change instead of opposition.


Several other groups came along, including 3 teenage girls called Abbey, Dion and Ebony who were interested through the intelligence test questions, and even at a young age seemed to realise how they had sinned and that they knew God existed through what he had made. They were keen to take tracts and a Gideon's new testament. David, a messianic Jew stopped to chat and explained how he had become a Christian but only realised later on in his life that he had Jewish roots and so now met with other Messianic Jews in Plymouth to fellowship. 3 students Thomas, Claire and Liam stopped by to chat and interact, and again were very open to talk and didn't once try and refute any arguments about God's existence, evolution or the Bible but listened intently to what was said. All our Bibles went that day and my friend Phil had his first chat with some people about the gospel while I went to the toilet, and so he was encouraged as well as he continues to learn about sharing the gospel with others.


The pictures below show the updated sign and a glimpse of how many people were in the city that day, and God was clearly already working in peoples hearts and minds with how intently people listened and interacted with us today, but more importantly we pray that gospel seeds were sown in fertile hearts and that the Holy Spirit would convict people and they would turn to God that day in repentance and faith.


Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

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On Tuesday 31st December, Charles, Adalene (my fiancée) and I went into Plymouth City centre to do what we were expecting would be a relatively short outreach , which in the end turned out being 2.5hrs long . Shopping mall security and the police walked past a few times , but it was a great time of evangelism. 

After we set up the sign and free bible box, we spread out to hand out tracts. After a few minutes a lady called Tina approached me and asked what we were doing, and said that she attended a Catholic Church. She was very open to speaking, and after asking how she thought she would get to heaven, she said she hoped she had been good enough, which gave me a great opportunity to share Ephesians 2 v 8-9 etc, and how our good works were seen as filthy rags etc, and we needed forgiveness and cleasining for our sin which we couldn't earn our selves. She seemed to listen very intently and asked what church we attended and took a Gideon's New Testament and tracts and was a good conversation.

More people came and took tracts, and I chatted to 2 older teenagers who used to attend the ymca holiday club where I used to work, and they had said at one point they had both been homeless and when speaking about how short our life was, it really seemed to click with them. They too took tracts and a Gideon testament and said they had something to think about.

Adalene and Charles had lots of good chats with people too, and people were responsive to her American accent!

Agroup of 4 students were standing around, one reading the cross sign "are you ready", and upon speaking to him he said he was an atheist, but not that he couldn't definitively say that God didn't exist, but that no one could really know. He said he too grew up a catholic, but upon reading Leviticus and Deuteronomy and disagreeing with some of the seeming contradictions in dietary laws and clothing restrictions in the OT and NT ways of living, said he had grown up an atheist.

I managed to share a bit about covenants and how certain rules were for the Jews in that time and place, as they were the evangelists of the time in how God blessed them for obedience and showed the people of the time Gods mercy. He started to listen, and then I showed him the sign with Romans 1 v 19-20 on, and we discussed whether absolute truth existed, and he fell into the error of saying he was absolutely sure that absolute truth didn't exist! This led onto good chats with them all, including one of their friends who said he was a satanist, that thought Christianity had too many rules to follow. 

They all took lots of tracts to read and shook hands which was good.

Another man asked for a Bible who was called Bart, who enquired what church we attended , and who later messaged me asking what our churches opinion was on homosexuality. I didn't hear back from him after I told him what the bible said about any sex outside of marriage was wrong, but hope he gets back to me.


Charles then preached as we continued to tslks before I preached on 2 Corinthians 5 v 17-21, and we gave out all 10 Gideon's new testaments that day and had some other great conversations and people asking what church we attended. God was good to us with nice weather, the police not bothering us and many people hearing the gospel that day. 







Saturday, 2 November, 2013

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On Friday I met Charles in Plymouth City centre, and we set up the bibles and easil and sign before praying. Several people walked past the illuminous sign and read it, including one man called Kano. He had been brought up with a mixed set of beliefs, including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity, and saw himself as being spiritual and having reached a place of knowledge that knew where he would go when he died. We had a great chat about how his works couldn't help him, and he took some tracts to read and was very supportive of us "preaching the word" he said. Our church had a light party the night before instead of Halloween, and so I deceided to preach on Jesus being the light of the world, that people loved Halloween and darkness because they were spiritually blind to the things of God, and like the Pharisees, if people acknowledge their spiritual blindness, they could see, but by thinking they were ok with God by their own standards, were still in spiritual darkness. 

A few people stopped to listen, including 2 young people I knew, but suddenly the crowd got much bigger and people stopped to look beyond me. While preaching I turned around to see a man squirming on the floor a few feet behind me, pinned and arrested by 2 security guards, and then 2 policeman. This made the crowd much bigger allowed a great link into the results of sin and breaking the law! It led to many good conversations after, including an older Christian man who was listening and was encouraged. He attended another church in plymouth and saw the intelligence test questions and good person questions on the board, and guessed we were familiar with Ray Comfort, Todd Friel and the Way of the Master. It was very encouraging to hear that someone else in Plymouth was familiar with this evangelism ministry and understood it's principles, as many Christians think using the law before the gospel is frm the OT and judgmental, and that we're not to make people feel bad! Charles also had a good chat with a man who had been listening, and several people took bibles that day and tracts.

The next day we also went out with a couple of others, but it was very windy and so really difficult too preach and set up signs etc. There were Mormons in plain clothes who were also out in the city centre, and wanted to give us some of their literature to give out to people as they said they were Christians too! Charles and I chatted to them, and they affirmed their beliefs that EVERYONE gets another chance to hear the gospel when they die, and anyone responding could then be saved and go at least the lower level of heaven (which Joseph smith said was even more beautiful than anything we had seen on earth), and they affirmed even Adolf Hitler could be in heaven. I asked them then why should someone become a Mormon,  why not just live life how you wanted now and then just choose Jesus when you die and be saved! 

Charles also said they agreed that Jesus and Satan were brothers, as we were all spiritual children from God, but couldn't explain how Good and evil could come from God. 

The Police and Plymouth city centre manager were also patrolling the streets that day, and said there were new laws and regulations for plymouth City centres use of space, and that there would be certain places where people could preach, but we were not allowed tables and our signs standing up in case they fell on people and we were possibly used and we needed public liability insurance! We were not allowed to attach our sign to a tree loosely using a bungee rope, and they said new rules for using amplification meant paying  up to £70 a time as we would be classed as street entertainment!!!

And so the police and council manager, who was German, arranged a meeting with us all next Monday to discuss these new policies. The Christian institute are also in Plymouth this Thursday and so I will be bringing these issues before them to see what the council are and are not allowed to impose on us. We managed to give our more bibles and tracts and preached quickly, but a very windy day hampered things, but we hope Mondays meeting will be beneficial.






Saturday, 5 October, 2013

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On Saturday I went to Exeter for a change as it is the second biggest city this side of Bristol and always has lots of people to witness to. On the way up on the train, the cross was great to leave around the station and on the train for people to read while I walked around and gave out a few tracts to people.

When I arrived I met Shirley and her daughter, and set up the Intelligence test easil and bible/ tract box. A family started to talk to us and asked us if it was right for a Church to charge £6 a person to enter? (The local Cathedral) And while we said that although some of the finances maybe to help with repairs and restoration, Gods house was a place of worship and not a place of exploitation, as Jesus showed when turning the tables in the temple. The boy in the group was an agnostic atheist, interested in discussing religion, but holding no beliefs of his own, while the Gran was a JW, and so we had interesting chats with both of them, the Gran believing Babies who died not believing would go to hell as they were born in original sin, as so there were some interesting discussions put across, and tracts given to all.

A middle aged man walked past to look at the intelligence test, and after going through this with him, I started to ask his views on being a good person. He responded by saying he was a Christian, though hardly ever attended church, but brought his children up with christian values and morals. After explaining the law to him, and then the gospel and how I had been religious all my life until I was saved 6 years ago, I asked him if he had read John chapter 3 and if he was born again, or at least if he knew what it meant. I was gladly able to share with him what this meant using various scriptures, and afterwards he seemed very thankful and gave a firm handshake and took tracts which was great.

A few teenagers stopped to look at the intelligence test too, and after taking them through the good person test with the amp on, a few people stopped to listen and chat/ disagree! One of these was a lady who said she was a scientist, who went about trying to show the proof was on us that God existed, that science had proved evolution and that dating methods showed the fossil evidence to be true. After some debating over various evidences and proofs and their credubility, I asked the small crowd if they could provide one piece of scientific evidence for darwinian evolution of one kind of animal turning into another kind of animal. Her answer to this was MRSA bacteria, upon which I sated this was still Bacteria! (Very similar to Ray Comforts chat with lady on his film.) She quite shortly left after that, but we carried on talking to the onlookers, including an irishman called 'Paddy' and several others about why people didnt want to believe in God. 

The big piece of art work of a womans face on the side of the wall gave a very good visual analogy for people to see that proved time and chance and wind and rain could not have made that piece of art, and yet creation cried out that there was a creator. A man called Keith claimed he was a Christian, had been baptised when younger, but had backslid and wondered if God could help him stop smoking, in which he seemed quite distraught about, and that he couldnt find any other christians to help him. We shared with him for a while about how important it is to fellowship with other believers, and how God could work in his life if he surrendered to his will. Everyone took tracts and seemed very open to talk and think further about what had been said.

An elderly man also stopped to chat and said he was a convert to Catholic Church, and although I tried to keep reiterating that this couldnt help him, he kept stating this was all he needed, and a tract was popped in his bag to read.

We didnt get a chance to open air preach properly in the end as a couple of young boys were right next to us performing songs with loud music on, gathering quite a large crowd, but it was a great sunny day with many tracts given out and conversations had with a variety of different people, especially Peter the religious man who wasnt born again, and so we prayed he may respond to the true gospel and be saved. 


Tracts and Bibles for poeple to take

Lots of people out in Exeter city centre                        A good visual for people waiting for trains at the station to think about

A large face carved from the masonry on the side of the wall always gives a greta visual point for people to think about

Saturday, 28 September, 2013

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Another rainy and windy day in Plymouth hampered Charles and I somewhat in our outreach today, with wind blowing the cross and intelligence test board over, signs flapping everywhere and we had to run for shelter at one point, but it was still an eventful couple of hours. 

Charles was already witnessing to a young man when I arrived, and it turned out he had witnessed to him over a year ago. This man believed in reincarnation and the Hari Krishna movement (although he was in trouble as he didn't have a pony tail to be pulled up to heaven by, but a skin head!) 

The rain came down pretty soon after that, just after a man stopped to look at the intelligence test. He went with us underneath some shelter to continue the conversation, and when I offered him a tract, he read the first line and then offered to give it back to me, after stating he was a humanist. 

This led onto a very interesting conversation about morality and ethics, with "Dan" claiming he could be good without needing to acknowledge Gods existence, and trying to justify abortion by saying we had all come from animals anyway. I showed him he had no justification for knowing what the definition of "good" was unless God existed, and he stated he believed that absolutes existed, and yet could give no reason why. I tried the best I could to refute his claims and show him that his God given conscience and the creation around us was plenty of reason to know that God existed, especially as our conscience is objective, we still know rape is wrong, no matter what rules the government tries to change, and people in all countries and tribes and religions all know of the 10 commandments written in their hearts.

We sheltered under a shop roof outside the shopping mall for a few minutes, with several people walking past and stopping to ask for a bible, before the mall security guard moved us on as we were not allowed to give out tracts and bibles on their "private property". Just before we moved though, a young woman in her early twenties stopped to ask for a bible called sophie, and she said she had a church background as a child and that her boyfriend was a Muslim. I managed to lead her through the comic good person tract which was great, and she defiantly understood her sins in light of Gods holy standard! her sinfulness and the consequences of breaking. Gods laws after death, and the immense price that Jesus paid for sinners like her on the cross. She was quite tears eyed at the end of the conversation, and when taking a small white Gideon's New Testament and some tracts! she understood the day to get right with God was today as she had no reasons to know how long her life would last.

We managed to then move across to an abandoned hair salon and shelter again , with the bible stand and hand out some tracts to people. Charles preached with an ampa, and after receiving a complaint from a bakery about the noise, a Policeman came along a few minutes later and loitered, which was when Charles had finished preaching and so there was no reason to move us on or speak to us.

Our friendly local atheist called Christian King then walked past with his long black hair, black top, jeans and boots, and dismissed our conversations to a group of teenagers about. Gods existence, before coming back to me about the passage in Deuteronomy about a rapist marrying their victim, and how cruel God was on forcing the poor person to suffer even more under the hands of this evil. He berated me and would not listen to 2 things I had to say about it, from commentaries from Ray comfort and app about this verse (he asked me before so I found out the answers In case, like today, he used it again).

I got quite angry with him at he refused to listen to the responses, saying Ray Comfort was doing a dishonour to Christians by giving false information on the evolution vs God dvd, and so I had to walk away from him to calm down. He didn't really want the answers, but was just trying to use this excuse to justify his sin and unbelief. 

In the end he walked off and we managed to speak with a couple more Christians who encouraged us, took a bible and some tracts to give to others, and also a few students at the school I work at walked past againa, and so I hope the tracts I have them would be read any lead to conversations in the week when I bumped into them.

Saturday, 31 August, 2013

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We have been out in Plymouth city centre over the past few weeks, and had many eventful conversations, had run ins with security guards and the Police, handed out many tracts and Bibles, and were asked the same questions by atheists and unbelievers week in, week out.

I made a new cross/ sign to bring out, seeing the ones Tony Miano and others have out in the States, this is a great, bold and direct for people to see as they walk past and think about. Last week Alex and I prayed and handed out tracts, before a man and his son stopped to read the intelligence test. Upon talking to them, they said the were Christians, and he was actually a Priest and his son was called Eden who attended a local Anglican church. After talking to them for a bit, It appeared all was not right with their beliefs, as they did not believe in hell, his evangelism was giving people the Lord's prayer on cards and not talking about people needing to repent and get right with God, and the they both did not understand the true meaning of being born again. His son believed in liberal views too, and I left the conversation giving them some tracts and to read John chapter 3 again and see what Jesus had to say.

We also had a complaint made by someone to the Police, after a man walked past while I was preaching who had his shirt open showing a predominant Satan's star tattoo on his chest. As I preached, I stated that everyone needed to be saved, regardless of colour, wealth or status, even if we had a Satan's star tattoo on our chest. I then moved on in the preaching, I didn't point at the man, look at him directly, was just that one comment, but as he walked past he stuck his finger up at me and then later on a Policeman came along saying someone had complained about my preaching, that I had made someone feel 'threatened, distressed and harassed' under section 5. I conversed with the Policeman, who said I had the right to speak, but was not allowed to single people out individually. We chatted for a while, making my thoughts known to him about what happened, and continued preaching that day.

Today I went into town with Charles and the Ian the Pastor from our church (, and again we prayed before handing out tracts etc. A few people stopped to do the intelligence test, Charles preached, and then I preached about our origins, showing a big secular book I bought about the history of man which starts, surprisingly from Adam and Eve and maps out the progression of Noah's Ark, the spread of mankind and right in the centre of our history, the birth, Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how Christians know our past and where we came from and where were going. However Atheists and evolutionists have no reason for existing, no purpose and no hope for the future.

A Sikh man came along and asked for Bible which was great and he took a tract and showed him the book of John to start reading.  Chris the local 'friendly' atheist walked past again, and when I asked if he had seen the latest video by Ray Comfort 'Evolution vs God', his unsavoury views and swearing showed his distaste, again like so many saying that Ray should show people the edited footage which he claimed would prove evolution was true, though like so many he had no new proof of evolution being true apart from scientists had proved it.

Later on while preaching, a woman came along and started shouting out that God didn't exist, that as an atheist she wasn't trying to fore her views onto others, so why should I shove my views onto others, as well as saying that science had proved the big bang, that fossils showed how old the earth was and that I believed in Noah's Ark, when allegedly the millions of animals on Noah's ark could not have fitted and so it was unbelievable. She was a great heckler, and I told her she was an answer to prayer as she caused quite a large crowd of listeners, she said she didn't believe in God but yet she used his name as a curse word a number of times, and as I showed the crowd her views of the Ark and how many animals had to fit was wrong, she just kept shouting out that the Big bang showed God didn't exist, and yet when I asked her for her scientific proof, she had none.

It was a good 15 minutes good conversations after with people after her outbursts, including Cecelia coming to get bible and wanting to go to a church, a Roman catholic man listening and coming to talk to Ian our pastor, who believed good works would get him to heaven. It was a great sunny day with lots of tracts and Bibles going out, and Ian said he enjoyed the experience and would hope to come again to support.

Saturday, 29 June, 2013

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Today was a glorious sunny day in Plymouth, and even though I was out bymyself as others were unable to make it, God brought along many interesting characters to come and chat with.

Once I set up the table of free bibles and intelligence test, I handed out some tracts to people that came along and stood to look at the intelligence test. This is always great as enables you to speak to people who are interested and makes them relaxed and laughed, and provides an easy springboard into going through the good person test. Quite a few young people from various schools in the city stopped to look at the questions, which enabled them to have tracts afterwards to read and think about. It will never stop being funny when people proudly say they are intelligent and will know the questions, and then trip up on the first one, its a great way to humble people and show that we can all make mistakes.

A couple came along whom I think had consumed some alcohol or drugs, but were able to chat and asked fro a new testament. One guy called Dan said he was a Christian and went to church, but said he was not born again, and revealed he hadnt read his bible in a while, but his parents were always speaking to him about things. I tried to explain that our appetite shows us how healthy we are, and just as we ususlaly make time for breakfast to give us energy for the day, we too need to read Gods word daily to be spiritually fed. He took a tract and said he would read it. 

There were lots of people in town today, with buskers playing music, big issue sellars shouting out to sell their magasines, and a stall trying to get people to sign a petition to keep Plymouth airport open, all of which were about 10 metres from me, so was hard at times for people to see what was goin on, and even harder to preach. I prayed that other Christians or people I knew would come along to encourage me, and a couple from Church did, as well as an interested Christian man from another church who stayed to help support and listen while I tried to witness to others. 

An atheist who is well known to me walked past, and as usual, gave his excuses for not believing in Christianity and the Bible, as many other world religions talked of a young virgin, wise men, kings, and miracles etc way before Jesus, and so he claimed that Christianity had copied from other older religions before it. He also said the OT condoned killing homosexuals and forcing people to marry those who had raped them. I questioned where he got his morality from to judge these things as wrong, as according to his world view, there should be no conscience, but he arbitrarily claimed that our consciences had evolved over time, before walking off.

I had a great chat with about 6 teenagers who stopped by, who stopped to listen for around 15-20 minutes, and said that the gospel message made sense and they had understood it, and realised they needed to get right with God, and they took testaments and tracts and were very open to talking about spiritual things. The gravestone I bring along has questions on it stating people do not know the age of their death, cause of death nor date of death, and so it gave them something to reflect on.

The most surprising and encouraging conversation that day occurred when 2 men stopped to take the intelligence test, and as we went through, revealed they were both Christians. When questioning them further though, one revealed that I had witnessed to him previously, and that he was a JW, and the other man said he was a Christian, but was a Mormon! So for about 15 minutes, the three of us discussed the Bibles views on the trinity, Jesus' incarnation and when he started to exist- whether he was created or was eternal, salvation, and how the Bible says that if we dont have the right view and doctrine on who Jesus is- fully man and yet fully God, then we also dont have the Father also, and so are not saved. I appealed to them that they needed to make sure they knew who the right Jesus was, and that lovingly I had to tell them that we all believed in a different Jesus, and they should examine the Bible to see who Jesus really was. It was a fantastic conversation, and both men took tracts afterwards, so I pray that I meet them both again to speak with more thoroughly.

The Christian man helped me back to my car with the gear, and saw one of the answers in Genesis books I brought to read about the age of the earth. He said that he thinks people get too caught up in the age of the earth and in evolution, and thjat as long as people believed in Jesus then that was the most important thing. I tried to explain to him that differences on the age of the earth was not a salvation isue, but yet reflected on how much people believed Gids wrod to be true and accurate, for Jesus believed in the teachings of Moses and Genesis in the OT, and if Adam and Eve were not real people, then there was no reason for Jesus, the last Adam, to be real either, and so it wa simportant that Christians believe the Bible all the way through and not just from Genesis 11 as many do today.

It was a great day with a few New Testaments being taken along with many million pound note tracts, and pray that people with respond to Gods great love shown through the cross in repentance and faith. 

Saturday, 15 June, 2013

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Last Saturday Charles and I went out into Plymouth city centre to preach and hand out tracts for a short time. Weather had not been great so we just preached as supposed to bringing out the intelligence test and bible stand again as sometimes it's been know to fall over in windy weather, sometimes being a near miss to a passer by! We prayed, and then Charles preached first while I handed out tracts and tried to engage people in conversations.

Many people walked past the tracts, a few stopping to take them, but many thinking we were just leafleting like lots of other people to. Charles held tracts in his hand while he preached, and encouragingly a couple of people purposefully came up to him while he preached to take tracts which was good, as they obviously knew what they were about.

I then preached for a short while from Ephesians 2 v 1-10, trying to explain to people the reason why they had no interest in the gospel and would rather choose their sin and the consequences in Hell, rather than Heaven with God there, and this, as the text explains, was because people were dead in their sins, could not spiritually see or comprehend Eternal matters and were captivated by their own sins, just like Charles and I once were, purely from the fact that the scriptures say if we are not a Christian through spiritual adoption, then we are enemies of God in our minds and children of wrath, and we needed God to open up our spiritual sight to who Jesus is and why he came to suffer and die for our sins. I explained that works and religion and church attendance didn't make them right with God, but that salvation is a free gift, received by grace, through faith, a free gift from God.

This had to be appropriated humbly through repentance and faith, and that was the stumbling block for people, their pride and love of sin, but through acknowledging their sin in front of an all seeing God, he would have mercy on them when they came to God on his terms. We didn't have long, but 2 clear gospel messages went out and many tracts taken. Last Saturday, 3 of us went out into Plymouth city centre, but our usual spot outside the mall was taken by protestors and petitions to try and open Plymouth airport again, and so we had to move right down to the bottom of town past all the buskers to stand outside a closed store-T.J.Hughes.

We set up the intelligence test and it was a scorcher of a day, with loads of people out shopping in Plymouth city centre. Shirley preached, and an angry woman stopped and said she shouldn't be mentioning Peadophilia ( As it had come up on the news recently) as young people were present. We both said to her that we had just said the name, and many young people are exposed to these things like sex education from the age of 5 and hear and see much worse on TV even before the watershed and on magazines. Another man stopped and said that he was a born again Christian, but that each religion had their own way of doing things, as long as it didn't hurt anyone else. He said that people had a right to these things, and I mentioned that according to his opinion, Adolf hitler would have been right and entitled to his beliefs, which he couldn't answer.

Quite a few young people from the school I work at walked past that day and took tracts and chatted, some liking the yellow tracts from loving eaters that say " if you don't need a ticket to heaven, tear this up (if you can)", and of course all the boys liked trying to show their strength, but obviously failed in tearing it, and took the tracts to read. A group of girls did the intelligence test with me and were very convicted and took lots of tracts and a Gideon New Testament each which was encouraging, and other bibles and tracts were handed out too, and so was an enjoyable, very hot outreach, and we pray that the girls and others that day will come to saving faith.

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