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Saturday, 24 October, 2015

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Today the team consisted of Steven, Chuck, Jacob and Myself.  We found a spot on the High St in Romford and prayed that God would help us preach accurately and that He would bring those He wants to hear the Gospel.  

I have also begun to use a gorpro camera to record and take photos of the preaching.  This helps protect us if people accuse us of saying things we did not say and to critique our messages.

It is leading up to Halloween and Jacob came across a number of people dressed up for the occasion.  He gave them a tract and began to talk to them.

Jacob also preached later, while we were handing out tracts.

There were other Christians who were greatly encouraged by our activities today and mentioned that they would like to join us so we collected a few phone numbers from them.  SDG

Saturday, 19 September, 2015

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After an extended hiatus, OP513 Essex went and evangelized Romford High St on Saturday September 19th.  The team consisted of Chuck, Jacob and Myself (Andrew).  We found a location to speak in front of a closed shop.  We prayed for God to bless our meager efforts and then proceeded to preach the Gospel and hand out tracts.  

While I was preaching the others handed out tracts and had one to one conversations.  There were no hecklers but quite a few pedestrians stopped and listened.  I spoke from Luke 16 about Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Specifically about how if people will not hear "Moses and the Prophets" (aka the Bible),  neither will they believe if one was to rise from the dead (aka see a miracle).  Peoples hearts need to changed by the Holy Spirit before they will believe and then I talked about sin, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.  

Chuck spoke after me and during this time, I was approached by a young Philippine man who asked about the ministry and my theology.  As the conversation developed he explained that the church he attends (not a jehovahs witness church) does not believe in the Triune nature of God.  I began to show him some salient verses where Jesus is explicitly named "theos" or God.  He listed intently and was very courteous.  We later exchanged numbers and he suggested we meet up for a bible study to discuss the the topic further.  

I later spoke a second time, and again expounded on the Luke 16 passage to which a number of pedestrians stopped and listened.  We wrapped up the event with prayer and asked for God to use the tracts and preaching to save his people!  SDG.

Saturday, 1 November, 2014

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After a long hiatus, the Essex OP513 group met up in Romford to preach the Gospel.  I was joined by Chuck and Jacob and we found a suitable spot and prayed.  I preached from Mark 7 and a few pedestrians stopped and listened. This led into conversations with Chuck and Jacob.


Chuck spent a while chatting with this Muslim man who said he was looking for the truth...  

Jacob was chatting with various people as he handed out Gospel tracts.

Chuck preached after me, during which a few other local Christians turned up and joined us in evangelism.  

The day ended well with the Gospel proclaimed in Romford!!  SDG

Saturday, 5 April, 2014

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As we approach Easter and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, I thought it appropriate to read the story of the Crucifixion to the public.  So Chuck, Mario and I began this Saturday with prayer and found a new spot to preach away from the many buskers on Romford High St.  I read through the crucifixion narrative in Matthew's Gospel and transitioned into why it was necessary for Christ to die for salvation followed by talking about sin, death and repentance.  The pedestrians were fairly indifferent and easily distracted by the buskers who were much louder and excellent at "tickling the ears".  I finished and Chuck began to preach.  

While I handed out tracts I got into a conversation with a young man who eventually attempted to absolve his conscience from Gods Law by stating that "you don't know that the Bible is true".  At this point the Christian apologist may be tempted to give "evidence" in a neutral fashion and take for granted the unbelievers autonomy in "knowing" things.  That unbiblical apologetic puts God "in the dock" and clandestinely makes the unbeliever the judge of what is true.   Rather than this, I gently exposed to the man that if the Biblical Worldview was not true, he could not "know" anything at all.  And because he does know things, he is exposing the knowledge of God that he already possesses and is guilty of suppressing the truth - Romans 1.  At that point he was very eager to exit the conversation and promptly left.

Chuck preaching...

After Chuck, Mario also preached.  I also preached a second time but there were no good hecklers by which a crowd may be formed.  However we so very blessed and thankful that no police stopped us or hassled us and that we can still preach freely!!  Glory to God!

Saturday, 8 March, 2014

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Today the Essex OP513 Team was blessed with sunshine after weeks of cold and rain.  Seizing this opportunity we ventured to Romford High St to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The team consisted of Rob, Chuck, Mario, Jacob and myself.  Jacob also invited his pastor and a number of men from his church to join us as well.  Our favorite preaching spot was already taken by Peruvian street buskers so we found a spot away from the noise and set up.  After prayer I began to preach from Romans 1 while other guys handed out tracts.  My message was simply this, since God has revealed Himself to all men, all are guilty of suppressing this truth in unrighteousness.  Therefore, flee to the only Savior - Jesus Christ!!

Rob got into a conversation with a young man, but found the guy to be easily distracted from the discussion.  Even so Rob was able to explain the Gospel to him.

Chuck preached after me followed by Rob and Mario.  Whilst we are preaching, many tracts were distributed and a number of conversations had with pedestrians.  

A number of local Christians were encouraged by our presence but most importantly the Gospel was proclaimed to all men!  SDG.  

Saturday, 14 December, 2013

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Today we were taking full advantage of the crowds that were Christmas shopping in Romford.  We arrived on the high st, (we being Chuck, Mario, myself and later Jacob) but found that our favorite spot had been taken over by the salvation army band.  We decided to go further down the street under an awning and preach there.  There was a lot of Christian groups and churches present on the high st today, however none of them preach the Gospel direct to the public (which is a shame!)   We set up and prayed and I preached from Matthew 1 about the birth of Jesus and that "He will save His people from their sins".  

Mario spoke briefly after me and during this time, Chuck had got into a conversation with a guy trying to get people to donate to red cross charity.  Chuck spoke after Mario and I handed out tracts.

Later I preached again from Mark 7 about what comes out of a person and a few people stopped to listen (because it was a cold day).  A number of young Christian kids who were on the high st with another group listened and later asked me about preaching.  They seem to be curious, impressed and a little encouraged that people still go and the proclaim the Gospel in such a manner.  Maybe they will be encouraged to take this mantle upon themselves?!?!  God only knows!

Overall the afternoon was a great time of Gospel proclamation and a little fellowship.  May God be glorified through our efforts! SDG

Saturday, 9 November, 2013

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It was pouring with rain today and I had to force myself not to cancel the outreach.  I made my way to Romford through the rain and met the team which consisted of Chuck, Rob, Deji, Mario, Jacob and myself.  Even though it was very wet and cold, there were still a lot of people on the high st, so I set up under a shop awning and we prayed.  I spoke from Mark 7 as it is my favorite passage and the team engaged in conversations.  

Chuck spoke after me and a number of people engaged him in dialog.

During this time I got into a conversation with a Jehovah's Witness.  I tried to cut the issues down to the cause of our differences, which is what authority do we each follow?  

Do you practice (A) sola scriptura + infallible interpreter OR (Bsola scriptura allowing the Bible to interpret itself.  

JWs practice model (A) and evangelicals practice model (B) and this was explained to the JW who replied, "the Bible is the Word of God and we follow it".  I completely expected this response, but the problem is that JWs acknowledge the Bible's authority with their lips and then deny it by following the teachings from governing body of the watchtower.  This problem plus other glaring inconsistencies made by the watchtower, show that the governing body cannot be the standard of truth since they contradict themselves.  Mr JW did not appreciate this but we still parted amicably.  

Rob had a number of conversations and one was with two Mormon gentlemen.  

A number of local Christians were also present on the the street this day and were very encouraged by what they heard and saw. Mario preached after Chuck,

and then Deji preached.

The outreach was a complete success as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached and by God's grace we were uninhibited all day!!  SDG!

Saturday, 5 October, 2013

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Romford was teeming with people today we I approached the high St.  We were blessed with good weather this Saturday and prayed it would continue as such.  Todays team consisted of Chuck, Jacob, Jacob's Pastor named Joe, Mario who was a newbie and Myself.  We set up and prayed for the day and I began to speak.  I preached from Romans 1 about how all men know God exists and suppress this truth.  Eventually I had a gentleman heckle me who was wearing a nice suit.  I soon recognized that he knew the Bible fairly well but accused me of not telling the truth about Sabbath worship.  Eventually he confessed to being a Seventh Day Adventist who had recently been at church.  

His major argument rested on this type of statement -

If (P) Jesus said the Sabbath has changed, then (Q) it would have changed.  (~P) Jesus never said the day changed,

Ergo  (~Q) the day of worship must be Saturday.  

This is the fallacy of denying the antecedent - If P, then Q.   Not P.  Therefore, not Q.  (I have also heard JWs and Muslims use this line of reasoning in denying the Deity of Christ).  

Needless to say when this error was pointed out to the gentlemen he didn't like it and rather than concede that his reasoning may be at fault he just continued to talk over me and not engage in dialog.  Instead I decided to move on swiftly and continue preaching the Gospel and by that time my crowd had tripled in size, Praise God!  I concluded my message by explaining the need to repent and turn to Christ in faith as He is the only name by which we can be saved.  

Chuck preached too and I handed out tracts.  A number of Christians were very encouraged by the preaching.  The other team members were also busy chatting and handing out tracts to the public.  It was a good day of gospel proclamation and God showed us favor with the civil authorities and crowds.  SDG!! 

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

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The Operation 513 Team evangelized Basildon today and we were blessed with fabulous weather.  The team consisted of Rob, Chuck and Myself and a young man named Sasha who lived nearby and had contacted me through the website.  We set up and prayed.  This was Rob's first time in Basildon and it was his first outreach since coming back from Canada, therefore it was his job to start !!  Rob began to preach using his new amplifier which is very loud and clear; he was soon approached by a man who said "the ten commandments were great advice for life".  However, as Rob unpacked the commandments the Holiness of the Law began to expose the mans sin to which he began to get angry and walk away.  

As Rob continued more people gathered to listen and/or heckle.  A young couple came up and began to ask "why we were forcing our beliefs on people" etc.  Rob dealt with the arguments very succinctly and soon the girl confessed to being a pagan.  The conversation was cut short by a lesbian yelling that we were "judgmental", to which Rob turned the accusation against her and asked her not to judge us either.  Another lady asked about Bible translations and was thankful for the answers she received.  A girl named Sarah who grew up in a Christian home also had a number of good questions and the Gospel was preached to her.  Also a grandmother and her daughter and grandchildren came up and asked "the problem of evil question" relating it to specific events in their life.  Rob responded with empathy and decorum to which the grandmother kind of appreciated his response but her daughter was not interested.  

We eventually encountered a  "christian" lady who said we were not preaching the Gospel but preaching condemnation.  She was very frustrating and tried to stand infront of Rob and tell everyone that "God loves everybody and has wonderful plan for thier life".  It made me question if she had ever read Ps 5:5, 11:5, Mal 1:3, Rom 9:13 etc or the large number of passages that explain about Gods hatred and anger towards human wickedness and sin.  Anyways, Rob countered these foolish objections by reading John 3.16-20 which makes clear that God's love is for those who repent and those who do not repent are already condemed.

During the course of the afternoon many hecklers came and went but the content of the message had obviously offended the lesbian, because she called the police.  Soon enough the police arrived and questioned the crowd of angry bystanders who were telling all sorts of lies about us.  The police did not ask Rob to stop preaching but waited till he had finished before questioning him.  Eventually the police arrested Rob for breaching Section 5 of the Public Order Act claiming that he had used language that "caused harassment, alarm or distress".  Rob was taken to the Basildon Police Station and I called the Christian Legal Center for help.  Later that evening the CLC lawyer arrived and had an interview with Rob and the Police and all trumped up charges were dropped with no further action to be taken !!  

Rob was vindicated but felt vilified.  It does remind me of when Jesus tells His disciples "Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you" Matt 5:11-12.  By Gods grace we live to preach another day, Praise be to God!! SDG.

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

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Today was a beautiful sunny day for evangelism in Basildon.  The team consisted of Josh, Chuck and Myself who was fashionably late to the event...  We set up behind the costa coffee store in the open air shopping precinct and prayed.  I preached first from John 3.16 - 21 and attempted to show that as sinful people we don't want to come to God because we hate Him and we love our wicked deeds.

A number of people listened and took tracts and a number of Christians were encouraged by the preaching.  Chuck preached next and this attracted a number of young people to listen. It also opened an opportunity to speak to a young man who had grown up in a Jehovah witness family.  

He was very pleasant to chat with and after we demonstrated from Scripture that Jesus is God we encouraged him to go home and read the Bible by itself and not with the watchtower magazine.  Josh preached last and this attracted the interest of a man and woman who were intoxicated.  

They asked a number of questions which Josh answered but the man was beginning to disrupt and try and stop Josh speaking.  Eventually Josh asked if I would call the police and the man swore a bit more and finally left.  

This event did bring a lot more people to the scene to listen to the Gospel!!!  Eventually two community officers arrived asking about the intoxicated man incident and a council warden arrived asking if we could "move on".  

We were on public land so we have freedom of speech and the particular area we were situated on had the law clearly displayed, which explained that religious services are EXEMPT from noise restrictions!!  After the authorities inspected the law, the council warden actually returned and apologized to us which we were very appreciative of!! SDG!!

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