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Wellington Point (QLD) Team

Sunday 8 December 2019

Posted by Posted 9 December 2019, 5:17 PM by Gordon Jackson. Permalink

Why didn't I think of this: Jesus ascension was necessary to prove that our human nature was now fit to abide in God's presence?? Because T. V. Moore had already published this insight in 1858. Praise God for the insights He gives to various leaders at various times.

     We had a willing team of 6 today. There seemed to be more Buddhists around than usual but none of the contacts seemed to lead to serious questions. Only one couple did the whole flip chart . He reckoned he would get into heaven even though he admitted to lying and lusting. Anyways they heard about the Substitutionary Atonement and know they need to trust the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Others were more open to learning more about God but showed no urgency in the matter. 

     There was M., a R.C. man from Portugal who heard the Good News but seemed to be stuck in self-love and pride about his own goodness. 

     There was D. who had been praying to god and when he parted company, he had a Bible and was excited. 

     There was P., a  Greek Orthodox man, who would only say that at death one is buried. However, after refusing to take anything from Ryan or myself, he freely chatted with Paul as they strolled away for quite some time.

      There was 2 'first-timer' J.W.  young ladies who were well trained in causing confusion but they were challenged enough by the truth presented to them so as to close off the chat with our 2 ladies. 

     Fynn also had a long chat but as always we have to leave all these contacts in God's prayerful keeping.

     It was a wonderful time of teamwork and we give God all the glory knowing that no labor in the Lord is in vain. Yes! We went home rejoicing. 

Melbourne (VIC) Team

Saturday 7 December 2019

Posted by Posted 9 December 2019, 3:31 PM by Martin Park. Permalink

On this Saturday, the weather was great and pleasant. There were many people out in the Melbourne city to enjoy the weather and the Christmas decorations in the city. As usual we gathered at Starbucks and shared the word and prayed together before the evangelism. By God’s grace seven of us came out for evangelism.  

There were many interesting conversations. We met with 3 teenager boys, they claimed themselves to be atheist and do not believe in GOD. So, we asked simple apologetic questions like 'how we know that there are builders for the buildings and painter for the painting etc' and surprisingly, they responded positively to the questions and started to show interest to the conversation. Gospel was shared and they understood the need of saviour for their sinful and dead state. Although one of the guy seemed quite offended and did not like the truth that we are sinful man heading to hell however, it was quite clear that he was convinced and started to struggle whether this gospel is ‘real’. 

We also had exciting conversations with Muslims. One of them was Sam. Sam was from Iran and he came to Melbourne with working holiday visa, we started by telling him how Jesus in the Quran and Jesus in the Bible seems like similar person but it is very different in essence and we shared about the necessity of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection and deity of Christ Jesus. Although some Muslims looked uncomfortable with idea Jesus being ‘GOD’ they seemed challenged with the message of good news.

Lastly, there was a person who seemed bit drunk or drug affected  when we approached him and started the conversation he said that he is really bad person and that it seems like he will never be able to go to heaven. It seemed like he was really broken inside and did not see any hope for his sinful state so we shared that Jesus came for who came for the sick who sees the need for the doctor, that Jesus came to call the sinners not those who thinks they are righteous (Mark 2:17). We forgot his name but please remember him in prayer. 

Overall, all seven of us had really good encounters. Praise Jesus for using unworthy servants like us ! 

Please pray for those people who heard the gospel so that they may repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. And please join us for evangelism as it is Christmas season, such a good season to start up the conversation about Jesus Christ. 


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 8 December 2019

Posted by Posted 8 December 2019, 6:59 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Friday night, I was dreaming about evangelism.  So I woke up feeling like I had been working all night!  But I had to get up to head out on outreach.  It was raining on Saturday too.

I set up my flip chart under the shelter of the tree at the southern entrance to Cathedral Square and I determined to take it easy.  The early part of the outreach I handed out tracts to the few people that passed and prayed.

Thankfully the rain eased and eventually two guys were intrigued enough by my “after life” question, that they turned back to talk.  They were keen to try the good person test.  One of them was an atheist/agnostic, but seemed to be impacted by the logic of the law and gospel presentation.  He asked thoughtful questions - it was an enjoyable conversation.

Another conversation I had was with a group of tourists from the UK who had come off a cruise ship and were exploring Christchurch for the day.  They were Christians, and one of them gave me a very encouraging testimony.  Years ago, he was about to walk into a pub to get drunk, when two men stopped him to share the gospel with him… one of those men became his father ‘n’ law - as he placed his faith in Christ and joined the church.

Sunday was warm and the Santa parade was on, so there were lots of people in the city.  A team of four set up flip charts at the corner of Cashel and Colombo, and we had a busy time in gospel conversations and handing out tracts.

One lady walked up to the flip chart without any prompting and was very keen to give it a try.  When I got to the “road rage” page, she paused me and wanted to know where Jesus had said Anger was murder of the heart.  I told her it was Matthew chapter 5 verses 21 and 22.  And she made me wait while she took note of that in her phone to look up later.  Once she was finally ready, I quoted the verses to her.  She seemed upset by it.  I continued on with the presentation and asked her how she would go if she was to be judged by the standard of perfection - would she deserve heaven or hell?  She became very defensive, insisting that she was a good person and that she didn’t believe in hell.  I thought she was going to bolt.  But I gently pleaded with her to hear me out - as I had good news of hope to share.  She eventually let me share the good news of the sacrifice of Jesus for sin and his resurrection defeating death and hell - by grace, through faith in Him.  I’m not sure if she understood, as she was keen to get going.  I offered her a tract - but she said she already had one!  She had been given it a few days earlier.  She accepted a different kind of tract before making tracks.

Another interesting conversation was with two high school aged young men - one who thought the way to heaven was “loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbour as yourself” - which I pointed out that I failed to do - and his friend was an atheist.  I was able to use some light apologetics to provoke the atheist into a debate, and then explain the law and the gospel to both of them.  Neither of them seemed too happy by the end of the conversation, but the atheist took a follow up tract.

Two of my daughters were on the team today, and it’s so encouraging seeing them grow in confidence in reaching out with the gospel.  Julia did a wonderful job of politely handing out tracts.  And Dani helped me with some of the flip chart presentations.  Well done girls!

Looking forward to a rest on Monday.  God bless you as you take the opportunities that come your way to share the love of Christ this week.  All glory to God!

South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday 7 December 2019

Posted by Posted 8 December 2019, 6:24 AM by Chuck Bosio. Permalink

Operation 513 was out in Romford on the Highstreet this afternoon for outreach.  The weather was mild with some  sunshine breaking through.  The crowds were pretty good and the Salvation Army played Christmas songs in front of the M&S until 3:30.  A conservative politician was also looking for votes for the upcoming election on the 12th.  A Japanese journalist asked me what I thought about the vote, but I told him that I can't vote.  He and his crew did take a tracts at least.  

I started preaching from Luke 2 once the Salvation army left. There are many rich topics in this text, beginning with the Roman census and the great assize that will take place at the end of time before God's throne to there being no room in the Inn for Jesus and how there is no room in our hearts for Jesus.  Jacob handed out tracts and had conversations with people passing by.  He had a lengthy conversation with the fellow shown in one photo, in particular. Jacob's son Israel had a bad cough so he couldn't join us this time.  

God bless, 
Chuck Bosio

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 6 December 2019

Posted by Posted 7 December 2019, 6:33 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

On Friday there was a team of four for the gospel + abortion outreach in the morning, two for the afternoon outreach in the city, and three for the evening outreach.  The outreaches were characterised by a few long conversations rather than lots of short ones.

I’m going to highlight three of those conversations from the afternoon outreach.  They were all special in their own way.

The first started as a result of Andy’s open air preaching.  As per the picture, there were quite a lot of people around, and the crowd grew as Andy spoke - many listening for long periods.

A young man on a scooter came a listened near the end of the preaching, and I had an opportunity to talk to him afterwards.  A high school student, who’s holidays had just started, he had the time to chat - but he was quite reserved.  I asked him what he thought of the preaching - he said it was great, which was interesting.  He believed in heaven - but not hell.  He then said that he had been going to church for two weeks.  Some friends from school had invited him.  I asked what he thought, and he said it was pretty weird - with people holding up their hands when singing.

He wasn’t clear on what the way to heaven, so I took him through the law.  When asked if he would be innocent or guilty if God was to judge him by that standard, he said he would be guilty.  But he still thought he would be going to heaven.  I asked why, and he said that his good deeds would make up for his wrong.  So I spent some time explaining why good deeds won’t solve our guilt problem.

But he still thought he would be going to heaven.  So again I asked why, and this time he said that it was because he had admitted his guilt.  So I spent the time explaining why admitting our wrong, or even being sorry for it, won’t take away our guilt.

He had run out of options, and now realised his predicament.  He wanted to know what the good news was, and it was my pleasure to explain it.  He took some follow up literature before we parted ways with a handshake.

The second conversation started as Andy and I were leaving Cathedral Square to head to Cashel Mall.  I bumped into an old workmate!  We had both changed jobs within the last two years, so we spent some time catching up.  When he asked what job I had moved to - it was a wonderful opportunity to talk about the gospel: my new job is that I’m a street evangelist!  I asked if he wanted to talk about the gospel - but he refused.  So we kept talking about other stuff for a while.  There were multiple opportunities for the conversation to end naturally, but he wasn’t taking them.  So I decided to gently shift the conversation towards the important questions of life, and it turns out he was open to chat.  In a roundabout way, I was able to share the law and the gospel with him.  There was potential for the conversation to get quite heated - but it didn’t go nuclear, which was great.  Early in the conversation, he had taken a tract, and it went with him as we parted ways.

But the best conversation was the third one.  I approached a couple that were looking pretty relaxed sitting on a seat next to a tram stop.  And a very natural conversation got underway.  And it was a very refreshing conversation in the sense that this guy was being so honest in dealing with the concepts of the gospel.  Near the end of the conversation, he wanted to talk about the “loopholes” in the gospel (e.g., if we are saved by faith, then what’s stopping us from just sinning all the more?), which just goes to show that he was truly grasping the grace of the message we were sharing - and yet he kinda already knew that there weren’t any loopholes: if we understand the amazing grace of Jesus, why would we want to sin more?  And yet he wasn’t ready to accept the gospel, he even mentioned a party he would be going to on Saturday night.  But at the same time I could see that he was deeply challenged by the gospel.  He took my last gospel booklet and promised he would read it.

It was hot on Thursday during the Nortlands and Eastgate bus stop outreaches.  But I’ve run out of time to write about them.

Thank you for continued prayer for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Posted by Posted 4 December 2019, 5:59 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Warm and windy weather in Christchurch (NZ) on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roger and I were in Riccarton in the late afternoon of Tuesday.  Roger was straight into a gospel conversation with a group of four (pictured), while things started a little slowly for me.  I was wondering if this would be another of those outreaches where nobody would stop to talk, but it wasn’t long before I was into conversations as well and the outreach got better as time passed.  It became so good, in fact, that the outreach went over by half an hour.  Two of those last conversations I’ll document:

The first started with a young man stopping and being keen to try the good person test (flip chart).  I had made it up to the “road rage” page when I notice another guy was watching the conversation from a short distance.  After a minute, to my surprise, this new guy asked if he could join in!  So with permission of the first guy, I rolled back and started the flip chart again.  I had just made it to “road rage” page again, when another three young people went passed and stopped wondering what was going on.  I offered these newbies tracts - which they accepted - but they were curious enough to want to do the flip chart as well… and then yet another guy stopped!  So all of a sudden I had six people keen to do the flip chart.  With permission of the first two guys, I rolled back and started again.

And something special happened: this group became captivated by the gospel.  It seemed to make sense, and some - by reading their facial expressions and body language - seemed quite impacted.  One of the guys even asked me to pray, and took his cap off (something I don’t normally get asked to do by people who have just heard the gospel)!  It was at this point, that the original two guys decided it was time to move on - one accepted a follow up tract, while the other refused.  But the other four stayed.  I said I don’t normally pray - but I normal plead with people not to delay in responding to the gospel.  But it seemed right, so I prayed with them.  There was a follow up question or two before they moved on as well.

But it didn’t end there.  Another group of four came past - and they were keen to give the flip chart a try - no convincing required.  This usually happens when they know what it’s all about and want to pick an apologetical fight.  But, yet again, the group became captivated by the gospel.  It was like they had been disarmed and lost all will to fight, and just started drinking in the truth of the wonderful grace of Christ in paying the terrible fine for sin.  Twice I asked checking questions, and both times, I got a clear response back showing that they were understanding.

Things were quiet for a moment, and I wasn’t sure what to do - I guess I was enjoying the wonders of the gospel myself, when - slowly but surely - the spell was broken.  One of the girls asked a question about tattoos.  And then the guy asked about drugs.  And then all their justification of sin, and reasons to question the existence of God came flooding out!  By this stage Roger had joined me, and we fielded some of their questions - but I knew it was time to disengage.  They had heard and understood the gospel, and - for now - they were clearly rejecting it.  But they all took tracts, and I hope - while they are alone - the Lord will cause them to think back to the conversation and start convicting them of their sin.  May they be saved for the Lord’s glory - they are in His hands.

On Wednesday I was in the city: Cashel Mall and Cathedral Square.  For some reason, I was feeling a little disheartened - struggling with a feeling that all I’m doing is annoying people out on the streets with a message that they don’t want to hear.  Which I know is true - but yet God has asked us to go to them with this amazing message of good news in spite of the offence it will bring, for the few that will see it as the pearl that it is.

And I had some wonderful and relaxed conversations with people: a retired couple (he went to the same high school as me which really warmed up the conversation), a teacher between jobs, a lady who worked for the city mission.  And after lunch, the stand out conversation was with some construction workers - one of whom had a Christian background but zero comprehension of the gospel.  I had to labour with him for a while to get him to understand the way to heaven.  I’m confident that he understood the paradox that it’s a gift with a cost.  He was very reflective as he walked back to work.

Today is the first anniversary of Operation 513 starting to support me so I can be out on the streets sharing the gospel of Jesus six days a week.  I’m amazed that I’ve survived this long.  I have no idea why God would want an introverted person like me, who hates conflict, to be in a role like this.  And yet, I hope the few of you who have read this far are encouraged by that.  If I can do this, so can you - seriously.  I know I have strengths that compliment my many weaknesses.  And I know you have strengths and weaknesses too - different from mine.  Together, and with God’s help, we can reach thousands with the amazing gospel of Jesus.  Join me.  All glory to King Jesus!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Posted by Posted 3 December 2019, 7:35 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Battle Log for Toowong Village : Dec 3rd , 2019 1330-1500

Without Johnny, God called Col and Gary to rejoin me and Winnie. It was a windy and scorching hot afternoon but God grace was still sufficient for us to find chances to share His words to elected individuals, many of them were their repeated 2nd or 3rd encounter proving that God has their lives for salvation on His divine radar.

Winnie initially found it hard to share with anyone at her old position under the footpath bridge. She changed to mid way between the bridge and the traffic light crossing still without much result. Eventually, I suggested her to station at the Bus stop then she could get two full gospel sharing opportunities with first Lily an local Aussie lady office worker and later Yurie an UQ student from China. She made many approach with mixed results but her faithfulness and determination to serve the Lord was evidenced.

Col was fairing very well, with many successful approaches. I had team work with him making follow up chat with some ones from China. It was really a very fruitful afternoon full of grace.

As for myself, I earned many of my conversation by walking with the gospel targets to their destination whether to the Bus stop, their apartment, work place near by or even to the Shopping mall. Recap here below are my divine appointments:

1) Jack a local Aussie and student of Qut. He was in a hurry so I walked him to the shopping centre. He was wise to know that unless people are faultless, no one can go to heaven. So my gospel message was spot on to verify with his personal view on human eternal destination. Pray that it would lead him a big step closer to ultimate salvation.

2) I then wen to look for chance at the bus stop and chatted with two Indonesian ladies. They were receptive to the gospel especially about sin and punishment. The timing was just too good to finish my sharing when the bus arrived.

3) Jude got off the bus heading for an appointment. I walked him to the address and again just finished in time upon locating the location of the office that he was to have an appointment.

4) An UQ student by the name of Mou牟 first was stopped by Col. HE told Col, he don't even know what will happen to him tomorrow so it is fertile to talk about eternity. He anyway declined to talk more but want to leave. He actually wanted to do shopping at Toowong Village. Col signaled me to have follow up chat with Mou. To my surprised, he said he recognized me at Sunnybank whom I had a brief chat. More importantly, he had a long chat over an hour with Ryan at Sunnybank. So, it proves that he is a deep thinker but perhaps still a bit too rational. He told me he has favoritism over Christianity because his nanny was a Christians. Pray that God's life long pursue after him will bring him closer to his ultimate salvation.

5) Enoch is from HKG. He quickly declared to me he is a Christian attending hope Church. He is from a Christian family in HKG but only got baptized at Hope Church after he came over for Uni study. His faith is firm but still a bit vague in assurance of salvation. I walked him to his work place to clarify the right concept of 100% assurance only by means of trusting in Jesus alone to regain him with the heavenly citizenship. But it is only the beginning of his life long journey of sanctification back to perfection to be responsible and guaranteed by God through the work of the Holy Spirit. I urged him to set this assurance of salvation right with his peer Christian friends.

6) William a Catholic background Christian from China. He holds radical view again Protestant Christian initially. But after a long chat, he realized and admitted that Protestant Christian has a more holistic understanding on Bible teaching and promised to study the bible harder to lift up his spiritual life.

Melbourne (VIC) Team

Saturday 30 November 2019

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Praise God for His faithfulness who has enabled the Melbourne team to officially start evangelising again !!.

We gathered at Starbucks near Bourke St. Melbourne CBD and started the evangelism with prayer and by taking some time to get to know each other.

We were very thankful as the weather was really good and pleasant, as Melbourne weather can change and shift very rapidly.

We started by sharing the gospel tracts and soon after, we were engaged in conversations with people who were sitting down and enjoying the good weather.

I encountered a couple and asked if I could ask them a question and they respectfully said "yes". I asked them "what do you think happens when you die?" They were surprised with the question and said "maybe heaven?". I asked, "If there is a God who is holy, righteous and perfect and He made heaven and hell, do you think you are good enough to go to heaven?"The couple laughed and said, "yes I think so, we are pretty good people".

So I asked them questions about lying, stealing, lust, and hating people,and they realised that they weren’t good enough according to God’s standard. Then the good news was displayed about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the couple started to see the need to believe in Jesus Christ. Although the couple did not say that they will believe in Jesus, they responded positively saying that they will think about what was discussed.

Apparently there are a lot of men waiting for their wives to finish shopping outside of the shopping mall in Bourke St, and it is a great opportunity for us to evangelise to those men as they are often bored waiting. We approached a man who was patiently waiting for his wife. At first he denied to talk with us, but when we asked him about his thoughts on the after life, he started to show interest and engaged in conversation. After the law and gospel was shared, he responded well by seeing the need for a Saviour and sacrifice for our sin if God is truly just and loving at the same time. We urged him to believe as soon as possible as we do not know when we are going to die. 

Overall, by God’s grace there were so many good conversations on Saturday, not many oppositions, but rather positive responses to the gospel. Please pray for Melbourne team as we have just begun. Pray for unity and for more labourers, but all in all, let this evangelism glorify God and make His name known in the city of Melbourne ! Let His name be great among the nations.

To God be the Glory who uses unworthy servants like us !! Amen !!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 1 December 2019

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A busy weekend of outreaches including another special outreach, this time to Christmas in the Park on Saturday evening.

But first, in the morning, a team of two headed to Cashel Mall.  There were many Christmas shoppers out and about.  My beautiful wife, Ruth, was the other member of the team - and it’s so encouraging having her join me more often!  She was handing out tracts while I would field the conversations.  Afterward we talked about how we can be so fearful of just handing out tracts.  Ruth reflected back to when she joined the Sparks in the Park outreach at the beginning of the year and how she was too scared then to hand out a tract.  But now having become more familiar with community outreach like this, she now finds it a lot easier.  The key seems to be: just keep coming out and getting a feel for it till you get comfortable enough to take the next step.  So be encouraged, if you are one of those who find outreach terrifying, to simply come and observe to start with.  God is with us!

There were thousands of people at Christmas in the Park.  And only a team of four to reach this mighty harvest field.  We paired up and focused on “walk up” on the outskirts of the event for a couple of hours.  We were in pretty much constant conversations with small groups of people - as seen by the pictures.  It was nice to hear some Christmas carols being sung in the background, and even the name of Jesus coming from the speakers - if only the gospel could be fully proclaimed!

Checking questions played a vital role in at least one of those conversations.  Two guys with a Christian background but, amazingly, hadn’t heard the gospel, and were relying on their good works to get them to heaven.  After hearing the precious gospel message, the checking question revealed they hadn’t really understood, as they still thought good works were the way - it’s so ingrained!  After labouring with them, they eventually seemed to show understanding.

In another conversation with a group of three guys, one of the guys started dominating the conversation and constantly pulling the conversation down rabbit trails.  We used a tactic where we split the conversation in two.  I talked to the dominating guy, while Andy stayed with the other two.  The technique worked!  And the gospel message was delivered to both groups.

Sunday was warm and overcast.  It was nice weather to share the gospel in.  A team of five were in Cashel Mall: My wife, children and I! :)  It’s so encouraging having them join me so often now.  Long may it continue.

The girls focused on politely handing out tracts, while I had some wonderful conversations with people.

My first was a walk up with a man from Scotland.  He was slow to warm up to the conversation, but was very engaged by the end of it.  There was a lot of apologetics and I had to listen a lot as he processed the arguments he was hearing.  Opportunities to share the law and the gospel came along very naturally.  It was a very enjoyable conversation and we parted ways with a multiple handshakes.

Many people said “No” to my attempts to ask them a question.  But there were those that did stop - including a young couple, that believed in heaven and hell and thought they were good enough to go to heaven.  They heard the bad news, and then understood the good news - a checking question confirming they understood - first time.  It turns out the guy was Catholic, so I took the time to emphasize that we are saved: by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus alone.  They both took follow up tracts.

There were many other conversations in the two hours - a fruitful time of ministry.  But this log entry is now too long.

Looking forward to a rest tomorrow - still recovering from a very busy November of gospel ministry.  Praise God for rest.  All glory to him for any fruit from the labour.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 29 November 2019

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Thursday was hot!  Friday was cold.  And there was much outreach on both days.  Thursday saw an extended outreach at the Eastgate bus stops as well as the outreach at the Northlands bus stops.  Friday we had the Gospel + Abortion outreach in the morning, then open air preaching in Cathedral Square at lunch time, before moving to Cashel Mall in the afternoon, and then an evening outreach in the city.

There were many gospel conversations at the bus stops.  Some highlights:

I approached a lady in a wheelchair and asked her what she thought would happen after life.  She responded saying she was a Muslim.  I warm conversation started.  And, sadly, it turns out that her husband had been shot three times in recent mosque shootings.  He survived.  I was able to express my sympathy and concern, but her bus arrived before I had any opportunity to discuss the gospel.  But she took a silent missionary as she went!

I had an interesting conversation with a young couple.  They seemed to think it was weird that I would want to talk to them.  They asked if I was in a gang.  I said yes: my local church - it’s a great gang to be a part of.  I then asked them if they were in a gang.  The conversation proceeded in a unique way - but I was still able to work thought explaining the gospel until their bus came.  He accepted a silent missionary as well.

The final highlight was a conversation with a young man who had literally finished probation that day.  So the courtroom analogies I was using was hitting home.  He was very engaged.  I’m convinced that he understood the gospel, but he was certainly weighing the cost!  I was encouraged.

I also had an opportunity to follow up with the taxi driver I mentioned a few weeks ago.  He said that you can’t change your religion overnight… so he has not trusted in Christ so far.  I will keep praying for him.

On Friday, the gospel + abortion outreach, outside the hospital, ran as expected.  There were opportunities to share the gospel (although briefly), there was some support, but much opposition.  One lady in particular was murdering me with her eyes.  She didn’t look happy at all!  But at least she has life - unlike the many preborn people who are murdered day after day in our nation.  It is a privilege to shine the light of the gospel into this situation.

I also had an opportunity to follow up (again) with the guy who works in IT in the hospital (I think I mentioned him a few weeks ago).  He was going into the hospital - but not for work!  He had been in a motorcycle accident.  I asked him if his life flashed before his eyes - he said that the car flashed before his eyes!  I’m glad he is still alive and has an opportunity to trust in Christ.  He had to go, but he has my contact details and I told him I’d be available to talk any time.

In Cathedral Square, Marty (OAC) and Andy preached when there was a lull in the other noises in the area.  One young school boy took interest in Marty’s preaching, and so when he left, I caught up with him to ask what he thought.  This turned into a very long conversation: well over one hour, if not two.  He had many very genuine and deep questions about life and Christianity.  I did my best to answer his questions, and had multiple opportunities to work though and explain the gospel.  It was a very rewarding, but tiring conversation.  I’ll be praying for this young man.

It was wonderful to be able to have my wife, Ruth, join me for the evening outreach.  Our children were staying with a cousin.  We spent the time walking the streets and approaching people to share the gospel.  At the end of the evening we were reflecting and decided to do a count of all the people we interacted with.  To my surprise it was well over 20!  Not all of those interactions involved complete gospel conversations - but there were many.  It’s amazing how many people just two people can reach in two hours.  Follow up tracts were distributed and, as always, we leave the results in the hands of God.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Christchurch (NZ) team.

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