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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.

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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Posted by Posted 28 February 2024, 6:14 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 28th, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was overjoyed to have Johnny back and Ann yeo also returning to serve regularly on Wednesday with us. So the team of four including Any and Hung from CFC had a good period of time of outreach. Today, God led us to contact more people from China, Taiwan & HKG etc than other people groups. Johnny was most blessed as such he was thankful for many uninterrupted conversations allowing him to share the full Gospel with fruit bearing result or at least good impact. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach a lady from Nanjing who actually has got PR status by means of her Husband Job employment here. ????????????did not have time for full gospel but she appeared open and receptive to gospel possibly because her status change becoming a citizen of Australia enjoying the freedom of speech and expression. She volunteered to take a tract to read the concluding message I tried to convey to her.

2) Next, I was led to approach Shen??from Shanghai???who study at the Brisbane branch of James cook. His heart was also seemingly quite softened, not blindly rejecting gospel. Again, did not finish sharing gospel but he was happy and willingly take a tract to get to the conclusion I tried to convey to him.

3) Another young girl ?? from North Eastern Provinces of mainland China, who was also willing to have a chat with me, our conversation was interrupted first by a phone call, them her quick arrival of bus But she voluntarily asked for a tract to finish off the knowing the message I tried to convey to her.

4) Next, I was led to approach a young man also from Guizhou ??Mainland China studying at UQ but is very sporty carrying a bag of tennis rackets. He has done 2 terms of study already, but seemingly adapting quite well to the campus life striking good balance between study and keep fit sport and exercise. He claimed to be a non believer but still show openness to listen to the gospel though finally without taking a tract.

5) Then for the first time I was led to approach a non-Chinese, actually a girl from Sri Lanka. She is non-religious and exceptionally not interested to listen to gospel. Nevertheless, she still took a tract at the end.

6) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander Guan? who lives in teh Northern part of Brisbane. He is not yet a believer but a seeker for a long while. He claimed he once attended the church of Rev Chang Fu Wah but stop going after the church moved to another place further north. Pray that our conversation and the tract will revive his pursuance of the Christian faith.

7) Finally, I was led to chat with an ABC Hongkonger girl Chan. She was waiting for her father and he arrived not long after I started chatting with her. But she still patiently let me share the full gospel to her in English and took the tract to read when her bus arrived.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Posted by Posted 27 February 2024, 6:28 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 27th, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was so good to have the Old Toowong Triade Gospel Squad be reunited after half a year of separation. Johnny rejoined Hung and Winnie as soon as he returned from Taiwan. team of three joining force very timely to catch up with the new influx of students in the beginning of a new Academic term. The queue for bus was so long that it turned the corner reaching almost towards the end of the side street. Despite the bus frequency are still high as usual, we all got very long conversation finishing the full gospel with good result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach JJ from Flippin who quickly identified himself as a protestant Christian despite there are many y Catholic background Christian in his bigger family circle. I thus switched to test his assurance of salvation which is spot on 100%. I encouraged him to do outreach in the campus perhaps to be affiliated with Power to Change.

2) Then I caught up with an ABC Malaysian Chinese. He speaks very little and limited Chinese despite he is all Chinese face looking. And he declared himself an atheist. He admitted he could not find and fallacy or loophole in the gospel message that as long as we are not perfect, we are all liable to go to hell with those known bad guys like Hitler. Only through the atoning grace of Jesus can we be saved by grace through faith. Yet, his heart is still too hard to humble himself to receive Christ as his Savior.

3) Billy & Anna are both Hongkonger, but they actually are from North Eastern China ???? but moved to HKG for study over 7 years than came over to Australia for University study on Business Management. They both listen to the gospel patiently and admitted they have heard the same many times before. Possibly because the long-term influence by atheist in China, they are not too drawn to religious teaching. But perhaps the 7 odd years of life in HKG still played an effect of yearning for freedom and being set free from many visible and invisible bondage from the background they were brought up.

4) Lucy is a local Aussie girl but with mixed blood of Netherland. She is very sociable and talkative and appeared open to the gospel message despite she is non-religious. She was basically convinced to admit that no one is perfect as such we will be held responsible for our short coming in our human character even in the meantime, we have done a lot of good work. I suspect she might have missed her bus at least once to allow the conversation to carry on.

5) Zach is a young man living in the North of about one hour train traveling time. He is non-religious but similarly he seemed to have been touch ed by the gospel admitting everyone good or bad, we all need the redemptive grace of Jesus.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 21 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 21st, 2024 from 1300-1500

Praised be to God, Peace joined us today making a team of four, predominately from Christ's Family Church: Hung Kwan, Amy Yao, Peace and Ann Yeo. I am grateful to God moving Peace to make this unofficial commitment of joining the Sunnybank Street Outreach fortnightly. This is also a fruit of Kairos that so far there are many Kairos graduates or even those who is still just doing the course but readily are moved to join this Gospel revival movement of local cross-cultural evangelism. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is evidently clear that the four of us all got our divine encounter with someone elected by God and at time team work was visible that Gospel targets were referred to another gospel preacher for better result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach a lady by the name Pang? from Taipei, Taiwan ?? who is doing working holiday here. She is not religious but have a n open mind to listen to the gospel which she found sensible and logical. She loved to take a tract for further consideration and faith action.

2) Then I was led to approach Meng Gan??. a professional painter ???? from Tianjin, China and have got PR to stay here since 1993. I roughly recall he was one of those supporters for a family Qin from Tianjin with the son getting brain cancer. He received Christ during the process of medical treatment but eventually still be with the Lord. But the whole family experienced peace. The Painter Meng was one of the people in the Chinese community to support Qin in many ways. I thought Meng eventually also became a Christian, but I just did not have time to verify this as his bus just came and end our conversation abruptly.

3) Next I was led to approach a Taiwanese girl coming for study??????She took a tract as her bus came too quick.

4) Then I had a long conversation with a man from Hubei Wuhan ????. He responded to the question if a good person can go to heaven by stating as long as one has inner peace??, he will have no worries about any external environment. I took on to share the full gospel to him and the bus arrived.

5) Then I caught up with a lady Shinjuku from Tokyo, Japan. I shared my witness of making good friends with Japanese colleague in Tokyo to build rapport. And then I shared the nutshell of the gospel before her bus arrived and she thanked me also taking a tract to read.

6) Nest I was moved to approach a lady who was busy in texting on the iPhone, So I had to switch talking to somebody else first. However, Peace instead got the chance to start chatting with her but referring her to me when she noticed she is from Turkey. It was the sovereign power of God to lead me to end up chatting with her. Her name is Ozzie who actually has two nationalities of Bulgaria and Turkey. Thus, she is more an European like woman with an open minded who likes to travel around the world and so far already have visited 34 countries. She was delighted to find that I actually visited her home town at Izmir. Time left for the gospel is not much, but she seemed to be receptive to Christianity because of her Bulgaria life style background. She joyfully took a selfie with me and too ka tract to read on the bus.

7) Last but not the least, Ann first met and chatted with Emily from Beijing who got a job here on work visa. Ann already convinced her to have a go attending Church to pursue the true salvation of Jesus. I took on to share the full gospel with her which she responded positively to pursue and she took a "Good Person " tract from me to reinforce the gospel I shared with her.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 25 February 2024

Posted by Posted 25 February 2024, 4:51 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Wow, what a week.  This report is not going to do it justice.  Neither are the photos - when I was in Dunedin, I didn’t even have the focus to take too many photos, I was just having so many wonderful gospel conversations.


But yes, we were in Dunedin for the week, and then in Kaikoura on Saturday.  So a busy week, with the additional burden of travel.  But, well, well worth it.  Glory to God!


So, I ran some evangelism training, down in Dunedin, last Sunday, and so this week we were putting it into practice outside the University (it was orientation week), down at the Octagon, and in between (the bus stops were a great fishing hole too)!  All this in conjunction with Cornerstone International Bible Church, which is strategically positioned between these two locations.


So, like I said, I’m not going to be able to articulate all the wonderful chats I had, let alone the wonderful opportunities my coworkers told me about.  But here is what comes to mind.


Down at the Octagon I remember talking to a French tourist, a Czech tourist (closed), German tourists, a tourist from Canada, and a couple that were Dutch.  I shared with a couple of Americans - one was Jewish.  He became intensely angry when we started discussing how we know what is right and wrong in relation to Hitler.  I was quick to defuse the situation by making it clear I agreed that Hitler was evil, and he quickly rained himself in (he had lost a cousin in the holocaust), but then he quickly told me not to try to convert him!  When I challenged him to convert me, it was fascinating watching him make up a religion, and he decided it was ‘love’.  Well, that damns me, because I fail to love as I should.  He could see my point.  He was flustered, because he wanted to insist I was good, but I just kept showing him how I was bad.  I was able to touch on the gospel with him, but it came to an end when he nearly missed his bus back to the cruise ship he was on.


I had a long chat with a Christian Minister who was clearly missing the gospel.  Each time I checked, he would subtly point to himself for salvation.  He liked to talk, so I had to listen a lot, but I challenged him, because I love him.


A young lady had a click moment, when she finally grasped the gospel, after that, she nailed the check questions.  Later, she reflected, “why did you stop me?”.  That’s how I feel too!  Why me?  I don’t deserve it.  God’s grace is so good.


During one outreach, I saw Roger deeply impacted after 2 separate conversations.  In the first conversation he looked stunned. The young lady had come to tears as he ministered to her.  In the second, after talking with 3 young students,  he literally clicked his heels in joy!


I had great conversations with 2 separate sets of JWs.


A highlight chat for Andy was one when a young Iranian lady came who had to go to a lecture, but then came back!  She was full of questions as she wrestled with the truths she was hearing.


Many invites to church were handed out.  Many copies of the gospel of John, and gospel tracts were delivered to people.  What a joy!


But we were also focused on training.  Young Daniel was with us for the week.  It was wonderful watching him grow as he put into practice what he was learning on Sunday.  At the end of each day, we would have a time of debrief - an opportunity to rejoice and learn from each other's experiences.


It was wonderful to also work alongside: John, Gary, Jeff, Phil and Shane.  We had our differences, but iron sharpens iron!  And it was wonderful being able to catch up with the elders of Cornerstone - we so appreciated the support!


We travelled home on Friday afternoon, after a couple of hours of outreach in the morning.


On Saturday, I headed to Kaikoura for the A&P Show there.  Team: Joe, Elijah, Nic, Cam, Andrei, & Scott and Sharon down from Blenhiem.  Great weather.  And a wonderful view.  There were slow periods, but there were busy periods too.  Lots of great conversations.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but the highlight chat for me was with a young lad, I’d say he was 10 years old.  He was sharper than most adults I talk to.  Like an adult, he initially resisted the idea that he was bad, trying to justify himself, yet he was humble enough to follow along and hear the gospel.  He ended up sitting down on the grass, as I sat on my stool and we engaged.  Eventually he looked up at the chart and wanted to know what the other pages were about.  And so I was able to take him through all the check questions.  He nailed most of them!  And the one he got wrong only led to his understanding deepening as we discussed.  He accepted the gospel of John to read.  I rejoice thinking of the chat.  May God have mercy and save him.


All glory to God for using weak vessels like us in his great plan.  Thank you for continuing to pray for this ministry.  Join us in sharing about Jesus with those about you!


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 18 February 2024

Posted by Posted 21 February 2024, 5:52 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

A delayed report.  I was supposed to write this on Sunday afternoon (18th Feb), but I’m travelling at the moment.  We are currently down in Dunedin - having a wonderful time working with the church down here to reach people with the good news of Christ.  I’ll write about this in my next report.  But this report is going to cover the week 13th Feb till the 18th of Feb.


So, in that week, we had 2 street outreaches: Tuesday afternoon in Riccarton, and Friday afternoon in the city.


Roger was with me on Tuesday afternoon.  I know I “had a wonderful couple of hours on the streets having gospel conversations with a wide range of people.  What a joy!  I'm constantly amazed at the interesting opportunities God gives us.”  – because I copied that from a Facebook post I wrote the day after.  But I really can’t remember the details now - except I remember talking to a group of school kids.  They were being a bit silly, and yet they heard the gospel anyway.  They wanted to take a selfie with me after.


Roger, Andy and John were with me for Friday afternoon’s outreach.  I remember it was hot, and so I moved down Cashel Mall to get into the shade of the buildings.  The only conversation I really remember is the one I had with 2 girls down by Colombo Street.  One was Christian, the other was all over the place with her worldview.  I remember spending my time on various check questions for the Christian, and trying to get the other girl to articulate the gospel reliably.


Roger, John, and Andy all seemed to be having very interesting chats, I was able to snap some great shots of them - attached.


On Saturday morning, I did some online work, including training a young lad from Israel.  He had come to grasp the gospel last November, via the content.  And he said it had taken away all his fear of death, in light of the conflict going on around him.  He wants to share this good news with others!  We did some role play, before getting him set up with the protection tools, and getting him to have his first online chat for himself.  It was fascinating watching who he was connected with, considering he comes from Israel - a whole different demographic from me in NZ.  He was able to have a 13 minute chat with 2 young Israleis.  They were very resistant to the idea of God being real, and the young lad wrestled with them on that for a bit, but I told him to ask, “so, are you a good person”.  It worked - he was able to get them through the law, and offer the good news, when they snapped away from their conscience and started suppressing what they know about God again.  Tough crowd.  But so encouraged by this young man willing to proclaim anyway.  God’s mercy is great.


In the afternoon, Roger, Andy and I drove down to Dunedin for a week of outreach with Cornerstone International Bible Church.  On Sunday afternoon, I conducted some evangelism training.  There were about 8 people involved.


Well, a bit of a messy report.  But hopefully, the pictures fill in the lack of details.  I really like the photo taken of Andy trying to push a Moeraki Boulder.  It reminds me of an evangelist trying to encourage the church in evangelism (maybe the broken bit of rock at the front represents the elders?  – that’s a joke, so please don’t take it seriously, I love the church, and I love the elders of the church!).  Yet, it really does feel like that sometimes: impossible.  Yet, Jesus said about salvation: what’s impossible for man, is possible for God.  I’m praying that would be true about evangelism too.  The harvest is ripe, and the labourers are few, pray to the God of the harvest for more labourers, and then endeavour to be part of the answer to that prayer! May God bless you in your feeble efforts, as he blesses our feeble efforts.  All glory to him alone!


Toowoomba (QLD) Team

Saturday 17 February 2024

Posted by Posted 21 February 2024, 5:12 PM by Doug Espie. Permalink

It was a beautiful Saturday and our larger-than-usual team assembled in the park near the Council Chambers.

We were blessed to have Barry join us, a warm and passionate teacher from a local Christian school.

Our crew of 8 prayed together and then split into pairs to cover the CBD.

Barry and Geoff soon encountered a Sudanese Muslim bloke. Like most Sudanese we’ve met, this man understood and firmly believed in his religion. This led to an interesting, vigorous discussion on the truth of Islam vs Christianity.

At the end of the discussion, Geoff encouraged the man to read the Gospel of John to discover Jesus’ true identity and the claims He made about Himself.

The trio parted on good terms...but this wasn’t the only conversation Geoff and Barry got into today.

They also were able to connect with J-, who was currently homeless. Together they had an extended discussion and Barry was able to share the Good News about Jesus with J-.

We find that the homeless tend to be some of the most open to spiritual conversation. Yet they often struggle with crippling addiction and/or mental illness. Many of their life stories are a combination of their own foolish decisions..made repeatedly...and their genuine victimisation at the hands of evil people around them. Their stories are heart-breaking and yet they are some of the toughest people I know.

All of them are made in the image of God and are as equally valuable in God’s eyes as any doctor, lawyer or anyone else you can name.

We endeavor to connect with them and offer support where appropriate. While Barry was speaking with J-, Merv was busy speaking with K-, another homeless bloke.

K- has a big dog and a big beard. He is relatively young and he was keen to share his story. Merv sat with him for a while and I (Doug) continued to hand out Gospel tracts. It wasn’t long before I met R- at the corner of Ruthven and Margaret Street...the same R- from my last report!

Since our discussion last November, R- tells me that he has been “checking out Jesus more”. He is keen to visit a Church in Wilsonton and R- shared that he can’t get over “the fact that Jesus is such a loving guy”.

R- and I spoke for quite a while as R- walked towards the Base Soup Kitchen. I told R- that I too feel stunned by how loving Jesus is towards people. I also mentioned that I love how Jesus always tells the truth...that because He is so loving, He always speaks the truth to people.

Besides loving the fact that Jesus always speaks the truth, I find that mentioning Jesus always speaks the truth...because He loves a helpful counterbalance to the modern idea that Jesus’ love for us minimises His desire to speak uncomfortable truths to us.

R- and I parted after quite a hike together and I pray that Jesus will draw R- back to Himself.

During this outreach, Merv and I also had an opportunity to hand out tracts at the Bus Interchange.
The Bus interchange is a great place to engage people with tracts because many people are waiting for their bus and they are generally bored out of their gourds.

While handing out tracts Merv and I met two friendly First Nations blokes who were heading home after a tribal meeting here in Toowoomba. We had a good yet brief discussion and we were also able to give out a number of tracts to people who were waiting.

While all these adventures were going on, Sarah and Elisa were faithfully engaging people on the north side of the CBD. One memorable encounter involved a young couple who Elisa and Sarah offered a tract.

They replied “We’re Muslim” to which Elisa said “’re Muslim” and proceeded to offer them a Gospel of John in Arabic.

“No” they responded “We’re Muslim!!” and continued on their way.

Their attitude was in stark contrast to the vast majority of foreign-born Muslims, who want to discuss matters of religion and generally desire to convert us. In many ways, I respect this desire to convert us far more than the sluggish, shallow, brainless apathy towards spiritual matters that charecterise so many of us who have grown up amidst mind-numbing 24/7 entertainment and the stupefying effects of 21st-century secularism.

Nevertheless, God’s unstoppable purposes and love for humanity will overcome both the zeal of the East and the apathy of the West. His Kingdom will come and His will (will) be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I’m looking forward to the day when we no longer need to pray the Lord’s prayer because its fulfillment will be in our rear vision mirror.

But we’re not there yet. In light of this upcoming Day...please pray for our team and everyone mentioned in this report.

Jesus is doing good things and He’s got even more good things in store for Toowoomba.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 20 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday February 6th, 2024 from 1330 – 1500

Today, I had to do solo Street Gospel outreach. In the beginning there were overwhelmingly heap of people because of the first Semester week. I could only started by catching up with the last person in the long queue for bus. Then gradually the main influx period is over and I was left with few people around, but overall speaking, the divine intervention and election was still obvious. God led me to catch up with 3 to 4 Biochemistry and medical science students which are supposed to be the elite students who choose this medical related subject as the first degree and their springboard to finally be admitted to the Medical School of UQ.

Pray that the gospel message would help them aware that they are students of excellency but in God, they have to learn to humble before God for His salvation by grace. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung

1) Mary is from Kiwi and was born there in a Chinese origin family. She was the first Biochemistry Medical Science student God had led me to meet one after the other. Her parents were from Mainland China ,so they are not religious. Yet Mary admitted she heard the gospel many times before. And she confessed the gospel message is self complete without any internal contradiction. It is all sensible and logical for any good by non-perfect person to ask for help from Jesus as our Savior.

2) Luke a local Australian Born Indian, also doing the Biochemistry Medical Science. He appeared open and receptive to the gospel message.

3) Then next was Holy again a local Aussie girl very friendly for a chat. She also showed openness and receptiveness to the gospel.

4) Then I connected with a young man from Tianjin, China. ??. He has been with UQ for 3 years doing engineering study.????. He is willing to chat and voluntarily took a gospel tract.?????

5) Next was a Korean girl called Dabbie was who slightly indifferent to the gospel though still open for a chat.

6) James another local Aussie whose mother is Filipino and father an Australian. He is also doing biomedical science. He is not as open as Luke but still politely listened to the full gospels

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 14 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 14th, 2024 from 1300-1500

Today we had Ann, friend of CFC, Amy and Hung gospel outreach duet of CFC teaming up to serve at Sunnybank. The people flow seemingly was less than normal, but grace of God was abundantly sufficient for us to be a witness for me to people of all nations. I had comparatively long chat today with people who shared some of my life moments. It gave them a more 3 D view of the dramatical changed of my life because of the gospel. The chat with a Singaporean young man ended up a surprised gift of red rose to me which I made it a Valentine gift for my wife. She never received any fresh flower from me just some artificial flower for display. It was undoubtedly a disguised blessing from God to His humble servant. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach Lin ?from Taipei?? who is a student of the James Cook University in Brisbane majoring in IT. He chose James Cook because he has got a Scholarship. He is non-religious but appeared very open for Gospel and could not found any argument in the gospel message. May God keep guiding him to pursue this Christian faith and be converted in His time.

2) Then I was led to catch up with Adam from Turkey on a working holiday visa. Adam was overjoyed to find out I am a fan of his country having spent 16 days all over many places of his country. Surprisingly, he is also a secularized Muslim or he simply does not regard Islamic as his religion though he still remains to be religious or God-fearing person. So, he appeared very open to the gospel at least will not turn away when Jeus was mentioned. Above all he took a tract and pray that God will touch his heart and move him to seek for salvation through Christ.

3) Daniel is a Singaporean coming to live in Australia since the age of three, so he regards himself a fair dinkum Australian (I also taught him Dinkum is Cantonese of Real Gold) He claimed himself a Chrisitan so I test his assurance of salvation which he only got 80% despite he knows he is saved by grace through faith of Jesus' redemptive work dying for all of us on the cross to take our place for eternal death punishment. The reason why so many Christians are not sure of their status having been changed to the people of God readily the moment they accepted Jesus as their Saviour, is that the substance of our life is yet to be changed. But because of the guarantee provided by Jesus, God will for sure transformed us back to perfection by the work of the Holy Spirit. Anyhow, Daniel was so moved for my explanation of God's love for us that he offered me a Valentine rose. I thanked him and mentioned that it would be presented to my wife as a valentine gift which I have never done before apart from some artificial flower for home display. This is really a surprised gift of God as an award for my faithful day in day out gospel proclamation service to witness for His love and glory.

4) Finally God led me to connect with Mr Wu? from Guangzhou, Panyu, ???? China coming here with his family for tourism. He was there waiting for his wife to do shopping as such I have a long half an hour chat with him. Because we are of similar age and lived once in a near culture geographical location, ??????I was inspired by God to share my testimony of salvation and how my life was completely changed the moment I received Christ after 40 years of searching in the wilderness like the Israelites people. He did not react like majority if the mainlander Chinese being oversensitively fear of talking about religion. He gracefully thanks for my sharing and the time we had after his family came back for him. Pray that the tract he took will serve the purpose to lead him a step closer to eventual salvation.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 13 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday February 6th, 2024 from 1330 – 1500

Thanked God that the weather turned much cooler without the radiating heat. Winnie still could join me today but not next week Feb 20 while Johnny will come back only after Feb 24. But we thanks God for every opportunity that we can serve with God as well as serving as a team. As usual, it was a fruitful outreach effort as ordained and empowered by God. We may encounter rejection from time to time. But if our meagre effort to preach the gospel to a non-believer for the first time sowing the seed, our reward in the heaven will be great. We do thanks God for the privilege being blessed be a blessing.

1) Aussie young girl volunteered to take photo for us when she saw we did the selfie. I took this chance to compliment her as a very good person but still need Jesus and asked her to read the "Are You A Good Person Tract."

2) My first approach was an Aussie lady at the bus stop. She was nice to respond to my catching up brief chat but eventually she declined my invitation to have a chat with the excuse of being busy in texting but perhaps the underlying reason was that she was not interested.

3) Next, I was led to catch up with an Australia Born Indian who is doing Engineering at UQ. Both himself and his parents were born her in Brisbane. So they are not that bounded by their traditional Hindu faith but rather comparatively open to the gospel which he found no loophole to query. I promised to pray for him and if he has any query, I suggested him to join Power to Change in the UQ campus which he agreed.

4) Then I was led to approach Zheng ?from Shandong??, China. He comes to study nursing ?? which shows he has plan to stay in Australia as male nurse is not popular in Mainland China. He also disclosed he has been Christian since young back in China????. Their family belong to a certain house church branch ??????and he is now attending CCCB- St Lucia????I thus switched to test his assurance of salvation which he failed to have 100% certainty. After my clarification, he thanked and promised he will pursue to know God and the gospel better through Bible study and attending the ACTIVITY OF POWER TO CHANGE. He felt comfortable to take a self fie with me.

5) The I was led to approach Chen who is from Nanjing and came to do high school study at the Gold Coast. And now he is admitted to do medical study at UQ. He admitted it was the first time he heard the gospel and he also could not find any fault or query about the gospel and admitted that every one need salvation from eternal death punishment of sin. I also advised him to join Power to Change for pursuance of God and the salvation accepting Jesus as his Savior.

6) Then I caught up with a HongKonger who came just for a few weeks to do speech therapy. ??????. He seemingly is a non-believer despite he has Christian relatives and friends. He anyway still listened to the full gospel and promised to pursue and contact Power to Change.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 11 February 2024

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It’s the end of another week of outreach!  I haven’t been sleeping so well this week, and so I'm feeling tired.  Because of this I ended up only making it to 1 of the 4 usual street outreaches this week and doing more online outreach instead.

Speaking of online outreach, check on the encouraging screen shot.  That was taken from an Instagram direct message.

And speaking of images.  I really like the one I’ve included from the single street outreach I was involved with: on Friday at the Bridge of remembrance.  Can you spot the gospel conversation?  And in the other picture, can you spot the orange cone?  Christchurch was famous for these, being everywhere during the big Earthquakes (well over a decade ago now, wow, time sure goes fast).

Anyway, let me report on Friday’s outreach.  Andy, John and I were out for 2 hours in the afternoon.

I decided I was going to be bolder than usual in who I approached.  Because, we can so easily fall into the trap of approaching the people who are more likely to have a chat, where in fact we have no idea who will be interested and willing.  I need the reminder to not fear man, but to fear and honour Jesus.  He deserves the reward of his suffering.

I initially paired up with Andy.  I had a couple of short chats to start.  The first was with a Christian gentleman, who didn’t do so well in the initial check question.  He was nice, but sadly didn’t have the time to stay and talk.  He left with a tract.  The next was with a young man who had just picked up 2 handfuls of hired suits for a wedding.  He obviously had places to be, and so I knew this chat would be very short.  And glory to God, that short time wasn’t wasted.  He was familiar with the truths of Jesus, but needed essential clarity.  A couple of well placed check questions were revealing and challenging to him.  I wanted to take the suits and chuck them, so we could sit down and have a good chat, but instead, we gave him 2 types of tracts, and told him to get in touch if he wanted to discuss further.  We left him in God’s hands.

My 3rd opportunity was difficult, the lady was resistant from the get go due to her entrenched worldview.  I gently tried to point out inconsistencies, but due to her closedness, this only irritated her.  Andy ended up taking over, and the chat ended soon after.

John was with us by this stage.  Andy got into a chat with a couple from Japan / France (speaking of France, we had at least 3 interactions with people who spoke French - if only we had more French speakers with us! ;) ).  Due to language issues, that chat was a bit slow, so I ended up peeling off to get into other chats.

I had a great chat with a young couple.  It was great, because of their openness, I was able to take them through the whole suite of check questions.

John and I then had a chat with another young couple.  This time they were closed, taking an atheistic standpoint.  He talked, she listened.  I sparred with him for a while, before John took over and took the conversation to the law and gospel.

To finish the day, I had a great chat with a young lady.  She had grown up in various cultures, having been adopted, and so wasn’t clear on what religion was right.  She came to hear the law and the gospel, and even accepted a gospel of John at the end.

Even though I didn’t go out on Sunday afternoon, Mike did, he said he had a really good convo during the hour he was out.  Glory to God!  Well done Mike, thank you for your service and labour.

Edit: Here is what Mike said: About 20 minutes in a lady came over to talk about Gus [Mike's dog].. she owned a schnauzer, and turns out she was a believer and had been praying for God to show her someone to minister too. Shortly after that, a guy named John came up to the chart and wanted to talk. He had many doubts and didn't understand the gospel at all. He had been to some large churches and heard many conflicting things, but not a proper gospel. So this lady (Rachel) and myself went through the flip chart checking questions with him for 45 minutes and had a deep conversation, talking about justification and sanctification and the role of the Holy Spirit. It was a very timely conversation for him. Please pray for him as he starts to explore the gospels for himself!

And thank you for your prayer and support; thanks for reading to this point, and putting up with the fact that I never proofread what I write!  Haha.  Go serve your king!

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