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Friday 21 December 2018

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The ministry of Operation 513 sharing the Gospel in the streets is truly being blessed by God's Sovereign Hand in all locations He has given. And we know each week the people we meet here at Warwick have already been prepared by God to hear from His Word. This is His work and we are privileged to be able to serve and trust Jesus to do what is needed in the hearts of the people. His Word by His Spirit is always true and all we need. He is with us!!

It is always a good day to be sharing the Gospel and we have handed out all the Christmas tracts we had in stock and started on what other ones we had. Even though the ice breaker in the tracts may start differently the message is the same as it leads into the bad news that we all have broken God's laws we are sinners then the good news of the solution to our greatest need to be made right with our Holy God found only in Jesus our saviour. So every tract really is the Christmas and Easter message which is the Glorious Gospel. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. The message of Easter being of victory over sin and death, Jesus is alive! such good news Jesus calls us to believe and receive and share with others.

We chatted with a man that said he couldn't read - he didn't want to engage much but said his wife helps him with the Bible.

We encouraged him that he could look into audio Bible. He has a tract for his wife so pray for P that his wife will read the message to him and he remember what we have spoken from God's Word.

One long conversation we had was with a young man B. He openly admitted to sin as we took him through the good person test. He was not wanting to get close to us and blocking the path for others. He eventually came a bit closer it seemed

he was convicted of sin but not seeing the seriousness of the consequences which are Eternal, we see conviction as a good thing not bad because that is God at work in a heart.

We explained the need for Eternal righteousness and warned of the hell punishment for all who reject the kind offer of Jesus to save us and that we need to turn to Jesus in thankfulness for all He has done, as we won't want to give up sin until we have a changed heart, born again to new life in Christ. There is nothing more important than our Eternal need in Jesus.

We went through the flip chart and again the wrath punishment we all deserve, Jesus willingly bore in our place and the message that we need to put our faith in what He has done for us and know the Christmas message points to the Easter message of the cross and Jesus defeating sin and death by rising to life 3 days later. B has been given tracts and resources and we hope and pray he and others that have heard the call to be saved will respond with grateful hearts.

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