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Monday 31 December 2018

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Greetings :)

While visiting my brother in Christchurch, I teamed up with Glen Richards (Operation 513 Christchurch) for a New Year’s Outreach. On a lighter note- I left a braai(bbq) to join the Outreach and anyone who knows South Africans knows that’s a big deal ;) 

We met up with another Christchurch local (Philip) and then proceeded to a New Year’s family event in Christchurch cbd. Philip and Glen setup their flip charts in different places and I went back and forth between them, handing out tracts. Philip has two really good conversations, before he joined up with us. While Glen was engaged in a conversation, I took over his Flipchart and got into good, long and sad conversation with two young agnostics (Fergus & Callum). Fergus was really enthusiastic, but sadly it seems to argue for argument’s sake, while his friend just quietly and patiently listened.

In the end Glen, Philip and I all talked, reasoned and pleaded with them; presenting the Law & Gospel to them as best as we could. At one stage an elderly man and his wife joined the group conversation and presented some “interesting Christian” views; we politely listened and then brought the conversation back to main points of the message.

Right up to the end Fergus, still wanted to continue with “Yes, but...”,’and I lovingly and firmly reminded him that it’s either ‘Yes’ or sadly ‘No’. In the end we all shook hands, said happy New Year to each other and the elderly couple, Fergus & Callum all left with tracts. Glen also had other positive conversations (please see his report- Operation 513 Christchurch). 

God Bless.



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