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Thursday 3 January 2019

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There was much opposition to the gospel on a hot summers day.  And yet, much time was spent in fruitful conversations - all glory to God.  Cathedral Square ended up being the place to be, after a slow start in Cashel Mall.

Kelvin, the Square's resident busker, was in full swing, so I decided to do some walk up conversations while waiting for him to take a break before preaching.

My first conversation was with a young man on holiday from South Africa who turned out to be a PK (pastor's kid), but wasn't sure if he would go to heaven.  After discussion, it turned out he thought salvation hinged on works.  And so after explaining the law, a careful explanation of salvation by grace alone was given, with a clarification that works is an evidence of our faith, not required to be saved.  This man had 2 friends with him, and 1 in particular thanked me for taking the time to speak to them (after initially not being interested in the conversation).

But it was when I started preaching that the opposition came, I noticed hecklers gathering, and then as I was finishing up, our main - and most vocal - heckler turned up and stared getting stuck in.  This was wonderful, because it drew a small crowd of people keen to have a laugh at the foolish Christian.  But the gospel was preached to them, with a call to repentance and faith in Christ.  And the fruit was the 3 follow up conversations that occurred after, and because of, the preaching!  Although our heckler tried to interrupt 2 of those private conversations - it only added weight to the importance of what was being talked about.

By this stage, another outreach team member had arrived, and we decided to go back to Cashel to get a break from the heckling.  1 great conversation was had there, but then a man with some mental health issues took exception to us and was mumbling threatening and bad language at us.  There was no reasoning with this man, so we backed away and moved back to Cathedral Square, by this time our heckler had departed and we again had some fruitful conversations, including with a very open hearted young lady who was ready for a new start in life and took a Bible and gospel booklet.

Praise God that He allows opposition, and yet seems to use that for His own purposes and the benefit of the gospel!  Always be humble and gracious, but don't let opposition stop you from sharing the vital message of the gospel!

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