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Friday 7 December 2018

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It has been a while since the team has gotten a video encouragement up but in this video you can hear some testimonies from an outreach in early December last year.

Daniel, gives the encouragement that there are many people to share the Gospel with and specfically shares about a conversation that he had, where it seemed as if God had been preparing this young man to hear.

Over the course of eight minutes, Daniel was able to share the Gospel clearly to this man.

Next Tim, who was just travelling through, decided to stop for a few hours before continuing on home and as a result God used him to share the Gospel with a range of people, specfically you can hear about a conversation he had with a man named Hero.

Please be praying for these two conversations as well the team as they endeavour to share God's glorious Gospel with the lost day after day.

And consider Daniel's final encouragement, to join us in this Mission, to be ambassador's for Christ, to this lost and perishing world.

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