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Thursday 7 February 2019

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Back on the streets of Christchurch today, doing my best to share the gospel. The time went fast, as I was either open air preaching or talking to people most of the time - which is good - but, sadly, there was much resistance to Jesus.

I continued a conversation with a guy I met, and shared the gospel with (as well as answering many questions) at the end of the summer mission to Christchurch (just over 2 weeks ago). But sadly he seemed more closed than the first time I talked to him.

And I set up my flip chart for the last 30 minutes of the outreach which attracted some conversations. But sadly, 3 elderly people openly mocked the concept of hell, making jokes. And after that, a man got angry with me and walked off in a huff while we were discussing the basis for truth. None of these people stayed long enough to hear the gospel.

Honestly, I went out dragging my heels today, and I left feeling dejected. It's hard work bringing a message to people that don't want to hear it. I guess I feel like Jeremiah today.

But I'm not discouraged. Jesus has asked us to go. I love Him and will obey, even when it's hard. We are not always going to be clicking our heels after an outreach. And I can't judge what is going on in people's hearts. May God use our fumbling attempts to share Jesus for His glory. (And yet, I'm motivated to be the best ambassador for Jesus that I can be.)

Looking forward to heading out again tomorrow. :) At the very least, it will be an opportunity to worship. Who's joining me?

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