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Sunday 3 March 2019

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"But when God changes the heart, we are ready to count the cost..." - J. W. Searle, served at M.B.I.

The Lord gave us 4 on the team today. Natalie and Grace walked over to King Island. It seems that people were relaxed and generally willing to take tracts as they meandered over to King Island; it was low tide. Natalie noticed a lady reading the tract and opened up a conversation with her.

She was one more Christian grandmother happy to relay the tract to her 3 grandchildren. She was given 2 more tracts. Pray that the children come to see the 'sinfulness of sin' and how urgently they need to flee to Jesus and abide in Him. 

There was also an atheistic type. Pray that he remembers the gospel message and forsakes his hopeless worldview vis repentance.

Meanwhile on the 'mainland' the other couple were handing out a few tracts. Eventually they were able to chat with 2 students from Colombia; Anna, who later said that no one else in her family was a Christian and Joanna from a Roman Catholic (R.C.) family who later said she did not know the difference between R.C. and Protestants.

Going through the mini flip chart, they confessed to being liars, thieves (downloading music and not paying for it), murderers, blasphemers,  and adulterers.  On the court scene, one said she would be innocent. Why? God is love and forgives. Completing the good news, they could say that it made sense to them. they could answer the question "Why would God let you into heaven?"

When tested on the case where a Christian 'sins' and dies 5 minutes later, would God let that one into heaven, they failed and one said, "We must have to do something".  Further talk on Eph. 2:8-10 and the unique quality of Jesus work ended with them taking multiple tracts, John's gospel and assurance that they would be prayed for. Will you pray for them? They need a good role model to show them how to begin living for God's glory. 

How good is God!!! Glory to His holy Name.

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