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Wednesday 27 March 2019

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Today saw outreaches into the City and outside the Hospital.

At the hospital, God blessed me with two very special opportunities to share the Gospel.

The first was with a young lady who came from the USA and whose school, there, had had a mass shooting!  So she has now lived in two cities where mass shootings have occured. :(  I shared the Gospel with her, explaining the hope for eternal life found only in Jesus.

And then a young man came out of the hospital, on to the foot path where I was, so he could smoke a cigarette.  I said hello and a conversation started.  And it turns out that this man lost two people in the terrible shootings one and a half weeks ago - one of whom was his younger brother.  He said he lived in Christchurch for 15 years, but now lived in Australia, but if he had been in Christchurch, he probably would have been in the mosque too.

I had a wonderful opportunity to share my sympathy and compassion to this young man, and to all those that were grieving the loss of loved ones.  I then had an opportunity to talk about the justice of God, but how we required justice too but that Jesus was the only hope for forgiveness.  He said we were brothers.  But I said we weren’t, but that we were neighbours.  And because I loved him as a neighbour, I wanted him to know of Christ.  He said we were brothers through Adam.  And I conceded that.  (But Adam brought sin and death into the world, and Jesus, the second Adam, atoned for sin, and defeated death - we weren’t brothers in Christ.)  Our time to talk was brief.  As soon as he had finished his cigarette, he had to go back into the hospital.  We parted ways with a hand shake, and he took a Gospel tract from me.  But I thank God for the brief opportunity.

I’m still praying for my Muslim neighbours in Christchurch.  That they would continue to receive support, and be able to grieve.  But that they would ultimately get to hear the amazing good news of forgiveness of sin, only found in Jesus Christ.

In the city (Cathedral Square), I was pleasantly surprised to see a man with a scale model of Noah’s ark set up!  Plenty of people were showing interest, which was very encouraging (see picture).  When I got a chance, I introduced myself, and we briefly chatted and exchanged contact details.

I then moved to a spot where I could do some flip charting.  Two conversations in particular stood out from my time there.

The last was with a young man who couldn’t stand still!  But was very engaged in the conversation.  He said he was in a car accident recently, so what I was saying was pertinent.  He had time on his hands, and so I offered him a Bible and Gospel booklet to read, which he gladly received, along with a challenge to repent and trust in Christ today - as he didn’t know if he would get another day.

Later, our resident atheistic heckler turned up.  I knew he was going to give my Noah’s ark model friend some grief - and so he did (see picture).  I continue to pray for our heckling friend.

Tuesday saw our regular Riccarton Road outreach.  The foot traffic is always light at this location, but I’m often having good conversations with people anyway.  And this was no exception: 3 outstanding Gospel conversations occurred.

The first was with a high school student who was well versed in evolutionary science.  I refused to let this become a distraction from a clear presentation of the Gospel.  I did this by saying I could prove that God exists in 30 seconds.  This got his attention, and I proceeded to use Romans 1:18 - 20 to show how he knew God existed, with the assistance of the "building means builder; creation means creator" analogy.  I then moved to conscience (which means: with knowledge) as how we absolutely knew right from wrong.  He was interested enough to then do the good person test via flip chart and so heard a thorough Gospel presentation.  He was obviously challenged by it, and started asking good questions.  Eventually we got back to the issue of evolution, which is important, and I’m happy to discuss.  But sadly he refused any literature, insisting that he was right.

The last was with two young men.  They were willing to do the good person test, but didn’t seem too interested.  I asked a checking question at the end to see if they understood the way to salvation, completely expecting them to get it wrong.  But to my surprise, they got it right.  It just goes to show that we don't know what's going on in the heart / mind of people.  I think one of those guys was actually very interested in what I was saying.

I continue to thank God for enabling me to be out sharing the Gospel as I am, and I thank all you who are supporting me in this.

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