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Sunday 31 March 2019

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Saturday saw our second to last special outreach of the summer: The Oxford A&P Show.

It was wonderful to, again, have many of the newbies who were involved with the Malvern A&P Show the previous Saturday.  It is wonderful to see them continuing to get involved with sharing the precious message of Jesus and growing in their confidence, in spite of some difficult conversations!

The site was very busy.  We had four flip charts set up, and an “observation test” sketch board (it has the same questions as the “intelligence test” tract).  Often multiple Gospel conversations were on the go!

Some of the conversations were with people we had talked to previous years, and so there was some good opportunities for follow up and to go over the Gospel again with them.

And some of the team had exciting conversations with open hearted people!

The highlight conversation for me was with two teenage girls.  It was late in the afternoon, and I was tired by this stage, and so my presentation was more mechanical than I like.  But one of them seemed especially concerned about her standing before a Holy God after I had shared the law with them.  I then moved to the Good News, and to my joy, I saw tears form in her eyes.  She seemed to be understanding the grace of Jesus taking the punishment for her sin and rising again defeating death!

I offered her a Gospel booklet, which she took.  And after a little more conversation, I asked if she would like a Bible - which she keenly accepted along with a local church contact card.  My heart was warmed by this conversation.  And I leave her in Gods hands.

There was nothing dynamic or special about my presentation, the Holy Spirit only uses the Gospel message as the power for salvation.  Every Christian can share the simple Gospel message.  I encourage you to get involved!

Sunday saw our regular afternoon outreach to Cashel Mall.

It was fascinating to see Muslims from the UK out sharing their message with people as well.  They had a literature table set up, and plenty of people seemed to be taking interest.

We approached them to talk… And they certainly like to do that!

The guy I talked to liked to say things in Arabic and then interpret them for me.  I could be wrong, but it felt like he was showing off.  I hope I never come across like this when I’m sharing the Gospel of Jesus with people!  It’s only the Gospel message that God uses to save, not my ability to appear intelligent!

I did manage to share the law and Gospel with this guy.  As soon I as I started to take him through the law he said “Oh, that’s Ray”.  He had obviously heard of Ray Comfort - and didn’t think very highly of him!  But I persisted in taking him through the law and Gospel presentation - which he allowed me to do.

The team set up flip charts on the corner of Cashel and Colombo and, unlike last Sunday, we had many Gospel conversations with people.

I thank the Lord for the opportunities He provided to be an ambassador for him, weak as we are.  May He be glorified as we worship Him in our obedience.

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