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Friday 5 April 2019

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Praise be to our Glorious heavenly Father for His continued mercy and grace upon us. He is answering prayer each week as we ask Him to provide opportunities to speak to the people who He brings our way through the streets of Warwick and to prepare their hearts to receive planted seeds from His word. We pray that He will grow these planted truths into a saving harvest.

A young guy happened to pass by the bible table and was handed a tract and he asked what it was, so explaining that it was a gospel tract which asked, "are you a good person?", he said that he thought he was. "Would you be good enough to go to Heaven?" he said he hoped so. We explained the bad news firstly and he said that he didn’t want to go to hell. We shared the good news that Jesus offers us forgiveness for our sins which he paid for when he willingly laid down His life for us on the cross. We need to trust in Him and so we challenged him that there was nothing more important than knowing where we would spend Eternity and to get right with God, for we don’t know if we will have tomorrow. Please pray for M that he will respond to the Gospel and that our Lord draws him unto salvation.

Another chat with a guy who had already been witnessed to in Brisbane came up and started talking with us. He was a friendly guy and very talkative but trying at many times and from different ways to get him to answer questions and pin him down about what he believed would happen after he died proved very difficult. After some time talking to him he had to go. Please pray for (I) that the Lord would convict him of his sin and bring him to salvation.

We are thankful to God in all He is doing.

All glory be to Him.

Rick and Glenda  

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