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Friday 7 June 2019

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It was a wonderful week away getting some refueling at a conference.  I arrived home on Wednesday morning, and I was back to work on the streets in the afternoon.  It was so good to be back!  But wow, was it cold!  This was my first official winter outreach.  I’d really appreciate your prayer as I face my first winter as a full time street evangelist.  With God’s help, I can make it through.

The highlight from that Wednesday outreach was talking to two Christians and seeing a desire for evangelism in them.  I was able to encourage them to join me and I was very encouraged by them.

Thursday saw another outreach into the city where I had the pleasure of open air preaching, before Andy and I moved to the Eastgate bus stops for many walk up conversations.  There was one point where the outreach slowed down, so I just paused and started praying, and before long, another bus rolled in, releasing a fresh group of people to hand tracts to and start conversations with.

Today (Friday) started with our Gospel + abortion outreach in front of the hospital.  We had some wonderful opportunities for dialogue and to share the Gospel in spite of much opposition.  This outreach is so vital.  We are continuing to pray that God would use this for His glory.

We then moved to Cathedral Square, where Andy and I both open air preached, with no buskers or heckling - nice for a change.

We finished up with an outreach on Cashel Mall.  It was wonderful to, yet again, have a new team member join us for the first time!  Long may this continue.  May labourers be raised up for His glory.

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