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Sunday 29 September 2019

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Arthur Pink in the 1974 p/back "Practical Christianity", p.32 gives us food for thought, "...only by the blood of Jesus we can be saved. That is true Godward, but it is not true manwards. The work of the Spirit in us is equally essential as the work of Christ for us." - Titus 3:5

     It was another interesting time of serving our Lord. As we gathered for prayer, it was preceded by a display of carpark road rage where we observed man's fallen nature in a pathetic public rant and rave session. Thankfully, the 'accused' did not reciprocate and it eventually fizzled out. Once we got going, the Lord gave us:

     - a long chat with an older Irish Roman Catholic man  who could not listen because he had his own version including this: If he got to heaven and saw someone there he had a grudge against , he could not forgive them.He heard the good news.  

      - 3 young lads who heard the gospel for the first time. One was more open than the other two were.

     - Sisters R. & M, church-goers.who were weary of trying but failing to live the Christian life. Their faith was on a dodgy foundation and they were getting nowhere. They left rejoicing as they grasped God's gracious gift of salvation. May God get them discipled now so they can grow to maturity of faith.

     - T. a young lad who came asking what the flip chart was all about. He seemed to 'get the message' but then revealed in further conversation, that he had not. Ryan had another 3 to 5  reviews with him before he seemed to grasped it. He had not any concrete concept of God to begin with. Please pray that he God will speak to him savingly as he reads John's gospel. 

These last two chats were our last for the afternoon. But regardless of what we might think, we went to be used of God whose work always reflects His glorious nature. So we give thanks for the privilege and pleasure of serving Him in this way, 1 Jn. 5:3.

We give Him all the glory and we (you probably guessed it) went on our way rejoicing.

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