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Friday 4 October 2019

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It was pretty quiet first week of school holidays but we got to hand out a few tracts and plant some seeds of truth.

The second week there were a little more people about. One great conversation was with a man whom we have had short conversations with on numerous occasions. He shows to be more comfortable than when we first talked with him. He is someone I know not real well but he is someone that the Lord has given a leading to just do little bits at a time. We always speak of the urgency of the message and he does take tracts. This week he come up and he always says how ya goin? I said yeah pretty good and led into showing him the tract I had been handing out. It was the Eternity tract. I asked him if he had ever heard of the guy that wrote this word on the footpaths down Sydney?

Then we discussed how the word Eternity was written in lights on the Sydney harbour bridge at the turn of the century. I googled Mr Eternity on my phone and showed it to him and read the brief information. He was interested in this bit of history he didn't know about. Arthur Stace is his name and he has a wonderful testimony. Then I was able to point to the message of salvation how it is so very important for him. After this he had to go, as the person he was waiting for was now waiting for him.

But he took a Eternity tract with him, hopefully he got to show it to his friend also. He has taken a comic book and other tracts in the past. God is in control of everything and his salvation. It's really good to see he can approach us and we can keep planting seeds and pointing to Jesus for his and every persons greatest need ever.

Amazingly around 10 minutes after he left Rick was in conversation with a lady who had a tract with Eternity written on it (the tract was not from our ministry) she was saying how she as a child had often seen the man writing Eternity on the paths. She said she was saved years later and told us her testimony. Wow I told her about the man and we all know that there is no coincidence with God it's God - incidence!!!
She is from the Sunshine Coast and was so excited about the ministry, she said she is always handing out tracts wherever she goes. We were encouraged and shared information about the ministry in that it is for the saints too, to encourage and to also equip believers for the work of evangelism in spreading the glorious Gospel. 

She left and then the man came walking past and I was able to tell him about the lady who we had talked with that she had actually seen the man Mr Eternity who we were talking about earlier. I told him again this message is really important and he must have needed to hear it and please read the tract.

I handed out the tract 'everything happens for a reason' one of my favourite tracts, a lady took it, stopped, and agreed with what it said, she asked what it was all about which lead into a good chat about the gospel. She said a few times during our talk that she thought she was a good person and after a while Glenda joined with me with the gospel of John booklet and the bridge diagram. These booklets are very good for a visual look at our separation between us and God, plus part of the bible for them to take home and read! of course with a few gospel tracts in there as well.

This lady kept saying that we sounded like her grandmother especially when Glenda said she needed to give her life to christ.This lady was open but needed to realise the depth of her sin. We used the flip chart to give her another visual of the seriousness of our offense against a Holy God. Please pray for C, that God would reveal this gospel truth and draw her to salvation.

We are very thankful to our Lord for all the work He is doing in the hearts of people.
Praise His Holy Name.

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