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Wednesday 13 November 2019

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Warwick Blog 25/10/19 & 1/11/19

This week on our Friday outreach I was able to attend for the whole day as the company I work for let us swap the Warwick show day public holiday earlier in the year for the annual Rodeo at the end of October. We had just set up the bible table when D a guy from out of town just happened to pass by the table where a long chat with him began to take place.He was friendly and didn’t mind discussing with us these very important issues about life.He told us his aging mother was a Christian and that he was brought up in a church going home but he is not a believer and puts his trust in science and evolution.We took him down the road of law to reveal to him his sin before a holy God and the Judgement to come when he leaves this world through deaths door and then asked him if he has heard the good news of the gospel.He knew about Jesus from childhood,but wasn’t sure what he did, so we explained what our Lord did to save  sinners (Christians are sinners, but saved by God’s grace) and that he laid down His life in the place of all who would repent (turn from sin) and trust in Jesus to save us.After about an hour of talking with him Glenda had to leave to attend a funeral so we continued chatting about many things including science,evolution and his life in general while interjecting truths from God’s word along the way.The time went so fast and discovering we had been talking for 2 ½ hours we wrapped things up with a challenge for him to check into the things we talked about and to come by again which he replied that he just might do that and hit us with some more questions.


We were very blessed to have a fellow worker, a brother in Christ come from Brisbane to help us with sharing the Gospel this last Friday. He challenged me as I could see he was so effective in starting conversations. He was saying hi can I ask you a couple of questions and he had a good handful of one on one encounters. Everything and everyone who we get to chat with we know the Lord has brought to us and even if it's a few words or a Gospel tract we pray that the Lord will use our feeble efforts to do His amazing good work in their hearts in conviction of sin to bring them to true repentance and a saving knowledge of faith. It is all God's work.

Col asked a young woman if he could ask her a few questions and I heard her reply..."why not "she said..."I have a bit of time to kill"  Wow you don't hear very often of that sort of response. So it was a great opportunity for him to share the truth of God's Word. I was handing out tracts but heard Col asking all the good and provoking questions to see where she was in her understanding. She was taken through the law and was humble in her admitting her guilt. Col used the flip chart and when she heard the solution to her dilemma and when she saw the illustration on the flip chart, of Jesus bearing the punishment we deserve J stated that it made sense to her. Col spent a good deal of time with her and he brought her over toward me as he suggested that I could help with information about the church we attend. I had some time with J it was an absolute privilege to see God at work in this young lady she was so open and wanting to know about the most important news ever she was listening intently. So we talked about the Bible and gave info how to read it and she gladly received a Bible from us. I went over a few things briefly one being how we must be born again. I showed in Ephesians 2 how God's Word tells us we are all spiritually dead and how we are all dead in our sins. The Bible tells us it is from the time of conception. I explained the origin of sin from Genius and the fig leaves of self effort to hide guilt and shame of sin. It was explained that sin is what separates us from God who is Holy. All the good things we do are but filthy rags no good we do can make us right with a Holy God showing her Ephesians 2 :8 & 9...J actually read it out. Then again pointing ahead to the cross in showing how only God can do the work to save us from eternal punishment of sin. Repentance and faith in Jesus  the saviour who is God and who became flesh to save sinners. Jesus is risen and victorious and has blessed our day to be able to share so much truth with J.

 Col had explained well to her she was seeing the seriousness about all she was hearing. I told her about our church and gave her info and shared that we are here for her if she would come back and see us that we would love to see her again. 

She was challenged to think about her sin speak with God in prayer and seek Him for her Eternal salvation. We also gave her a booklet of John and pointed out the first few pages where there is an illustration and words to read about getting right with God. We need His righteousness the great exchange!!!  our filthy rags in exchange for His pure righteousness is His gift to us by His Spirit. Pray for J that she will hear the command of Jesus to repent and trust him alone. for her salvation

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