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Sunday 16 February 2020

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On Saturday the whole team gathered at Mahabandula Park (what I’ve previously been calling Sule Park). Being the weekend, there were many people relaxing and keen to talk.

We also had a team from the New Life Church come to join us on outreach. For many this was their first time, so they did a lot of watching and listening.

It was a pleasure to have two of them join me and my translator - so we were a team of four. One of them told me that she had a burning desire to share her faith, but she was very nervous.

In the afternoon, I had two wonderful gospel conversations, and I wondered if the newbies would like to give it a try - so I asked. To my surprise, the lady who had said she was nervous was willing to give it a try. I double checked, to make sure I wasn’t applying any pressure - and she confirmed she was ready. But I could see that she was very nervous.

I picked an older lady to approach, and I decided to get things started. She did not want to have a conversation (but soon after, she came to take a few tracts from me), and so we moved to a couple that was next to her - they were happy to talk. I got the conversation rolling by going through the building/universe analogy, and then I passed over to my nervous friend to take them through the law. She took to it like a duck to water. I couldn’t believe it (see the photo with my bemused look in the background)! My translator & I stayed to help her when needed. But she shared the law and the gospel using the mini flip chart herself. Well done!

There was no stopping them after that, both of the newbies had an animated gospel conversation with another couple. They were eagerly taking them through the pages of the flip chart and explaining the glorious gospel of Jesus!

This is what evangelism is all about! Encouraging and equipping Christians to step out and share the words of eternal life. Reader, if you are not already involved, may you be encouraged too. Step out - get involved! Share the gospel of Jesus. :)

As per the photos, the day was filled with many, many gospel conversations.

On Sunday, the team split up and went to various churches or orphanages to teach. We then gathered for lunch at the orphanage that David Ling runs, and we ran another kids program in the afternoon where, of course, the gospel was shared (not for the first time!).

The wonderful photos say it all. Thanks to Matt and Grace for taking them.

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