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Monday 8 June 2020

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Monday on Omegle was another double outreach. It was exciting to see people from all over the world come to hear the good news about how a sinner who deserves Hell can be made right before God and end up in Heaven!

One of the first conversations of the day was with Sia a man from Adelaide, just on Omegle during a lunch break. He had a Muslim background but was surprisingly humble and honest about himself. He acknowledged that it hadn't worked and he was just living his own way. He saw God's goodness demands justice and therefore that sin cannot go unpunished. He saw that mercy can't be merited and therefore he was in very serious trouble!

He then came to hear the good news of salvation that is offered to guilty people, on the basis of God Himself, coming, living perfectly and dying sacrificially taken the wrath of God for those who believe. He was shocked! In fact he went on to say, "I grew up in a Christian school and all my years there no one ever really explained this to me but I am glad you did".

He said that he would definitely look into it further and was thankful for the conversation!

On the livestream through the afternoon there were some encouraging chats and some sad ones. God ultimately glorifies Himself through the salvation or condemnation of sinners and the Christian never ultimately knows the destiny of those who are spoken to. One exceedingly sad conversation was with two girls who were totally spiritually blind. They would propose things that contradicted themselves, were purposely trying to avoid understanding very simple concepts and were incredibly hostile to God, despite by their own mouths declaring that He doesn't exist.

They showed by their actions that they were certain of His existence and it wasn't an intellectual thing but a moral hatred and outrage. sadly they weren't able to comprehend clearly any of the most simple truths of Christianity but were looking for any excuse. They were left with the challenge to check out Please be praying that they do, and read it because they can't argue with a website and God may use it to reveal Himself to them.

Lastly were two men who were in a similar state of mind and yet had quite different responses. The first man was distracted through the conversation, able to give the correct answers but totally unmoved. The second man was initially distracted and took a little while longer to comprehend it but he was visibly moved.

He went on to share that he has never thought about the afterlife before this conversation but this had really opened his eyes (even mentioning that he had changed his mind) and that he would trust that Jesus paid for his sin and start reading his Bible to find out how God wants him to live!

It was a very encouraging conversation and a great finale to the days outreach!

Please be praying for all those who heard this good news, as well as those mentioned that they would see their position without Christ, trust in Christ for the forgiveness of their sin and therefore love and serve God with their lives, as the one who saved them!

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