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Friday 12 June 2020

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Friday's outreach was a cracker! What an exciting outreach filled with conversations. It started with a text chat, then with three incredible video chats and all eight participants came to profess faith!

The text chat was with a guy who said that he was a Christian and then through discussion came to grasp the gospel and was challenged and said, "It all makes sense now!" - He even said that he would start reading his Bible today (unprompted).

The end of that overlapped with a video chat with Jack and Everett. Everett was less sure of himself than Jack. Jack kept saying the answers or whispering them to Everett. But it was pointed out that we don't get to whisper answers to one another on judgement day and it would be better to not know the answer now and have a chance to understand individually then to be caught short on judgement day, not believing because they didn't understand.

Over the course of the conversation the pair came to comprehend the gospel clearly and were saying that, "Today we will believe that Jesus paying for our sin is the only thing that will get us to Heaven". Everett said he wanted to start reading his Bible to know how God wants him to live and they were even encouraged to share with their friends.

Next was a conversation with four Americans! There were professing some level of faith and then had their hopes smashed regarding their own goodness as they were shown God's standard of perfection and His law! They realised they were in desperate trouble and even said, "So no one goes to Heaven then?" Then the good news was proclaimed and it hit home!

They got it, each of them at different stages able to explain the way to Heaven and why a Christian desires to obey God. It was exciting to see that they stuck around, were seriously engaged and then came to hear to good news professing to believe it this very day! On top of that, they were encouraged to take this message and share it onward with their friends as well.

Lastly was a chat with Aaliyah, she to professed to be a Christian and then came to grasp the gospel. Upon understanding it, there was a moment as a final check when she was asked, "What would you say to God if He asked you, "Why should I let you into Heaven?"". Aayliah responded by saying, "I know I deserve Hell but Jesus has taken the punishment that I deserve". It was a beautiful moment and a great display that she really had grasped it!

She was then asking questions about how she could specifically evangelise to her Muslim friend who lived on the other side of the world! It was wonderful to hear her so quickly thinking about how to share the good news and was given some simple resources for this.

What an exciting string of conversations, displaying God's incredible kindness, that people who had intended to waste time of act sinfully had been confronted with the gospel and by all outward signs, had their hearts changed and profess faith in Christ!

Please be praying for those who heard that today would be the day of salvation, they this wouldn't just be knowledge but that they would trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins!

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