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Wednesday 30 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Sep 30 1300 - 1500

Hurray , God called a big team to serve at Sunnybank today. We have the Aussie team of three Col, Allen and Gary stationed at the West side of the Pedestrian foot bridge , then the Chinese team of four , namely Johnny Ryan, Bi Yan and Hung stationed at the East side near SunnyPark. God orchestrated good team work between the two team. Many people had been moved to stop and chat with both team when the went across the bridge. Especially for Chinese whose English is not very good. They can get a Chinese version of Gospel to reinforce what they heard for the English team. Normally mainland Chinese will choose to avoid the Chinese team but more receptive to chat with the Aussie team. Once got contacted, then their unwillingness or resistance will be reduced as such many of them were willing to stop for the 2nd time to have a chat with us in Chinese to reinforce their understanding. Pastor Biyan joined us mid way but appeared very enthusiastic and bold in stopping people fo a chat. Pray that she will be moved and called by the Spirit to become a regular team member for Sunnybank. Ryan joined the team several time before. He may join us before he got a job. May God will be done through our good team work at Sunnybank.

Since I had to leave a bit earlier for a medical appointment. I comparatively had less conversations but three quire long one.

1) Alyson Juana are two young high school students of Grade 12 at a Christian school. When approached they showed that they have head knowledge about Jesus and the Bible and claimed that they

are Christians. But they failed the salvation assurance test having only 70% of certainty to go to heaven. When asked while God let them into His heaven, they could answer correctly that it was all because of Jesus. Then I asked them is there any other factor/reason that they can be allow to enter heaven. They answered no. Then I asked if Jesus is the only reason you are granted eternal Life into heaven, how come they are only 70% certain, not 100% sure? Then they both came to understand that they were wrong and should have professed 100% assurance of salvation. The reason they thought they are still not good enough is the lack of understanding that we have yet to grow and be transformed back to perfection by the work of teh Holy Spirit helping us to bear fruit if the Spirit. But in the interim, we will bound to be not perfect and will fail sometime the temptation of Satan. However, as long as we are all bought back by Christ to reconcile with God, God will guarantee to make us perfect through the journey of Sanctification. The two youngsters, thanked me and left with great joy in their heart.

2) Then Yuki from Mainland China past by waiving the tract she collected from Col and Allen in her hand signaling me that she did not need another chat. But I asked the simple diagnosis questions to prove that she is not yet clear enough about the gospel. I offered to walk her across the bridge and cleared up some misunderstanding and made sure she understood how to get 100% assurance of salvation by just accepting Jesus as her saviour and her Lord of life before we parted our way at the Shopping centre.

3) The third one was 韓初 who had been contacted by Allen. Again he is still not so clear about the gospel so I repeated the same thing I just gone through with Yuki and Han promised he will take it very seriously to response to the call for repentant and salvation.

Today both Johnny and Gary had numerous chance to have a chat. Ryan was still on his learning curve while Bi Yan already boldly venture into gospel chat with mainly Chinese people which was readily a very good start.

God is good and almighty in term of execution of His Redemption Project and Kingdom Project through the undeserved vessels like us all.

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