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Sunday 3 January 2021

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The weekend’s outreach was online.  Street evangelism can be lonely work, and it’s so good to be working with a passionate team online.

My first significant chat of the day was with a very deep thinker from the UK called Harkrishan.  In the way he described the kinds of things he thought about as a child, I could see there were a lot of similarities between us.  We really clicked, and we settled in for a nice long chat.  Unfortunately, his deep thinking led to a lot of talking!  It was hard to get a word in!  And yet, I patiently took the time to share the law, and touch on the gospel.  I didn’t think he had picked up on the seriousness of sin - but I was pleasantly surprised when later in the conversation he referred back to it, and I could tell it had hit home.  This man needs the peace that surpasses understanding: Jesus.  But at the moment, he is very resistant to it.  Please pray that he would be able to sleep peacefully - something he struggles with because of his over thinking.  Pray for his salvation.

I had my first chat with someone from Trinidad in the Caribbean!  Unfortunately he liked Soccer, not cricket.  I was able to swing the conversation from the natural to the spiritual, and was able to share the law, but sadly he bailed as I started to explain the gospel.

Next up a chat with a young Christian lady without a completely sharp understanding of the gospel - esp. Justification which we worked through together.

A chat with a kid - quite switched on and asked great questions.  He heard the law and the gospel.

On Sunday I was paired up with Ryan on livestream for ‘training Sunday’.

First up I was connected with a large group of kids.  I was able to work with them through the law and the gospel.  The first checking question I got a response of ‘good works’ - wrong answer!  They slowed down to concentrate more after that, and started to take notice of the good news.  It’s harder holding the attention of a big group - I hope some, God willing, will have grasped the gospel.  I leave them in your hands Lord!

My second and last chat was reasonably good.  I had a few false starts to start with - I was even connected with a couple of guys from NZ - that doesn’t happen often.  But the main chat was with a couple of guys - one of whom said you have to be perfect to go to heaven.  He failed the perfection test and came to hear the good news!  He slowly started to grasp the gospel.  He had two penny drop moments - as his understanding grew.  The first was when he first realised salvation was a gift, the second was during a checking question when the point was nailed home.  I leave them in God’s hands.

It was wonderful being paired up with Ryan, listening to one of his chats, and getting feedback from him on mine.  I love being part of this team.  Thank you Lord.

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