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Friday 25 June 2021

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On both Thursday and Friday I was in Christchurch city for outreach.  I was also online, I wrote a separate report about that here.

I’ve only got 15 minutes of writing time left, and I’ve got so much to say.  I’m not going to get to it all.

On Thursday afternoon, I had Craig, an evangelist from Wellington join me.  Also, it was wonderful to have a local pastor join me as well!  The three of us had a wonderful time of ministry.

I had a wonderful follow up opportunity with a young man (pictured with thumbs up) who I’ve talked to multiple times before (the 2nd time of which he excitedly told me how I had made him believe in God).  He is clearly articulating why he would be going to heaven, but he is clearly not saved.  There are zero shoots of growth spring from his life, and he is too busy to want to get involved with a church.  There is zero fruit of repentance, so there can’t be any repentance.  I challenged him on this.  Again he took a contact card for my church, with my contact number on it.  Later in the outreach, I saw him again, and he stopped to talk further.  I’m going to start regularly praying for him.

Later in the outreach I stopped two young men (pictured).  It was a wonderful chat.  One of them, when he grasped the gospel, exclaimed, “Ohhhh, I get it now, that makes so much sense!”  I then moved into my first checking question, and he got it wrong, when I explained why, he exclaimed, even more fervently, “Ohhhh, wow, …”  They said there was nothing stopping them from trusting that Jesus died for them today, so I gave them contact cards for my church.  Lord, save them!

On Friday, we were back outside the hospital for the gospel + abortion outreach.  A team of six, and we had many wonderful opportunities to talk to people about both the gospel, and why abortion is wrong.  Praise God.

A team of five were at the Bridge of Remembrance in the afternoon.  Another newbie today, a look of joy was on his face as he heard testimony of the conversations, and while he was handing out tracts.  So good to see!  Oh Lord, continue to raise up labourers for the harvest.  All glory to you alone!

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