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Wednesday 1 December 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Sunnybank Outreach on Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

It was still a rainy and gloomy day, but the gospel warriors from different ministry groups assembled again there at Sunnybank to serve God together shining for Jesus with joy and gratefulness. In Christ, we are still one spiritual force under the banner of Christ and in the strength of the Holy Spirit. Basically, Johnny, Gary and Hung kept staying around at the bus stop. It was the grace of God to have restrained the rain as such none of us were bothered by the incessant but only drifting rain.

Today, I could see again good team work orchestrated by God through the Spirit. A couples of gospel targets having rejected one of my team mates but the Spirit still urged me to get connected and had a good chat with positive effect. First was Trevor and Aborigine originally from Stradbroke Island, and then Miss Hung from China. God also connect a number of Cantonese speaking people especially a couple from Hong Kong that I can use the unique Hong Kong situation to find analogy for sharing the Gospel that was more appealing to them. Recap below were the Battle Log of Hung:

1. Trevor was approached by Gary. They only had a brief chat. But the Spirit inspired me he should be an Aborigine people that I had burden to minister through my past AMOS experience, and he might have knowledge about Charmaine I met last week. So, I approached him and it was bingo to find out that they are really remotely related but Trevor Knew Charmaine’s family well. Then I was able to cut into the Aboriginal’s culture treating all things with spirits to start the chat box about the genuine Spirit of God, and thence the Gospel. In brief, Trevor turned very responsive and receptive as obviously he could see there is an invisible hand behind to get us connected.

2. Then I caught up with a man by the name Chang 張from Taiwan. He stood a short distance away from the Bus stop in the rain with an umbrella, possibly intending to avoid us. But the Spirit still at work to connect us for a reasonably good chat sharing the full Gospel and getting his promise to seriously consider to accept Christ.

3. After then, I just saw Miss Hung(洪) with a big metallic cross pendulum neck lace yet she bluntly rejected Johnny. The Spirit made me curious about the weird scene that someone with a cross rejected to talk about the cross. I laughingly challenge that lady and miraculously she did feel offended and even empower me to share her the full gospel. The Spirit also enlightened me to use a new analogy of the germless requirement of an operation theatre for demonstrating what is meant by perfection as a condition to go to heaven. No germ can be allowed into the operation theatre or else it will lead to infection and death of the patience. Likewise, God cannot allow sin creeping into heaven as it will eventually infected and corrupted everyone. This illustration of the gospel seemingly appealed to and convinced thus possibly atheist lady and she willingly took a tract to ponder the message again back home.

4. Shara is a fair dinkum Christian lady from India with 100% assurance of salvation. Though she appeared a bit not so welcoming for a chat as if she knows everything and did not need a stranger to teach him about gospel and salvation. She now attends Hillsong which made me wonder if her sound doctrinal teaching is really from there or her previous mother church.

5. Stubby was again an India and she was all open to hear my sharing though not paying full attention. Seed anyhow had been sowed and pray that it will settle down in good soil that will bear fruit in His time.

6. Then I was Rejected by a China man who was indulged in playing game. God knows when he would wake up from all these secular indulgences.

7. Then I approached a Chinese couple with the man appeared very talkative and even a bit argumentative. Because we communicated in Cantonese so it made our chat more causal with less tension. Gospel message was shared with a bit of apologetic exchanges with the man to let him know the gospel is truth that cannot be distorted and downplayed by human ignorant and uninformed view.

8. Wayne is a very lowly living guys with a shirt having torn and broken by great area but fixed with many safety pins. His situation seemed even worse than many homeless people and he obvious is with mental health issues that normal people will avoid contacting him. I did have initial hesitant to avoid him but the Spirit still moved me to approached him and I was surprised to find out that he is actually very approachable as if an innocent kid who can find joy and happiness easily in small thing in his life. He was overjoying to make a screaming laugh when I said he definitely is a good man wanted by God and again I use the germless requirement of Operation theatre to make him understand God want him to be clean and sinless. He joyfully accepted God’s the invitation to accept Jesus as his Saviour. Hallelujah and amen.

9. Finally, I caught up with two HongKongers by the sure names of Yuen and Lam. We had a long chat starting with sharing about the Hong Kong situation that had raised common concern amongst all Hong Kongers. God moved me to share my life testimony how to be humbled by God from a once successful IT professional to a sidelined nobody and how my anger against God not protecting the democratic movement in China that was ended by a massacre turned out to be an avenue for me to be found by God in UK. As after all those tragedies, how I was led to Christ in Manchester, UK and became a pastor and more so a Gospel warrior. They both took in what I shared and promised to take it serious about their eternal destiny in the hands of God.

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