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Tuesday 15 March 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday March 15, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

We praise and thanks God for moving Rev Kiateck Tan to join Johnny, Winnie and Hung today despite his three BST interns did not turn up again for this street outreach. There is always need for more labor to serve on the harvest field.

As a result of the beginning of a new term of UQ, we saw heap of people lining up in long queue for the bus. If the bus had not come that frequent and stopped only for a short time to take up queuing passengers, we could have too overwhelming number of people that we cannot handle. But God is good, the four of us were able to manage to pick up just enough people to share the gospel. God also sent a couple very serious Muslim with apologetic mindset to engage in great debate with first Johnny and later joined by me. They actually were trained to pick on Christians to challenge their faith. All we can do is to stand our ground and use the orthodox version of Bible to debate with the Muslims who are skilled at using out of context quotation and sometime even twisted facts to reject the trinity and deny Jesus as the Son of God.

Actually Kiateck had also approached some lay Muslims that they were more opened minded and less argumentative.

Recap anyway is the Battle Log of Hung followed by Winnie: 0

1. I had the longest chat with Chan陳 a HonKonger who is in his 2nd year of Uni with UQ. He initially told me he once was but no longer now as a Christian. But after clarification, his parents are church going people 香港父母是上教會的基督徒both in Hong Kong and now here in Australia. And he has never been a Christian but simply just went to church with his parent in HK, 自己不是,曾隨家人上教會but no more perhaps with the excuse of concentrating on Uni study現已離開教會. Despite of this near atheist background, he appeared to have piece mill knowledge of the Bible thru his past Sunday School learning. But God obviously has touched his heart and opened up his mind to find light shedding truth about the deteriorating nature of human beyond redemption by our good deeds and see the need for Jesus redemptive grace to take our place to receive the punishment of sim originally due on us. He was delighted to know he could be God people right away by accepting Jesus as his Saviour and Lord of his life. Therefore is very close to conversion, 接近信主 as such he was happy to take a selfie with me as a memory of this divine encounter that possibly might have led him to Christ in no time.一.

2. The 2nd person I approached pretend he does not speak Chinese假裝非華人.But I then shared with him in English that he cannot reject, 但仍勉強聽 so reluctantly he had to listen to my sharing of the gospel in full and took a tract at the end.

3. I then took over from Johnny to do apologetic debate with a learned Muslim, Mohammad. He is very argumentative and was trained to twisted Bible facts to misled green and lay Christens who are not well verse in the Bible. For instance, he said Mary is never married and had no husband. Even the Catholic dared not claim Mary has no husband but simply claimed she has never had sex with Joseph her husband after giving birth to Jesus. So, his way of apologetic was very rough and easy to tackle and clarified. It was a pity the bus came and I invited him to look for us next week to continue with a apologetic exchange.

4. Then I approached two Chinese students one appeared very cautious and skeptical but still listened. The other was more opened and listened with a receptive heart. So the seed of Gospel was sown on different ground and up to God to reap the fruit.

5. Then I caught up with Ellen a modern urban girl look like us the HongKonger, but she is actually from mainland China Jiang Xi Nan Chong. 山西南昌. When I knew she is a year 2 UQ students so I asked had you been able to go home during vacation and the answer is no. Because of pandemic, all Chinese students got stuck here so most of them have home sick. I show my empathy and gained her trust for a very smooth full gospel sharing which has impressed her very much as she can see the ugly side of human nature especially what is happening in China the Communist regime. Pray that the Spirit will move her just a step from her final salvation.

6. Myer a Nepalese UQ students. She was originally very rejective and firmly declined my approach for any chat about Christianity. I nevertheless identified with her that ever since the earthquake taking place ten odd year ago, Christianity has gained significant ground through first charity and disaster relief work. Unknowingly, the Spirit put off her fire of antagonism and listened submissively all I have to share with her about the nutshell of the gospel. Though at the end she still reject taking the tract, but the seed of Gospel has obviously been sown.

7. My last personal approach to a girl from Suzhou was very promising as I can identify with her as a rare visitor of her home town even before she was born. Yet the Bus came and all I can leave with her was the tract. 蘇州女沒時間

8. Last but not the least, I joined Johnny to have very vibrant doctrinal debate with another Muslim who is a father of a young kids. It was weird to have loud conversation when his child was asleep in the pram. This person was even more well learned in the Muslim version of the OT bible raging fierce debate to reject trinity and the divinity of Jesus. It was a pity we already ran out of time and had to leave, I anyway stay till the last minutes and also invite him to come back next week for more apologetic exchange.

Battle Log of Winnie on 15/3/22 at Toowong

今天街上很多青少年學生在等巴士。但是很多人都不願意聽福音。感謝 神的帶領,讓我可以遇上很多基督徒和非基督徒,解释及傳揚福音。

1. 中國來的 UQ 男學生,Jeremiah。

2. 中國來的 UQ 女學生,Jessica。


3. 兩位澳洲少女,Hanna,基督徒。 Elle ,未認識主耶穌。我解释救恩给 Hanna,傳福音给 Elle。 當我講完福音,巴士到達。

4. 菲律宾女士 Rachael,解释救恩。

5. 中國少女 Alice,當我講了一半福音,巴士到達,她説會看單張。

6. 兩位中國少女,Leslie & May。當我講了一半福音,巴士到來,她們説會看單張。

7. 中國青年,不願講名字,無神論者。不願聽福音。所以我只是説,神愛世上每一個人,每人死后將會有審判,願 神祝福你!我便離開。

8. 中國少女,Jane。基督徒,不明白救恩,我解释给她。

9. 中國少女,Lily。我從亞當,夏娃,開始講,罪一代,一代傳留下到我們,跟着講福音。她説,會看單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

10. 香港少女,Ella。天主教徒。我解释天主教與基督教不同之處。她説在天路旅程中,會犯罪。我解释给她,以及救恩。她很開心聽到這信息,她明白了。

11. 澳洲男士,Glen。看他樣子生病了,我説,為你禱告好嗎?他説好。我講了重要福音给他,巴士到,他衝忙上了巴士。之后我為他禱告。

12. 中國少女,Amanda。當我講完福音,她説會閲讀單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

13. 澳洲少女,Lisa,基督徒,相片中。不明白救恩,我解释给她。

感謝 神的帶領。願今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向神。阿們!感謝讚美主!


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