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Wednesday 27 July 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday July 27th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today only Johnny and Hung turned up to do outreach at Sunnybank. Both Gary and Amy were absent because of sickness either themselves and or their kids. Nevertheless, we still had a very good successful rate to get a conversation mingled with some intermittent rejections.

1 ) Tong 湯from Nanjing南京, an UQ student showed good interest in the Gospel and claimed that they are willing to pursue.

2 ) Michael with a cool hand but a warm heart claimed he heard the Gospel before but sincerely agreed the gospel is what all good persons need to hear and accept.

3 ) Jeanne an old Aussie lady who claimed she is a Christian and with100% certainty she could go to heaven yet the reasons are all related what she has done from being baptised, attend church, do tithing and comply with 10 commandment yet just falling short of knowing it is solely because of Jesus dying for us and paying on our behalf the price of eternal punishment of sin. It was a pity her bus arrived as such I just falling short of pointing her that her assurance of salvation is basing on the wrong cause.

4 ) Possibly a Filipino Chinese but abruptly rejected the gospel though I still managed to pass on the nutshell of gospel.

5 ) A Chinese Christian but very sensitive to answer if they have assurance of salvation, I doubt they are from sect that did not want to talk about salvation by grace thru faith.

6 ) Pink lady shoed initial reluctant but still finally listened to the gospel and took a tract to read at home.

7 ) Then I met a UQ student 陳燕光from Wuhan武漢,he turned out to be very receptive to the gospel. 非常接受

8 ) A Shanghainese Woman initially approached by Johnny but quitted after the lady said we have chatted.上海婦婦,已聽聊天。I anyway still caught up with her to chip in gospel message in a lively manner.

9 ) Then I had a relatively long chat with a mature Chinese lady at her 35 to 40. 中國中女,She appeared very rational and had vast life experience that led her to believe, there is no way that anyone can become perfect and all we can do is to try to become a good person.理性,看透人生,盡力而為,I anyhow still tried my best to convey positive thinking and the important of salvation. 只能撒種

10 ) Mahear a Kenya UQ student is very rational minded and she doesn’t believe in heaven and hell but cannot reject the logic of gospel.

11 ) Dillon, I Vietnamese young man who were willing to listen to the gospel.

12 ) A young girl from 成都四川 who came to Australia at young age,I can identify with her with the experience of joining Sichuan Earth quake.

13 ) A Taiwanese man rejected to listen to the Gospel台男,抗拒談福音, I nevertheless still conveyed the gospel message to him.

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