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Friday 14 November 2008

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I was away from my usual area this Friday and found myself alone in Chester. This very beautiful city has one overwhelming problem that spoils the beauty of its streets and buildings. Most of the town inhabitants are currently headed to hell and determined to party hard until they get there if Friday was anything to go off.


After a fruitful day’s learning at a conference I headed out to the center of town and in the small streets next to a large Christmas tree I took my stand and proclaimed the truths of time and eternity to all who would listen. Not many people would engage and those who did heckle didn’t want to stay and talk, despite this I had a steady stream of people passing and of them a handful stayed to listen for much of the time.


I spoke with people regarding the love of God that is most clearly seen and understood in Jesus Christ. This is not the promiscuous love many think it is – love without boundaries that condones all sin and sweeps it under the carpet corruptly. Nor is this the love of the generous but soft-headed grandfather in the sky that so many idolise. Rather it is the love that protects the weak and defenceless and the orphan and outcast. God’s love is in many ways the greatest enemy of the sinner! When we lie or steal or tread down others in our ambition for selfish gain, this love of God kindles the wrath of God against all ungodliness and unrighteousness. The very person who claims that God is all loving is also the one in greatest peril from it! I fear that there will be many who will appeal to this on the day of Judgement only to hear the fearful reply: “I never knew you, depart from me you worker of iniquity!”.


As one who is equally guilty before God but forgiven through Jesus’ death and resurrection I urged, pleaded and encouraged the people of Chester to trust in Jesus and nothing else.


I had a couple of good conversations with some of the local street people, who welcomed the conversation and the preaching also. As opposed to the rich revelers who wandered past and scoffed. As has so often been the case, it seems that regarding eternity there is more realism and clear thinking among those who have little or nothing in this world.


After handing out as many tracts as I could I headed for my room praising God for His generosity in allowing me to speak with the lost of another city.


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