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Saturday 18 March 2023

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It was a JOY to be on the streets again last night in Brisbane city with the team to share the gospel.

The contrast between the recent Philippine mission trip where pretty much everyone over there was willing to speak about God compared to Australia was evident, as at the start I had about 5 rejections in a row. But even that is not in vain!

But it wasn’t too long before some good chats started happening and one highlight was one with a lady named Dee from Taiwan.

She said she is a Buddhist, and so for the next 45 minutes I explained the message of sin, the coming judgement and the cross with her, showing her only Jesus can take her hell punishment she deserves.

I explained that you can’t have Buddha and Jesus, she must pick only one because they teach opposite things. She said “I will choose Jesus” and she described how she has Buddhist statutes around her home and she said she’ll now get rid of them.

I gave her a gospel of John at the end, and she said “But oh no, I have nothing to give you!” I said, “No, it’s free!” But she said, “Just like I now want to do anything for Jesus because he saved me, if you give me this I want to show my thankfulness to you too.”

I said to her, “You trusting in Jesus and now desiring to live for Him is enough for me, that brings me great joy!” So she gratefully took the gospel of John and I recommended a local church to her. She said she now wants to share this message with her husband.

PS: Gary brought out a great sign for!

To God be the glory for using weak vessels like us to proclaim the good news!

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