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Tuesday 11 April 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 11th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was term break also for UQ, so there was no long queue for bus which used to be there around 1330. We prayed for people with heart prepared for the gospel and God answered our prayer. Basically, there was non stop people flow and larger percentage of Mainland Chinese ready for an open chat. The spirit even moved me to dare asking one of the mainlanders who has come for 6 years to take a selfie with me. God really can turn around the situation and changed stone heart into a heart of flesh ready and open for the Gospel. Recap below is my Battle Log: -

1) First, I was moved to approach a girl from Shenzhen but was not Cantonese speaking???She was waiting for her friend who is from Hangchou ??, We connected well and they appeared very open to the gospel with receptiveness. They both took a tract to read and ponder at their private time.

2) Then I was led to approach a group of four Muslim dressed Malaysian girls from KL, they were open too for the gospel but the bus came a bit too early before I finished the full Gospel. Anyway, one of them took the tract to read later.

3) Then I was led to approach a Korean atheist who was reluctant to chat about religion. I assured him that I will take it as a cross cultural life issue for exchange of opinion. So I did was able to carry on with the chat and actually finished sharing the full gospel to him

4) Then I approached a young man from Guangzhou?? who initially showed no interest to religious issue. The Spirit any way still moved him to finish listening to the full gospel.

5) Lily is an American Born Half Chinese with the Chinese Mum from Malaysia and USA dad. She was very open for a chat despite she indicated she is a non-believer. She promised to read the tract and make her decision of faith.

6) Then the Spirit clearly moved me to approach Luk? from Wu xi ??Jiangsu ??despite there were other choices. He has come for study at UQ for 6 years already as such he has local friends circle of Catholic Christian background as such, he is no stranger to the gospel but a seeker. ??????I briefly explained the major difference between Catholic and protestant Christian that they wrongly thought we need good deeds on top of the redemptive grace of Jesus. Anyway, the Spirit clearly prompted me to ask for a selfie and he delightfully agreed. It showed his heart is well prepared for the gospel to accept Jesus in no time.?

7) Then came a stone heart local Aussie atheist. I already tried to remain connected by switching to the Story Bridge story to show good charity work will not be able to offset the murder charges of Mr Story who donated money to build the Story bridge and donated land to UQ for building the campus. He finally still asked me to leave him alone.

8 ) Then finally another local Aussie but of more friendly reaction. He was surprised for me to ask if he is an local Aussie then I picked on him asking if he knew the word Dinkum which he don't. So, I basically connected with him well but time run out when his bus arrived. He still cared to take a trac to read.

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