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Tuesday 18 April 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 18th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

I guessed Uni also finished term break as such the long queue for bus appeared again at 1330 the peak hour for the afternoon class. We prayed to God preparing more soften hearts for us to reach and share especially those from mainland China and our prayer was answered. Winnie had many chats with Student from Mainland China and Hong Kong. As for me, it was a good mixed of people from different nations. Lately, we have an exchange of opinion amongst the SMA co-workers regarding what should be posted on the SMA face book group while it is the primary aim of SMA to do level 1 prophetic mobilization to arouse nominal Christian to engage into real and practical full scope of same and cross-cultural evangelism. To me, it has long been my vision and conviction that as a HF, RC and ex-NCT, I should not confine myself to do level 1 mobilization merely by words but buy acts. That is why I have been mobilizing a sort of Mobi tribes amongst the Kairos graduated to engage in street cross-cultural outreach. This is the most general and easy avenue for each and every World Christian to have a go in discharging the Great Commission in a context of day to day living. Unfortunately, the street outreach was shared under the banner of Operation 513 which gives people a misconception that it belongs to S2 or even S3 mobilization for specific mission agencies ministry. but as a matter of fact, Operation 513 is not a formal mission agency, everyone can join and have a go to do street outreach in whatever orthodox gospel message. It should be deemed as a choice of life style to share the gospel randomly to people of all nations on a regular day to day basis. It will serve the double effect of mission bringing people to receive the seed of gospel and in the meantime the gospel outreaching persons themselves will be benefited to experience spiritual growth by working and walking with God. If I am the NCT of the SMA, I will make it as a general appeal to challenge all Kairos graduates to make their step of faith to engage in regular Street outreach evangelism. Currently, God has used Kairos and me to have successfully mobilized four partnership churches to send team to do street outreach regularly including the Gold coast and Sunshine Coast Chinese Christian Church, Antioch Lutheran Church and of course Christ's Family Church. A few more individual from other churches have also been involved in the Simply Mobilizing Gospel movement forming a Gospel outreach belt from the Sunshine Coast , via Brisbane to the Gold Coast and extending further to Sydney, Melbourne and even Tasmania. It is my hope to show to the other Kairos Graduates this most general and achievable option for them to become a real-world Christian and GEM Gospel Evangelist & Mobilizer. I sincerely hope that the SMA NCT leadership team will share my view that more actual practical sharing of day to day cross cultural evangelism will be a better way to wake up the sleeping majority in the church apart from prophetic mobilization by slogan and empty talk but also walk the walk in a most down to the earth life context. Recap below is the Battle Log of today: -

1) Lily a local Aussie young lady was a good listener with open mind and receptiveness towards the gospel message.

2) Peter a Thai young man who has come and migrated to Australia for 15 years. I guess through the influence of the Australian culture, he appeared very approachable and receptive to the Gospel message which he heard it for the first time. He was willing to ponder for the next step and happy to have a selfie with me for future mutual recognizable of our faces.

3) David was born in Australia but with parents from Nigeria. He seemed to be shy and unhappy with some personal issues. But the Spirit still had softened his heart and became receptive to the gospel message.

4) Peter is an Indonesian from Ache, Sumatra. He admitted the natural disaster of tsunami happened 10 odd years ago did triggered his young heart to be fully aware of the vulnerability of human life and it is important to search out the real meaning of life. Thus, he appeared also very receptive to the gospel. He was also very happy to take a selfie with me in case we will meet again in the future for more follow up chat.

5) Then I was led to approach a young man Zhang from Nanjing. He has been in Brisbane for half a year. He also agreed with me that after the suffering from pandemic and baptism of the awakening white paper movement, most of the youngster regain their free and independent thinking of important life issues including religion. He also showed very good receptiveness towards the gospel message.

6) Maisie, an Indian girl also showed interest on the Gospel message. She has one Christian friend as such she heard before the gospel message. So, it was a good revision or a second wake up call for her to ponder deeply her need for salvation by Christ.

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